Disclaimer: The Characters belong to Joss; Im just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back (I can't do anything about the
smiles on their faces, though.)

Rating: (NC-17)

Pairing: Angelus/Darla, Angelus/Kate, Angelus/Orig Female Character,
Kate/Orig Fem Char, other combinations and pairings

WARNING: Non-Consensual Sex, Character Death, And BDSM

Summary: Angelus Returns, but hes got a plan this time AU from the End of
the Second Season Angel Episode, Reprise.

Authors Note: Margaret is played by Hillary Duff.

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 1 - The Return Of Angelus Chapter 2
by Red Jaconson ([email protected])

In the basement, Angelus pulled the medical supplies out and pumped two pints
of blood into Kate's unconscious body. As the blood took hold, Kate's eyes
opened and she looked around. When she saw Angelus, she started to speak, but
Darla put her hand over the former cops mouth. Angelus smiled at Darla and
began to speak.

"Detective, there have been some changes lately. You always called me a
monster, and, you're right, I am a monster, as you will find out over the
next couple of days. But, then, you won't call me monster anymore, you'll
call me father."

Kate's eyes widened as what Angelus said sank in, and she began to struggle,
but, her human strength wasn't enough against the two vampires, who picked
her up and lay her face down on a table. Her legs and arms were chained to
each of the table legs, and when Darla removed her hand, Angelus gagged her
with an Ace bandage.

Angelus grabbed Kate's hair, and lifted her head so he could look into her
eyes. "You see Detective, you have been a thorn in my side for far too long,
so I've decided to do something about it. You will be our fuck toy for the
next day or so, we will beat you, and fuck you, anyway we want, until I
decide it's time to turn you, and you'll die with my cock in your ass. I'm
telling you this so you have something to think about while I'm gone. Sleep
well," he added, smirking at the look of horror on Kates face.

Leaving Kate to her thoughts, he and Darla went back upstairs. Gathering Dru
from the lobby, the three of them got into Angelus' car and drove deeper into
the city. Stopping at a seedy looking brownstone off a side street, Angelus
said, "Were here. There should be something for you to eat here, but just the
customers, not the employees. Any customer you want, meet them outside to
eat. But we've got some shopping to do, first."

The neon sign in the window read: Live Nude Girls Peep Shows $0.25 Open 24

Opening the door, Angelus ushered the women inside. The clerk at the counter
looked up from his newspaper as they entered. "Hi, can I help you?" he asked,
taking in the sight of the two attractive women. The two other men in the
store looked up furtively, when the clerk spoke, and then went back to their

"Yes, you can," Angelus smiled. "I'm looking for some butt plugs and strap
ons for my girls. Plus, we need some wrist and ankle cuffs, and some nipple
clamps. Can you help me?"

The clerks eyes glazed over as he listened to the list, and pictured the
women using them, then shook his head, and said, "Sure, no problem. Let me
show you where they are."

As the clerk walked out from behind the counter, the two customers glanced at
each other and smiled, stopping to watch the show. When the three newcomers
got to the Anal toys, Angelus selected two and some lube, and handing one
each to Darla and Dru, said, "Girls, prepare each other," then, turning to the
clerk, Angelus handed him the packaging, as well as two more plugs, and said,
"I'll take these," and turned to watch Darla and Dru.

Darla moved behind Dru and pulled her skirt up, exposing lace underwear.
Pulling them down, she exposed Dru's ass to the admiring stares of the clerk
and the two customers. Smiling at the customers, Darla lubed up two fingers
and worked them into Drus ass. Drusilla cooed in pleasure, "Oooh, Mummy that
feels so nice! Makes Dru feel naughty. Can we be naughty, Mummy?"

"Maybe later, Baby," Darla replied, removing her fingers and replacing them
with the butt plug.

Working it in, Dru shuddered and said, "So full, almost feels as good as you
do back there, Daddy."

The clerk and customers jaws dropped at her last words, and the clerk turned
away, trying to disguise his erection.

Darla patted the plug into place, and handed Angelus Dru's underwear. "Good
girl, now, do me," she said, raising her dress over her ass. Darla turned so
the two customers could see her blonde bush, and smiled at them. Darla moaned
as Dru worked her fingers into the blonde vampire's ass, and locked eyes with
one of the customers, a young man, about 22 years old. "Oh Baby, fill Mummy's
ass! You know how much I love it!"

Angelus coughed to cover a smile at how easily Darla baited her trap. After
Dru patted the plug into place, Angelus tapped Darla and Dru on the shoulder.
As they turned to face him, he slid two fingers into each of their pussies,
and gathered the juices flowing there. Removing his fingers, he fed Darla's
juices to Dru, and Dru's to Darla. "Very good, girls, why don't you wait
outside for me? I'll be out after a while."

"Yes, Daddy. Yes, Master," they replied as they walked out, then they turned
and smiled at the customers, who grinned and followed them outside.

Turning back to the clerk, Angelus said, "Now, about the rest of the items?"

"Oh, yes sir. Sorry, sir, I was just - distracted for a minute."

"No problem, my two slaves have a strong streak of exhibitionist in them,
plus, they know, and look forward to the fact that I'm going to punish them
for what they are doing with those two guys right now. But, they enjoy it so
much; I don't try to stop them. Now, in addition to the restraints, I need a
whip, a sturdy crop, and a cat-o-nine tails. Do you stock them?"

