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the show's owners want it as a plot idea, I'll happily hand it over for
nothing as long as they cast me as the spares vendor. :-) This is my second
story, the last one was "Miss Parker - The Interrogation", set in the
Pretender universe. The only thing this has in common is my writing style;
different genre, a little humour, no ropes. Hope you like it anyway.

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Andromeda: Part 1 - Negotiation (MF,cons)
by Furball

The Maru is broken again. Over the last few months, the Andromeda Ascendant
has docked at every maintenance facility and parts depot in the sector
looking for spares to repair it. In fact, it's been broken so many times,
there's only really one place left with a the the right kind of exotic matter
cores. Mine. Of course, there's probably a couple of places in neighbouring
sectors that could help them, but as usual they're in a hurry. I like to
think of myself as an honest businessman, but this is just too good an
opportunity to pass up. I can name my price, and I know just what I want.

"So let me get this straight, you have several cores, but you don't want
money for them. You want *me*?" Rommie's shocked look is quite rewarding in

"Well.... yes. This is a lucrative operation, I have the best supply chain
for several sectors. I don't need more money, but an evening of pleasure with
a woman as beautiful as you is worth a lot to me. So yes. I want you. You saw
how difficult I was with Dylan and Beka; I wanted them out of the way so I
could negotiate with you in private." (You really should have seen their
faces when I said I couldn't work with them, and kicked them out. Priceless.)
"This way, if you accept, you can tell the crew anything you like. If you
turn me down, you may still get the core you need, but you'll be quite amazed
at how much you'll have to pay." A little to my surprise, there's a
thoughtful little frown creeping across her face. She's actually considering

"So what exactly would I have to do?" she asks, with commendable poise.

Most women would be rather rattled at this point. She has ice in her veins,
this one. "Nothing too outrageous, we spend some time together, we make love,
and you get your core for a token payment to keep up appearances. You decide
the amount."

Her frown grows deeper as she stands to pace the floor of the conference
room. "You do know I'm not human, don't you?"

"Say what?"

"I'm an android avatar of the Andromeda Ascendant, the ship's AI."

Now it's my turn for the shocked look. There's really no way to tell by
looking at her, or talking to her. I remember the view as I came on board,
a graceful, deadly shape hanging in the endless black. Foremost in my mind
right now are the countless little black dots of its weapons ports, all
pointing at my hopelessly outgunned space station. I am suddenly very cold.
"So I just propositioned a warship."

"Well yes, and no. I can integrate with my main AI, but most of the time I'm
autonomous with only a light linkage. Right now you're only talking to me.
That's why the crew call me Rommie rather than Andromeda, it reminds them
there's a difference."

I'm starting to recover my composure, hearing no hostility in her voice. My
eyes wander over her perfect, child sized body, enticingly clad in tight red
and black leather. That's child-sized, not child-like. She's more an elf. Not
the kind advertisers made up to sell toys or cookies, an elf from the *old*
stories. Tiny, dark and beautiful; a creature born of magic and ancient
desire. I decide I don't care what she's made of; I react to her as a woman,
so she is a woman. "One question: Are you capable of sex? And enjoying it?"

"Oh yes. This body was put together by Seamus Harper, ship's pervert. I'm
capable. Still interested?"

Amazing. She actually sounds like she'd be disappointed if I said no. I
don't. An almost surreal negotiation follows where I pretty much let her set
the rest of the terms. It's just details. You couldn't get the grin off my
face with a chisel.

"So how do you want to start?" she asks, an interesting little gleam in her

"What, now? Just like that?"

"Why wait. As far as anyone's concerned we're still negotiating. We're in one
of my conference rooms and I control the door, so nobody's going to surprise
us. And I *know* you don't have any hidden cameras here."

Damn. Oh well, I've done better than I expected. I take a look around. There
are a variety of different chairs and seats, which makes sense considering
the number of different shaped people there are in the commonwealth. I find a
fairly wide, padded chair and sit down, holding my arms out to her. "Here, I

She walks up to me with a slight swing in her hips I haven't noticed before.
It looks good. She looks good. And for now, she's all mine.

