Angel: Alternate Lives Part 2 (FF,inter,trans)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Angel and the Maelaborium exited the club. He gasped as the demon suddenly
shifted. It changed, going from a seven-foot, super-powerful entity to a
human. A tall, lean woman with long red hair and light blue eyes. A woman
clad from head to toe in black leather. Angel couldnt' help but stare.

"Why do you stare ?" said the shapeshifting Maelaborium.

Angel shrugged. "Why do you look like a woman?" he said pointedly. "Not that
I mind."

Maelfas smiled. "I chose to be female because I am female," she said. "You
may call me Mel."

'Oh, great, a girl,' thought Angel.

They walked to Angel's car.

"Nice vehicle," said Mel.

Angel looked at her. "It's a car, humans use it to go around," he explained.

Mel smiled coldly. "It may surprise you, vampire, that this is not my first
visit to this warren humans call home."

Angel cocked his ear. From what little he knew, the Maelaborium were
isolationists and other beings tended to avoid them. "So, what exactly are
we hunting?" he asked.

Mel frowned a little then looked at him with a strange look on her face. "We
have the honor of hunting the rarest of all creatures. A Chekarava," said
Mel. She explained how rare the Chekarava were without saying exactly what
they were and that they were highly dangerous.

Angel looked at her. "Any idea how to locate them?"

Mel produced a small blue orb. "This a location hex," she said. "It will
point us in the right direction." The location hex suddenly became an arrow
that pointed straight ahead.

Angel grunted. 'And I thought I was special,' he said to himself.

He drove on.

* * *

Brooklyn, NY.

Miriam Brady woke up. It was around 10 0'clock in the morning. She lived in
a small apartment near the Park. It was an apartment she shared with her
roommate, Linda Tresor. Linda was out on a date with her boyfriend Kyle
Brunsky. Linda and Miriam were both students at Brooklyn College. Both had
been born and raised in Brooklyn and won scholarships to the local school.

Miriam got up. She was a slender, wiry girl of eighteen. Her skin was
pale-white, her hair black. Her eyes were light brown. She shaved her head
four weeks ago. Her hair was now spiky and real short. Just the way she
liked it. She put on some clothes: Harlem World T-shirt, black sweatpants
and sneakers. She put her New York Yankees baseball cap on backwards and
decided to go for a jog. Her friends sometimes teased her about being the
quintessential tomboy. She usually didn't mind. There was a lot they didn't
know about her.

For starters, she was a weirdo. It wasn't because of her fashion statement,
or lack thereof. The girl was weird. She had a knack for getting into
trouble. She had once been in a burning building and been found inside,
unconscious amidst the flames. Not even a blister. She didnt think much of
it. She was ten at the time. But later, when she was seventeen, something
happened. A car drove by, blasting everyone. She dove too late. A dozen
bullets hit her. She fell. She felt the bullets go in. The extreme pain.
And then it was gone. She had healed from the bullet wounds a mere five
minutes after being hit. No one knew this.

Now, there were those weird dreams she kept having. Dreams of strange,
majestic, green creatures of great power hunting her down and killing her.
They called her something: Chekarava!!!

She had to get it out of her system before it drove her nuts. She left the
apartment, and went jogging. The Park was awfully close to where she lived.

She went there, and started running. She bumped into an old lady. "Oh,
sorry," she said.

The old lady glared at her with malice in her eyes. Then she...shifted.
Miriam gasped. For a second there, the old lady looked like...something
else. She said something that sounded like gibberish but to Miriam's ears
the message was painfully clear: "Today is the day you die, Chekarava

Miriam ran.

* * *

New York City.

Angel the vampire looked at the beautiful female sitting on his passenger
seat. "Wanna tell me what this is all about?" he said.

Mel glared at him. "What do you mean, vampire?"

Angel winced. "The name's Angel."

She almost sighed. "We are going to find the Chekarava and kill it. Simple."

Angel looked at her. "What exactly is a Chekarava?" He said.

"Who cares?" Mel shrugged.

"You do. Your people sent you all the way out here to get the Chekarava, it
must be pretty important."

Mel looked at him. "Alright, I'll talk. The Chekarava is a monster, an
abomination in the eyes of my people. Until it achieves its full growth, it
is vulnerable. That's why we must get to it as soon as possible."

Angel glared at her. There was a seriousness in her tone that told him that
she was not bull-shitting him. Still, who could tell with female demons? He
scratched his ear. "Mel, what happens when the Chekarava is full grown, and
what exactly is it?" he said.

