Angel: Anal Attraction (MF,oral,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Winifred Burkle looked at Wesley Wyndham Pryce. The former Watcher sat
comfortably behind his desk. He was a tall, slender man with black hair and
pale blue eyes. A distinguished member of the British aristocracy. Wesley had
been born into wealth and power. He was a genius, gifted in mathematics as
well as linguistics. His father was part of a secret society known as the
Watcher's Council. The Watcher's Council hunted down vampires and demons. All
threats to the world of man. The Watchers also trained the Slayers.

Wesley was once the Watcher of a Slayer named Faith. Faith was the rogue who
went bad. Back in Sunnydale, Buffy had defeated Faith. Faith had almost died,
recovered, returned to L.A. in a vengeance gig and then wound up in prison,
thanks to the legendary vampire Angel. Wesley had joined the team known as
Angel Investigations. Angel Investigations was made up of Angel, the vampire
with a soul and his friends. Gunn, a streetwise black man who hunted vampires
for sport. Cordelia, a beautiful aspiring actress with the ability to see the
future. Winifred "Fred" Burkle was a beautiful young scientist who got
accidentally sent to the hell dimension of Pylea. They had rescued her. She
returned to Los Angeles with them. Now, she was a member of the team. Wesley
and Fred started out being friends. They had a lot in common. Eventually,
they became more than friends.

Fred looked at Wesley. He was busily reading a book about demonic
pathologies. She loved looking at him when he thought there was no one
around. He was a lovely man. He was also the man she loved. A really great
guy. Wesley sensed that he wasn't alone and looked at her. He smiled. "Hello,
Fred." he said.

"Hey, Wes." said Fred. She walked toward him.

He rose from his chair and they embraced. Tonight, they were alone. Angel was
at the Opera house with Cordelia. Gunn and Lorne were checking out the newest
clubs in town...together. This left Fred and Wesley by themselves. They
smiled at each other like any young couple. Like ordinary people. Except that
they weren't ordinary

Fred took Wes's hand in hers. "Come with me." She said.

"Yes, ma'am." said Wesley, smiling.

Winifred "Fred" Burkle's heartbeat sped up as she led her lover, Wesley
Wyndham Pryce down the halls of the hotel. She led him to her chambers. Once
there, she locked the door behind them.

"What are you gonna do to me?" Wes asked.

"Anything I want." Fred smiled sexily. She looked him up and down. "Get on
the bed."

Wesley obeyed. Fred looked at him. She could tell how badly he wanted her.
She undressed before him, revealing her sexy body. Wesley undressed as well
and the sight of his well-toned masculine form aroused her. She wanted him.

"Come to me." He said.

"Yes, sir." Fred grinned.

They kissed, and their bodies pressed against one another. The comfortable
bed almost bucked. Fred kissed every inch of Wes's body. She then took his
cock in her hands and pumped her hand up and down on it. She then took him
into her mouth. Wesley groaned when Fred took his cock into her mouth. She
sucked his cock and licked his balls. He grimaced. She continued what she
was doing. Just sucking and sucking. Not long after that, he came. Fred
drank his cum. Normally, she wouldn't allow such a thing to be done, at
least not by her or to her, but she was with Wesley and she did it to make
him happy. She was happy to see him being happy. She took his essence into
her. Until he was dry. He lay on the bed, looking at her. He was catching
his breath from the delicious treatment she had given him. He pulled her
to him and propped her on the bed, going between her legs, eager to return
the favor. Fred didn't want to be eaten out. Not right now, anyway. She
wanted him....NOW. "Let's fuck." She said.

Wesley looked at her, surprised. Fred grinned and got on all fours, shaking
her sexy ass in front of him. Wesley positioned himself behind Fred. Fred
waited for him, aching to feel him inside her. He rubbed his hard cock
against her bottom. She wanted him so badly. Her sexy bottom begging to be
breached. Her hands spread her ass wide open, exposing her anus. She then
turned around and looked at Wesley. It was pretty clear what she wanted.
Wesley was happy. He wanted to take her like that. "Tell me how you want
it." He asked.

"What?" Fred asked.

"Tell me!" Wes said.

Fred smiled. "I want you to fuck my ass!"

Wesley grinned and slid his cock against her anal cavity. He pressed,
and pushed. Slowly, the British man's hard cock slid into the Texan girl's
asshole. He placed his hands on her hips and pumped his cock into her. Fred
screamed in pain. His cock felt so huge up her ass. He continued what he was
doing, fucking her hard and fast. She rocked back against him, driving him
deeper inside her. The pain was replaced by pleasure as her ass welcomed
the intruding cock yet resisted him all the way. He slammed into her in a
formidable display of male power. Hard and fast. Just the way she liked it.
Finally, he came. Fred, who had been fingering her pussy furiously as he
drilled his cock into her ass came as well. Wesley eased his cock out of
her. She rolled on her back and looked at him.

Wesley looked at her. Winifred's body looked so sexy yet so frail. He really
thought he could break her. She looked at him, grinned, and winked. Reaching
up with her arms, she held him and he lay against her.

"Thanks for the fuck." she said. She kissed him.

Wesley smiled. "You're welcome."

They held each other like this for a long time. Fred loved Wesley and she
enjoyed making love with him but sometimes, she wanted to get fucked and was
glad to know that he could do that for her as well. Yet another reason why
she loved him so much. The guy may seem so polished by day but at night, he
was an animal in her bed.

The End


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