Angel: Age Of Apocalypse (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The vampire stood on a rooftop. He stood there, looking at the ruins of what
used to be Los Angeles. It was a dark day. The sun hadn't risen. Well, it had
risen but the dark clouds that filled the western hemisphere skies kept the
landscape in almost perpetual darkness. The vampire liked the darkness. Not
too long ago, he wouldn't have dared to venture out at this time, but times
had changed. The vampire stood there, looking at the ruins of a city he once
protected. Once, this city had a name. Now, it was just one of the many
nameless places in the world.

Civilization ended. It ended spectacularly. The first female president of the
United States of America did what no other leader in human history had done.
She brought about the end of civilization. How did she do it? By manipulating
the whole country against the other powers of the planet. Europe and Asia
united against the United States. The US had become a tyrannical empire. It
invaded other countries. It all began with the president who took power at
the end of the great era. The US launched the totality of its nuclear
warheads against the other countries of the world. Billions died. One out of
five humans perished. The survivors found themselves living in a realm of

At last, humanity faced a grim tomorrow where survival was all that mattered.
When civilization ended, the monsters of the world came to the surface. The
vampires, demons and monsters became humanity's rivals for supremacy over the
planet. No longer were the forces of evil confined to the dark. Now, the dark
was everywhere. No human was safe. Nothing was safe. In this post-apocalyptic
world, the humans armed themselves and fought against the demons. The demons
opened many portals to other worlds. Demons came to earth from many other

On worlds of fire, worlds of gas, worlds of ice and worlds of stone, demons
of all kind rejoiced as they made their way to earth. This was the time they
had always been waiting for. For countless eons, the Powers That Be kept the
dark forces in check. Slayers and champions fought to protect humanity
against evil. Now, when civilization ended, the champions died. The Slayers
were gone. Only ordinary humanity remained. Ordinary men and women versus
monsters of all kind. Monsters that could fly. Monsters that could control
time and space. Monsters that could control the elements. Monsters that could
change form. Soldier demons. Warrior demons. Collector demons. Hellspawn.
Demonic sorcerers. Evil witches. Dark Gods. Hell gods. Demi-gods. Dark
spirits. Doppelgangers. Werewolves. Trolls. Giants. Titans. All sorts of
ancient forces loose upon the broken remnants of the world.

The vampire looked at all that and sighed. Once, his name was Angel. He was
the vampire with a soul. The champion of the Powers That Be. Soulmate of
Buffy Summers, the vampire slayer. Father of Connor, the legendary superhuman
monster hunter. Former lover of Cordelia Chase. Friend to Wesley Wyndham
Pryce, Charles Gunn, Winifred Burkle and Lorne the Host. When the mundane
world ceased to be, when the forces of evil came loose, Angel had been there.
He was still fighting the good fight. But it hadn't been the forces of evil
that destroyed the world. The humans did that. The humans and their arrogant
and selfish leaders. Humanity had doomed itself.

For eons, the forces of Good protected humanity. In the end, the humans
destroyed themselves and killed their own champions. Small wonder they were
left helpless when the forces of evil arrived en masse. Millions of demons
from a thousand demonic worlds turned the remnants of the planet Earth into
their playground. The humans were defenseless at first. The nuclear blast
had destroyed all technology. When the humans realized what they were up
against, they armed themselves and organized to survive. Ordinary men and
women united to fight evil. They had to fight. They had to win. If they lost,
the demonic forces would destroy humanity forever.

The demons had already begun transforming the planet Earth. It was fast
becoming an environment more suited to supernatural entities than ordinary
human beings. The forces of evil had fought hard to win this realm. Each
and every single time, they failed. A champion fought and stopped them. A
good sorcerer closed a demonic portal. A slayer stopped a demonic lord from
wiping out humanity. A vampire with a soul took down an evil law firm. A
vampire with a chip in his head closed the hellmouth forever. Now, the age
of heroes had come to an end. The humans were on their own. No more Slayers.
No more secret societies dedicated to fighting evil. No more
darklings-turned-do-gooders to save them at the last minute.