"The Chekarava is the offspring of one of us......" she began.

Angel grimaced. "You kill your own children? That's low, even for demons."

Mel snarled. "The Chekarava is the offspring of a Maelaborium with a human,"
she said. "If it is allowed to achieve full growth, it will be impossible to
kill in this Plane of Existence. It will be unstoppable. It's a natural born

Angel smiled. "That's why you fear it so, so what does it look like?
Humanoid, I presume."

Mel looked at the location orb. "Until full growth is achieved, the Chekarava
is more human than not, however, once full growth is achieved, it has less
humanity than even your kind."

Angel looked at her. "We are hunting a human, no way!" he said.

"Concern for a human? How unusual for a vampire!" she said. She looked at the
orb, which went from blue to orange. "This indicates not only the location of
the Chekarava but also other information." They watched as the orb went from
orange to bright red. Mel smiled. "How unusual," she said.

"What?" said Angel.

"It would appear that the Chekarava in question is quite young, and female at

"Cool," said Angel.

The orb kept shifting and turned bright purple.

"What does it mean?" he asked.

"This means that the Chekarava nears its cycle. It will cease to be human in
one sksahb-ahadm-avbsd," she said.

"What does sksahb-ahadm-avbsd mean?" said Angel.

Mel grinned. "The equivalent of one of your earth weeks," she said. "We must
hurry, fledgling Chekarava will be ravenous once full growth is achieved."

Angel feared the answer but he had to ask. "What, pray tell, does a fully
grown Chekarava eat?"

Mel grinned evilly. "Humans."

Angel grunted and stepped on the pedal, propelling the car faster on the
highway. They had to get to Brooklyn, fast.

* * *

Brooklyn, NY.

Miriam had finished her jog. She saw her friend Stefan on the road. Stefan
was one of those nice guys she knew. A tall, big and slightly chubby
african-american male. Like her, he was a student at Brooklyn College. They
met not too long ago. They went to the local McDonalds to eat.

"Miriam, you haven't touched your burger or fries," said Stefan.

Miriam shrugged. "Sorry, Stefan, I'm just out of it lately," she said.

Stefan rolled his eyes. "Lay it on me, girl."

She hesitated. 'Should she tell him that she had weird dreams and, oh, she
healed quickly from injuries that would kill any ordinary human being?' She
might get committed. "I just feel like I'm changing," she said. "And not for
the better."

Stefan listened as she went on. "Maybe it's a transition toward something
better," he said. "Like a whatever that thing is called, from that to a
Butterfly," he said.

She smiled. The big guy was always helpful. Of course, he didn't know she
dreamed of changing into something so freaky and out of reality that even
those guys on Sci Fi could not have imagined it. Some kind of flesh-eating

Boy was she glad it was a dream. They talked and talked about stuff. They
talked about school. He was studying computer science and she was interested
in Business Administration. Stefan once had a crush on Linda, Miriam's
roommate. Now, Stefan had affairs of his own going on. He was seeing a
bad-ass kind of girl named Loren something or other from school. He was into
that goth thing, well, she was. Miriam was happy for him.

She once had a boyfriend, Andre Dubois. He was a tall, lean, handsome african
american boy of seventeen and she was sixteen. They dated for three months,
and she gave herself to him. They had sex multiple times after that. They
were together from tenth grade to senior year. Then, Andre left town. He went
to Boston to study Business on scholarship. She remained in Brooklyn. She
hadn't had another boyfriend since.

Suddenly, she felt uneasy. She felt dizzy, and also felt pain, like her head
was being split in half. She got a vision. Some guy was driving a fancy car.
There was something in the passenger seat. Something that looked like a
woman, but she knew it wasn't. She screamed in pain.

"Miriam, girl, are you alright?" said Stefan.

She didn't answer. She just knew she had to get out of there. Fast.

* * *

At the same time, Angel and his inhuman passenger were entering Brooklyn. Mel
began to quiver with excitement. "The Chekarava is here, I can feel it," she

Angel grunted. "What else is new?" he said.

Mel grinned maliciously. "I think it knows we're coming for it."


She hurried out of the McDonalds. Should she go home? Nah. Somehow, she knew
this was where they'd go. She had to run. She ran through the street. Maybe
she could go somewhere and call for help. She sensed the cops wouldn't know
how to handle this. They relied on technology and reason and evidence. There
was nothing technological or reasonable about the threat that was coming
after her. She had no money. Against her better judgement, she found herself
running home. She'd take some clothes, some money, that's it. She had to run.
She didn't know about the man who drove the car in her vision but he didn't
matter. She could sense the power of the being that sat next to him. It
wanted her dead. No doubt about it.

