This story is "Negotiation"'s evil twin. It may be a slow starter, but it's
pretty naughty :-). I also took the opportunity to tidy up a loose end from
season one that always bugged me. Before the new commonwealth got started,
where did they run to when they were hurt? There are pieces here that
follow on from "Rope", "Breathe" and "Sledgehammer".

Before you give me grief, in "The Dark Backward" we got a glimpse of how
Trance's talents work. She only seems to explore futures she thinks of
rather than seeing them all at once as she claims, and she doesn't always
go far enough down them. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it, so
there. :-P

As for the tribble reference, well, you and I know they're from Star Trek,
but the tribble doesn't. To reassure the animal rights people, I asked the
tribble about the incident. Apparently it enjoyed itself very much thank
you, and wants to do it again. Soon. Please? Unfortunately LBG couldn't get
the custard out of the sheets, so they had to be put out of their misery.
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"God does not play dice with the universe; He plays an ineffable game of
his own devising, which might be compared, from the perspective of any of
the other players [i.e., everybody], to being involved in an obscure and
complex version of poker in a pitch-dark room, with blank cards, for
infinite stakes, with a Dealer who won't tell you the rules, and who smiles
all the time."
Terry Pratchett, "Good Omens"

Andromeda: Games (MFF)
by Furball


The slipstream point blossoms as a vessel arrives in-system. "Incoming
vessel, this is Valhalla Station. How can we help you today?"

"Valhalla, this is the Andromeda Ascendant. We have heavy damage, we need a

In C&C a finger traces down a list, it doesn't get far. Someone whispers
"She's top of the list!"

"Martin, take over. Everyone else, clear a path. I'll get the boss."

An unnaturally calm, level voice comes on the line. "Ms Ascendant, you are
listed as a protected vessel here. Is pursuit a possibility?"


A few key presses, and the calm voice continues. "If you check your
sensors, there are three incoming ships. One is your tug, the other two are
the heavy cruisers Hood and Nimitz. We have your back, Ms Ascendant. Relax
and enjoy the ride."

The chime drags me roughly from my sleep, rescuing me from yet another
nightmare. I hit the com and ask "whuwuh?".

"Trouble, Boss. Incoming listed vessel, pursuit possible. It's the

OK, now I'm awake. I don't bother with clothes, I'm still pulling on my
dressing gown as I start my run for Command. I break my previous record.
"What's happening? The short version."

In moments I know everything the Commend crew knows. Shit. If they mauled
her, Hood and Nimitz won't be enough.

"Who's in-system? Buy me every mercenary, and list me the military."
The list appears on my screen. One ship is Kaydran, a carrier no less, a
ship of the wall. Thank you, God. I hit a few buttons, and they're on the

"Excalibur, this is Valhalla Station, I need to talk to your commanding
officer. Now."

"One moment, Valhalla."


"This is Captain Melkin, what can I do for you, Valhalla?"

"Captain, we may have incoming hostiles and I don't think we've the
firepower to keep them out. Does an old grunt off the Wilson have any
favour points with you?"

Long pause.

"The Admiral Wilson? Mjolnir class?"

"Squad Wilson nine, scout three. I was there when we dropped the hammers."

He takes a hard look at me. There's a sound of keys being hit as he checks
my story. He stands and flashes a quick salute, more for my ship than me.
"Sir, Excalibur acknowledges her debt to the Wilson. Consider the slippoint
closed." The screen goes black.

"Martin, tell the other ships Excalibur's in command, then take a break.
I'll take ops for a while." There's a pause, then he breaks Interface with
station AI, stretches, and lets out a long sigh of relief. I jack in and
surrender to the torrent of information a system full of sensor drones
provide. I'm everywhere at once.

A massive triangular shape tumbles in the dark, powers to the edge of the
system, and stops. Hundreds of tiny singleships, larger bombsleds and
gunships pour from her launch tubes and form a globe around the slipstream
point. A handfull of mismatched mercenaries and privateers join them. When
the hostiles arrive a minute later they walk into a massive ambush; it's
over in seconds. She's safe, we're safe, and there are a few less
Neitscheans in the universe. I couldn't ask for a better start to the day.

I touch a few of the better bars and restraunts down on the mall ring,
arranging tabs for the Excalibur crew on my account. Then I call Alex in
security, tell him he'll have some drunk soldiers to deal with, and to go
easy on them.

