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Andromeda: All Hail The Harper Part 2 (MFF,oral,anal)
by She-Wolf Of Tel Aviv

With a surprising show of strenght Harper ripped the pink shoulderless top
clean off Doyle's body in onec move. Now totally free Doyle's tits swayed,
rolled, and bounced with each plunging suck she took. She opened all those
secert files she had scanned from the many drifts the Andromeda had visited.
Ever sex act in known space was inside her files. His dick was so saltly,
but sweet in her hot wet mouth. The sounds of her slurping filling the
hallway. Neither heard the noise that came from Harper's lab.

Doyle kneeling in front of Harper was as in as much heaven as Harper. "Stars,
I'm a whore droid. Maybe Harper didn't mean to but he created me to fuck and
suck." she thought. "I can't wait for him to rip my pants off toss me to the
deck and slam that huge cock up my virgin pussy. I wonder if it'll hurt?"

Harper could only make whoofing cough sounds from his mouth as he fought to
stand upright. His eyes glued down on Doyle as she moved back and forth on
his stalk.

Neither saw the figure that kneeled behind Doyle. She was still trying to
suck Harper's cock when she felt her pants and panties brutally ripped from
her lower body. Doyle thought for a second it was somehow Harper until a fast
wet invander began to lick her dripping pussy. A jolt shot throught Doyle at
the first lick, "Who was it?" She wondered if it was Beka or Trance, but she
was to busy rubbing her nose in Harper's groin hair to take a look.

Harper forced his eyes open and the mix of sex and shock almost robbed him of
his voice. "ROM DOLL!!!" he gasped.

Rommie raised her face from her rug munching. "Harper, I'm so glad you built
a sister for me. I always wanted to try incest," she told him before diving
back into Doyle's cunt.

Doyle was almost shorting out from pleasure. Harper's hard cock slamming her
mouth and her older sister was trying to lick her pussy lips off.

The sight of the blond Doyle kneeling before him eating his cock while in
turn she was in a lezzie cunt liplock by the multi-colored haired Rommie was
too much. Groaning, he reached down with both hands grabbing Doyle's head and
savagely rammed fully into her hot wet mouth. "TAKE IT! TAKE IT! TAKE IT!
TAKE IT!" he screamed shooting load after load of cum into Doyle's hungry

Doyle drank with inhuman speed not losing one drop of Harper's baby batter.
She took her mouth off Harper's cock just as she began to cum. "Oh Yes... oh
yes..oh yes..Yessss!!!" she screamed as Rommie kept up her attack.

As Doyle slid to the deck Rommie opened up her link through the ship and
linked with Harper's datalink. Because of all the times Harper had entered
the Andromeda's mainframe she could slightly control Harper's body fuctions
and send blood back into his cock. She turned her body around so her face
was still in Doyle's groin and her ass was facing Harper. She looked back at
Him and commanded.

"Bugger me. Ram that cock up my ass. Bugger me hard and fast!" Then she
grinded her groin into Doyle's face. "Lick me little sister lick me!" she
moaned diving back into Doyle's groin. Then she screamed as Harper rammed
himself fully into Rommie's ass.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she moaned into Doyle's suger walls as she licked
the wettness from her.

Harper kept slamming Rommie as hard as he could into her ass moaning, "Uh,
uh, uh, uh, uh!" with each thrust.

Doyle and Rommie were in a animal-like 69 like two porno droids at a smut
drift. He lost control and he shot wad after wad up Rommie's ass tunnel.

"More...More...More...More!" she moaned and caused Doyle to pop.

As the three laid on the deck gasping, Rommie turned to Harper and said


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