By Wonder Mike

Seamus Harper: Hold on Romy, I just has a couple of more adjustments to make
to your processor.

Harper was adding more memory to the living embodiment of the warship
Andromeda. He had given her form and enhanced human emotions.

Romy: Hurry up Harper, after our last adventure, I realized I need to fully
discover all my emotions, I almost got all of us killed.

Harper: Not to worry Romy, Seamus Harper will once again save the day.
Gabriel was programed to seduce and betray you, we will be ready next time.

Romy trusted Harper to a point, but she knew he had is own reasons for
wanting to enhance her emotions.

Harper did have his reasons, he had a huge crush on Romy, and he was for
once going to have a girl he didn't have to pay for.

Harper had developed a chip that would enhance Romy's lust, she would fall
had over heals in love with him, after all, what could it hurt.

It took less than an hour for Harper to install the chip in Romy, she had no
idea what he actually did, Harper invited the Artificial intelligence back to
his quarters.

Harper: Welcome to my abode Romy.

Romy: I am in every room.

Harper: Come on Romy, don't talk like that, this is my palace of love.

Romy: I don't know what you are thinking Harper, wait, yes I do, and it's not
going to happen.

Harper: I know where our relationship stands Romy, I just want the chance for
it to grow and to maybe teach you more about being human.

Harper reached into his pocket and hit a button on his remote control, Romy
jumped to attention than looked at him, she then screamed, I need Dillon, and
ran out of the room.

Harper: Damn it.

Romy quickly found Captain Dillon Hunt, he was as usual at the helm of the
ship, Romy ran to him.

The Romy ran her fingers across his chest, Dillon was taken aback, he backed
away from her.

Romy: I need you to teach me human intimacy.

Dillon: Romy, you know that can't happen, I think you should
do a self diagnostic.

Romy told him she was o k, Dillon ordered her away, the ship ordered Romy
away, she started to argue with herself, but she knew better, she needed
another plan.

Romy went to the man who fixed all her problems, she went back to Harper.

Romy: I need you to help me Harper, I have to have Dillon, I don't know why,
but I have to.

Harper: I don't know why you feel this way Romy, and you know I'd do anything
for you, what's in it for me?

Romy: I'm sure I can think of something.

Harper: I have a spray, it's an old earth aphrodisiac, I had been working on
it, making improvements I was actually saving it for a special occasion. It
will work on the human crew now, I don't think it will work on Rev, I'm not
sure about Tyr or Trance, I need more data on their anatomy.

That was good enough for Romy, she leaned over and yanked on Harper's belt,
his pants flew off, Romy tossed them across the room.

Harper: Thank you God.

Romy dropped to her knees and grabbed him by his cock, it immediately sprang
to life, she began to stroke it back and forth, Harper began to shake.

Romy's hands where a blur jerking up and down, Harper was about to cum

Harper: Slow down Romy, men weren't designed for that kind of friction, Romy
slowed down her stroking, Harper could barely speak.

Harper: I need you to put it in your mouth.

Romy: Like this?

Harper: That's right, I want you to plug this in.

Harper gave Romy plug in head phones, it was his computerized porn file, Romy
now knew everything about sex.

Romy shoved his whole cock down her throat, she took it easily, Harper ran
his fingers through her hair.

Romy grabbed him by the ass and pushed it in and out, she was making him fuck
her face, Harper was at her complete control, and loving it.

Romy pushed him over onto his back and straddled him, Harper reached up and
unbuttoned her shirt, her perfectly formed breast hung free, Harper was so
proud of his design, he reached up and squeezed her eraser sized nipples.

Harper leaned up and popped a nipple into his mouth, they tasted like
chocolate, he was a genius.

Romy squatted down on his cock, her sweet pussy easily swallowed up his eight
inches, Harper cried out.

Romy began to slowly bounce up and down on his Harper grabbed hold of her
nipples and twisted them like knobs, it was just what Romy needed.

Romy began slamming up and down faster on Harper's cock, he cried out as she
rode him even faster.

Harper tried to tell Romy to slow down, but he couldn't speak, she was riding
him at about five strokes a second, all he could do was hold on.

Harper shot a load deep inside her, At least I can't get her pregnant he
thought, she rode him harder Harper's cock never had a chance to shrink.

Romy was a blur riding his cock, she felt a tingle between her legs, she rode
him harder, Harper began to scream.

Romy: I want to taste your cum, like in the your disk, Harper just shook.

Romy hopped up to her feet, she sat on Harper's face and began to suck his
cock again.

She swallowed his cock easily, Harper couldn't even think about holding out,
he shot his load down her throat, Romy swallowed it all.

Romy: I'm not satisfied, I need more, lets go again.

Harper: Hold one Romy, I need a week to recharge, maybe you should try the
rest of the crew.

Romy: Of course your right, how shall we proceed.

Harper: You shall use the love potion of the great Seamus Harper to make the
crew more receptable to your charms, we should wait until tomorrow morning
when Rev goes on his retreat and I can get into the action, you can dispense
it through the life support system.