The Divine knows I love her, but she can be *so* high maintenance sometimes.

* * *

Game One

So the Andromeda took a pounding recently. She's been dry-docked for four
days now with my repair crews crawling all over her. I know I shouldn't be
happy about that, but I can't help it. Rommie spent each night with me.
There's an unaccustomed spring in my step, and a smile on my face as I walk
down the corridor, on my way to solve a mystery. I got a call from from a
security guard in Jane's casino, suggesting I get down there and take a
look at table twelve. No details, he just said it and hung up. Jane's an
old friend, more than capable of looking after herself, so why did he call

Gaudy decorations, flashing lights and a carefully crafted cacophony of
sound assault my senses as I walk through the casino. It'd be easy to get
lost in this labyrinth of commercialism, but I know my way around. We all
helped her build the place. Twelve's one of the poker tables next to the
nightclub entrance, and there's an elf and a pixie sitting there. The
table's marked 'No locals. No AIs'. Ah, so that's it. The guard's giving me
a chance to clean this mess up without getting her in trouble. He doesn't
know it yet, but he won't be paying rent for a while.

I throw him a smile and a nod of thanks, then settle in to watch. Rommie's
winning steadily. She's noting which cards have fallen, and figuring the
odds on what's likely to come next. With a five deck shoe that's a stretch
for a human, but not for her. As an AI she's the perfect card counter. Her
bets get larger as the odds turn in her favour. Technically, she's
cheating. Strangely, Trance is keeping pace with her. Both piles of chips
are growing, but Trance is betting different hands. She's the luckiest
player I've ever seen. She bets big on a jack high, when her opposition's
bluffing on a ten. She folds a pair of ladies on the draw, and someone
makes three fives. There's no sense to it, it's as if she can see the other
hands before they're dealt. I watch long enough for a pattern to emerge,
and a plan to form.

I know she doesn't love me, but I think I know why she comes back. She's
learning about human sexuality from me, and as long as I have things to
teach, she'll be back. If I play this right I can bag my young student of
the carnal arts a threesome, some lesbianism, and a side order of
guilt-free pixie. I saunter over to my friend the guard and borrow his
comm, an evil little grin playing at my lips. "Which channel's Jane on


I key channel five. "Jane, it's me, I'm down by the nightclub. Get that
sweet ass of yours down here, I need a favour." My only answer is the
click-fizz of a broken connection. We don't stand on ceremony much, we're
too close for that. Soon there's a hand on my shoulder, and a body resting
against my side.

"Hey, kid. What's up?"

I gesture at the table. "See the brunette with the purple girl? She's the
Andromeda's avatar. An AI. I need you to lift the 'no locals' restriction
so I can teach her a lesson." With a knowing look and a vicious chuckle,
she walks over to the dealer. As she makes her way through the crowd, quite
a few eyes follow her. I suppose she's a good looking woman, I don't really
think of her that way. You'd never know by looking at her she's a year
older than me, she looks much younger. She's in great shape for her age,
and I think she dyes her hair. She whispers in the dealer's ear, and the
'no locals' sign vanishes in favour of one that reads 'private game'. I
take the seat nearest Rommie, flashing her and Trance my best crooked grin,
getting smiles and nods in return. Jane sends casually dressed staff to
suggest the other players might have better luck at other tables. The
dealer changes, the cards are shuffled, magically a healthy stack of chips
appears at my wrist; Jane's people are *good*. Cards drop in front of us,
and the game begins.

Counting cards is slow. It's useless just after a shuffle, it takes time
for the odds to change and reveal themselves. Right now the playing field's
level. Hand after hand drops, and I get the hang of Trance's play. She's
cautious, she only bets hands she knows she's going to win. I let her take
a few pots, keep her pile steady, faking being a worse player than I am.
Gently does it. Twenty minutes in our stacks are close to where we started,
mine's just a bit smaller. Time to tug a little on the line, see if they
bite. "Fancy a side bet, ladies?"

"What do you have in mind?" asks Rommie.

"If either of you win, I completely refit and upgrade the Andromeda. My

"And if we lose?" asks Trance.

