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Additional Credit: Story requested by Soemele as part of the DSE (Story)
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Description: Dr. Rho Bowman is turned from scientist to experiment by an
amoral alien colleague.

Content Codes: MF, xeno, rape, int, anal, mast, necro-oral, bond, tort,
paralysis, viol, snuff, impreg(egg), vore, +1FV, gut

Anachronox: Unethical Experimentation
by JD ([email protected])

There were several seconds of disorientation before Rho realised she was not
having an out of body experience, but instead looking up at a large flat
screen on the ceiling, which showed her whole body. It was a high-res mirror
quality image, showing the entirety of the examination table on which Dr
Bowman lay - but without her spectacles the sight was blurred.

Her skull had been shaven, as had all other body hair. She could tell,
because she was completely naked. Wires ran to circular sensor pads on the
top of Rho's freshly shaven skull. There was a kind of metal vice that held
her head in place, two supports pressed to each side of her skull, and kept
it from tilting sideways.

"I see from the monitors that you are awake, Doctor. Please, try to move," Dr
Tyrannus' voice was close by, and exuded calm confidence.

She realised that she couldn't. Her eyelids flickered, a finger twitched. Her
chest rose and fell. She estimated that only her central nervous system and
maybe a few other bodily functions were responding. Dr Bowman's own
scientific field of expertise was MysTech, and her writings on it had led the
Scientifica Association to brand her heretic and confine her to the planet
Sunder's Rainbow Sanctuary. Still, she had enough general knowledge to
recognise most of the equipment in her field of vision. The blurred sensor
pads appeared to be a brand popular in biofeedback monitoring.

The alien lizard Dr Tyrannus was still out of her restricted field of vision.
Rho recalled his appearance; slim emerald green body covered with scales,
rows of teeth in his long snout, which sometimes impaired his speech, oily
black eyes, neatly manicured yet sharp claws, and loose fitting clothing. Oh,
and big leather sandals with clawed toes sticking out of the end.

She had no idea why the Scientifica Association had decided to confine him to
the Rainbow Sanctuary - she always considered any confinement unjust and
unnecessary. However, her apparent abduction from her own lab and the removal
of her hair and clothes were allowing her to mentally posit a few hypotheses.
The last thing she remembered was noting a funny smell in the air, some kind
of anaesthetic gas, it seemed.

"The sensor pads have duel functions. They maintain a subject's partial
paralysis, consciousness and brain activity as much as possible while also
monitoring all signals received by the brain from the body. No matter what
happens during the experiment, you will not lose awareness until brain
death. I designed much of the data interpretation software myself. I had
to, Doctor - honestly, the existing equipment was as flawed as all of the
past research in the field."

Rho heard footsteps, and realised that the strange additional click sound was
because Dr Tyrannus was barefoot. His clawed toes were scratching against the
metal floor of his laboratory. She wondered what research could possibly
require her abduction, as testing on unwilling sentient life forms was
outlawed. Dr Tyrannus was happy to fill her in, as he stood by Rho's head,
and leaned over her face. She saw he wore a white lab coat, but his
green-scaled chest was otherwise bare.

"My life's work is at its most basic level concerned with mammalian
pleasure/pain responses. It's very easy to find volunteers and test subjects
for pleasure experiments. Even here, in the sanctuary, Ms. Cachepence has
been invaluable to my work. It has become necessary to find subjects by other
means. Dr Bowman, I thank you for aiding me in today's research: mostly pain,
a little pleasure.

"I will not forget your sacrifice, but it will be necessary to ensure the PAX
guards believe you were vaporised in a small-scale anti-matter explosion. The
camera footage has been faked, of course, and while I intend to use your
flesh for sustenance, there will be enough DNA residue spare for the forensic

Rho absorbed the horrific information as Dr Tyrannus's rotten meat breath
washed down over her face. Even her gag reflex was dulled by the sensor pad
induced paralysis. The wily scientists had a dozen ways to get out of the
situation. If only she could talk. The sensors showed her body's chemical
stress signals rising. The systems recorded all data, negating the need for
Dr Tryannus to carefully watch readouts during all parts of the experiment.

He gently stroked d his scaly hand along Rho's dark brown skin as he walked
around the examination table. His penis emerged from a skin slit at his
crotch. It was a darker green than his scales, and smooth. There was no
apparent separation between shaft and the rounded head, and it kept growing
until it was easily nine inches long, and wrist thick. A slick sheen of
natural lubrication covered the shaft. Rho felt the alien organ when Dr
Tyrannus wrapped her fingers around it.

