Amityville Horror 2 (MF,mf,m-mast,inc)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

The Montellie's drove up to their new house. The old New England home didn't
look that bad. Anthony couldn't see why the house was that cheap, though he
didn't believe the stories any way. The family moved in.

Every thing seem to normal in the day, but at night it seemed a presences,
lurked about the house. Sonny was in his room looking at a porn mag rubbing
his cock. He jacking it so hard it hurt. "OOOOHHHH GOOODDD!!!" he moaned as
he shot his thick wad, which landed on his chest. He rubbed it around, took
some on his fingers and tasted it. He proceeded to lick the rest up. He fell
asleep thinking of his sister Pat.

* * *

In the master bedroom Anthony was trying to get his wife Delores to give him
some sex. He was rubbing her nipples, kissing her neck behind her ear. He
took her hand put his cock in it.

Delores was a loving wife. She turned to him and she kissed him deeply. Then
she kissed his hairy chest all the way down to his belly button. She took his
cock in her mouth. "Don't cum in my mouth," she said she took him deep. Her
nose went into his pubic hair. She licked it like a lollipop and sucked his

The room was filled with moans and slurping sounds. Tony loved to eat pussy.
He used his tongue like a spoon scooping her juices out. Delores was soon
bouncing grinding her pussy up on the cock. Tony was playing with her asshole
one then two fingers went in. Like scissors he opened her ass up. "You want
your ass fucked?"

All Delores could do was knod 'yes', "FUCK MY ASS".

She got on on fours. Tony was rubbing his cock along her pussy, he pushed
his cock in her spread ass. Her fingers went to her wet pussy. She fingered
herself. She could feel his cock in her ass. "HARDER!" she begged.

* * *

Patrica was trying to sleep, but all she could do was listen to her folks
suck. Her own pussy was wet for her fingers was in there. Her gown was off.
She looked around the room for something to fuck herself with. She found her
hair brush she began to work her pussy. "OH PLEASE LET ME CUM!"

She laid on her bed with her ass in the air, one brush in her pussy another
in her ass. She shook as her climax was up on her. She fell on the bed
sweaty. She heard her mother cum as well.

The house fell silent.

* * *

The next morning Sunday, they attended church. Sonny sat next to his sister
Patrica. He was looking at her legs. She wore a skrit. His hand lightly
touched one. Patrica was shocked that someone would do that in church, no
less her own brother. The service was over they ate lunch.

Patrica was in her room. A knock came from it. She opened it and it was
Sonny. He had a smile. She had a cross look on her face and she threw a
pillow at him. "THAT WAS WRONG! I am your sister!"

Sonny sat down. "Yes, a very sexy one, too." He took a look at her skirt and
blouse. He held his hands like a movie director would do.

Their younger brother came in telling them they are wanted down stairs. They
went down to met the priest. Delores had him come over to bless the house.
Tony went outside as the kids all went back to their rooms. Delores followed
him through the house.

Once in their bedroom Delores felt strange. She sat on the bed. Something
made her begin to raise her dress. The priest turned seen her pantyhose down.
Her panties too. She begged him to fuck her. She reached for his zipper. She
could feel his cock swell. Soon it was out and in her mouth. "OH BLESS YOUR

Within minute they were fucking. Her legs weer wrapped around him. "GIVE ME
YOUR CHILD!" he groaned and came in her. Within minutes they knew what they
had done, she wepted. They knelt and prayed, the priest soon left. Delores
was still in a daze, she took a long shower, washed out the cum of the

Days went on, the family seemed to be on edge, Patrica her pussy always
seemed to be in need of relief, Sonny seeed to need to jack off more. Delores
began to sleep the spare bedroom. For each time she look at her bed she seen
her and the priest. Patrica was walking by the bedroom she walked in her
Father just came out of the bathroom, she seen his cock from the opening in
his robe. Her pussy began to itch, with in minutes she laid in her folks bed
naked, Tony looking at her pussy, "FUCK ME DADDY!"

Her legs opened, Delores was walking by Sonny's room she heard him groaning,
she went in he had his cock in his hand. He called her name as he shot his
wad. He looked at her, his eyes told her to strip. Delores was soon on her
knees taing her son's cock in her mouth. The house became hot. Soon the door
opened. Tony and Patrica naked joined Sonny and Delores. They fucked all the
night long. Drained of all engery the house took them.

The Wilfords walked through the house, for they were the next owners. Bart
felt something like a hand rubbing his cock and a whisper in his ear. "FUCK


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