Angel: After The Fall (orgy,inter,slash,pwp)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The legendary vampire Angelus sat in his office inside the Los Angeles branch
of the supernatural law firm known as Wolfram & Hart. Here in the pinnacle of
success and power, he felt truly comfortable. Why shouldn't he? He had it
all, after all. All the wealth and power in the universe. Wolfram & Hart
employed legions of demons and other powerful mystical entities along with
the planet's sharpest legal minds. They walked in the hallways of power. No
one could stop them. And Angelus was their new chief executive officer.

All around him, there was much fun to be had. And he was at the center of it
all. Beside him sat his lover Nina Ash, their ally Gwen and his son Connor.
They watched the spectacle unfolding before them. A magic spell had enchanted
various people at the firm, causing everyone to experience a loss of
inhibition and a whole lot of lust. The results were interesting, to say the
least. The law firm of Wolfram & Hart was celebrating Orgy Day. Everyone was
required to participate. Like good corporate men and women, the employees did
as they were told.

Vampire hunter turned big-time lawyer Charles Gunn sat on a couch, his pants
dropped to his ankles. Kneeling before him was science geek turned researcher
Winifred Burkle, better known as Fred to her friends and family. The tall,
skinny brunette's head bobbed up and down on Charles' lap as she sucked the
black man's cock. Charles had a thing for Winifred ever since Team Angelus
rescued her from the demon world of Pylea. She was fun to keep around, and
she gave some of the best blowjobs ever. Charles could attest to that. She
licked his cock and balls like a professional. What Angelus and company
didn't know is that Winifred was a real bed-hopper back in the state of
Texas. The science geek was quite the slut underneath it all. And she had
the skills to prove it.

Nearby, ex-watcher turned demon hunter Wesley Wyndham-Pryce was having some
fun with Lilah Morgan, the tall and sexy, ambitious and bitchy lawyer. Lilah
was on all fours, completely nude and ass cheeks wide open. Face down and ass
up, as they say these days. Wesley thrust his cock into her ass, sodomizing
her energetically. Lilah was cursing like a sailor as she got fucked in the
ass. She loved every minute of it. Bitches like her got off on that kind of
action. Rough anal is how she likes to get down.

Wesley loved fucking Lilah in the ass. Partly because it felt good but also
because it allowed him to completely dominate her. Lilah was such a mean
bitch to everyone around her, it wasn't even funny.

Sometimes, Wesley honestly felt like decking her. Sodomizing her like a
common whore was very satisfying. Especially since he got off both on
the tight pressure of her anal walls on his dick as well as her supreme
discomfort. Lilah however thrived on his hostility and ardour. She got
off on it. As he drilled his cock into her tight backdoor, she fingered
her wet pussy and begged him for more.

Meanwhile, vampire hero Spike was having some fun with his favourite ditzy
blonde, the big-boob, big-booty and smarts-challenged but totally hot and
slutty vampire Harmony. She was sandwiched between him and the handsome,
green-skinned demon entertainer named Lorne the Host. Spike slammed his cock
into Harmony's pussy while Lorne buried his dick up her ass. Harmony squealed
as two supernatural studs, a vampire and a demon, buried their cocks up her
love holes. It hurt a bit, but also felt really good. She felt wonderfully
filled by the two cocks inside her. In her short, brutal life, Harmony had
been with lots of men, human and otherwise. However, this was her first time
getting serviced at both ends and she was loving every minute of it. Two big
dicks inside her, one in her pussy and one up her ass. What more could a gal

Charles noticed Wesley ass-fucking Lilah and decided to try it with Winifred.
He put her on all fours and spread her ass cheeks wide open. Pressing his
cock against her backdoor, he swiftly entered her. His first reaction was to
grunt at the sheer tightness and warmth of Winifred's asshole. Winifred
grimaced as Charles long and thick, uncircumcised black dick slid into her
backdoor. She was no stranger to anal sex, in spite of her wallflower looks
and eternally perky attitude. No sir, Winifred was a wet and ready anal slut
who could get down with the best of them. However, when Charles began
inserting his twelve inches of hard black dick up her asshole, she began to
whistle a different tune.