I guide her down so she's kneeling astride my lap, and gently pull her close
so I can kiss and nuzzle her neck. Her skin has a slight smell of cinnamon. I
feel her warm breath on my shoulder as I slowly work my way along her jawline
to take her earlobe between my teeth, and find she tastes of cinnamon too.
Delicious. She pulls back a little and her mouth finds mine. Now I can taste
apple pie, and it dawns on me. This is Harper's work. Obviously Mr. Harper
decided if he was going to build a woman, why not tinker with the basic
design a little. Ships pervert, indeed. My kind of pervert. Maybe I can find
a discreet way to thank him.

As we kiss, I run my hands over Rommie's delicious figure. She purrs softly
as I fondle her petite breasts. "Mmmmm, I wondered what this would feel

Interesting. "You mean you've never done this before?"

"Well... no. Harper built a sex drive into this body, but there's nobody on
board I could try it out on. Dylan's my captain, Tyr's only interested in
Neitschians, and Harper is, well, Harper. I've been waiting for a chance like

Aha! Now it makes sense; that's why this was so easy! With a silent thank
you to the divine, I start to slowly draw down the zipper on her jacket,
smothering each newly exposed inch of her with soft little kisses. "Then
let's see if" kiss "I can make" kiss "the first" kisskiss "time good" kiss
"for you" kisskisskiss.

As my lips wander lower she leans back so I can reach, supported on my free
arm. She's surprisingly light. I take my time, enjoying each new inch, but
eventually I reach her belly button, and the end of the zipper. The jacket
falls to the floor and she sits back up. For a time, I'm smothered by an
avalanche of apple pie kisses.

Gently pushing her back, I examine her adorable breasts. They are perfectly
formed of course, her nipples stand proudly out from dark aureolae. I have
to taste them. Cinnamon, again. Stronger here. I kiss, nip and nuzzle at her
breasts, as she runs her hands through my hair. My shirt gets pulled over my
head and she trails her fingers over my chest, then slips off my lap and
kneels at my feet. Her hands go to the waistband on my pants, but she doesn't
undo them; she just grips the fabric with both hands and rips the fly apart.
It looks effortless, but there's real strength there; the buttons go flying.

"Great, don't you think the crew will kind of notice if I walk out holding my
pants up?" I ask, teasingly.

She answers me with a mischevious little grin. "Don't worry, I'll have
another of my avatars fix everything while we're, errrm... occupied." She
pulls my pants off, and my underwear follows them into a heap in the corner
of the room.

Soft music filters into the room as she slowly strokes her hands over me, and
slides up my body, swaying with the music. I'm getting a lapdance. Cool. But
this isn't the usual kind, hands under your ass and pants on, oh no. My hands
are all over her, stroking and fondling. She makes full use of every bit of
exposed skin, especially my dick. Every time a hand is in the area, I get
stroked, massaged or jacked. When her head's there I get nuzzled or licked. I
never know what's coming next, and it's damn horny.

"Woah, I thought you'd never done this before?"

Another grin, this time with a little nasty in it. "Strictly speaking, no.
But I do have access to the entire ship's library, there's thousands of hours
of pornography, and I've studied every minute. Harper's private stash too;
for some reason he seems to think I can't get to it. I'm not sure I get the
bit with the sheep though."

So help me, I can't tell if she's kidding.

"Now if you don't mind, I have better uses for my mouth than talking."

I start to wonder what I've let myself in for here, but I don't get to finish
the thought. Her lips slide down my shaft as she deep throats me, and her
tongue lashes out at my balls, effectively relieving me of the power of
thought. Those beautiful dark eyes look up into mine, studying my reaction as
her head bobs slightly up and down. I don't think I've ever been harder in my

Rommie's blowjob is as much a visual experience as a physical one, probably
because of how she learned. I'm treated to a performance worthy of the
highest paid porn star in existence. Damn I wish we'd negotiated on my
station. She was right about the cameras, and this is one I'm going to wish
I had on tape. Her whole body moves as she slides up and down, pulling back
occasionally to lick or kiss. Sometimes she sits back and holds my gaze as
she slowly jacks me off, before her head darts back in to take my tip by
surprise. God she's good. I can't take much of it, and she's not holding
back at all. I warn her I'm coming. Rommie smiles and slides her lips down
the full length of my dick again, sucking and bobbing until I explode down
her throat.