Her soft brown hand started to tingle almost immediately as the alien doctor
moved her palm and fingers along his shaft. Her hand was limp, but warm,
while Dr Tyrannus' shaft was at room temperature - cold blooded, she
realised. There was a rhythmic liquid noise as Rho's hand was used to
masturbate the lizard. The tingling grew to a mildly painful burning
sensation in Rho's fingers and the palm of her hand. Dr Tyrannus' secretions
were irritating to mammalian skin, causing him to need to use prophylactics
during pleasure experiments with Ms. Cachepence.

He sighed and released Rho's grip. Her sticky hand dropped back down on the
examination table beside her, still in a degree of pain. She thought that if
that were the highest level of pain, she would be able to get through the
experience. Dr Tyrannus climbed onto the examination table, adjusting his
white coat to keep it from drifting against his shaft. He then turned his
attention momentarily to Dr Bowman's meaty ass, squeezing the succulent dark
meat in clawed hands. He mentally compared the meaty buttocks to Ms
Cachepence's less pronounced rear.

Rho had worked the alien lizard's intent, even as her expressionless face
refused to wince at the cool claws against her skin. Dr Bowman's sexual
experience was minimal, and non-existent since coming to the Rainbow
Sanctuary, but she knew the mechanics. She was unsurprised when Dr Tyrannus
pulled her limp legs up against his chest, and unsurprised when he spread her
pussy wide to reveal bright pink inner skin. She would have shuddered at the
touch to her dry hole, if only she could. Her total helplessness was arousing
her captor.

Dr Tyrannus pushed the head of his green shaft into Rho's tight hole. His
natural lubrication eased the way, but she felt an immediate pain. It wasn't
just being stretched; it was the irritation from his alien secretions on her
sensitive membranes. The sensors spiked higher and higher as Dr Tyrannus
violated the paralysed woman more and more deeply. It grew worse, and soon
felt like Rho's cunt was literally on fire. Dr Tyrannus noted the tears
leaking down Rho's cheeks, the only outward sign of her discomfort.

He paused on reaching her cervix, and examined the stretched vaginal lips
around his rock hard shaft. Rho's bodyheat was warming his cold-blooded cock.
He thrust forward suddenly, tearing his way into the black woman's uterus. He
found himself idly wondering if the mental humiliation mammals attached to
forced sex acts would decrease Rho's natural tolerance for pain. He held
himself there, secreting further lubrication into Rho's vagina and uterine
lining. He licked his long lizard tongue around her black nipples, and tasted
the sweaty tang of her breast skin.

Finally, with Dr Bowman's legs still hooked over his shoulders, he began the
painful rape in earnest. His own lubrication left Rho as wet as a whore, and
she hated the wet squelching sounds each increasingly hard thrust made. He
found there was something about fucking a totally still female that was as
good as fucking a wildly and passionately writhing one. He dipped his slimy
tongue between Rho's slack lips, and she still couldn't retch at the rotten
stench. Her body shook, her ass jiggled and her tits rocked under the
powerful thrusts of the alien rapist, but Rho made no move of her own.

Dr Tyrannus felt his climax build, and hammered harder and faster into Rho's
squelching, burning, cunt. He'd been eating Anachronox Fire Spice for weeks
for the effect it would have on his semen, and estimated it would cause ten
times the pain of his natural secretions. He forced his cock back through
Rho's cervix and began to unleash a half pint of alien seed into her uterus.
It felt like having red-hot needles forced into her wherever the semen
splashed, or where gravity pooled it inside her. Dr Tyrannus's thick shaft
prevented any from leaking past Rho's cervix. She felt it all in inside.

Rho wished she were dead. She was going to die anyway, and she wanted her
life to end right then and there with the vile lizard cock buried inside her.
At the back of her mind she remembered her few sexual encounters, and was
grateful that the rape was at least over now. Surely Dr Tyrannus would go
limp, and maybe go to sleep, or say he it had been nice but he she had to go

It was not to be. The alien lizard stayed firm for eleven more rapes in a
row, each longer and harder than the last. He never pulled his cock all the
way out, forcing six pints of highly painful alien seed to stay packed inside
Rho. Her womb was stretched massively, and even Rho's fallopian tubes felt
like they were being burnt in a fierce fire. Her belly bulged out slightly,
and the pressure on her bladder forced it to release.

