Disclaimer: The Characters belong to Joss; Im just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back (I can't do anything about the
smiles on their faces, though.)

Rating: (NC-17)

Pairing: Angelus/Darla, Angelus/Kate, Angelus/Orig Female Character,
Kate/Orig Fem Char, other combinations and pairings

WARNING: Non-Consensual Sex, Character Death, And BDSM

Summary: Angelus Returns, but hes got a plan this time AU from the End of
the Second Season Angel Episode, Reprise.

Authors Note: The "Previously" section is from


Angel enters his apartment, but stops a few steps in.

Angel: "What do you want, Darla? (Holds up the ring and looks over his
shoulder) You want this?"

Angel drops the ring on the floor and Darla hurries over to pick it up.
Before she can, Angel grabs her arm and sends her stumbling towards the wall.

Angel: "Or maybe what you really want is this! (Pushes her up against the
wall and gently brushes the hair back from her face) That may be - what you
really want, isn't it?"

Kisses her softly, then, when she doesn't react, a little harder. Darla
pushes him away.

Darla: "Don't play games with me."

Angel: "I'm not playing. I just wanna feel something besides the cold."

Pushes her back onto a table, lowers himself on top of her and kisses her
again. Darla reaches up and pushes his jacket off his shoulders, kissing him
back. Angel strips off his jacket with her help, still kissing her. Suddenly
Darla begins to laugh and Angel pulls back at the same time she pushes him
and gets up.

Angel: "Why're you laughing?"

Darla continues to laugh, not answering him, and Angel hits her, sending her
crashing through the glass doors leading to his bedroom. Angel slowly walks
after her as she rolls over and looks up at him.

Angel: "Don't you feel the cold?"

Angel grabs her by the shoulders and pulls her up.

Darla: "What're you doing?"

Angel: "It doesn't matter. (Strokes the side of her face) None of it

He kisses her again and she responds. They fall back onto the bed and strip
off each other's clothes.

The camera pans from the curtains in the open window, billowing in the wind
of the thunderstorm outside, over some books dropped on the floor, over their
discarded clothes and up to the bed. Angel and Darla are lying on the bed
asleep, Angel on his back, Darla on her side with her back to him.


~ ~ ~

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 1 - The Return Of Angelus Chapter 1
by Red Jaconson ([email protected])

Angelus opened his eyes, gasping, as he felt the soul being torn from his
body. I'm back! he exulted, grinning to himself. Looking around the room, his
gaze rested on Darla's sleeping body. 'Exhausted from her bout with soul-boy,
no doubt,' the demon thought scornfully. 'Well, she better get her rest,
because I've got lots of time to make up for,' he thought, stroking his
rapidly hardening cock. 'But first, I'm hungry, and I know the soul doesn't
have anything but pig blood, here. It's time to get some fresh blood, and I
know just where I can get some.' Pulling on his clothes, he dressed quickly
and went out for a bite.

A little later, Angelus walked back into his apartment in the Hyperion,
carrying the unconscious form of Kate Lockley. 'Don't know how I was able to
convince her to let me in, but I'm glad she did; saves me having to hunt any
further,' he thought, as he set the blonde down on the couch, and quickly
removed her clothing. Picking her back up, he carried her into the bedroom.
'Darla's sure to be hungry and I don't want her leaving yet,' the demon
thought, with a lustful smile on his face.

Setting the woman on the floor, Angelus removed his clothing and walked
over to the bed. Slapping Darla on the ass, hard, he crooned into her ear,
"Wakey-Wakey, Darla! I've brought you a snack!"

Darla opened her eyes, blinked, and looked up at him, "Angelus? Is that you?"
she asked hopefully.

"Yes, it s me," Angelus smirked, "no more pesky soul. Now, why dont you get
a bite? For what I've got planned, you'll need your strength.

Darla looked over and saw the nude blonde laying the corner. Licking her
lips, she asked, "Is she just food, or do you want to play with her, as

"Oh, we will play with her, don't worry! But, don't take too much for now.
I have plans for this city, and I'll need her expertise. Now, eat!" Angelus

Darla climbed out of bed, walking over to the barely conscious woman. Angelus
watched as Darla crouched down next to her.

"Oh, you are a tasty little morsel, arent you?" she cooed, as the demon came
to the forefront, and she bit into the blonde's neck.

Watching the pulse beat in Kate's neck, Angelus stopped Darla before she
drained too much. As Darla withdrew her fangs, and let her face slip back to
normal, the former detective fell unconscious. Darla started to stand up, but
Angelus barked, "Stay on your knees! Its time you learn the rules, now that
I'm back."

Darla stayed kneeling, but glared at him and opened her mouth to speak, but
Angelus stopped her before she could say anything.

"Darla, you are no longer my sire. My sire was dusted three years ago,"
Angelus explained, using the tone a schoolmaster would use with a not too
bright student. "Now, you are my grand-childe, and, as such, you must obey
me, as your master. Now, you have a choice, you can crawl over here and take
me in your mouth, or you can refuse, and I will break your arms and legs and
fuck your mouth while you lie there. And, when your arms and legs heal, I
will break them again, and again, and again, until you learn your place. Do
you understand me? What's it to be?"