"Good?" She asks.

"Whwuufgh" I answer eloquently, as the blood that should be fuellig my brain
seems to be occupied elsewhere right now.

When my brain unfreezes, I have her stand in front of me so I can undo those
unreasonably tight pants. Then she bats my hands away and turns her back to
me. She bends slowly at the waist, pulling the pants down and giving me a
grandstand view as The One Perfect Ass comes into view. It's every bit as
biteable as I'd dreamed. I reach up to stroke it through her black satin
panties, then hook my thumbs through the waistband. "May I?" I ask, politely.

"Be my guest."

Tug, slide. Aaaaaaahhhh. Now *that* is what I call a pussy. It's just crying
out for some attention, and who am I to refuse? I run my fingertips gently
through her neat little bush, then ever so softly over her outer lips. A
little shiver runs through her, and a gasp escapes her lips. "Rommie, I think
it's time for your turn. Sit down."

She steps out of her pants and takes my place in the chair, completely naked
with a slightly nervous look on her face.

I part her legs and kneel between them. I don't have her skill with a
lapdance so I don't try, but I do take my time slowly kissing and stroking
her all over. My fingers trail around her breasts, taking their time on the
way to her nipples, which much to her disappointment I keep skipping over.
My kisses dance their way from her lips to her stomach, paying a lot of
attention to her belly button then moving further down. When I skip over the
bit she's looking forward to, she makes an annoyed little mewling noise.
Ignoring it, I carry on down along her inner thighs on my way to her feet.
OK, so I'm a tease. Deal with it. On my way back I skip over again, and one
of the conference room screens lights up. It's scrolling through a weapons
inventory. Oops. I change direction and make for her cleft.

I treat her pussy to a long slow lick from bottom to top, and recognise a
new taste. I can't help it. I chuckle. The look on her face goes dark like
a switch was thrown; it's part "What the hell do you think you're doing",
and part "I've got internal defences pointed at you so the answer had better
be good". It is. "I'm sorry Rommie, but you taste of cherries." I smile up
at her until she makes the connection. The look softens a little, or maybe
it's because it's not directed at me anymore.

"Remind me to hurt Harper. A lot." pause "Later. Now weren't you in the
middle of something?"

Oh yes. So I was.

My tongue starts to explore. It doesn't take long to find how sensitive her
inner lips are, but her clitoris is the sensual equivalent of a nova bomb.
Every time I get near it she bucks like she's been electrocuted so I go easy
on it, concentrating on her delicate folds and the entrance to paradise. She
gets wet very quickly, and the taste of cherries caresses my tongue. Slowly,
gently, I lick and nuzzle, building the sensations, giving her time to savour
the experience. I give her my best, and from the way she's writhing and the
sound of her breathing, it's working. Eventually I spear her, sliding my
tongue as far into her as it will go, and she lets out a low, animal moan.
I can feel the tension in her body, and decide it's time to release it. My
tongue meanders higher, then darts under her little hood. Her poor
defenceless clit has nowhere to go. A few moments of little circles, then
boom. She bucks like a racehorse as her orgasm hits. That exquisite face
contorts almost into a look of pain as involuntary shudders chase each other
up and down her body. A couple of times I feel like my head's going to burst
as her legs wrap around me with inhuman strength. Finally, she relaxes back
into the chair, breathless. "Good?" Now it's her turn for a little
incoherency, but she sounds happy. I slide up and take her in my arms.

"What was that?" I hear her say, but it's not coming from her. Rommie turns
to look at the screen, which is lit again. This time it's showing her face.
Oh crap, this must be her main AI. This new Rommie - ah, Andromeda - sounds
worried. "Your systems just spiked so hard I felt the feedback through the
firewall.... oh." A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. Apparently intelligence
doesn't always mean speed. It took her a full five seconds to realise what's
going on. "Oh no, you are *not* doing this without me."

