Angel: Alternate Lives Part 1 (no sex)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Angelus. He is one of a kind. A vampire with a soul. He was born in 1750 in
Ireland. The son of a wealthy nobleman. In 1770, he became a vampire. He was
the fledgling of Darla, a wicked and beautiful female vampire. He would join
the inner circle of the Master, a vampire who had been alive for many
centuries. It was the Master who made Darla in 1357 A.D. in Europe. Angel
and Darla lived with the Master, becoming known as the most ferocious and
evil vampires of all time. They were feared by vampires and demons alike.

Angelus would meet Drusilla in 1856 and make her into one of the undead.
Drusilla in turn would change William "The Bloody" Harris, a young poet in
Britain. William would become the cool, bad-ass vampire known as Spike. In
1860, Angelus would wander around in Romania and meet a beautiful gypsy
girl. He would seduce, then kill her. Her people, the magically powered
Kalderash would punish him by restoring his soul, doing something
unprecedented in the history of all beings. A vampire with a soul. The
vilest and most evil of all demonic breeds....cursed with a conscience.
Angelus would feel a lot of remorse for his past misdeeds and swear to
help people.

He left the Master's band and went off on his own in a mission of Redemption.
From then on, he called himself Angel.

In 1997, he would go to Sunnydale, California and meet Buffy Summers, the
vampire slayer. A young woman gifted with extraordinary powers and charged
with a mission: to kill vampires. Buffy and Angel would fall in love.
Eventually, he would have to leave Sunnydale because his love for Buffy
could cost him his soul, and without his soul, Angel would revert to
Angelus, his evil self. Angel would go to Los Angeles and meet some people.
The beautiful Cordelia Chase, ex-queen of Sunnydale high, now a struggling
actress and Doyle, a half-demon masquerading as human. They would create
Angel Investigations. They would help the Helpless. The rest, as they say
is history.


What if Angel hadn't come to Sunnydale? He never meets Buffy or the rest of
the gang. He never goes to Los Angeles and fight Wolfram & Hart. He never
sets up shop to help the helpless. He is a lonely immortal, a rogue vampire
cursed with a soul wandering through life without purpose...

I think it would be interesting to explore...

* * *


Angel woke up slowly and painfully. He got up from the bed where he slept.
It was 10 o'clock in the morning. The human world was already awake and
active. Angel was not part of the day to day, nine to five world of the
humans. He hadn't been for 234 years.

He lived in a small apartment in New York. It was a simple enough place. One
bedroom, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. He could afford much more.
But he led a frugal lifestyle. He had gotten an identity as Angelo Lensherr
but he hated the name. He was a nightime security guard at one of NY's
sports agencies. XAI (Ex-Athletes Incorporated). The agency was started by
ex-football player Matthew Johnson and his buddy, former basketball superstar
Nicolas Mabunke. The agency made $34 million a year. Angel made $70,000.

He had grown tired of the life of running from place to place and always
trying to redeem himself. He fought demons and vampires and for what? To
protect a human world that didn't know he existed and would hunt him down
like a rat if it knew? He was the vampire with a soul. He wasn't welcome

It was Sunday, one of his two days off. He got up and went to the shower,
and got ready. Then he got dressed: black leather jacket, red shirt, black
jeans and black Nike sneakers. He looked at the gold ring that never left
the middle finger of his left hand. The Ring of M'Kare. It was a special
ring that shielded its wearer from the light of the sun. The ring had been
forged by night-dwelling creatures that existed long before the humans. A
race called the Takkren. The Takkren had been wiped out when the vampires
came into being. These days, vamps ruled the night. But a little Takkren
techno-magic went a long way.

He stepped out into the light and faced the glare of the sun. He had been
in possession of the Ring for over twenty years now and still couldn't get
used to its power. As a vampire, he feared the light. He walked to his car,
a Plymouth Sedan and drove out of the parking lot.

He drove through the streets of New York. Sometimes, it still fazed him how
the world had changed in just a couple of centuries. If someone had told him
that there would be flying machines back when he was a kid, he would have
laughed. Yet here they were. He chanced a glance upward at a plane flying far
above. He grinned. Life was good. He soon arrived at his destination. Club

It was a Goth club frequented by rich kids who had strange taste in clothing
and pretty much everything else. He went there, and immediately noticed that
at this hour of the day, there weren't that many people in. He sniffed the
air and noticed several demons. A Skryll (tall, red-eyed, purple-skinned
humanoid with claws and fangs) and three Mortogs (porcupine-like humanoids).
They all had Transfiguration Hexes going on. To any human being who looked
at them, they looked and even sounded human but Angel wasn't human. They
glared at him. Yes, they could tell he was a vampire. He looked around until
he saw the one he was looking for: Mr. Blake. A tall, muscular black man clad
in a business suit.

Mr. Blake was not a demon, nor was he a human. He was one of those Half
Breeds, the result of unions between humans and demons. Ahmed Blake owned
Club Dread. He was a millionaire. The guy radiated power. Angel sensed his
powers, he had a nose for half breeds. He watched as Blake simply looked at
a cigarette he held in his hand, and lit it. Pyrokinesis. Cool.

"Hello, Mr. Blake," said Angel.

Blake looked at him, and smiled. "Yo, Angel, my man, whats up?"

Angel came over and shook his hand. He worked for Blake when he was low on
cash. Like now. Angel felt like leaving NY. His life here was leading
nowhere. Even immortality did not protect you from failure and the hazards
of life. "You have a job for me?" said Angel.

Blake smiled. "Always get to the point, huh, Angel-boy?" he said, smiling.
"Alright, my man. Here's the deal."

They sat down and ordered martinis. Angel sampled his. It was exquisite.
Shaken, not stirred.

"I've got this hot deal for you, Angel. All you have to do is kill someone."
Angel blinked. He had sworn never to take the lives of human beings a century
ago. "I know you dont do that," said Blake. Soul and all. I feel you. But
your assignment is not human. It's a monstrosity that needs to be dealt with

Angel looked at him. "A non-human?" he said.

Blake smiled. "Dude, this thing is even less human than I am."

Angel nodded. Blake was not very human. He did however have the human vices
of greed and lust. Oh, and having incredible powers and being heir to
fabulous wealth hadn't been good for his modesty. "How much?" said Angel.

Blake smiled. "One million dollars. Half upfront. Half when the job is done."

Angel swallowed hard. He hadn't seen that much cash in his existence. He
needed to move and had to get a lot of money...and this was like a dream come
true. "I'm gonna need to think about it," said Angel. He was
With that much cash, he could finally set up shop somewhere and look for
someone who could do a Transfiguration on him. He harbored some dreams of
being human, still.

"You'll take it," said Blake.

It wasn't a question. They shook hands. Blake looked at someone past Angel
and the vampire with a soul turned. He looked and saw something he never
thought he'd see. A strange demon. Seven feet tall, broad-shouldered,
muscular. Scaly green skin. Lidless black eyes. Huge hands ending in wicked
claws. Fangs. Large horns atop a reptilian head. Angel had heard of this
kind of demon before, but they were reclusive and seldom seen in this world.
The Maelaborium. One of the most feared and ruthless demon species. They were
rumored to be from a parallel world called Grakshen and the footsoldiers of
the underworld were recruited among them.

"Greetings, vampire," said the demon. "I am called Maelfas."

Angel looked at Blake. The black man smiled. "Afraid he's your new partner,
Angel. The Maelaborium have an interest in killing that thing as well."

Angel almost rolled his eyes. The other demons in the club recoiled. They
could sense the Maelaborium's other-worldy, extra-dimensional power.

Now, he was going to work with him. Great.

To be Continued...


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