Andromeda: The Hours Trilogy Part 6 - Twilight Hour (FF,BDSM)
by Starbug ([email protected])

"That's it, I need a rest!" Beka pushed the pilot's seat back as the Maru
exited slipstream, "4 slips in half-an-hour is just a little too much for me
to take."

"At least we got all the supplies we needed." Erica nodded, "You want me to
make you a coffee?"

"No, that's all right." Beka turned to face the Avatar, "I hope you don't
take this too personally."

"Take what personally?" Erica asked, but Beka flipped a switch on the arm of
her chair and the androids eyes rolled back in her head as she collapsed onto
the deck. The main lights died as main power was cut throughout the ship,
leaving it drifting in space.

"Sorry, but this is something I need to do." Beka looked down at Erica as
she started to unpack some of the cargo.

* * *

Erica came to with a start, only to find she was unable to move. She
conducted a quick self-diagnostic, but found nothing wrong. She tried to move
her hands, but found that there was something restraining her arms. The same
was true of her legs. She opened her eyes, but something was wrapped around
her head, blocking her view.

A quick full body scan showed metal restraints holding her wrists above her
head, supporting her entire weight. More restraints held legs wide apart. She
was able to tell from her internal gyroscope that she was vertical, and the
external temperature and pressure sensors confirmed that she was still
dressed, with only her shoes and socks missing.

Her limited external sensors confirmed she was still on the Maru, but she
was unable to contact her core AI, something that had never happened to her
before: even while on the Andromeda, on drifts or planet side, there had been
a connection running to the ships main computer banks.

She had never felt more alone!

"I'm glad to see your back." Beka's voice startled Erica, making her turn her
head sharply.

"What is going on?" She asked, more than a little afraid.

"I am exercising my rights." Erica could hear Beka start to walk around the
room, "I had a conversation with Dylan about your relationship with Rommie,
and he brought up the fact that I own you, something I had never thought
about, until now."

Erica felt cool metal press against her arm just below the end of her blouses
sleeve. The sensation moved up, and she could hear the sound of fabric
tearing as the blade made its way up her arm to her shoulder. It stopped just
below the collar, and then repeated the process on the other side.

"Beka, please, stop this!" Erica pleaded, "This isn't funny!"

"No, what isn't funny is you playing me like a fool all these years." Beka
sounded genuinely angry, "Then taking Rommie as your lover behind my back.
And let's not forget the fact that you all but raped Trance after I told you
I was interested in her."

"Please Beka: I never meant to hurt you!"

"Well, you did!" Beka pushed a gag into Erica's mouth, pulling the straps on
either end back until they were behind the Avatar's head, where she tied them
together as tightly as she could, "I think it is time took back what is

Erica started to cry, knowing that she had done much to anger Beka, including
blackmail and the aforementioned seduction of Trance. She struggled with her
bounds, but they were too strong for even her enhanced strength to brake. She
mentally cursed the fact that she had declined the offer to be built to the
same military-grade specifications as Rommie.

Beka moved the knife round to Erica's back, sliding it up from the top of her
prisoner's tight trousers, up on between the Avatars shoulder blade; only
stopping when she reached the collar. She took notice of the fact that the
other woman was not wearing a bra, instead allowing her breasts to hang

Grabbing the back of Erica's blouse tightly, Beka pulled on it as hard as she
could: the thin material gave way, exposing her entire torso.

"You see, I don't like people messing with my stuff." Beka walked over to a
table set against one wall, "And screwing the hell out of you all this time
is defiantly 'messing with my stuff', don't you think? I know that I should
really be doing this to Rommie, and don't worry, I plan to. But you are here,
and I feel I should punish you for keeping yourself hidden from me all these

Erica flinched as ice-cold metal touched her nipples, then again as sharp
clamps bit down hard. Beka let them go, and weights attached to the ends
pulled them down, almost ripping Erica's nipples off.

"You have a much higher pain threshold than a human, so I think we will see
just how creative I can get." Beka cooed, her hands drawing the knife from
her belt again. She proceeded to cut Erica's tight, figure hugging trousers
to ribbons, letting the scrapes drop to the floor.

Soon, Erica was suspended there in nothing more than a thin pair of white
cotton panties. These were discarded with a pair of quick flicks of the
knife, leaving the terrified Avatar suspended from the ceiling, completely
naked apart from the blindfold and gag.

"Maybe I'm a little selfish? Maybe I should learn to share my things?" Beka
mused, putting the knife down on the table, "But then again, why should I?
All I really have is this ship, and by an extension of that, you. Why
shouldn't I feel a little angry with Rommie and you for your deceit?"

Erica tried to respond, but the gag prevented her from forming any coherent

"What was that you said?" Beka asked sarcastically, letting something drape
across the other woman's bare chests, "This, before you ask, is called a
cat-o-nine-tails. It's a form of whip invented on Earth thousands of years
ago. You can still get them, if you go to the right shops."

There was a loud crack, and Erica cried out as pain shot across her left

"That was for hiding from me all these years!"

Another crack, and Erica felt pain lash across her right breast.

"That was for screwing the hell out of Rommie when you knew I fantasized
about her!" Beka stopped, "You know what, this isn't half as much fun as I
thought it would be without hearing you beg for mercy." She pulled off
Erica's blindfold, and then undid the gag.

"Beka, please stop!" Erica sobbed, "I'm sorry I hurt you: I was afraid."

"I'm afraid that 'sorry' don't quite cut it!" Beka moved round behind Erica,
"You've been a naughty girl, and naughty girls get punished."

There was a loud crack, and Erica screamed in pain as the cat-o-nine-tails
slashed across her back. Beka repeated the attack, leaving a crisscross of
red marks across the struggling androids back. Her next attack was lower,
slashing across the ivory-white flesh of Erica's backside, making her
prisoner jump with shock.

She also moaned softly.

"Oh, so you liked that did you?" Beka asked, "I see that there is more to you
than meets the eye..." She directed another blow across the same area, and
Erica moaned again, letting her entire weight hang on her wrists. Beka put
the whip down and used her hands to deliver a series of blows to Erica's
rump, making the Avatar gasp each time.

"Beka, please..." Erica gasped.

"Please, what?" Beka stood directly behind her prisoner, chin resting on the
other woman's shoulder, "Say it."

"Please, I need it..."

"Need what?"

"Please, make me cum!"

"Good girl." Beka planted a kiss on Erica's ear, "Good girls get rewarded..."
She slowly opened the nipple clams before dropping them to the floor. Erica
sighed with relief as the pain slowly went away. Beka reached round with her
left hand to play with the so recently abused nipples, slowly rubbing them in

Her right hand drifted down until it came to rest just above Erica's damp

"Say 'kiss me'," She whipped into Erica's ear.

"Kiss me."

"Say 'I want you'."

"I want you."


"I want you."

"Say 'touch me'."

"Touch me..." Erica moaned.

"My pleasure." Beka slipped her first two fingers into Erica as far as she
cold in one, snake-like movement.

Erica's screamed echoed around the cabin as she reached orgasm, her body
going stiff before falling limp in Beka's arms.

"That's my girl..." Beka planted a kiss on her brow.



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