I lean a little closer, and whisper so only Rommie can hear. "You two are
my love slaves for the night". I *so* love getting that shocked look from
her, it's getting harder to do these days. It's quickly replaced by a
moment of calculation, then a smug grin. Ah, good, she's going to go for
it. She leans over to Trance and whispers in her ear. Behind me Jane
chuckles again. She didn't need to hear, she knows me too well.

Trance's face is priceless. Not what she expected, I'll wager. Rommie just
keeps on smiling. Maybe she's confident, more likely the thought of one
more new experience doesn't scare her. It doesn't matter. She agrees,
that's what matters. "Trance? You know we can take him. I could really do
with a refit." There's a long pause, a little light arguing between my
prey, then Trance nods too. Time to play for real.

So Rommie's a card counter. She thinks it gives her an edge, she's wrong.
As for Trance, I think somehow she does know the cards, but her caution is
her weakness. She doesn't bluff. All I have to do is fold when she bets,
and her pile dwindles an ante at a time. All the money she makes comes from
Rommie, which is fine by me. They're going to lose.

And lose they do.

* * *

Game Two (AKA "The Naughty Bit")

"You said we could take him!" complains Trance for the tenth time, as we
head for my quarters. I think she's more surprised than pissed, I don't
think she's used to losing.

"Oh, stop whining. We lost, OK? We lost, now we have to pay up. Look, he's
really not so bad once you get used to him. You might even enjoy it."

I stay out of it, keeping my mouth shut all the way to my door. The
security system scans me, and the door unlocks before I even touch the
handle. Rommie walks straight to my cameras' new hiding places, and puts
things in front of them. Rats. I really thought she'd miss the one in the
clock. Oh well. Trance just stands there, mouth open, staring at my
sleeping area. "Wow" she breathes, awe fighting her annoyance, and winning.

It's fifteen feet across, circular and stands a little below hip height.
There are cushions and pillows strewn across it, made of the same blood red
silk as the sheets. "Impressive, isn't it? That's the largest bed in three
sectors, as far as I know, custom made. It vibrates and massages, too. Go
on, try it out." With a quick glance to make sure I'm serious, she giggles
and takes a running dive at it. It has that effect on some people. She
bounces twice, rolls around for a while as I cycle it through a few massage
settings, then she sits up with bunches of silk tangled in her hands.

"I want one."

"I'll put you in touch with the manufacturers. Now, don't we have a little,
ah, transaction to complete?"

Her smile fades. "Oh, yes. Of course."

Hmmm, that didn't take much. Looks like Ms Gemini is a tad self conscious.

"What do you want us to do?" Asks Rommie. Good question. I haven't really
planned this one. I guess I'm going to have to wing it. I have two
beautiful women at my beck and call; What to do, what to do.... Oh yes.

There's a big, comfortable sofa in one corner, with its own light. It's
where I curl up to read. I go sit there and kill the light, throwing myself
into shade. I dim the main lights and get comfortable, a shadowy figure
lost in the outline of the sofa. I make my voice a soft, low purr. "First I
want you to undress each other. Trance, start with Rommie's top. Touch her
while you're doing it, make it sensual."

A little hesitantly she climbs off the bed and walks up to Rommie. "It's
OK, go ahead. Let's put on a show." encourages Rommie, gently. Trance walks
around behind her, and slips her arms around Rommie's waist. Her hands
glide up, one cups a breast while the other makes for the zipper. The
zipper slowly glides down, and Rommie's top falls open on one side, revealing
her black lace bra. Trance lifts the jacket away and lets it drop to the
floor. A little basic, but it's a start.

"Now you, Trance. Rommie, remove her catsuit." Rommie's more confident.
She's played my games before, as I've played hers, and she knows what I
like. She walks around Trance, trailling a hand around her waist. As she
comes around to the front the hand lags behind and the arm wraps around,
pulling Trance side-on to me. Her other hand slides up Trance's back,
completing the embrace and making for the zipper. While she's there, she
kisses Trance's neck. Trance jumps slightly, then settles down. The zipper
falls and Rommie draws Trance's arms out of the garment one at a time,
careful to keep her breasts covered. She then has her face me and lets the
material drop, one side at a time. Trance isn't wearing a bra, her nipples
are a deep purple. Her face is getting that way too, poor thing. I'll have
to be careful with her, I don't like to be cruel. Rommie continues to peel
the catsuit down, revealing dark blue thong panties and long, shapely legs.
A tail wraps nervously around one of them.