At the first splash of piss, Dr Tyrannus pulled a three-inch plug from his
labcoat and forced it quickly and very painfully into Rho's urethra. The
painful stretching of the tiny tube compounded the pressure of the urgent
need to urinate. The pain sensors were going wild, and Rho's eyelids
flickered - her eyes would have been wide, and she would have screamed
herself hoarse, if only she could move the right muscles.

Dr Tyrannus held his cock inside Rho for a few minutes after the final
ejaculation, and then pulled out of her gaping pussy. There was a little
blood on his shaft, from where it had torn sensitive membranes during a
particular vigorous rape of the black doctor. Her pussy started, very slowly,
to close up again.

"You'll note, Dr Bowman, that my sperm has not flowed out between your
thighs. It has already taken on a much thicker consistency, and will shortly
expand and harden into an roughly spherical egg. Of course, without another
of my race to fertilise it, the egg would in the normal course break down
naturally after a few days."

Dr Tyrannus watched as Rho's stomach expanded outwards until she looked as if
she had swallowed a basketball. In addition to the incredible burning pain of
Dr Tyrannus' spicy semen, and the intense bladder pressure, her stretched out
womb felt like it was going to burst. Dr Tryannus's penis shrank back down
inside his skin slit during the process.

It was time for some serious science.

He picked up a laser scalpel and activated the two-inch blade. He held it
over Rho's face for a moment, interrupting Rho's blurred ceiling-screen sight
of her stretched stomach. Her despair increased as she recognised it, an
instrument of surgery and healing. She doubted Dr Tyrannus was going to use
it for any intended purpose. He brought the blade down to where the pinna of
Rho's ear met her skull, and with the merest wrist pressure sliced off the
lump of cartilage.

The laser blade cauterised both the ear and the side of Rho's head, but the
sudden increase in pain spiked the monitors. Rho saw Dr Tyrannus pick up the
small piece of black skinned flesh and pop it in his mouth. He swallowed
without chewing, then cut off and ate Rho's other ear. The pain sensors
spiked again, recording the effects of the torture. Rho thought that soon her
pain would be great enough that she wouldn't feel each new instance, maybe
even enough to allow her to overcome the forced paralysis and strike down her
tormentor. Her scientific detachment was long gone, she fantasised about
making shoes from Dr Tyrannus hide, while he still lived.

Dr Tryannus held the blade close to Rho's right eye, drawing her attention,
then jabbed a clawed finger into her left. He slipped his claw into the
socket and levered out the orb, still attached to the optic nerve. A flick of
the scalpel severed the nerve, and seemed to direct agony straight into Rho's
brain. She gazed mono-optically up at her mutilated facial features on the
screen. The lizard moved the laser scalpel against Rho's nipple, and held
without applying pressure.

The little nub of flesh sizzled against the laser blade. He held the scalpel
there until the nipple was carbonised. Rho's eyes were clouded with pain. Her
body was on fire with suffering, from her empty eye socket to her distended
stomach. Dr Tryannus popped her eye into his mouth and squished it. Fluid ran
out of his snout as he did so, and then he applied the laser scalpel to Dr
Bowman's other nipple.

Dr Tyrannus noted the increase in tears flowing, and the high agony readings.
He began to slice randomly into Rho's breasts. He cut numerous deep
cauterised gashes into the fat and mammary glands. Rho felt each slice, each
deep incision. She was almost grateful when Dr Tyrannus removed each breast
entirely, even as he ate them over her, because it left her with two big
areas of pain on her chest instead of many little ones.

The alien lizard enjoyed consuming the sweet dark meat immensely. The
mammalian concept of cooked food had passed his race by. He understood that
mammals had warred over things like skin colour, but as far as he was
concerned they were all the same beneath the skin. It was as silly to his
rational scientific mind as an argument over scale size! He noticed that Dr
Bowman was shivering slightly, and adjusted the level of paralysis. The
shivering stopped. He recognised that without the sensor pad administered
signals Rho would be in total physical shock by now, maybe unconscious,
instead of being fully aware and in incredible pain and fear.

His appetite was up, and he thought he would have the energy to fuck again
soon. Dr Tyrannus tore into Rho's belly without warning. His claws ripped
through her stretched skin with ease. Blood spattered around as Dr Tyrannus
tore strips of skin and flesh away to reveal Rho's stuffed womb and much
smaller heavy bladder. He drooled at the sight and smell of the internal
organs. Rho felt air where no air should be, and then, incredibly, her pain
grew worse.

