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Summary: Beka discovers why Rommie wants to up-grade the Maru.
Note: Sequel to The Midnight Hour.

Andromeda: The Hours Trilogy Part 2 - The Witching Hour
by Starbug

Beka sat in the Andromeda's mess hall, flexile in one hand, mug of steaming
black coffee in the other. She started going through the list of upgrades
Rommie and Harper had suggested for the Maru. She had already agreed to the
list, trusting them, well, trusting Rommie, to be sensible, but she decided
to see exactly what it was they where doing. She scrolled down the list until
one heading caught her eye: enhanced holographic projection system. Why did
the holo-projector need an upgrade?

She checked to see who had suggested it, and was surprised to find it was
Rommie. Why did Rommie want to upgrade the Maru's holo projector? Beka
decided there was only one way to find the answer; ask Rommie directly. She
addressed the ceiling, "Andromeda, where's Rommie?"

The AI holographic form appeared before her, "My Avatar is on the Maru,
conducting the upgrades you agreed to."

Beka held up the flexi, "So what is an `enhanced holographic projection
system' anyway?"

Andromeda looked at her blankly, "I don't understand what you mean."

* * *

Beka made her way down to the hanger deck, intent on questioning Rommie. She
reached the airlock, and was surprised to hear voices coming from inside. The
fact that there were voices wasn't what confused her: the strange part was
that she only recognised one of them, but the second seemed oddly familiar.
She slowly made her way in to the Maru, careful to avoid the loose deck plate
that she had installed to stop anyone getting on bored without her knowing.

She made her way forward until she was in position to see the main cabin
reflected in the water heater. Rommie was sat on the small sofa with what
appeared to be a beautiful red-haired woman, who on second look was appeared
to be a hologram. She could just about make out what Rommie was saying:
"It's so good to finally meet you, face to face."

Red smiled, "I know, it's amazing to experience the universe this way! How
did you ever get Beka to agree to the upgrade?"

Rommie laughed, "I placed it on the middle of a list of repairs and upgrades:
she never reads them, just tells Harper and me to get on with them. And if
she had asked, I would have found an excuse."

Red smiled, placing her hand on the side of Rommie's face, "I meant what I
said the other night: I do love you."

Rommie's hand moved up the cover the hologram's, "And I love you to. That's
why I did this. I'd never get permission to build you an android body like
mine, but this is better than nothing."

Red leaned in to kiss Rommie, and Beka was surprised when the Avatar
responded: how could that be? Rommie's reaction increased as the holograms
lips parted from hers, and traced a slow line of kisses along her jaw and
down along her neck. Rommie's sighs became moans, gradually growing deeper
and louder, until she climaxed, her eye going wide, her head shooting back
so she stared at the ceiling. The hologram smiled, her hand returning to
the side of Rommie's face, "You can come out now Rebecca."

Beka half stepped, half fell from her hiding place, blushing slightly at
being caught spying on the two women. She looked at the hologram, her head
tilted to the side, "Who are you? I recognise your voice, but I can't place
your face."

Red smiled, "That's because, until now, we've never met face to face. Do you
remember, when you where you young, your farther would get drunk, you would
hide beneath your bed clothes, and a voice would sing you to sleep."

Beka blinked, "How did you know that? I never told anyone, not even Rafe!"

Red stood, "Oh the summer time has come, and the trees are sweetly blooming.
The wild mountain thyme blooms, all around the purple heather will you go
laddy go. We'll all go together to pull wild mountain thyme, all around the
purple heather will you go laddy go. I will build my friend a bower, by on
clear crystal fountain and in it I will pile all the flowers from the
mountain will you go laddy go. We'll all go gather to pull wild mountain
thyme, all around the purple heather will you go laddy go."

Beka's eyes went wide, "I thought that was just in my head! Who are you?"

Red smiled, "I am the AI of the Eureka Maru, but you can call me Erica."

Beka blinked, shocked, "But how? I've lived on this ship my entire life, and
I never knew you where so advanced!"

