Anaconda: Media Zapper Part 7 (MF)
by Wetsprocket

The media zapper put me along side Terri Flores, known to us as Jennifer
Lopez, in the Brazilian Amazon jungle. I was in the movie Anaconda.
Throughout the movie, I had replaced the characters where towards the end,
it was just me and Jennifer chasing down the big, bad snake. When I had
entered the movie in the palm top's database, I had made the snake as an
assistant, so really it was chasing Jennifer.

In the hot, sweaty jungle, Jennifer and I drifted along the river in our
boat. I hitched us to a dock on the main barge. We jumped off the boat and
walked up to the main barge buildings. I hadn't been able to stop looking
over the beautiful Jennifer Lopez. She wore dark tan shorts and a light tan
blouse, which she had knotted up over her belly. In the heat, her sweat had
soaked her blouse through and her sports bra was visible. Her nipples were
perky in all the excitement. Her legs were well-toned and sexy coming out
of her shorts. I wondered about her panties inside and waited to check
inside them.

Once inside the main building, we were out of the elements momentarily. It
began to rain.

"Will it ever stop raining?" said the amazon beauty. "I'm so tired of being
wet." She flipped her hair forward and back, getting it out of her face.

"Yeah. It just seems to get steamer, doesn't it?" I added to the

"Oh, too steamy. This humidity sucks!" She checked the weather outside.
"Maybe it will stop raining soon. We need to see about getting some help
before that snake-thing finds us again."

Just then the floor shot up between us. I knew it would be happening soon,
but it still scared the crap out of me. The anaconda had broken through the
floor and now looked right at Jennifer. She screamed and scrambled for the
door. She got about ten feet out the door when the snake caught her feet and
lifted her back.

I walked out in the moderate rainfall and the snake had Jennifer upside down
against the building. The shock of it all had taken it's effect and she was
unconscious. The snake held her up while I took out my Rambo knife and cut
open the seam of her shorts. As I split open the crotch of her shorts, I saw
white, bikini panties underneath. I could see the darkness of her womanly
wool through the white, now transparent material. I cut off her panties as
well to see it first hand.

The anaconda had moved on top of the building. It held one shoe-covered foot
with it's mouth and one wrapped in it's tail. This allowed it to open the
starlet's legs for me. I faced her split crotch and stood up on a stack of
crates to view it better. With her cunt opening just under my chest level, I
scoped her closely.

Her pussy was full with small, black pubic hairs kept in a neat triangle.
The spreading of her legs made the meat of her cunt bulge out more. I slid a
finger into the crevice of her clit and felt her up. Despite her unconscious
state, she gave out a "mmmm"as I opened her pussy lips that divided her
mound. I brought up a bucket of clean, soapy water with a wash rag. I took
the soaked rag and began washing her cunt. This stimulated her clit and her
lips enlarged, opening the hole in her crevice wider. Soon, I tossed the rag
and burrowed into her muff. I tasted the initial saltiness from the sweat of
her pussy. Shortly, it turned into the sweet taste of her pussy nectar. I
ate her out, burying my face into her stretched opening.

The snake lowered her slowly to me. I took her inside and laid her on the
floor. The snake disappeared. I pulled off her blouse. Her sports bra did
very little to hide her ample breasts. The dark areola's of her nipples were
clearly visible atop her tan melons. I pulled her sports bra from her and
moved down to suck her tits. I squeezed her tits and sucked her left one. I
enclosed my mouth over as much as I could and enjoyed. They were taut and
responsive. My tongue teased her hard nipples as I suckled each breast.

I laid on top of her, my cock stiff against her belly. I moved it down,
feeling it move through her damp muff. The head located her clit almost by
itself. I pushed it between her legs and she let out a "umph" as it broke
forth inside her, entering her vagina. Slowly, I moved it in and out of her,
rubbing against her smooth inner thighs in the process. I perked up from
where I was continuing to enjoy her tits. I looked at her peaceful face.
She wore a sweet smile and her eyes were open. Her hands grabbed my ass.
She pulled me tighter between her hips, sending me deeper into her.

"I was waiting for you to revive me." She said, thinking I had saved her
from the snake. "I never thought this would be so effective." She moaned
and gasped out "...And feel so good...oh, yeah." She panted and cooed as I
hit the right spot inside her. I continued to nail her deeply. She pulled
her legs up with her hands, allowing me better penetration. I held her ass
tightly for support. She nudged my side to roll her over on top, which I
supported fully.

Her fine body moved over me without me exiting her vagina. She began slowly
rolling her ass and belly. My cock perched inside her. She bent over me and
kissed me with tongue. She humped my shaft with skill. She sat up for air,
my cock nestled in her belly. She continued to ride it. I looked up at her
and fondled her breasts. Her hands met mine, holding them to her. Her eyes
remained closed as she enjoyed the presence of my cock inside her. She bent
back down and rode me faster and deeper. My hardness shot through her crevice
and rocketed inside her pinkness. She moved move over me for better movement.
That moved her tits to me which I sat up and sucked.

I felt the warmness of my building cum inside my cock. She was beginning to
really make some noise as she neared her orgasm. I sat back and let me ride
me to the finish line. My cock shot it's load shortly before she came. The
stiffness held in her as she squeezed me tightly to her busom, climaxing. Her
body spasmed a few times, flexing around my shrinking penis. She settled and
sat up on me. I felt me cock continuing to seep inside her. She smiled and
bent to kiss me.

"Thanks for saving me." She said.

"No problem. You'd do it for me." I responded.

"Yeah, I would, but probably not this good."

"We can't all be great." We laughed.

She pulled off of me and helped me up. We embraced before dressing. I grabbed
her ass and she grabbed mine.

"Maybe we can do this again sometime." She propositioned.

"When ever you want." I grinned, knowing I could do her again whenever I
wanted anyway. We dressed and I moved on to my next adventure.

to be continued...

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