What does a vampire with a soul do in a world like this?

Angel had been walking around what once was Los Angeles. He had traveled all
over the world. He and Spike had been the only survivors of the Nuclear
Apocalypse. The arrogant and selfish politicians did what the demons and evil
forces could not : kill all that remained of Angel Investigations. Wesley
hadn't survived the Battle Against Wolfram & Hart. Cordelia had died shortly
before. Winifred/Illyria had died during the apocalyptic battle. Charles Gunn
hadn't survived the nuclear holocaust. Angel and Spike found themselves
alone. They were two of a kind. Vampires With Souls. Former Heroes in a world
without heroes. They were caught in a new age. All the forces of evil were
united against the humans. Vampires and werewolves fought side by side with
demons and monsters from hell-worlds. They knew that this was their only
chance of wiping out humanity. Still, can there be harmony among evil beings?

Demon lords and vampire lords fought for control over stretches of land.
Angel and Spike hung out together at first. Then, they got separated in a
fight. Spike was sucked into a demon dimension through a portal opened by a
demon overlord. Angel once again found himself alone in the world. Everyone
he once knew is now dead. Angel is not sure whether or not Spike is dead.
Odds are that William The Bloody is still alive somewhere. For the time
being, Angel was on his own.

He'd wandered into an abandoned warehouse. That's where a bunch of young
people stayed. They were hiding from the many demonic gangs in the area.
Angel once saved them from a horde of Thakrof demons. The Thakroves were a
race of seven-foot, green-skinned, purple-eyed humanoids. They came from a
watery world. They were amphibious. They were very strong and fast. Deadly
killers with a taste for human flesh. Angel had seen five of them attacking
the humans. He intervened. The Thakroves were great fighters but Angel had
centuries of experience. Plus, he had a battle-axe. He killed them. That
day, he saved these young humans. He'd gotten to know them. There was Adam,
a tall blond kid in his twenties. He had a small red scar on his left cheek.
Adam's brother Aaron was a red-haired boy of seventeen. There was also
Katrina, a tall, athletic black girl and Jessica, a bald-headed chick with

Angel had felt sorry for them. They were just kids trying to survive. He
became their protector. He taught them how to fight. He taught them the
various weaknesses of the demons. He helped them build weapons. They became
a great little fighting unit. They called themselves Death Dealers. They
knew that he was a vampire. They also knew that he was different from other
vampires. He was a vampire with a soul. Angel organized the Death Dealers
into an effective fighting force. The Death Dealers fought against the
demons. They recruited other humans to join their battle. Humans were
becoming slaves and fodder to the new demon lords. The Death Dealers were
among the first to revolt in this post-apocalyptic age....The Death Dealers
became the freedom fighters of this post-apocalyptic world, and Angel was
their mentor.

* * *

One night, Angel stayed in the warehouse. The others were out on patrol.
Angel couldn't come because he'd been wounded in a battle with a Fyarl demon
the previous night. Fyarl demons were ferocious monsters the size of bisons
and ten times stronger and more brutal. Angel was recuperating. He was
sleeping on a straw bed on the floor when he heard a noise. He looked up and
saw a familiar shape. It was the shape of Jessica. Jessica was one of the
Death Dealers. She was the gothic chick with the bald head and tattoos.
Recently, Jessica had discovered that she wasn't quite normal. She had the
ability to heal people with a simple touch. This extraordinary power made
her invaluable to the group. They went out fighting demons all the time.
Sometimes, only Jessica's healing touch prevented them from dying. The power
did not come without a price to Jessica. The young woman was sometimes
physically drained when she healed too many people at once. Angel had sensed
something special about the young woman. He'd actually helped her accept and
control her abilities.

Since then, they had become friends... That's why she watched over him
tonight. Jessica stood in the dark, looking at Angel as he rested. The
vampire with a soul had been grievously injured by the demon attackers.
Vampires healed quickly but they had their limits. Thankfully, the damage
hadn't been permanent. Angel would be alright. Jessica had been there
during the attack. The Death Dealers, now twenty members strong were hunting
some vampires. They tracked them down to their lair, only to discover that
the vampires had been decimated by the amphibious demons. Angel bravely
fought against them. The weapons of the Death Dealers, mostly guns and
machetes, hadn't worked all that well against bison-sized monsters with
armor-like scales on their bodies. Jessica had been fighting when Angel fell.
She had rushed to his side and helped him to his feet. Unfortunately, he'd
been too badly hurt to move.

