Note: This takes place late in the second season with the new Commonwealth
as yet unformed.

codes: FFF, cons, oral, anal, alien, android

Andromeda: Bitch Session
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

It had started as a way for three women who didn't know much about each other
and didn't entirely trust one another to feel one another out. They did after
all, compose half the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant. One of them in fact
was the ship's avatar, Romy, the other two her chief pilot, Beka Valentine
and Trance Gemini who functioned as life support and the closest thing they
had to a medical officer. Romy in particular wanted to keep an eye on the
other two. They had, after all, originally come aboard as mercenaries intent
on stealing her and Becka still exhibited disturbing mercenary tendencies
while Trance...Trance was a mystery, even her species was unknown and the
mystery had only deepened since she had changed from her original, purple,
form to a silver gold, burgundy haired one.

But gradually the focus of the meetings had shifted from ship matters to
personal, although they still discussed such things, especially when one
of them, usually Beka had a problem with how the ship was being run. But
increasingly it had become girl chat. Which was odd when you considered
that only one of them was even human.

And it was Romy, the ship's android avatar that brought up a very human
question, though one that would have seemed more appropriate to a girl on
the verge of adolescence.

"What is sex like?"

This was directed at Beka who, to the best of Romy's considerable knowledge,
was the most sexually experienced of the three.

Beka was taken aback. "Why are you interested?"

"Well, it seems to take up such a large part of the human psyche I feel that
it's important to know."

The rangy blond considered. "Is it even something you're capable of?

The petite dark hued android looked at her with a touch of scorn. "Do
remember who built me? Trust me, Harper filled my data banks to the brim
with sexual knowledge. But that's all it is, data, not experience."

For the first time, Trance spoke up. "So is that what you really want?

Romy eyed the mysterious alien woman. "Yes, but I'm not sure how to get it."

"Well, you certainly wouldn't have trouble picking up a man on any planet
or station we stop at," said Beka. Indeed she was slightly jealous of the
android whose good looks would last long after she was dead.

"Yes, but a one night stand would be unfitting to the dignity of a
Commonwealth war ship."

Trance interrupted before Beka could make any smart remarks. "Well, why not
look closer to home?"

"What do you mean? Commander Hunt is my commander, it would be inappropriate.
Tyr, as a Nietzschean would never have sex with an artificial life form, even
if I trusted him enough to do it with him and Harper...that would just be

The silver-gold alien smiled. "That's only half the ship's complement."

Beka looked both put off and intrigued. "You mean us?"

"Well yes."

"So you're a lesbian?" In truth, although she was very attractive in an
elfin way Beka couldn't recall Trance ever making or responding to any sexual
overture to or from anyone. She had always just assumed that she didn't date
outside her species. Whatever that was.

Trance gave one of her just-this-side-of-condescending smiles. "Let's just
say that my curiosity extends in many directions."

Meanwhile, Romy had been thinking and exploring options faster than any
organic could. It was true that Harper had programmed her with a heterosexual
bent but, kinky bastard that he was, he had included an extensive bisexual

"Very well, I agree. When would you like to start?"

"No time like the present."

"Whoa," broke in Beka. "Would you like me to leave?"

"Not interested?" asked Trance.

"Well, yeah, kind of. I mean I prefer men but I have...once or twice. Could
I just watch for now?"

Both of the other women shrugged. Trance leaned forward and kissed Romy
on the lips, softly at first then firmly. Both mouths opened, tongues
intertwined and arms came forward to caress each other's bodies.

Romy pulled back. "Interesting."

"I think you need to be less analytical," said Trance.

As an artificial intelligence Romy could never entirely get rid of her
analytical factor but she could push it back. This she did, letting her
physical sensation take over her behavior patterns.

At this time, Beka had no trouble accessing her feelings. She was feeling
distinctly warm and starting to be turned on. She removed her jacket and
started massaging her breasts through the thin fabric of her shirt. Finally
she said "Oh, the Hell with it" and removed her top completely revealing a
pair of small pale tits topped by only slightly darker nipples. The other
women soon followed suit. Trance's tits in particular gained attention as
they started out a silvery white at the base and changed to gold as they
swelled, culminating in nipples of a honey-amber hue. Remembering whose
request had started this all, both Beka and Trance moved forward and each
took a breast, massaging the firm beasts and sucking on the dark nipples.

"Mmmmm," moaned the beautiful android, following Trance's advice. Her own
hands roamed up and down the bodies of the other women, paying special
attention to the firm, tight asses of her crewmates. Trance broke off from
Romy's breast to give a long slow kiss to the petite ladybot. As they broke
off, she whispered "Pass it on", which Romy did, lifting Beka's face up and
pushing her tongue in. Finally Beka completed the circle with Trance who
had used the time waiting wisely to remove the rest of her clothes.

After the kiss broke off Trance lay down and smiled at the other two women,
spreading her legs in invitation. Romy, who had also removed her closed
accessed her files and, smiling, bent down to the aliens bare slit, a line
of silver against a golden background. Her tongue slid into the alien hole,
producing a gasp. continued thrusting brought the clenching of fists and
sensuous moans.

Meanwhile the token human of the group, Beka had removed the last of her
clothes and, one hand in her golden trimmed pussy leaned over Romy and
traced patterns on her back with her lips. She descended down the smooth
dark back until reaching the android's perfect ass. Her finger slipped into
Romy's butthole, going in and out, soon matching the rhythm of Romy's tongue
in Trance. The finger was then replaced by the blond amazon's tongue, while
her free hands reached around to rub Romy's artificial but very responsive

Romy arched her back as all the sensations combined into her first orgasm.
"AHHHHH!" she screamed. "FUCK! That's *nothing* like what I expected!

Trance took the android's hands and placed them on her breasts. Beka, her
own orgasm almost unnoticed in the wake of Romy's titanic cumming, crawled
around and started licking Trance's face. The golden alien moaned as her
tongue licked her pointed ears.

"Erogenous zone, huh?" Trance nodded frantically. "What about this?" and
Beka stroked the fibrous growth that formed a wreath around her head. The
results were spectacular. Trance's eyes flew wide open, her fists clenched
and her back arched in climax.

"Ohhhhhh...OOOOHHHHHHHH!...F-F-FUCK! YESSSSS! YESSSSS! Oh, Beka, yessss!"

"I always wondered what that was good for," Beka said, grinning. She then
swiveled her hips to place her cunt firmly on trance's mouth. Trance, still
wallowing in pleasure was happy to lick both up and down her crewmates pussy
while Beka and Romy set mouths and hands exploring each other's upper bodies.
At the same time Romy was getting off on rubbing her bare pussy against
Trance's. Soon both Beka and Trance were laying side by side, both exhausted
and satisfied.

Romy on the other hand stood up looking mildly disappointed.

"Tired already?"

"We're only organic", protested Trance. "We don't have you're stamina." She
and Beka looked at each other.

The blond pilot groaned, "We've created a monster."

"No, I understand, but we're going to *have* to do this more often."

To that the other women found themselves more than agreeable.


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