Immediately I feel a chainge in Rommie. It's subtle, I'm not sure what I'm
picking up on, but there's definitely something different. Both of her turn
to face me, and the movements are perfectly synchronised. Shit. I'm not
holding Rommie any more, I'm holding Andromeda. This is not what I had in
mind. Apparently, it's not my choice any more. Her arms are like steel cables
around me and I can't move.

There's a far away look in her eyes, like she's reading from an invisible
screen only she can see as she integrates her two sets of memories. "Hmm.
Despite a little commercial coercion, I see you've actually treated me quite
well. Lucky for you." Her arms relax a little and I take in a delayed and
very welcome breath. "Shall we continue?"

Maybe it's a question. Her tone has softened, and she's smiling, so I'll
call it a question. Somehow though the answer "no" doesn't seem like a very
good idea. She slides out from under me and climbs into my lap. Delicate
hands go straight to my dick, which soon rises to the occasion under her
skilled ministrations. Now I see what's different. Rommie moves like a
human, Andromeda moves like a sophisticated machine. Mathematical grace, no
wasted motion, no uncertainty. An elegant and almost disturbing precision.

She moves her hands up to my shoulders, gives a complicated roll of her hips,
and somehow the tip of my cock is inside her. Wow. She's hot and wet, and
feels like silk wrapped around my shaft as she lowers herself onto me. As the
last few millimeters slip in I buck so hard I nearly throw her off.

"What's wrong?" she asks, with an endearing look of concern.

"I think I found another of Harper's ... innovations. It felt like the tip of
my dick got licked by a hundred little tongues up there!"

The darkness is back. "Harper is dead. He just doesn't know it yet."

She lowers herself again, but considerately not quite all the way. Thank God.
I don't think I could hold out long against whatever that was. We experiment
a little, and find a rythm. I hold and stroke her as she smoothly slides up
and down, hips rotating, gradually picking up speed. It feels so comfortable,
so right, I relax back into the moment. We're both close to our second
orgasms, but I'm not ready for this to be over yet. I lift her from me, and
have her get on all fours on the floor, then back herself onto me as I sit on
the edge of the chair. The view is a real treat, that wonderful ass gyrating
as her elegant and very strokable back twists and wriggles.

Pushing up from the floor and steadying herself on my knees, she gets back in
my lap. Backwards now, legs spread wide and hands on the chair arms as I cup
her breasts and play with her nipples. Her movements are more urgent now, and
I know she needs this a badly as I do. My hand goes to her knee and glides
down her inner thigh as I head for my secret weapon. She knows what's coming
and speeds up as the tip of my finger finds her love button and starts to

Andromeda cuts loose. She loses that precision and my dick gets the tongue
treatment again, so I come too. Hard. It feels like the room is spinning
about me. Wait, it really is. Gravity is fluctuating, and the engines are
going wild as the Andromeda Ascendant bucks and quivers. A starship having
an orgasm is quite something. Did I do that? Eventually things calm down and
we both collapse into each other, cuddling. We don't get long to ourselves.
Suddenly there's a pounding on the door. I think the crew noticed.

We scramble for our clothes. I never saw it, but one of her other avatars has
been here. My pants are back in one piece. I dress in record time, and look
up to see Rommie (and she is Rommie again) has beaten me to it. She looks
immaculate, and completely unmolested. Android speed and precision. Gotta
love it. She allows the door to open and the entire crew is there, force
lances in hand and ready to defend their crewmate. I decide I like these

"What the hell *was* that, Rommie? Are you OK?" Dylan demands.

Rommie steps up to them, hands clasped behind her back, the very model of
High Guard efficiency and discipline. "Captain, we have a new core for the
Maru." the ghost of an enigmatic smile on her lips "And at a very reasonable
rate too."

Then she just walks right past them, a spring in her step and that sexy
little sway creeping back into her hips. Dylan's eyes follow her for a
moment, then he looks back at me. It's hard not to smile as his concern
turns into a war between relief and exasperation in front of my eyes.
The purple girl is giggling like she knows somethng, and the blond guy
I think must be Harper is looking daggers at me.

The big Neitschian sniffs the air, leans his head to the side and asks, a
little hesitantly, "Why does this room smells of cherries?"


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