She hurried to her place and took what little money she could find: $474. She
took some clothes. Maybe she could afford a motel for awhile and food. That
was it. She had no car. She left the building by the back door and was about
to hurry to the T station when she suddenly felt dizzy. It was the presence
of that...that thing, only it was much, much closer.

She hid in the bushes near the building when she saw a car come and park in
the lot. Her heart skipped a beat. It was the Plymouth Sedan from her vision.
She saw two people come out of it. A tall, well-put-together and handsome
man with dark hair and a strikingly beautiful woman...only she was no woman,
though for some reason Miriam could sense that it was a female. The monster
who had come to kill her. Looking at the man, she could somehow sense that
he was different, very different. Her eyes adjusted and she saw things
differently. People walked by. She saw with eyes that were more than human.
Human beings all contained a bright yellow essence that glowed within: the
soul. She senses many, many souls around. The woman who had come out of the
Sedan had no such thing, there was a black void. She was a demon. An evil
creature. But when she looked at the man who was with her, she saw the Void
common to all demons. She also saw a bright yellow essence that was eternal.
The soul. A demon....with a soul?

She had no time to ponder. She had to get out of there. Suddenly, the
female demon turned to look at her. She screeched. A very inhuman sound.
The man-demon with a soul covered his ears.

"What are you doing, Mel?" he said.

"The Chekarava is here, vampire." said the one called Mel.

Miriam felt something inside her rise to an ancient challenge. She rose from
where she hid.

"Here she is," said Mel. "Angel, she is mine."

The man-demon called Angel glared at her. "All I see is a human girl," he

"The Transformation hasn't occured yet. We can't kill her."

Mel looked at Miriam, and suddenly the skies darkened and overhead, a storm
was threatening to blow them all away. "I will have my meal," said Mel. And
she suddenly changed into something tall and green and very powerful.

"I can't let you kill a human," said Angel, and he threw himself at Mel.
The female demon gasped. The vampire named Angel tried to grab her but her
strength was too great. She threw him off like a doll. Angel landed twenty
feet away. Amazingly, he was still conscious. "Run, kid, run!" he shouted.

Miriam ran.

Angel forced himself to rise. Mel's strength was incredible. He was amazed
at how strong she was. Then again, she was a super-powerful, otherwordly,
extra-dimensional demon, wasn't she? He pulled out the sword he always
carried under his jacket and ran after her.

Miriam ran.

She ran as fast as she could. She hurried through the streets. She could see
the female demon coming after her. It was fast. It also returned to its human
form. Now, they were just two women playing cat and mouse. Down the street, a
bunch of guys stared at them.

"Come back, you bitch!" Mel screamed.

"Leave me alone, freak!" Miriam said as she ran.

"Hmmmm, dykes," said a young Latino man who sat on a corner, watching the two

Meanwhile, Angel...

He could smell Miriam, and the scent was still human. Too bad the same
couldn't be said of Mel. The bitch was strong! He had no idea if he could
take her. She was a shapeshifting super monster from another world. He was
no slouch himself. A vampire with a soul. He'd doubled back and got his car
off the lot. He drove the unfamiliar Brooklyn street. He had to get to
Miriam before Mel did.....

He suddenly heard shouts and drove his car down a wide street. He saw the
short-haired girl dressed like a boy, and the angry woman in hot pursuit.
"Get in," he said to the girl.

The girl hesitated for a second. "Who the fuck are you?" she said.

Angel grinned. "I am here to help you, kid. Come with me if you want to

She jumped in the back. Angel hit the pedal, Mel was less than a hundred
feet away...but they left her behind.

* * *

"What's going on?" said Miriam.

"I was hoping you could tell me. I was hired to do a hit, but I don't do
hits on humans." She stared at him. "Hi," he said. "I am Angel, hit man
extraordinaire from Manhattan."

"What are you?" she said.

"Vampire," he said honestly.

Miriam smiled. "Ain't it early for you to be out and about?" she said.

"I'm a special case," he said quickly.

They drove the streets.

"Know why she want to kill me?" said Miriam.

Angel shrugged. "I don't know, something about you being a Chekarava or Half

Miriam hesitated. "Half what?" she asked.