Rev left the ship for a retreat, Romy knew it was time, she released Harper's

Beka and Dillon looked at each other, Tyr jumped up, he knew immediately
something was wrong, he was totally aware of his body, Dillon excused himself
to his quarters, he told Beka to join him.

Dillon ran to his quarters, Beka was right behind him, she stood in the
doorway and threw open her leather vest.

Dillon stared at her perky breast, Beka pinched her nipples and told Dillon
she had wanted him ever since she had boarded the ship.

Trance Gemini bounded into the helm, Tyr was running a diagnostic on the
ship, something was amiss, but he couldn't quite but his finger on it.

Tyr felt something wrap around his leg, he looked down and saw Trance's
purple tail slithering around his body, he grabbed her by the shoulder and
pushed her away.

Tyr: Go away girl, I'm busy.

Trance: I want you inside of me.

Tyr: I would never mate with whatever you are, it would be pointless, you are
not Nietizschean.

Trance: I am more than you know, I could teach you some things.

Tyr just laughed at the young girl, he picked her up and tossed her out into
the hall and barricaded himself at the helm, he knew Harper must have
something to do with this, but Andromeda's sensors where telling him Harper
was in his room reading.

Beka was on top of Dillon, she was shaking her head letting her hair run
across his face, Dillon had one had down her pants, the other massaging her
breast, Beka shoved her hands sown his pants.

Beka whipped out the captains 10 inch cock, she stroked it with both hands,
Dillon grinned as she stuffed it down her throat.

Beka made circles with her tongue as she sucked his cock, Dillon began to
thrust up into her mouth, he then slipped a finger into her cunt.

Beka moaned lightly as the finger entered her, Dillon than added a second
then a third, she began to ride his fingers.

Beka rocked back and forth on the fingers penetrating her, she then slipped
one of hers into her ass. She was purring now, she needed to be fucked.

Beka climbed off Dillon's fingers, than she plopped down on his cock, she
squealed as it entered her.

Romy watched with glee as Beka rode Dillon, the plan was working, she
couldn't wait to get hers, the ship was disgusted with her though, Romy
refused to argue with herself.

Beka drove her finger nails across Dillon's chest as she rode him, Dillon
leaned up and began to suck her tits, Beka rode him harder, she was cumming

Beka screamed as she felt something enter her ass, she loved it up the ass,
she looked back and saw Trance standing behind her, Trance had let her tail
slither up her ass.

Trance's tail wiggled back and forth up Beka's ass, she was buck naked
squeezing her tits, Trance knew she had the biggest tits on the ship, she
than shoved two fingers into her own pussy.

Dillon began pumping up into Beka, she was cumming again, Trance shoved her
tail deeper up her ass, she than climbed on top of Dillon and sat on her

Dillon stuck out his tongue as Trance wiggled on it, he squeezed her ass with
one hand as he used the other one to squeeze Beka's, the two girls leaned
over and kissed.

Beka reached over and rammed three fingers into Trance's pussy, Trance
screamed, Beka thrusted wildly into her, Beka liked it hard and fast.

Harper rubbed his hand together, as he stood in the doorway and watched, he
was already naked, he stood behind Trance and grabbed her tits as he shoved
his cock into her ass.

Beka rode Dillon harder, she screamed as another orgasm flushed through her
body, Trance rocked back jamming Harper's cock all the way into her ass.

Harper grabbed Trance by her firm tits, she moan softly as Harper pummeled
her ass, Beka worked a fourth finger into Trance's pussy as Dillon began to
thrust up into her.

Romy watched in glee, she was so overwhelmed, it seemed as if the room was
spinning around, Tyr ran check after check of the ships systems, Andromeda
assured him everything was fine.

Dillon slide from underneath Beka, he then pushed Harper away from Trance, he
mounted her from behind in his place, he slammed his 10 inches all the way
into her ass.

Trance let out a high pitched squeal as Dillon reamed her ass, she began to
rock back faster and faster, Dillon began to match her thrust.

Beka grabbed Harper by the cock, she pushed him on the floor and shoved it
down her throat.

Beka took Harper's cock all the way down her throat easily, he began to flail
as she wrapped her lips tightly around his member, Harper grabbed her by the
hair and yanked her head down.

Trance and Dillon rolled over onto their sides, Trance spread her legs as far
apart as she could. Dillon slammed his cock as deep inside her as he could,
Trance began to scream.

Romy couldn't take anymore, she ran across the room and yanked Dillon's cock
out of that slut Trance, she shoved all ten inches down her throat, licking
his balls as she did so, Dillon began to shake.

Harper fucked Beka's face as hard as he could, he had her hair wrapped around
his fingers, he blew a load across her face, Beka scooped it up with her
fingers and let the cum drip off down her throat.

Dillon was shooting a load down Romy's throat at the same time, she never
stopped sucking his cock, Dillon came for at least a minute, he than
collapsed on the floor, Harper collapsed on top of him, Beka and Trance
looked at each other, they screamed Tyr in unison. The three girls headed for

Tyr had locked himself in the command center, Romy easily opened the door,
Tyr stood up ready to defend himself, Trance's tail slithered up behind him
and yanked his feet from underneath him.

