Andi Mack: Bex Rapes Her Daughter (Ff,herm,anal,facial,cream pie,inc,rape,first)
by Dr. Demented 666

At the tender age of 13 years old, Andi was becoming quite the young prize at school for boys. Hot in her teen Asian looks with her short black hair and perfect smile and her gorgeous legs that she always liked to show off...Today was no different as she wore a pink fuzzy short sleeve top and a black and white spotted skirt with a ruffled bottom to it that showed off her long legs and her small breasts heaving outward and mocking the boys who couldn't have them.

Andi strolled home for the day and went upstairs to find her mom standing in the hall with a pair of sweat pants on and no top, her tits out in full view and hard nipples and her tanned skin glistened with sweat as her long black hair looked like she just came out of the shower but obviously just returned from an afternoon jog.

"Mom! Wow! I had no idea you were so in shape and your boobs...I wonder if mine will ever get like those?" Andi stated, admiring her mom's physique.

Bex smiled at her daughter and kind of thought of what she just said and began to wonder what was behind that pink top that her daughter was wearing, giving her an erection right there in the hall. Andi began to notice the bulge growing in her mom's sweat pants and pointed to it...

"What the heck is that?" Andi asked with a bewildered look on her face...

"Oh jeez..." Bex stated as she looked down and seen her enormity creating a huge bulge in her sweat pants and tried to cover it but Andi pulled her mom's hand away...

"What's going on down there, mom?" Andi again asked with a puzzled look on her face...

"It's my thing, baby...You don't know this but I have both female and male sex organs and what's making that lump down there is the male part of me..." Bex confessed.

"Shut the front door! No way! My mom's a hermaphrodite?" Andi shockingly stated.

"Yep, and what's more-I'm not only your mother but your father..." Bex confessed yet more to her daughter.

Andi about fell over with the new news, finding out her mom was actually her mom and not her big sister and her grandmother wasn't actually her mother was about all she could handle when she found that out---but this!

"How in the heck can you be my father too?" Andi asked.

"I know I had you meet someone you thought was your real dad, but I really am and I just let him believe he was. When I was 17 I had sex with myself..." Bex confessed to her daughter.

"What!? Shut the front door! How in the heck?" Andi blurted out in bewilderment...

"Wellllllll....I kind jerked off and when the cum came I fingered it into my pussy and 9 months later you came..." Bex told her daughter.

Bex found herself attracted to her daughter's curiosity and decided to indulge in some incestuous relations and initiate her daughter in ways no mother ever should as she took her sweat pants and pulled them down and off of her body and stood there smiling at Andi with a huge 10" boner throbbing and sticking straight out...

"God! Mom! Put that thing away!" Andi stated with disgust.

"Come here baby, touch it..." Bex told her daughter as she grabbed her and pulled her close...

"No way! Let me go!" Andi said...

Bex shoved her to a seated position on a chair in the hall and rubbed her hard shaft against Andi's smooth cheek in a humping fashion and listened as her daughter squealed in horror and shook her head in a 'NO' fashion.

"Suck it, baby...Open...OPEN!" Bex demanded of her daughter as she crammed her cock into her teen daughter's mouth.

Andi reluctantly sucked off her mom until Bex finally came, spewing cum all over her daughter's face as she sat there pouting as hot cum poured into her mouth and onto her face and short black hair. Andi couldn't believe her mom just did that to her and as her mom finished with a smile Andi stood and ran off to her bedroom crying. Bex watched her daughter run off and sank to a seated position in the chair with a smile and watched as the cum from her cock slowly stopped, dripping to the floor.

A few hours later Bex went to her daughter's bedroom and sneaked into it naked, wanting to continue where she left off earlier. Andi lay asleep on her bed on her back, cum cleaned off her face and ever so innocent. Bex crept into her daughter's bed and slithered her skirt and panties off of her 13 year old body, marveling in the fact Andi didn't hit puberty yet and her smooth snatch matched her incredible smooth legs.

Bex went down on her only daughter and began to lick her young pussy, relishing in the virgin flavor and the fact she could barely get her tongue into such a tight hole. Andi began to squirm in her slumber and then suddenly awake to find her own mom giving her oral. Andi struggled to push her mom away but Bex was strong and maneuvered herself atop of her daughter and sunk her tongue into Andi's mouth, giving her daughter her first ever French kiss.

Andi was horrified at what her mom was doing to her and then felt a sudden painful surge-The penetration of her mom's huge cock into her virginal womb. Andi blurted out a loud crying squeal as her mom sunk fully into her and took her innocence...

"Shit! That pussy of yours is so fucking hot and wet...And TIGHT! Damn! TIGHT BABY! FUCKING TIGHT!" Bex stated as she fucked her daughter for the first time.

Bex lifted her daughter's top up over her heaving tits and let her bare breast ride against her daughter's as she took her over and over as Andi begged for her mom to stop. Bex thrusted hard and tongued her daughter until a splurge of energy erupted in her loins and cum shot like a volcano into Andi's pussy.

Andi sobbed as she felt her mother's orgasm fill her and the throbs of the hard cock pulsing in her pussy. Bex panted heavily against her daughters face as her orgasm came to completion inside of Andi's pussy, the cum soaking her inner vaginal walls and lubing Bex's cock with the slimy white substance as Andi pouted in agony as her virginity was taken from her by her own mother.

Bex pulled from her daughter's pussy and rose to her knees to witness the cum she inseminated her daughter with pour from Andi's freshly fucked pussy. Gazing down at the river flow seeping from her daughter's pussy, Bex got a depraved idea that she always wanted to try with someone-ANAL!

Bex grabbed her daughter's leg and flung it up over her shoulder and quickly jabbed her hard cock into her daughter's ass. Andi cried hard and begged her mom to stop, but Bex continued her onslaught-fucking her daughter with hard thrusts in the ass as she licked Andi's leg just behind her knee as it draped over her mom's shoulder...

"Stop, mom! STOP! IT HURTS! GOD! YOUR RIPPING ME OPEN! WHY, MOM!? WHY!?" Andi sobbed and begged of her mom.

Bex culdn't hold back any longer and with each hard thrust into her daughter's ass followed with a load of cum. Andi's eyes sprang open wide with a surge of surprise form her mom's pressurized orgasm deep into her anal cavity followed by the pulsing of her mom's hard cock throbbing against the inner anal walls.

Bex slowly pulled form her daughter's ass and left it gaping as she threw her leg down off of her shoulder and sunk down onto her daughter and slammed her tongue into Andi's mouth, kissing her and thanking her for the orgasm she always needed. Andi was horrified at what her mom just did to her and was dumbfounded at the fact her mom got off on hurting her and taking her innocence in such a vile way.

But, Bex assured her daughter she was sorry and that it would never happen again-but it did-over and over, again and again on nearly a daily basis until Andi succumbed to her mom's violations and it became such a norm that Andi volunteered herself to her mom without even being forced anymore...





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