"OK, let's even you two up. Trance; Rommie's pants and bra. In that order."
Trance kneels at Rommie's feet to undo the pants while Rommie turns away
from me, tilting her hips and sticking her delicious ass out at me. Yes,
I'd say she knows what I like. With a little more encouragement from
Rommie, Trance manages to sensuously pull the pants down to reveal Rommie's
usual black panties. Moments later the bra drops to the floor, and they
both stand there, naked bar their panties.

Trance is like a trapped bird, all jumpy and uncomfortable. I think I know
how to change that. "I'd like to watch you two make out now." Rommie takes
the lead, and Trance back in her arms. A little stroking and caressing then
the kisses start, landing softly on Trance's neck, jawline and lips. Her
hands stroke up and down Trance's spine and around her flanks. I know what
that feels like. Rommie's learned to be very seductive when she wants to
be, she's really hard to resist. I can see the tension start to fade from
Trance's shoulders as Rommie works her magic. Gradually she starts to
respond, and soon the two are kissing deeply, oblivious to my presence.

I watch quietly for a while, doing my best impersonation of an empty space
despite the temptation to join in. While they're occupied I quietly light
some candles around the room and kill the main lights, it sets a much
better mood. It also gives me the chance to walk around and watch them from
some other angles. Damn, they look good. By the time my self control
finally gives way, they're making full use of the bed and both pairs of
panties are long gone. I'm back in the middle of my sofa, wearing only

"Much though I'm enjoying the show ladies, I've got a better use for those
tongues. Come here." A little reluctantly, they tear themselves away from
each other, and prowl over to me. Now Trance is warmed up, she's visibly
more relaxed; Her tail hangs behind her in its usual loose 'S' shape. I
must thank Her Elfness later. In the warm light of the dancing flames they
really do look like mythical creatures. Sleek and beautiful, with candle
powered shadows caressing their curves like the hands of ghostly lovers.
Trance's pussy is shaved, or maybe she doesn't grow hair there. Who knows?
I've tried to learn more about her, but her species isn't in any database I
know. I found a few stories of purple mischief makers that could fit, but
all I can really say for sure is, well, she's cute and purple.

I gesture for them to scootch up either side of me on the sofa, and put an
arm around each of them. Trance is noticeably warmer than human, and her
skin is indecently soft. I take my time fondling them both, kissing and
nuzzling, trying to copy Rommie's style to help Trance get comfortable with
me. I stroke their stomachs, flanks and breasts. Trance jumps a little when
my hand makes its way around her ass to softly stroke the outside of her
pussy. Rommie just purrs and snuggles in closer when I do the same to her.
Her hand squeezes my erection through the thin cotton. She raises up a
little, offering me her breasts. Who am I to refuse? I brush my face
against them and suckle on her nipples. Then she guides Trance up to join
her, and I have four breasts to choose from. I try to give them all equal
time. Trance tastes almost human, with just a hint of something sharp I
can't place. As she always does, Rommie tastes of cinnamon. Harper is a
wonderfully twisted individual.

It's no good though, Trance is tensing up again in my arms. I can't do this
if I can't get her to relax with me. I'm many things, but I'm no rapist.
OK, change of plan, time to break out the heavy artillery. I get up, taking
their hands in mine, and lead them back to the bed. "Trance, go lie in the
middle, face down." As she obeys, I whisper to Rommie. "Do you know how to
give a massage?"

She gets that faraway look she has when communing with her mainframe. "I do
now, in theory. What do you have in mind?" I walk to a chest of drawers and
pull out a couple of bottles of scented oil, handing one to Rommie.

"Just kneel between her legs and follow my lead." I climb onto the bed and
address Trance. "I want to sit on your ass, is that OK or would I hurt your

"It's OK." she replies, so I sit astride her, coating my hands with oil and
rubbing them together to warm it. I start my massage at the small of her
back, gently but firmly pushing the pads of my thumbs outward from her
spine along her muscles and ribs, gradually working upwards to her neck. In
the mirror I can see Rommie working on her legs. I keep half an eye on her,
what she does to Trance will be what she'd like done to her. I might be
able to use that another day. Except what she's doing with that tail, of
course. The backs of the knees, hmm? I should have thought of that.