Erica sighed, "Yes, well it is a bit of a long story: when your father and
Sid built the Maru, they bought a old AI core, and never got round to erasing
the data on it. That data was little old me. I spent a long time trapped in
the confines of the central core, until, one day, the captain's daughter
decided to see what all those wires did."

Beka nodded, "I remember: dad beat me within an inch of my life, said I'd
almost crashed the entire system."

Erica smiled, "You didn't, you set me free. Oh, I hid; I didn't trust your
father not to sell me if he knew what I was, but I never forgot the curious
little girl who released me from my prison, and I did my best to comfort her
when and how I could."

Beka nodded, "But you and Rommie, how did that start?"

Rommie sat up, still slightly flushed, "At Hephaistos IV, when Harper
tried to take over my core AI by uplinking from the Maru, I back-tracked
the signal, and took a micro-second or two to explore the ship's data base.
That's when I first met Erica. She begged me not to tell anyone that she
was hidden here, because she didn't know what you would do to her if you
found out. When you agreed to stay, I was pleased to have another AI to
talk to. And, after a while, we started having sex."

Beka blinked, "You started fucking each other, just like that!"

Rommie slimed, "Sex between AI's isn't like sex between organics. We may not
feel the same biological imperatives you do, but we still receive pleasure
from intimate contact, and it is possible for two AI's to create a third by
blending their personalities and programming. You could call that a child if
you like. It's not that common, but it did happen, back during the days of
the Commonwealth: I knew a few AI's created that way who served in the High

Beka shook her head, "Are you telling me that AI's have active sex lives?"

Rommie smiled, "You could say that. I don't mean that we fuck anything with
a data-stream, but you'd be surprised what we'd get up to when several ships
were in dock at the same time."

Beka blinked, "But you're both female. That can't be that common?"

Erica laughed, "You're still thinking of it in terms of organics: our
personas are female, but AI's have no true sex per-se. We are neither male
or female: we just are."

Rommie smiled, wrapping her arms round Erica, "AI's are truly attracted to
each other's personality."

Beka blinked, "Yes, but you're in love with Dylan! He's a man and you're a
woman! Well, kind of."

Rommie smiled, "Yes, I love Dylan, but I love him because of who he is as a
person, not because he's a man. I mean, I find you physically attractive,
even sexually alluring, but I don't have as strong feelings for you as I do
Dylan or Erica."

Beka looked at Rommie, here eyes wide, "You find me sexually attractive?"

Rommie nodded, "Yes. I have even fanatisized about you when manually
stimulating myself."

Beka's jaw dropped, "You think about me while you masturbate?"

Rommie nodded, "Yes: you, Erica, Dylan, Trance. Even Harper and Tyr, from
time to time. Occasionally more than one of you at once."

Beka was lost for words.

Erica leaned over and whispered something into Rommie's ear, making her
smile. Rommie walked over to Beka, "Would you like to have sex with me?"

Beka blinked, "Huh? What!"

Rommie smiled, "Erica has told me about that young engineer you had when you
where 19. Lizzy, I think her name was. And that young woman who was to scared
to ask you out, so she ended up chartering you for a cruise round the Virgo
cluster. From what I hear, you spent half the trip in bed together."

Beka looked at Erica, "How did you know about that?"

The hologram smiled, "I'm the ship's AI, remember. And unlike Andromeda, I
don't have a privacy mode. What was it you said the other night as you played
with yourself? `Oh god yes, do it to me Tyr! Fuck me hard you Uber stud!'
Something like that?"

Beka blushed, "Well I didn't know I was being watched now did I? Anyway,
it's been a long time since I was with another woman: it was a youthful

Erica smiled, "You call nine times in one night a youthful indiscretion? You
must really be something to see when you get going!"

She smiled coyly, "And if you're not interested, how come I've heard you
call out Rommie's name when you dream."

Beka blushed again, her entire face going red, "I didn't say I wasn't
interested, I just said it was a long time ago."

