Andromeda: The Hours Trilogy Part 4 - The Golden Hour (FF,FFFF)
by Starbug ([email protected])

Trance walked along the corridors leading to the hangar deck: the last two
weeks had been, well, strange. Even since Erica had revealed her presence to
the rest of the crew, Rommie and Beka had been acting strangely. It wasn't
anything specific, but they had seemed to talk a lot more, normally ending
their conversations abruptly whenever someone came near. As someone who
prided her self on know what was going on, Trance was understandably curious.

Erica didn't have a duty station as such, and she spent most of her time
working on the Maru. Trance knew that it was understandable for an AI to take
an interest in their Ship-self, and decided that this was the best way to
catch her alone. The airlock door was open, the sound of welding coming from
inside the small cargo ship.

"Erica, are you here?" Trance stepped through into the central chamber.

"Of corse I'm here: where else would I be?" The AI's holographic form blinked
into existence behind her.

"I wish you wouldn't do that!" Trance jumped.

"Well it was a rather silly question: I am the ship, I can't be anywhere

Trance shook her head, "I meant is your Avatar around?"

"I'm right here." Erica walked in from the engine room, wiping her hands on
a piece of rag, her overalls covered in grease, "I was just re-aligning the
thrusters assemblies: they tend to shake lose every so often. Harper normally
does it, but as he's on Sinti, I have to." She sat on a stool by the mess
hall counter, "So, how can I help you?"

Trance took a deep breath, "What's going on between you, Rommie and Beka?"

"That's a rather personal question Miss Gemini." Erica tilted her head to the
side, "Care to explain why I should answer it?"

Trance posed for a moment: there was something about Erica's manner, her body
language that was both unsettling and strangely enticing at the same time.
She shook her head, "I need to know if what's going on endangers my mission."

Erica walked toward Trance, her hip's swaying, and one hand in the waistband
of her jeans, "And just what, pray tell, is you mission? The others I
understand, even Tyr to a point, but you are a complete mystery. I've asked
Andromeda, but she doesn't know anything about you that I don't."

"You know all you need to about me." Trance backed up, and found her self up
against one of the crew bunks.

Erica smiled, her face closing to within inches of Trance's, "Oh I wouldn't
say that: there are still a few things I'd like to know about you."

Trance was growing lightly uncomfortable, "Like what?"

Erica smiled, placing her hands on the bunk either side of the golden-skinned
woman, cutting off her line of retreat, "What you're like in bed." Erica's
lip's brushed against Trance's, before pushing down with more force.

"Let me go!" Trance struggled.

"We both know I'm not as physically strong as Rommie, and the two of you
are pretty much evenly matched." Erica smiled, "If you really want out, go."
Trance stood silently for a moment, then stopped struggling. Erica smiled,
"Good. You want to know what's up between Rommie, Beka and me? I'll show

Trance stood, transfixed by both fear and lust, as Erica reached round and
pulled on the zip the held her top closed at the back. The leather outfit
fell open, her full breasts standing out firmly. Erica gently took them in
her hands, her head bobbin down so she could plant kisses on them, carefully
not to touch the dark areola or the swollen nipples. Trance's head tilted
back as the kisses moved up, passing along her neck and jawbone, before
returning to her lips. Trance opened her mouth, admitting Erica's eager
tongue, allowing it to tussle with her own.

Erica's strong hands slid down until they gripped Trance's tight ass, then
quickly lifted her so she was stilling on the edge of the bunk. Erica's lips
moved down again, passing along the valley formed by the two golden mounds
of Trance's breasts, before flicking into her navel sharply, enticing a sharp
moan from Trance. Erica planted kisses across Trance's flat stomach as her
fingers hurriedly undid the belt holding up the other woman's figure hugging

Trance sighed as her leather trousers where pulled down, reviling her lacy
purple panties, already showing singes of the wetness building beyond. Erica
flicked her thumbs through the waistband of the silken garment, and carefully
pulled them down, reviling a closely shaven patch of red hair. Trance's
neither lips glisten with her juices as the AI's tongue dapped at them,
sending shivers up and down the alien's spine. Erica's hands returned to
Trances tight rear, pulling her forward slightly as she knelt on the deck,
her face at the perfect height for what she had planed.

Erica's experienced tongue slid up Trance's pussy lips, then circled her clit
slowly. Trance leaned back, making a strange purring sound that resonated
throughout her entire body. Eric gently nibbled at the exposed love button,
sending Trance into spasm, her boy stiffening as her orgasm reached its most
intense. Erica flicked her tongue over the clit as she held it between her
teeth, drawing the orgasm out for as long as possible. A fresh flood of
juices flowed from Trance's swollen pussy lips, and Erica eagerly lapped it
up. Trance's eyes fluttered open, "That was amazing!"