Darla continued glaring at him for a few seconds, but finally lowered her
eyes. "Yes, Sire," she forced out, between clenched teeth.

"Good Girl," Angelus smirked, "Now, do me!"

Darla shuffled forward, her knees scraping on the carpet, until she was
between her masters thighs. Opening her mouth, she leaned forward, running
her tongue along the shaft and using her hands to fondle Angelus balls.
Opening her mouth wider, she took the head in and moved down on it, until
she had the whole thing in her throat. When Angelus felt Darla's throat
constrict against his cock, he moaned out, "Very good! Very, very good,
Darla. Its nice to see you remember how to suck a cock. Your years as a
whore served you well."

Laughing at the flash of anger he saw in her eyes, Angelus reached down and
grabbed onto Darla's head. Holding her head still, Angelus started stroking
his cock in and out of Darla's face, enjoying the suction of her mouth, but
getting more pleasure out of the submissive posture Darla was forced to
assume. "Not so haughty now, are you, my little cock sucking whore?" he
sneered. "I'm going to cum, and I want you to swallow every drop!"

As soon as he said that, Darla's eyes widened at the force of the blast he
shot into her mouth. Swallowing quickly, she managed to keep up with the
burst. As his orgasm slowed, Angelus pulled his still erect cock from her
mouth, and shot the last of his load across her face. "Now, now, Darla,
you've got a messy face. Clean it up!" he commanded mockingly.

"Yes, sire," Darla muttered, with a grimace, as she wiped Angelus spunk off
her face, and licked it off her fingers.

"Now Darla, I do believe you need to work on that attitude, dear girl." Angel
us admonished her, shaking his head sadly.

Standing, Angelus grabbed Darla's wrist, and tossed her onto the bed, face
down. Straddling Darla's waist, he leaned down and hissed in her ear. "Don't
move a muscle until I tell you to, or I'll break your neck and leave you
hanging from the rooftop to kiss the sunrise!"

Darla stayed still as he got off the bed. Angelus walked to his closet, and
grabbed a two inch thick leather belt. Folding the belt in half, he walked
back to Darla and snapped the belt to get her attention. Softly, he said,
"In the old days, I'd have you hanging from the ceiling, and use a bullwhip
on you, but, since soul-boy was such a candy ass, this will have to do, for
now. You see, Darla, I have plans for us, but, its important that you
recognize and accept your place. Otherwise, it would be disastrous. You can
stop this at any time, simply by convincing me that you accept me as your

Crack! The belt lashed across Darla's back.

Darla shuddered, but stayed quiet.

Crack! Against her calves.

Crack! Against the soles of Darla's feet.

Darla groaned, but stayed still.

Crack! Across Darla's thighs.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Three hits on Darlas ass.

"Aiiiiiiee!" Darla cried out.

Crack! Another hit on her ass, this one breaking the skin and letting her
blood flow.

"Aiiiiiiee!" Darla cried again, digging her hands into the edge of the bed.

"Darla, you know how to make this stop. I can go all night, if I have to, but
can you?" Angelus asked softly, in his most reasonable tone.

Darla did not speak, just laid on the bed, whimpering, with tears running
down her cheeks.

Angelus sighed, shaking his head in disappointment. "Well then, I guess we
do this the hard way. I don't really enjoy causing you pain, since you are
of my blood, but, if you don't recognize that you are no longer my sire,
and have to submit to me, then, you've brought this on yourself. Now, spread
your legs."

As Darla spread her legs, Angelus climbed onto the bed behind her. Grabbing
a pillow, he slid it under the whimpering blonde, raising her ass in the air.
He smacked Darla on the ass, smiling at her gasp of pain, and ordered, "Hold
your cheeks open for me."

As Darla complied, Angelus ran his fingers in the blood that was seeping from
her back and ass, and then jammed a finger into her asshole. Darla grunted as
he moved the finger around, and added a second finger, stretching her hole.
Removing his fingers, he placed the head of his cock at her ass and, gripping
Darla's hips, forced his entire length into her rectum. Darla screamed as he
ripped into her, but Angelus only chuckled. "You might as well relax and try
to enjoy it, Darla. It was inevitable that I fuck your ass. You never let me
take you there, in the old days, saving your sweet ass for old Pig Nose; I
had to make do with Dru and William, plus any random women and children we
found. But, as soon as I came back, I knew that your ass would feel my cock
before another sunrise. The only choice you had was whether I made it easy
or hard on you. If you had only submitted willingly, I would have done this
gently, and made sure you got pleasure, too. But, you didn't, so the pain you
feel is your own fault."

Angelus pulled back, so just the head of his cock was in her ass, and
started brutally raping Darla's ass, slapping her ass on the down stroke.
Darla whimpered with each stroke, and screamed when Angelus reached under
her and brutally pinched her nipples. After fucking her ass for about five
minutes, Angelus groaned and shot his cum into her ass. Pulling his cock
out, he chuckled at the pop sound when the head came out.

Moving to the head of the bed, Angelus grabbed Darla by the hair, and turned
her to face him. Putting his cock at her mouth, he sneered, "You've got my
cock all dirty, clean it off."