Angel had always believed in telling youngsters the truth. "You are not
human. Not a hundred percent. You are part demon. For that reason, she wants
you dead."

Miriam slumped in her chair. After a few minutes of silence, she said, "And

Angel grinned at her. "I don't kill humans." He looked at his watch. He
really needed to get back to Manhattan and give Blake a piece of his mind
for assigning him to kill a human. Or a mostly human and tomboyish female.

"Can you drop me somewhere?" she said.

Angel grimaced. "Actually, that's a bad idea. The demon you just met has a
device for tracking you down. We've been tracking you down since Manhattan.
I wouldn't stop anywhere if i were you."

"Great," said Miriam. "Now, what am I going to do? I can't just stay on the
run for my whole existence!"

Angel scowled. "What's wrong with staying on the run? I've been doing it
since 1770."

Miriam looked at him, laughed. "You don't look old to me, mister Angel."
She looked in the rearview mirror, trying to catch a glimpse of his handsome
face reflected. She saw nothing. "You gotta be kidding me," she said.

Angel laughed. "Oh, no, little lady. I kid you not."

Back in Brooklyn...

Mel had searched the whole place and hadn't been able to find them. She had
changed into her true form, spreading wings and flying over the city. In
this world, her kind's powers were limited. Oh, she was still immortal but
on Earth, that hardly made her special. Many breeds of demons were immortal.
Vampires, for one. And the body-stealing Sharek. She was limited in power
and would not be able to remain in her true form for long.

Maelaborium seldom left their homeworld. The red sun of their world nourished
them and gave them endless life and strength. Still, some Maelaborium males
got this urge to wander around looking for adventure. Some females also
suffered from that unnatural urge. They left the homeworld through Portals.
They liked to visit Earth. While limited in power there, they also gained
one. On the homeworld, a Maelaborium had a lifespan of five thousand cycles
(years). On earth, the yellow sun simply stopped the aging process in their
bodies. They could live forever there.

Some of the Maelaborium, mostly the males had affairs with human females.
These affairs resulted in half breed offspring. The Chekarava. The
Maelaborium were a proud race. To mix their blood with that of humanity
was an outrage. Still, some did it. The Supreme Council on the homeworld
created a special task force to hunt down and kill all Chekarava.

They were very dangerous creatures. The powers they inherited from their
demonic parents would make them super predators on Earth. Mel thought this
fool Angel did not know what he was doing. Then again, Angel was a male and
the Chekarava was an attractive female...maybe he was attracted to her...
the thought of it made Mel shudder in disgust. The sooner she found and
killed the Chekarava, the better. She used her powers to mesmer a human.
This human was tall, female, and had dark brown skin. The human female
called herself Miranda Brown. Mel had come to her in a place called a bar,
and told her she was looking for a young woman. The black female had smiled
and asked her to dance. Unfamiliar with human customs, Mel agreed. Miranda
proceeded to grope her in the same manner she had seen males grope females
on the homeworld. Earthlings were disgusting! And unnatural. Still, Mel
needed the black woman's help so she had proceeded to mesmer her.

The Mesmer Trick was an old one Maelaborium females used on the males they
cherished to prevent unfaithfulness. For a period of a year, it would turn
any male into a lovesick puppy, as humans would say. The Mesmer Trick only
worked during sexual encounters. Mel hadn't known how to have sex with a
human, much less a female but Miranda Brown had been eager to teach her.

First, she lay Mel on a bed with her legs spread then she ate Mel's pussy.
Mel found this sensation very pleasurable. It seemed that human female bodies
had a heightened capacity for pleasure. She allowed Miranda to fuck her with
her fingers, then let the woman fuck her with something called a strap on
dildo. Then Miranda insisted on being pleasured. Mel had scanned the black
female and detected places of pleasure. She had Miranda close her eyes then
assumed the form of a human male and used the male penis to enter Miranda's
pussy, and fuck her until orgasm ensued for the both of them, then Miranda
lowered her anus upon Mel's penis and allowed herself to be buttfucked.

Mel found Miranda's ass to be far tighter and more enjoyable than her pussy.
Mel came in Miranda's ass. When she saw Miranda about to open her eyes, she
resumed the female form she liked to wear and Mesmerized the woman. Now,
Miranda was a lovesick drone who would do anything Mel asked. Mel decided
that her new minion should drive her to whatever destination Angel and the
Chekarava had gone to.

It wasn't over yet and Mel wanted to complete her mission.

To be Continued...


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