Romy was on top of him in a flash, sitting on his face, Beka yanked his pants
of, Tyr's 15 inch cock was always at full mast.

Beka gasped, she had never seen one that big before, and she had been around
the block, it was twice as thick as Dillon's her mouth began to water.

Tyr tried to get up, Romy pinned his arms down, she was stronger then he was,
Beka opened her mouth wide, she was going to get that cock down her throat.

It was no use, his cock was like a telephone pole, it was too fat to get into
her mouth, she began licking up and down the shaft.

Trance soon joined Beka licking Tyr's cock, it was too thick for her, the two
girls licked his balls, then worked their way up the shaft until their lips
met at the tip of his cock, Beka shoved her tongue down Trance's throat,
Trance sucked it.

Beka had to have the cock inside of her, she was already dripping wet, she
straddled his cock, Tyr struggled, but Romy held him fast, Beka lowered
herself onto his cock.

Beka screamed as it entered her, Tyr told her she would be ruined for all
other men, Beka didn't care, she slammed her cunt down until it swallowed all
of Tyr's cock.

Beka grinned like the Cheshire cat as she bounced up and down on his cock,
Trance reached over and began to twist her nipples like knobs, Beka screamed
again as another orgasm came over her.

Trance let her tail slither behind Beka and up her leg, it found it's way
into her ass again, Beka went into convulsions as the tail entered her ass.

Romy reached over and grabbed Beka around the waist, she slammed her up and
down on his cock.

Romy spun Beka around on his cock, she had to laugh as she did this, Beka
went limp, Romy spun her around on it again.

Beka was completely entangled in Trance's tail, there was only one thing to
do, Romy spun her around the other direction, then she spun her again.

Romy slammed her harder and harder, Beka couldn't even scream anymore,
Trance's tail went deeper into her ass, Beka couldn't take anymore, she
finally passed out.

Tyr cried out "next" Trance screamed "my turn" Romy lifted Beka's limp body
off of Tyr's cock, trance climbed on top of it.

Tyr's cock was slick with Beka's cum, Trance slammed her cunt down on it, his
cock slide all the way inside of her easily.

Trance rested on his legs, she wiggled her ass from side to side, Tyr began
to thrust up into her, Trance began to scream, Tyr began to fuck her harder.

Trance bounced up and down on Tyr's cock, Romy grabbed her around the waist,
she began to lift her up and down, Trance screamed with each thrust, Romy
slammed her harder.

Tyr began to thrust up into trance harder, he was determined to match Romy,
the harder Tyr fucked Trance, the harder Romy slammed her on his cock, they
didn't even notice she was unconscious.

Romy spun Trance around on his cock, she than spun her again and again, Romy
spun her faster and faster, the cum was flying out of Trance's pussy.

Romy finally couldn't wait any longer, she yanked Trance's limp body off of
Tyr and laid her next to Beka, Romy opened her mouth and began to suck on
Tyr's cock.

Tyr moaned as his cock disappeared down Romy's throat, it had been so long
since somebody had sucked his cock, he gently stroked her head as she
swallowed all fifteen inches, Tyr began to slowly thrust into her mouth.

Tyr's entire cock was down her throat, Romy shook her head from side to side,
she slowly began to pull away inch by inch.

The cock popped out of her mouth, Romy smiled at Tyr, she dropped to all
fours and spun around, she wiggled her ass, looked over her shoulder and
smiled at him.

Tyr was like a cat, he leapt to his feet and was behind her in less than a
second, he slammed his cock into her pussy, the force knocked her forward.

Romy steadied herself, Tyr began to thrust into her pussy, slowly at first,
but he slammed his cock in a little harder with each stroke.

Harper had designed her well, Romy began to rock back onto his cock, Tyr
fucked her harder, Romy rocked back harder, it was a contest now

Tyr reached underneath her and began to fondle her tits as he fucked her,
Romy was ruining him for all other women, he slammed his cock into her even

Tyr hopped to his feet, Romy was still impaled out in front of him on his
cock, Tyr began to lift her up and down.

Tyr wrapped his arms around her tightly as he slid her up and down on his
member, Romy began to squeeze the muscles in her pussy.

That was all Tyr could take, he dropped her to the floor, Romy spun quickly
and took his cock all the way down her throat just as Tyr began to shoot.

Tyr: Don't waste any of it woman.

Romy took the cock deep as Tyr shot his load directly into her mouth.

He kept cumming, and cumming, and cumming, Romy didn't think he was ever
going to stop, he finally did after filling her mouth with a quart of his

Romy leaned over and lifted Trance up by the hair, she let the cum drip out
of her mouth into Trance's, she filled up Trance's mouth, than did the same
to Beka.

Tyr fell over unconscious next to Beka and Trance, Romy stood guard over

Harper and Dillon found the quartet in the command center, he woke Beka
Trance. The girls swallowed the hardened cum in their mouths and started to
run off as Tyr regained consciousness.

Dillon: None of this happened, Right?

Beka: What? Nothing happened.

Trance: I don't know what your talking about.

Harper: What do you all mean, we all just had the best time we've ever had.

Tyr: The boy has much to learn.



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