Darla opened her mouth, and took the head in, running her tongue around it,
cleaning the blood and other filth off, and then using her mouth to clean the
shaft. Angelus patted her on the head when she finished, smiled and said;
"Good Girl, you're learning. All you have to do is say it; say you submit,
and all the pain will be over."

When Darla didnt say anything, he sighed and asked, "Why must you do this to
yourself? Turn over; its time to stop playing around."

Darla rolled over, hissing as her back and ass made contact with the sheets.
Spreading her legs, she looked up at Angelus. He could see the tears rolling
down her cheeks, and the blood dripping from her bottom lip where she had bit
herself to hold in the cries.

Angelus picked up the belt, and gripping the buckle, ran the metal edge over
Darlas pussy lips. Darla whimpered as the cold, sharp edge scraped her inner
flesh. As Angelus raised the belt, preparing to strike her center, Darla
cried out; "No, Sire! Please! I'm begging you! Don't! I submit! I submit!"

As soon as Angelus heard her words, he dropped the belt, and moved back to
the bed. Pulling Darla into his arms, he whispered soothingly to her, "That's
all you had to do, Childe, thats all you had to do. I would rather not have
to do that, but, you had to learn. Now, rest for a while, let your back heal,
and then we can get something to eat."

Darla smiled as she relaxed in Angelus arms. "Thank you Sire," she paused.
"Sire, may I ask a question?"

"Certainly, childe, since you asked properly." Angelus replied, smiling down
at her.

"You said you had plans - what sort of plans?"

"Well, I've had lots of time to think, while soul-boy was in control, and the
big mistake I made the last time was coming out and declaring myself openly.
If I had acted like soul-boy was in control, I could have accomplished a lot
more. So, the first step is pretending to still be soul-boy, until my former
allies can be neutralized. Then, we take over the city."

Darla chuckled. "That's what I've always admired about you, Sire. You are so
ambitious, and you learn from the past."

"True, and to help put the plans in motion, I'm going to see Lilah. Wolfram
and Hart have the resources we'll need to take over. Besides, she and Lindsay
will make excellent pets, don't you think?"

"Oh, yes, especially after we break them!" Darla squealed, excitedly.

"I think I'll leave Lindsay for you, since it would hurt him worse if you
were wielding the lash. Besides, Lilah has the nicer ass. Picture it, Lilah
tied to a table, her back bloody from the lash, as she licks your pussy, and
I'm fucking her."

"Oooh, I like that idea, that snobby bitch licking my pussy, hearing her
scream as you fuck her raw, and then making Lindsay suck you off, cleaning
Lilahs ass off your dick. Yes, breaking them will be fun! But, in the
meantime, what about our guest?" she asked, gesturing to the blonde in the

"Oh, didn't I introduce you?" Angelus smirked, "Darla, meet Kate Lockley,
formerly detective with the LAPD, soon to be my newest childe. I figure
we'll need her knowledge of the police to succeed in taking over, and we
can control her better after shes turned," Angelus explained.

"Makes sense," Darla agreed. "But are you going to leave her here, cluttering
up the room until then?"

"No, I'm going to lock her up down in the basement for a day or so, and pump
some blood into her. I want her to be awake and aware of what's going to
happen to her before I turn her - the fear and despair makes the blood taste
so much better to me."

"Oh Angelus! That's the sadist I remember! Its so good to have you back, at

"And make sure you remember it. Now, lets get Kate taken care of, and we can
get someone to eat," Angelus said, as he reached for his clothing. Darla
started dressing as well, but he stopped her saying, "Leave the underwear;
they just get in my way."

"Of course, Sire," Darla smiled, as she slid the dress over her head.

As Angelus and Darla walked down the stairs, Angelus carrying Kate's naked
body, they heard the hotel door open and someone walk in. The two vampires
both smiled as they sensed another member of their family. A female voice
spoke, brittle and on the edge of madness.

"Daddy? Are you here?"

"Yes, Drusilla, Daddy is here," Angelus replied, soothingly, knowing how
volatile his damaged childe could be.

"Oh Goody! Miss Edith said you would be here, and would be glad to see me!"
Dru smiled, carrying her doll as she danced about the lobby.

"Yes, we are very happy to see you, Dru. Daddy has some wonderful plans for
all of us, and you will have fun too," Darla responded, as she and Angel came
down into the lobby.

"Will we have tea and cakes?" Dru asked, with a childlike curiosity.

"Yes, Baby, there will be tea and cakes, and blood, and lots and lots of
screaming," Angelus smiled. "But, that will be later. Daddy has work to do,
now, and then we can get someone to eat. Are you hungry?"

"Yes Daddy, and I'm also feeling naughty, seeing you and grand mummy there.
All we need is Spike and it will be like old times."

"I have plans to bring William back into the fold, but, that's for another
night," Angelus scowled. "The boy needs to be punished for what he did to me,
before. Now, wait here while Darla and I take care of our guest."

"Yes, Daddy," Dru agreed, sitting down on a couch in the lobby, talking to
her doll, Miss Edith.


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