My first couple of passes are an exploration, I've never touched one of
Trance's kind before and I don't know how she's laid out. But she's
humanoid, so necessarily her muscles are similar to a human's. I pay
attention to her responses as my hands move in different patterns,
observing what she likes and what she doesn't. By my fourth pass I'm using
the heels of my hands, working more firmly into the tenser spots. By the
sixth I'm even using my knuckles on the worst spots, taking great care not
to push too hard and hurt her. Her skin beneath my hands is soft and smooth
as the silken sheets, she's a joy to touch. Soon she's limp beneath me,
with a happy little smile on her face. I lean forward and and place the
softest kiss at the back of her neck. I keep my voice low, making sure my
breath tickles warmly at her nape. "You like that?"

"Mmmmm." she purrs.

"Want more?"

"Mmmmm hhhmmmm."

So I keep going, but now I make it a lover's massage. More and more kisses
and caresses slide into the mix as I work on her. My hands slide around her
to graze the edges of her breasts. I catch Rommie's eye in the mirror, and
silently gesture a suggestion while my other hand slides up and down
Trance's spine. Rommie smiles, and I watch as each pass of her hands climbs
higher, until finally she's caressing Trance's pussy at the top of each
one. Trance's body writhes and she turns her head to the other side,
letting out a happy little squeak. That's more like it. She's ours now. We
keep it up for a few more minutes, then it's time to take it up a level.

I get off her. "OK, Pixie, time for the other side. Turn over." She does. I
lie one side of her, and have Rommie take the other. There's little
pretense of a massage left now. I stroke and knead Trance's nearest breast,
while Rommie mirrors my actions on the other side. My fingertips dance up
and down her torso like the shadows from the candlelight, while my lips and
tongue tease her nipple. I move my hand lower, slowly so as not to surprise
her, and this time when I touch her she doesn't jump. Her legs part
slightly to let me in.

I explore a little, happy to find no real surprises. She feels pretty human
here. I dip an oiled finger inside her, just up to the first knuckle, work
it around in a tiny circle, and slide in and out a few times slowly. She's
wonderfully warm inside, almost shower-hot. I gently trace her inner lips
up to her hooded clitoris, and draw a few more soft circles there before
moving my hand back up to let Rommie take over. We tag team her for a long
time, feeling a different kind of tension build in her. A good tension. I'm
gently nibbling on her ear when I whisper the question. "Which of us would
you like to lick you first?"

She thinks for a moment before whispering back "Rommie".

Pretending it's my idea, I give the order. "Rommie, lick her. Don't make
her come yet."

"Yes, master." she replies with a healthy helping of sarcasm, and moves
down to lie between Trance's legs. Heh, she's not really cut out to be
anyone's slave. Again I keep half an eye on her, learning things for later.
It doesn't slow my lecherous assault on Trance though. I place my open lips
on her stomach, suck gently, and pull away making a soft popping sound. I
move slightly and repeat the process, gradually moving upwards until I
reach her neck. Here I nuzzle, kiss and delicately bite for a while before
moving back down. I stop at her breasts and tug on her nipples with just my
lips, then lightly rake them with my teeth. They stand up proud and hard,
an even deeper purple than before. Half lying across her I plant a kiss on
her lips, she opens her mouth and our tongues fence. Her mouth is as warm
as her snatch.

Finally I break off, and call time on Rommie. "I think it's my turn now."
She gets up and moves back to Trance's side. I catch her on the way and
kiss her deeply to taste Trance's juices on her lips, a mixture of sweet
and salt. Settling down between purple thighs I get my first good look at
her pussy. Not quite human, but nothing important. She obviously enjoyed
Rommie, she's good and wet.

I start with my nose, flipping her inner lips from side to side, wandering
up and down them at random. I nudge up under her hood to tease her clit,
then push my tongue as far inside her as it will go. I fuck her with it for
a couple of minutes. On the way out the last time, I lay it flat upon her.
It slithers from side to side as I draw it up along the length of her slit,
while I savour her taste and the feel of slick flesh against my tongue.
When I reach the top, I assault her hood with my tongue tip, fast little
lashes from side to side and up and down. Taking her hood between thumb and
forefinger I slide it back and forth, jacking her clit off. I caress her
lips with mine, and suck tenderly on her bud. I give her my full attention.
Finally I finish what Rommie started, and she comes. Her muscles jump and
tense as she moans with delicious release. Her howls are a little muffled

Looking up I'm a bit surprised to find my love elf riding Trance's face,
lust and arousal etched plainly on those exquisite features. Awww, how did
I miss the start of that? Dammit! It seems the purple one has some skills
too, Rommie's really into it, head thrown back and eyes screwed tight shut.
I get up and straddle Trance, knees level with her breasts to kiss the
living daylights out of Rommie, tweaking her nipples hard the whole time. I
keep it up until Trance makes her come, then hold her shuddering body tight
until she's still.