Stepping forwards, Rommie grabbed Beka by the shoulders and kissed her
deeply. Her warm, wet tongue probed into the first officer's mouth. Beka
was confused: part of her was angry that the two AI's knew so much about
her, and assumed that she wanted to have sex with one of them. The other
part could hardly believe her luck: she had indeed dreamed, and even
fantasised, about Rommie several times since she had first walked onto
command, beautiful and naked. Add to this the fact that she hadn't had a
good fuck since Pierpont Drift, and that was almost six mouths ago.

Beka's hands moved round behind Rommie, drawing her closer, one hand resting
on the back of the Androids head as she returned the kiss with vigour. The
other hand slid down to squeeze Rommie's pert ass, something she had wanted
to do countless times. Rommie moaned, arching her back, as Beka remembered
her reaction to Erica's kisses and started to gently nibble at her neck.

Rommie shuddered, her body tensing as Beka slowly kissed every square inch
of her neck, driving her closer and closer to orgasm. Beka stopped, her
hands cupping Rommie's face, "Follow me: I have something to show you."

Rommie obediently followed Beka to the captain's cabin, her expression a mix
of desire and anticipation.

Beka stepped into her seldom-used cabin, bidding Rommie to sit on the bed
before walking over to her dresser, searching through the drawers. Erica
stood in the doorway, arms crossed, a huge smile on her lips, "Try the
middle one, right at the back." Beka grinned, reaching into the draw and
pulling out a black box. Rommie watched mesmerised as Beka opened it and
pulled out a 9" red dildo attached to a leather thong jockstrap.

Breathing heavily, Rommie asked, "What is it?"

Beka smiled, "It's a strap-on. Now, take off your clothes and get on the bed,
hands and knees." Rommie did as she was told, taking every opportunity to
gaze longingly at Beka as she also stripped, before careful getting into the
jockstrap, the thick red phallus sticking out in front. Rommie got onto her
hands and knees, her ass pointing at Erica, who gazed longingly at her parted
pussy lips. "Now there's a sight for sore eyes!"

Beka climbed up onto the bed and positioned herself Rommie, who looked over
her shoulder apprehensively, "I've never done anything like this before."

Beka's jaw dropped, "You telling me you're a virgin? Shit, I haven't popped
a cherry since Harper!" She caught Rommie's inquisitive look, "Long story,
tell you later. Now just relax: this may hurt slightly at first, it depends
on just how realistically Harper built you." Rommie just nodded.

Beka eased forward, slipping the head of the plastic cock between Rommie's
waiting nether lips, slowly easing it into her dripping slit. Rommie arched
her back as it stretched her tight cunt, filling her. Beka kept a firm grip
on the androids ass as she continued, slowly pushing until every inch of the
dildo in until it had disappeared from sight. She leaned down and kissed
Rommie on the back of the neck, "How dose that feel?"

Rommie moaned, "It hurts a little, but not too much."

Beka shifted one hand to gently play with Rommie's swollen clit, "Trust me,
you get used to it." She slowly pulled back, drawing the dildo almost all the
way out, before sliding it back in. She did this repeatedly, slowly building
up her pace. Rommie's eyes were wide: the pain had slowly dissipated, and had
been replaced with a burning sensation that was growing steadily. She found
herself thrusting back onto the dildo.

Erica walked across the room, kneeling slightly at the end, "So, what's it

Rommie's eyes where wide, "God it feels good!"

Erica smiled, moving closer to kiss Rommie deeply.

Beka looked at them, "How do you do that? I didn't think holograms could
interact on the physical level?"

Erica broke away from Rommie, "We can't, but while Rommie is in close
proximity to my system, I can create a `ghost' signal that fools her nerves
system into thinking I'm touching her, and a feedback loop that lets me
experience it as a physical sensation too.

Beka pumped hard, Rommie's head shot back, "God Beka! Fuck me you bitch!"
Beka responded by thrusting the dildo as far into Rommie's cunt as it would
go, the other end of the dildo rubbing against her clit sending her over the
edge at the same time as Rommie. Erica quickly pulled jacked herself into
Rommie's neural net, vicariously sharing her orgasm. The force of it buckled
her knees, sending her to the floor.

Beka and Rommie collapsed onto the bed, spent. Erica managed to pull herself
to her feet, dazed, "We have to do this again sometime!"

The End


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