The first season has just hit Israeli TV, but of course having no repect for
SAT cable laws, I and my Merry Band of Spooks use the IDF gear to hack them.
As usal, if you had mentioned my name to Gene R. he would have said, "Who?"

Andromeda: All Hail The Harper Part 1 (MF,oral)
by She-wolf Of Tel Aviv

The Andromeda broke into real space. Captain Dylan Hunt gave a whisper of
relief, "Well done, Mr. Harper. We're back in the real world," he said.

"No problem, boss, but I had to drain all the nova bombs power to get the
kick. Now I have to check out all of Andromeda's systems for overloads so if
you'll pardon me." Harper said bowing out.

Doyle the Andoid created by Harper noticed that he had been acting weirder
than usal and decided to find out why. As Harper slipped throught the ship,
Doyle followed silently till he reached his lab. After he went in Doyle
crept up to the door. She missed the days of her old life as Rommie where
she could merge with Andromeda's A.I. She flatten Herself next to the
doorway and listened.

"Well, Rommie, I promised you that I'll bring you back," she heard Harper

Doyle sneeked a peek inside the room and saw Harper standing over a nude
female body laying on a table. She knew at once that this was Rommie the
Andromeda's Avatar from whom most of her programing came from. A wave of
joy and happiness washed over Doyle as the idea of her older sister coming
back filled Her. But then a small but dark thought rose it in her. Rommie
had been with them from the start and had saved each of the Crew many
times. Doyle's programming was taken from Rommie, what if Harper needed it
back to save Rommie? In fact if Rommie came back why would Harper need
Doyle? Doyle needed to get Harper back on her side. Then she knew what she
had to do.

Harper finshed the last data link and began the power up. "Just 30 minutes
and you'll be back in your loving Harper's arms," he told the powered down

He heard a sound coming from the hallway, so he pulled out his guass pistol
and went out to see what he could see. A lighting quick hand shot out of
the dark to pluck the pistol from him then tossed him agaist the bulkhead.
Blinking Harper looked around and noticed Doyle slowly walking toward him.

"Doyle what happened? What's wrong?" he gasped.

Doyle stopped almost on top of him, "You know, Harper, I always wondered when
you build me why didn't you program a 'total lust crazied slut for Harper'
Mode into me," she purried. "Well, I guess that I'll have to write my own
program." She went on sliding her hand over his groin.

Harper's cerebral input almost shorted out at her touch. "Oh God, if this is
a dream don't let it end," he thought as he moaned.

He felt a tug from her at the groin of his pants and then a warm wet
something covering his cock. Doyle had used her robotic power to rip Harper's
pants off as his cock almost, which almost poked her eye out with his hard
on. She licked her lips and bowed her head foward. His cock was so hot, long
and tasty in her mouth. She wrapped her tongue around his cock loving every
inch of it. She had read Rommie's secret porno vids and studied each and
every one. Doyle blew and sucked in and out gently licking the whole length
of Harper's throbing dick. She took her mouth off his cock, lowered her face
and gave each of Harper's salty balls a loving lick.

Harper's power of speech was reduced to woofing gasps. All his dreams where
coming true. All the times he had dreamed of Beka, Trance, or Rommie was
happening now with Doyle.

She returned to her attack on his cock swallowing it with such a strong
suction action Harper crossed his eyes and feared that she would suck his
cock off. "Oh Goodddd... Doyle You...You...Your... Yourrr... mouth is
sooooo... sswwwweeeeeetttttttt." Harper almost screamed.

Doyle released Harper's cock for a second looking up and asked, "If you're
enjoying this so much why are you the only one that's naked?"

Harper reached down and tried to tug off Doyle's outfit, but it wouldn't come
off. "Goddamnit, it won't give!" Harper growled.

Doyle understood at once and stopped her blow job long enough to whisper.
"Then rip them off, tear my clothes off NOW!" Then she dived back into her

Harper now crazed with lust didn't hesitate, but reached down between two
bouncing boobs to the pink choth.



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