We topple over in each others arms, bouncing a bit when we hit the bed.
Trance crawls around so I'm sandwiched in between them, one snuggled up
under each of my arms, their legs hooked over mine. We just cuddle for a
while. It's a wonderful feeling, engulfed in soft female flesh, their warm
breath stroking my chest. "Is it my turn yet?" I ask at last, injecting a
slightly petulant whine into the question.

They glance at each other, then answer together "Yes, master.", laughter in
their voices.

"OK, I want the two of you to suck my dick. How you get down there is up to
you." Rommie's head dips down to my nipple, she sucks on it and rakes it
with her teeth as I did to Trance. Trance copies her. Together they lick
their way down my body to my boxers, which quickly vanish into the corner
of the room. Two pairs of lips plant small kisses up and down my shaft,
shortly replaced by flicking tongues. Their teamwork is suspiciously good.
"Hey, have you two done this before?"

"No, but I learn fast." replies Trance.

I remember her knowing what the cards were going to be, maybe she knows
what Rommie's about to do, too? Then her inhumanly warm mouth closes around
my tip, and it doesn't seem important anymore. Looks like she's no stranger
to human anatomy, she's working her lips at the edge of my cock's head, and
tickling my frenulum with the tip of her tongue. She bobs down a few
times, then it's back to the edge again. Bob and tickle, bob and tickle.
She even deep throats me a couple of times, naughty girl. Gloriously
naughty. She quickly takes me right to the edge, then slides back down the
side to share a meal of my balls with Rommie.

With one finger halfway down the shaft, Rommie presses my dick to my
stomach and draws uneven circles. It tugs at my skin in strange ways, a
nice counterpoint to the warm, wet mayhem they're wreaking on my scrotum.
She shuffles round so her legs are up by my head. I slip my hand between
her legs to play gently with her pussy. She grabs my dick and holds it
upright, bringing her mouth next to the head. "Kiss me, Trance." They
french kiss around me, it's an exquisite torture. My cock head surrounded
by squirming tongues, the textured surfaces on my most sensitive skin
sending electric shocks up my spine. They stop together, well timed again.

It evolves into a really sloppy blowjob. The girls take it in turn to
slobber up and down my shaft, and suck the tip, hard, to make a popping
noise as they release me. Warm, hot, warm, hot, warm hot. The contrast has
my nerves singing. Rommie finds my scented oil tastes pretty good, so her
oily hands enter the equation. Trance grasps my scrotum high and squeezes
down gently to bring the skin tight over my balls, where she licks and
rakes it with her fingernails. They take me on a roller coaster ride of
arousal, with each peak a little higher than the last.

Finally I can't deny myself any more. "OK girls, flip. Get on all fours."
Mmmm, lovely sight. Two shapely asses presented for my pleasure, wiggling
enticingly as if to say 'Pick me! Pick me!'. I kneel between them, one hand
on each pussy, middle fingers sliding in and out while I get some composure
back. I turn my hands palm down, and hook my fingers back to stimulate
their G-spots. I move over and slide into Rommie, keeping Trance occupied
with my finger, and my thumb on her clit. I can't say I'm giving the pixie
my best though; plunging into a tight, wet love elf is kind of distracting.

A minute or two, and I move to Trance, her heat a lovely contrast to
Rommie's warmth. She rocks her hips in time to my thrusts, squeezing and
bending my shaft, sending tingles across my skin as blood vessels cross the
lip of her entrance. I swap between the two for a while, one impaled on my
dick, the other on my fingers. Every once in a while I 'miss', and my cock
head rubs against one clit or the other.