While the others beat the monsters, she and a friend rushed Angel back to the
warehouse. Jessica longed to heal him. Unfortunately, her healing touch only
worked on the living. Angel was a vampire. Soul or no soul. Jessica's touch
did something altogether different to Angel. The girl did not know the extent
of her supernatural powers of healing. She could heal the living but not the
living dead. What her touch did to Angel was heal not his flesh but his soul.
The curse that Angel had carried within himself for centuries was lifted. He
was still a vampire with a soul but he would not lose his soul if he were to
experience a moment of happiness.

When Jessica touched Angel, a strange light flowed from her and into him.
The light was some energy from the Powers That Be, showing that they had not
forgotten their champion, even in this dark time. Angel slowly recovered
from the supernatural whammy that had been dropped on him. Angel looked at
Jessica. He hadn't noticed before but she was...beautiful. Jessica looked
at Angel. She wanted to apologize for touching him in his sleep but the look
he gave her stopped her. Jessica had never been looked at like that by
anyone. Especially not Angel. "Come to me." Angel said.

Jessica looked at him. She had wanted him for so long but thought he didn't
feel the same way. Angel had the looks of a dark god. She looked like a
gothic punk. She'd been with a couple of guys before but they had just used
her. Although, to be honest, she was a little bit curious and went along with
it at the time. She came toward Angel and embraced him. A beautiful girl
embracing a dark lord of the night. A vampire. Not just any vampire. The
Vampire With A Soul.

Jessica and Angel kissed passionately. It had been a long time for both of
them. They undressed each other in the dark. Angel gently caressed Jessica's
nubile young body. He licked her perky tits and caressed her sexy ass.
Jessica kissed his neck, caressed his chest and then her hand found his erect
manhood. She kissed a path down from his chest until her lips finally found
his pelvic region. She took him into her mouth. Angel groaned. He hadn't done
this in awhile. Jessica continued to suck on his cock, going up and down.
Angel felt a thrilling sensation all over as her warm mouth engulfed his hard
cock. He thrust into her mouth. She sucked him and licked at his balls. She
went at it for a few moments before he came. When he did, she drank his seed.
She licked him up until he was dry.

Angel lay on the straw bed on the floor, with Jessica lying next to him. He
wanted her so bad. She wanted him just as bad, he could tell. She straddled
him. He placed his hands upon her hips. She lowered herself until her pussy
pressed against his hard cock. He thrust into her. Jessica grimaced when he
entered her. She licked her lips when she felt the deliciously hot pain. His
hard cock slammed into her coochie and she rode him like a cowgirl on a bull.
Angel fucked her, hard. She screamed as he drove his stick deep into her.
They came together three times that night.

After fucking for awhile, they paused to let their bodies recover. The wait
wasn't long. Vampires had almost unlimited stamina. So did girls with
supernatural healing powers, apparently. Jessica lay right next to Angel,
her sexy round butt pressing against his groin. Angel looked at her ass and
licked his lips. He wanted some of that. He held his cock in his hand and
pressed it against her backdoor. She didn't resist. He continued, slowly
penetrating her sexy ass with his big dick.

Finally, he was in. He started fucking her. He went slowly at first, letting
her tight ass get used to his huge cock. As she got more used to it, he
slammed her harder and went deeper. Jessica felt Angel's big cock moving
inside her butthole. She'd never had anything that big up her ass before. It
felt so damn good that she came right then and there ! At the same time,
Angel grunted and came in her ass, flooding her tight rectum with his hot
cum. They screamed in unison, loud enough to wake the dead. The sex was that

After that night, Angel and Jessica became an item. The vampire with a soul
had a lot of catching up to do and Jessica was perfectly willing to help him
make up for lost time.

The End


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