"Well you certainly looked like you where enjoying yourself." Rommie said
from the doorway, "But I'd prefer it if you left my woman alone from now on."
Erica crossed the room and kissed Rommie deeply on the lips. The shorter AI
smiled, licking the last traces of Trance's juices off her lovers lips, "Just
as I always suspected: sweet." She slipped her arm around Erica in a very
possessive way, "We'll talk about you seducing Trance later." Erica lowered
her head submissively.

Trance blinked, realization hitting like a thunderbolt: despite Erica's
predatory and forward nature, Rommie was defiantly the dominant half of the

"Now there's something worth seeing." Beka stepped passed the two kissing
Avatars and looked Trance over.

"The three of you?" Trance blinked.

"Don't look at me like that Trance: I'm only in it for the sex." Beka
laughed, "No, Rommie and Erica are a couple; I just get to join in
sometimes." The blond captain pulled a blanket from the bed and laid
it out on the deck, before turning back to Rommie and Erica, "Get her
ready: you know what I like."

The two androids crossed the room, stripping as they did so. Trance made no
move to stop them as they lifted her off the bunk and set her down on the
blanket. Rommie sat next to her and pulled her in for a deep kiss.

"I'm not sure about this." Trance broke away.

"You didn't seem to mind when Erica was eating you out." Rommie smiled.

"Yes, but that was just the two of us!" Trance's eyes where darting about.

Rommie smiled, turning to Erica, "My, my, it look's like we've found
something that Trance has never tried before. Trust me: let your mind go,
and your body will follow."

"My thought exactly." Beka said from the doorway, a thin silk robe barely
covering her body, a bag in her hands, "On her back I think." The two
avatar's grinned, lowering Trance down onto her back, Rommie continuing to
kiss her, while Erica affixed her mouth onto the golden glob of one of
Trances breasts. Beka knelt between Trance's legs, her robe falling open
to revel her red strap-on, "This is something I've wanted to do since you
joined the Maru." She shifted her hips forward.

Trance shudder as the smooth plastic phallus parted her swollen pussy lips
when Beka eased forward. The dildo stretched her tight passage as it probed
deeper, enticing sighs of delight that where lost in Rommie's mouth. Erica
switched over to the golden skinned girls other breast, leaving a think
layer of artificial saliva glistering on the fully erect nipple left behind.

Rommie shifted, pulling Erica up so her legs where ether side of Trances
face, then gently guided her down. Trance responded instantly, her tongue
lapping up to the soft folds that where covered in a thin layer of
secretions. Erica lowered herself further, leaning forward to rest her
hands on the edge of the blanket as Trances mouth found her clit. The AI
moaned deeply as Trance made up for what she lacked in experience with
enthusiasm: her full lips encircled Erica's clit and she started to suck,
her tongue lingering over the end of the nerve bundle, sending waves of
pleasure through Erica's body. The avatar screamed out as she climaxed,
drenching Trance with a fresh wave of her juices.

Beka took the opportunity to start up a slow but steady rhythm on Trance's
cunt, drawing the strap-on out so only it's head remain between the golden
pussy lips, before easing it back in. The pace slowly increased, Beka moving
her hips at speed as she pounded away at the helpless Trance, the other end
of the strap-on teasing her clit with every thrust. Rommie stood and moved
in front of Beka, pulling the blonds face towards her own gushing slit.
Beka's tongue made slow sweeps up and down Rommie nether lips, occasionally
dipping into the avatars cunt to taste her juices.

Trance, already aroused due to Rommie and Erica's actions, found herself
reaching climax due to the stiff presence within her pussy. The smooth shaft
of the strap-on filled her almost to capacity, and she started to buck and
moan as she reached the point of release. Erica was thrown bodily out the
way as Trance lunged upwards, pushing Rommie to one side as she gabbed Beka
and pulled her down into a deep kiss. The golden skinned alien pulled Beka
back down, wrapping her legs around the other woman's waist as her hands
moved to caress breasts held behind a silk bra.

Beka, having found herself lying on top of Trance, continued to pump away at
her new lover, determined to bring them both to a shared orgasm. Her hands
grabbed Trance be the side of the head, and held her in place as her tongue
explored the other woman's mouth. Trance tightened her grip on Beka as she
felt her cunt mussels go into spasm: Her back arch as she called out Beka's
name. For her part, Beka ground the strap-on in as far as it would go, her
own crouch rubbing against Trance's, giving her the final stimulus she needed
to reach her own climax.

Panting, Rommie watched the two women collapse into each other's arm, Beka
holding Trance protectively as she planted a gentle kiss on her brow. Trance
curled up slightly in Beka's arms as they both drifted off to sleep, drained.
Erica silently stood and pulled a second blanket from a nearby bank and laid
it over the two sleeping lovers, a thin smile appearing on her lips.

"You still need to be punished." Rommie grabbed her lover by the arm as they
headed for the door.

"What will you have me do?" Erica nodded, lowering her head.

"I think it's time we told Dylan the truth about our relationship..." Rommie
smiled coyly as they gathered up their discarded clothes.

The End??


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