Charles squeezed Winifred's butt cheeks as he worked his dick into her
asshole. She had a tight ass but he could tell she was no stranger to butt
fucking. Charles had fucked many women and a few men up the ass in his day.
He was a real expert when it came to backdoor boogie. Holding firmly onto
Winifred's hips, he pushed his cock deeper inside her. Winifred squealed as
he filled her ass with his cock. The black stud clamped his hand over her
mouth and continued drilling his cock into the white chicks asshole.

Spike and Lorne continued drilling their dicks into Harmony's holes. They
changed positions. Spike now fucked Harmony's asshole while Lorne shoved his
cock into the white-haired vampire's tight ass. Lorne gripped Spike's hips as
he shoved his dick up his ass. Spike grunted as Lorne fucked him. The demonic
entertainer certainly had a big dick. Much bigger than Angelus's, whom Spike
hooked up with occasionally. Lorne slammed his big green cock up Spike's ass,
causing the vampire to scream in pain and pleasure. Harmony squealed as Spike
plunged his cock into her tight ass. The harder Lorne fucked him, the rougher
he took her. She wrapped her arms around him as they fucked, wanting him
deeper inside of her. She was having a lot of fun.

Wesley was having the time of his life fucking Lilah's sweet ass. He grabbed
her long black hair, yanking her head back while sodomizing her. She screamed
as he plunged his cock mercilessly into the forbidden depths of her tight
backdoor. She could feel her asshole expanding as he hammered his dick into
her. She watched Charles Gunn and Winifred Burkle going at it. Winifred
seemed to be enjoying the feel of a black man's cock up her tight white ass.
And Charles certainly seemed to be having fun. Lilah promised herself to try
him later. Especially after the kinky turn their sex took.

Charles and Winifred changed positions. Winifred fetched a strap-on dildo
and put Charles on all fours. She came up behind the black stud and spread
his ass cheeks wide open. With a swift thrust, she penetrated his ass with
the dildo. That's when the strangest thing happened. The vampire Angelus's
half-human, half-demon son Connor joined in on the action. He dropped his
pants and shoved his cock into Charles mouth. The black stud was stunned,
but began sucking on Connor's cock without further ado.

Connor and Winifred exchanged a wink as they fucked Charles, servicing him at
both ends.

Lorne slammed his cock in and out of Spike's tight ass. The white haired
vampire was screaming his head off, loving the feel of Lorne's green cock up
his ass. Harmony was screaming like a banshee as Spike's dick filled her
asshole. They went at it until all three of them came. Then the action began
all over again.

Harmony fetched a strap-on dildo and made Lorne suck on it while Spike had
a go with the demon's tempting ass. Lorne was sandwiched between them, and
seemed to love getting serviced at both ends. He sucked on Harmony's strap-on
and fingered her wet pussy while Spike's cock plunged mercilessly into his
deep, tight ass.

Charles would have screamed while Winifred buried the dildo deep into his
ass, but the black stud was busy sucking Connor's long, uncut dick at the
moment. Angelus's son seemed to enjoy getting his cock sucked by another
man. He made Charles suck him off until he came. Charles drank Connor's
cum, then the young half-demon had a go with his ass. Connor slid his cock
into Charles tight ass while Charles busied himself licking Winifred's
pussy. Winifred leaned back and relaxed as Charles licked her pussy while
getting sodomized by Connor. The Texan gal was having the time of her life.
They all were.

The vampire Angelus watched the sex scenes unfolding. The newest Instrument
of the Senior Partners on Earth smiled. He liked what he saw. Corrupting
heroes using sex, money, fame and power was what the firm did. As long as
the heroes focused on petty things and their own selfish desires instead of
fighting for justice, the Senior Partners won the day. As the Champion of
the Forces of Darkness, Angelus made sure of it. Someday, he would ascend
to godhood and rule the universe. Until then, the people of Earth had to
reckon with...the Corruptor.


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