The taste of Rho's bladder filled her mouth, as Dr Tyrannus tore it loose and
stuffed it between her lips. He eviscerated her quickly, dropping bloody
organs to the floor. He tweaked her cum packed fallopian tubes, and then
ripped out her womb, egg and all. His cock poked out from his skin slit again
as he glanced from the bloody coils of intestine to Rho's pain-wracked brown
eyes. If they were a window to her soul, then her soul was in hell. Her heart
was beating hard and fast, pumping blood for organs that were no longer there
to use it.

His cock was still stiffening as he climbed back between Rho's legs. He
lifted her ass enough to force his rounded crown past her sphincter. Rho felt
him enter her through the pain, felt his huge alien dick tearing into her
exposed bowel. Dr Tyrannus was intrigued at watching his cock thrusting
inside Rho's newly created stomach cavity, and how her rectum retained tight
wet heat despite the greatly increased surface area caused by the removal of
insulating flesh.

Rho's blood-splashed legs twitched over Dr Tyrannus's shoulders as he anally
raped the semi-gutted woman. The brutal assault had lasted awhile, and each
second felt like forever to the dying woman. Dr Tyrannus reached into Rho's
stomach and gripped his shaft through her rectum. The additional stimulation
and tightness quickly brought him to a new spicy orgasm inside her.

Draining the last of his semen reserves didn't take long, and then he pulled
his cock loose. Dr Tyrannus ripped Rho's sphincter open as he withdrew. Blood
and shit oozed from the gaping hole; along with thickening alien cum. The
alien lizard shuffled backwards off of the table. He pushed Rho's legs wide,
so they hung off each side of the examination table.

His grubby coat fluttered around him as he opened his toothed alien snout and
bit deeply into Rho's defenceless crotch. She was dying fast from blood loss,
but felt the sharp teeth biting through her internal clitoral tissue as her
cunt separated from her body. Dr Tyrannus lapped at the spurting blood as he
ate the last of Rho's femininity.

The lizard alien was as good as his word. Dr Rho Bowman was totally aware of
her pain until her brain died, aware of each deep wound and of the rending
teeth as Dr Tyrannus continued to eat away her crotch, and meaty thighs. He
paused when a beeping sensor told him she was a corpse, and walked back
around to the head of the examination table.

He gently removed all of the sensor pads from Rho's shaven skull, and removed
the bladder from her mouth. He noted that urine had stained her face and
flowed into both her eye and socket, which would have been an additional
torment for his test subject. On placing the sensors carefully to one side
for future use, he considered the experiment at an end - but it wasn't quite
time to clean up.

He loosened the head vice, and then his claws drew blood from Rho's armpits
as he pulled the corpse towards him. Rho's shaven head hung backwards over
the examination table. Blood and piss trickled from her eye socket. Dr
Tyrannus slipped his stilly filthy cock into her mouth, and fucked her dead
throat for a few more minutes. He enjoyed the way the cooling meat gripped
his cock, while cleaning the filth of her bowel from him. Having no more
semen to shoot, he contented himself with the slight tremor of a dry orgasm
before withdrawing from Dr Bowman's sensuously thick, but forever slack,
black lips.

Dr Tyrannus's cock withdrew again into his skin slit. He intended to keep
most of Dr Rho Bowman's meat for food, but he had one more task to accomplish
before he could start to clean up and review data. He tapped a few keys on
the console, and then hit an activation switch.

Suddenly Rho was aware again. Dr Tyrannus' sensor pads had recorded her until
the very last moment, digitized her, and uploaded her into a self-built
variation of the Cordicom LifeCursor. Her body was whole again, but only in
digital form. She had no physical mass, but she could feel herself as if she
did. Rho started to speak, but the sight of her badly mutilated corpse froze
her mid-sentence.

The alien lizard activated a special secondary program. In a nanosecond her
hands were spread wide and nailed to a simulated crucifix, her feet were
pressed together, but likewise nailed. A spike covered torture dildo was
rammed into her cunt, with a larger version in her tight black ass. Her lips
were sown together with just the tip of her tongue poking between a gap in
the middle. Thin wire went through a hole in her tongue, both nipples and her
clit. All of the torture devices were as simulated as Rho, and she felt them
as if they were real, and she was alive. Dr Tyrannus activated the simulated
electrical charge in the wire, and watched for a moment as Rho's digital
ghost began to squirm in agony.

His side project into simulated pseudo-suffering would found a whole new
scientific field.


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