Andromeda: Chain of Command (MF,F-mast,BDSM,exhib)
by Starbug

Beka looked around the hotel room and thought, "Hmmm, there are, too,
advantages to working for the Commonwealth." Certainly, as a poor cargo-ship
captain she could afford a room at a hotel like this.

Organizing the volunteers had been a bitch, but she was looking forward to
the conference. She spotted the balcony overlooking the city streets and
blushed. She was reasonably sure her Master wouldn't miss that opportunity
when he got here!

Pulling off her travelling clothes, Beka couldn't quite face putting on her
professional demeanour and finding the chairwoman quite yet. "My kingdom
for a couple of hours of sleep..." she thought. The bed was comfy (not
surprising, given the cost of these hotel rooms!), and she began to play
with herself distractedly, running her hand through her bush, teasing her
clit, while she thought of her Master, and wondered what he might cook up.

"Well, I see you're appropriately dressed, slave, but I don't remember given
you permission to masturbate..."

Damn, she hadn't heard him open the door!

"I'm sorry, Master, but I was thinking of you," she flirted, hoping (and not
hoping) to get away with her infraction.

"You're being pushy, again. For a slave, you seem awfully rebellious." He
stopped, hearing a knock on the door. After looking through the peephole, he
got an evil grin on his face, backed off, and announced, "Be right there..."

"Open the door, slave."

She stared at him in dismay. Sure, fantasies were one thing, but real life?
"Now," he said, smacking her ass hard enough to leave a mark.

"Yes, Master."

On the other side of the door stood an astounded bellboy. He took in her
full breasts, tiny waist, and slightly rounded stomach.

"W...would you like some ice, Mam?" the bellboy stammered, offering her a
full ice bucket.

"Do we want ice, Master?"

"Yes, slave, and don't forget to tip the fellow."

Beka took the bucket from the frozen bellboy's hand, and fetched the empty
bucket from the dresser. Handing the empty bucket to the still staring
bellboy, she felt her inner demons take over, said, "Buy low, sell high."
and closed the door.

"Damn," she thought, "*why* do I do these things?"

"That wasn't nice, slave; Funny, but not nice. Now bring the ice, fetch the
toy bag from my pack, and come out onto the balcony."

Turning to follow her Master's orders, Beka tried to control her fear and
excitement. He knew that while she liked bondage and had become a real
enthusiast for certain kinds of pain, she was still intimidated (turned on,
granted, but seriously intimidated) by the thought of anyone else seeing
her. To truly dominate her, he had to push her limits, if only a little bit.

Her Master stood on the balcony, pulling his hair back into a ponytail. She
shuddered with anticipation. Pulling his hair back was a sure fire sign of a
fairly serious scene. At the door to the balcony, he blindfolded her and
cuffed her wrists behind her.

"There are a million people down on that street," he whispered in her ear.
She strained to see through the blindfold, but the silk hugged her face too
closely. He bent her forward over the waist-high solid railing. Her breasts
hung down into the warm breeze. She felt as though they were huge, that
someone from the street would reach out and touch them any moment, although
they were, in fact, a good fifteen stories up.

"Ooo!" she squealed, as she felt ice against her thighs, moving towards her
clit. The cold felt good in the heat, but drove her wild when rubbed against
her clit and into her sex. She jerked, and her breasts swayed, reminding her
of her exposed position.

She'd almost forgotten about that, lost in the sensation...

Her Master reached around and ran the ice over her nipples, leaving them
erect and aching to be touched.

"They like seeing your nipples erect," he said, returning the ice to her
clit. "Let's make them sway a bit more." She felt his hard manhood draw
across her a couple of times, and then insistently pushing against her
asshole. The water from the ice had diluted her juices, so he was barely
lubed. She concentrated hard on relaxing her asshole and accommodating him,
but the ice he was still using on her slit and clit effectively prevented
that. She gasped in pain and pleasure as he thrust his way into her.

"I'd clamp your nipples, but I want the folks on the street to think you're
a slut, not a weirdo." She had forgotten about them again, and she gasped
again as her feelings of exposure made her even tenser. Her Master began to
thrust in earnest, rubbing hard on her clit, and pushing her belly painfully
against the balcony railing.

Beka lost herself into the experience completely, drowning in the conflicting
sensations. The spasms of his orgasm pushed her over the edge, and she came
in waves, collapsing, held up only by his hands around her waist.

In silence, her Master drew her back from the balcony into the room. He
un-cuffed her hands, turned her about, drew off the blindfold, and smiled
down into her eyes.

"Hello, my love," He said, then looked down at his semi-erect manhood, "Clean

Beka looked up at him, eyes wide, but the threat of another slap made up her
mind. Moving forward, she started to deep-throat her master when there was a
loud nock at the door.

"Who is it?" Her Master asked, biding her to continue silently.

"It's Dylan; have you seen Beka?" Dylan's voice came through lowed and clear.

"No, but I only just got out the shower."

"Ok, but if you see her, let her know I'm looking for her."

"Will do." Her Master smiled, "See you later Dylan."

"See you later Harper."

The End


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