I lose track of the positions we try. They lie beside each other with their
knees up by their shoulders, a little apart so I can lie on my side and
penetrate one while I lick the other. Trance plays with herself while I
take Rommie in the missionary position, bouncing the bed up and down with
my hands. I time it so Rommie bounces fast beneath me while I hardly move,
and I fuck her with the rhythm of the springs, two delicious plunges a
second. Trance I pick up, her hands behind my neck and legs hooked over my
arms as I bounce her against my hips.

I finally push it too far when I have them lie face to face with Rommie's
leg hooked over Trance's hip and Trance's held up to my shoulders, pillows
beneath their hips. I swap between them fast, a couple of strokes each.
They hold each other and kiss as my balls graze their inner thighs, until
Rommie pulls back. "Let's get him." she says, and a massive grin explodes
on Trance's face. They roll apart, and pounce on me.

I ham it up a bit, with a grin. "Argh! It's a love-slave rebellion!", I cry
as two warm soft figures wrestle me to the bed. Trance impales herself on
me, while Rommie sits on my face. My tongue snakes out to taste..... woman?
"Erf, wommi, vvond yuf us..." She lifts herself. "Thanks. Don't you usually
taste of cherries down here?"

"Cherries?" giggles Trance. Rommie ignores her.

"I finally decided to talk to Harper about that. I said 'Harper, why do I
taste of cherries?', he said ouch a lot, then he agreed to an upgrade. I
can still do cherry, but I've got apple, lemon, peach and 'natural' too.
Like it?"

"You'll always taste good to me, Rommph..." and my mouth is covered again.
As I lick and tease, her taste slowly mutates into cherries. I concentrate
on her to stave off the inevitable effect of Trance's gyrations. It's
particularly difficult since she's got her tail wrapped around my balls,
squeezing and massaging them. I spear Rommie with my tongue and wriggle it
around inside her. She makes an enticing little mewling noise, so I push as
far in as it will go and wriggle faster. I work my chin against her hooded
clit, and her back arcs as a wave of pleasure washes through her.

Spurred on by my shaft inside her, and doubtless Rommie's hands on the rest
of her, Trance starts to howl again. I'm glad the place is soundproof, she
is one noisy little minx when not smothered in love elf. Her inner muscles
spasm and I nearly lose it a couple of times, but fight and hold on, saving
it for Rommie. Finally she slides off, and lies next to me. Rommie takes
her place, not quite sliding all the way down.

She lays herself on top of me on me, and whispers in my ear. "I've had my
secret weapon upgraded too. I can control it now." She slides the rest of
the way down, and for the first time I'm not assaulted by a thousand tiny
tongues at her cervix. I mentioned Harper's twisted, didn't I? Setting up a
steady rhythm, she plants open mouth kisses on my neck, and her breasts rub
against my chest. Then I hold her tight as she screws me with just her
hips. The universe shrinks to just her skin against mine.

Soon I feel a familiar tension brewing in her stomach muscles. She changes
to grinding urgently into my lap as she switches the tentacles on. I have
no defence. We come together.

* * *


Later, Trance is long gone and I'm snuggled up to Rommie, head on her
shoulder and arm draped across her hips. "I have two questions." she says,
out of nowhere.


"How did you beat us? You shouldn't have had a chance."

I chuckle. "I can card count just as well as you can. My suit interface has
an onboard computer."

"It wasn't just that, the odds were strange, and you bet a lot of lucky

Blast, she noticed. "Oh alright, the dealer and I served together on the
Wilson with the casino owner. We have hand signals for just about
everything, and he's the best crooked dealer you'll never meet. Simon and I
used to take the locals to the cleaners every shore leave. We had to,
no-one in the fleet'd play us."

That earns me a friendly cuff round the ear, and an indulgent grin. "Cheat.
Next question. How did you know I wanted to try a threesome?"

That's simple, she wants to try everything. Don't get me wrong, she's no
slut, but her curiosity knows no bounds. Sometimes she pushes even *my*
limits. (Don't even ask what you can do with an air hose, a tribble and
some warm custard. Just don't, OK?) Still, I can't resist teasing her. I
raise my head a little, look her straight in the eyes, and lie my ass off.
"I didn't."

"!!!" She pins my back to the bed and
plays at throttling me. I fight back in similar spirit and it turns into an
erotic wrestling match, which in turn becomes something more. She stays the
night again. I don't dream.


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