Andi Mack: Andi's First With Her Mom (Ff,herm,facial,anal,inc,cream pie,first)
by Dr. Demented 666

13 year old Andi was going through her early stages of puberty and didn't like the look of the shading appearing around her private area and decided to keep her natural smooth look, so she went to the bathroom and took her mother's lady razor and began to shave herself smooth. Only problem was was that she inadvertently gave herself her first ever erection....

Andi knew she was different in the regard of having all the outward appearances of a pretty young Asian girl but with quality of a male penis, giving her the hermaphroditic features of both male and female with her womb just under her penis. Andi mesmerized over her growing penis and the shear size it became at full length-a whopping 13"--the same as her age!

Andi strutted to her bedroom naked and climbed into bed and began to play with herself, stroking her huge cock that she could barely wrap her hand around and convulsed with joy as she experienced the pleasure she was giving herself for the first time...

"Andi! What the hell!?" A shocked voice came form the doorway of Andi's bedroom.

Andi let go of her cock and opened her eyes to look to the doorway to see her mom, Bex, standing there in her shorts and tight black top with a stunned look on her face. Bex knew what her daughter was doing and the immense feeling it was bringing to her and Bex smiled, entering her daughters bedroom and closing the door behind her before walking to her daughters bedside...

"Honey, wow! It's HUGE! I never knew...I mean, like you were like that...I knew you had one since I gave birth to you, but holy cow!" Bex stated as she reached down and took her daughters erection in hand and began to stroke it.

"Mom! Oh my God! What are you...Shooooooot!" Andi exclaimed before flopping down onto the bed on her back and relishing in her mother's soft hand pleasuring her.

Bex smiled as she felt the stiffness in the palm of her hand and her daughter purring with delight as she caressed the 13" boner...

"Feels so much better when someone else is touching it, right?" Bex asked of her daughter who cooed with a smile as she held her eyes shut and moaned with a low voice.

Bex continued with her hand job as her daughter writhed in the sheets with virgin bliss and her cock swelled with delight...

"Mom! It's getting all tingly! I never felt like this beFOOOOORE!" Andi exclaimed as she entered an orgasm in the middle of the last word.

Hot cum shot from her cock several feet into the air and splattering back down onto Andi's body as she squealed in orgasmic delight as her mom struggled to hold onto Andi's slimy cock as the cum continued to shoot uncontrollably with each pulse of her cock. And cupped the palm of her hand over the tip of Andi's cock to try and stop the cum but it just pressurized and blew backward...

"You're making a mess! Andi! God! Look at it all!" Bex stated with a high pitch giggle, watching her daughter finish onto herself.

Andi's convulsing stopped and her body twitched with the few last cock spasms as her mom let go of her cock and let it slowly tilt back and onto Andi's stomach, taking in the cum that glazed her daughters body, including her face, breast, stomach, private area and inner legs. Totally shocked at what just happened but also turned on, Bex stood and took off her clothes and slid into bed with her daughter...

Andi was still trying to get her wits about her after her first orgasm as she felt her naked mom lick her cum off her body as she slid her tongue down Andi's stomach and onto her hard shaft. Andi was shocked by the feeling of her cock being inhaled into her mom's mouth and went to push her mom away, but unintentionally shoved her further down on her own cock.

Andi felt her huge cock slide down her mom's throat and as she gulped for air her esophagus clenched tightly around Andi's shaft. Bex bobbed her head up and down onto her daughter's hard on, making it come to life again in her mouth...

"Mom! You're making it happen again! Oh my gosh! Holy moly! MOMMMMMMM!" Andi screamed as her cock spewed cum until it forced Bex to pull it from her mouth and spill the immense load onto her daughter's private area...

"Ohhhh my God, what just happened!? What did you do to me, mom?" Andi asked with bewilderment.

"I made you cum, baby...Did you like it?" Bex asked of her daughter.

Andi shook her head with an emphatic 'YES' and a smile as she just noticed her mom naked. Andi mesmerized over her mother's youthful beauty with her perky tits and stiff nipples shimmering from the cum against her naturally tanned skin, giving her that exotic look with her deep black puberty muff so well trimmed down below and her long legs leading up to it.

Andi slowly reached up her mom's leg and began to caress the soft pubic mound between her legs, making Bex look down with excited pleasure as her daughter stated: "Ya know, I shaved mine down below...That's what started this whole ordeal."

"Really? Cool! But pussy fur can be so fun...Here, rub your thing against mine..." Bex told her daughter as she got on her back in the cum stained sheets and opening her legs for her daughter.

Andi rose to her knees and got between her mom's legs and slowly rubbed the underside of her immense shaft against her mom's fur mound, feeling the tickling sensation the course but wet pubes gave to her...

"I see what you mean, mom." Andi stated.

"Wanna feel something better?" Bex asked of her daughter.

"Sure!" Andi replied with excitement.

"Put it in me." Bex told her daughter.

"What!? In your cooch? MOM! You're my mom!" Andi stated.

"So, look what we did so far...You liked that, right?" Bex stated.

"Well, yeah...But, I mean...That's a bit too far, don't you think?" Andi told her mom with an unsure look on her face...

"Do it, honey...Put it in me...I wanna feel that big cock of yours in me...It'll be the biggest one I ever had-the only one I ever had since the one that made you..." Bex confessed to her daughter.

Andi positioned herself better and teased the underside of her girth with her mom's wet pubes before easing it into her mom's pussy, feeling it clamp tightly around her thick cock as it slid into Bex and made her cringe with OUCHES and OOOOOOHHH's...

"I'm hurting you mom, I should stop." Andi said with worry as she began to withdraw her cock.
Bex quickly reached down and grabbed her daughter's shaft, forcing her to stop the withdraw and begged her: "No, don't ! Keep it in me and do me, honey...It's ok, I just have to get use to it being so big."

Andi smiled as she shrugged her shoulders and began to fuck her mother with rhythmic humps, feeling her mom's wet vaginal walls massaging her cock with delight. Andi found herself leaning forward and then down upon her mom, kissing her as she would a boyfriend and happily flirting her tongue in and about with her mom's.

Bex lifted her legs and wrapped them around her daughter, allowing her full penetration as Bex reached down with her right hand and slid a finger into Andi's pussy; surprising her as she continued to fuck her mom. Andi began to breath heavily and winced as her eyes squinted shut and she blurted out with a high pitched voice: "It's happening again, mom...Oh my gosh! I need to pull out!"

"Stay in me, Andi...Cum in my pussy, baby! I wanna feel that huge load shoot into me!" Bex begged of her daughter.

"But you'll get pregnant." Andi stated as she tried to control her pending orgasm.

"No I won't, I can't have any more kids according to the doctor...Fill me up, Andi...Do it! DO IT!" Bex reiterated.

Andi slowly pumped her hips in a humping action allowing her hard cock to easily penetrate her mom with full insertions as Bex continued her leg wrap around her daughter's heavenly waist. In seconds, Andi squinted her eyes shut and pouted with puppy-like yipes and soft coos as her orgasm reached its peak and hot cum shot deep into her mom's womb.

Bex dug her fingernails into her daughters back as their sensual bodies mingled together in warmth and tender kisses. Andi, with each shot of cum, thrusted into her mom and groaned with excitement as she felt the hot cum coat her moms inner vaginal walls and quickly lube her shaft with the slimy white substance. Andi's thrusting came to an abrupt halt deep inside her mom and she opened her eyes to gaze into her mother's-filled with tears of joy and orgasmic splendor-as she too panted and struggled for each gasp of breath from her own orgasm.

"Oh my God! That felt so good, Andi...Would you like to keep humping me, baby?' Bex asked of her daughter.

"Really? I mean, my thing is getting a little sore from all this action...It feels good and all, but I don't know if we should keep going for now..." Andi stated.

"C'mon honey, be a sport...I'll let you put it in my butt." Bex told her daughter.

"What!? Really!? You can't be serious...It'l hurt, won't it?" Andi said with exuberance.

"I don't know, I never had it done to me back there before but always wanted to try...You'll be the first to take my ass cherry." Bex told her daughter.

A huge smile came over Andi as she lifted herself to her knees and slowly pulled her erection from her mom's pussy, watching as a river of cum followed and a strand stuck from the tip of her dick to her mom's pussy like an arched bridge. Andi slowly rubbed her shaft head against her mom's anal entrance, pushing firmly until the head popped into Bex's anal cavity and then sinking it fully with one deep plunge.

Bex cringed and squinted her eyes shut as she balled the sheets up in her hands and squealed with a mixture of pain and pleasure as her daughter worked her entire length back and forth into her mom's ass. Andi watched as her mom's anal walls stretched outward with each backward pull of her cock and the clenching feeling of her anal cavity cinching around her hard shaft with each plunge inward.

Andi got the surprise of her life when her mom let out a sharp howl and her eyes rolled back in their sockets and turned white as she orgasmed, squirting all over Andi's stomach and breasts as she filled her mom's ass with cum. Bex felt the gooey enema filling her and her body twitched and writhed with each pulse of her daughter's cock deep in her ass and the soothing feeling of the cum lotion easing the burning sensation of her anal walls.

Andi collapsed atop her mom and the two kissed as their smooth shaven legs mingled together and their orgasms diminished to a slight tingle as Andi stopped her pumping action and let her hard cock remain still inside her mom's ass and absorb the throbbing anal walls. Andi now knew her and her mom would be closer than ever and get to experience new things together in ways a mother and daughter never should-but would...





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