"Yes, sir, we do carry a stock like that, for the serious customer. We don't
stock them up front, because the amateurs get uncomfortable seeing them."

Locking the door, the clerk put up a 'Back in 10 Minutes' sign and lead Angel
down a hallway, past a row of glass booths where a few naked women sat,
looking bored. Opening a door, the clerk went down stairs to the basement,
which was made up to look like a combination dungeon and torture chamber.
There were manacles on the walls, whipping posts and bondage tables, as well
as hanging cages. The clerk opened a cabinet on the wall, displaying a
variety of whips and floggers of various sizes. Angelus made his selections,
as well as a few more items, then gestured to the bondage instruments, and
said, "So, do these get a lot of use?"

"Occasionally, when a good customer is willing to pay for a different kind of
show, if you follow me."

"I see. Perhaps I may bring my slaves here, and let people see them being

"Thanks for letting me know."

"Now, lets get these paid for, so I can track down the girls."

After paying cash for his purchases, Angelus went out to the car. There was
no sign of the girls, so he drove down about a block, lit a cigarette, and
waited. About a half hour later, he saw the two of them come up out of the
subway station, holding hands and laughing. As they got closer, he could see
the well fed glow emanating from them both. When they got in the car, Angelus
asked them what they were laughing about.

Darla explained that they had lead the two men onto the subway and got off
at a station a few miles away. Taking them into the mens room, they each got
into a stall, and after sucking them off, bit the artery in their thigh.
Then, after they were done, Darla pulled a razor blade from her purse and
disguised the bite on both of them. "We were just laughing, imagining how
the police will react when they find the two bodies, with their pants around
their ankles, and their dicks floating in the toilet."

After hearing Darla's explanation, Angelus roared with laughter. "Oh, you
clever, clever girls! I am very pleased with you. I think you each deserve a
reward for good thinking. So, think about what you would like, while I drive.
I haven't eaten and its getting late."

After driving for a little while, Angelus pulled over in front of a young
girl, no more than about 16 years old, standing by herself on the corner. She
was dressed in a tube top, short skirt and fishnets, and was heavily made up.

As Angelus stopped the car, the girl said, "Looking for company?"

"Yes, we are," Angelus said, smiling gently. "Are you available?"

"For how long?"

"The rest of tonight, and all day tomorrow. Energetic arent you?"

"For just you, or all three of you?"

"Just me, the girls will take care of themselves. How much?"

"Five hundred."

"Deal! Hop in."

As the girl got in the car, Angelus asked her, "What's your name?"

"Foxy," she replied.

"No, for what I'm paying you, I want a real name. Now, what is your name?"

"Its Margaret."

"Margaret? I like it that was my sisters name. So, Margaret, have you eaten
lately? You are going to need your strength, so lets get some food in you."

Driving back towards the Hyperion Hotel, Angelus pulled into a Dennys and the
three vampires ate pie and drank coffee while Margaret ate a full breakfast.
As they were finishing up, Angelus looked out the window and stood up. "I'll
be right back, there's an asshole out there looking for a beating, and I'm
going to provide it."

Leaving the three women at the table, he left the diner. Walking quietly
towards his car, he snuck up on the figure who was trying to use a crowbar to
open the trunk. When he was right behind the man, he said softly, "And just
what the fuck do you think you are doing?"

The man jerked and tried to leap to his feet, but the vamp was too fast for
him. Angelus grabbed him by collar, and dragged him into the shadows around
the back of the building. Shoving the man against the wall, Angelus covered
the would-be thiefs mouth with his hand and said, "I suppose I should thank
you, asshole, I was getting ravenous, and wouldn't have been able to enjoy
the tasty little morsel I have inside. So, thank you, and goodbye!"

As he said the final word, Angelus shifted into game face and took a big bite
of his dinner. After a couple of minutes, he let the body drop, and, pulling
a knife, slashed its throat from ear to ear, totally obscuring the bite.
Then, letting the demon recede, he wiped the blood from his face and walked
back into the diner and sat down.

"Sorry about the interruption, but someone was trying to break into the
car. I got rid of him." Seeing Darla smile at him over her coffee cup, he
protested, with an answering smile, "It's true. I did get rid of him, ran
him right off." Seeing the Margaret had finished her meal, he stood,
"Ladies, shall we go?" Paying the bill, they went back to the hotel.

When they arrived at the hotel, Margaret gasped at the size of it. "You live

Angelus chuckled, "Well, you could say that, but, actually, the truth is, I
own this hotel." Then, turning to Dru, he said, "Drusilla, take Margaret up
to my room and bathe her. I want all of her make up gone, and her hair
washed. I'll get you when I'm ready for her." When Margaret started to
protest, he glared at her, "I told you before, for the money I'm paying, I
want Margaret, not Foxy. Now, do as you are told!"

Taken aback by the force of Angelus response, Margaret meekly replied, "Yes,
sir," as she followed Dru up the stairs.

After Margaret was out of hearing, Darla turned to Angelus and said, "You
seem to be going to a lot of work for her. She's not just food, is she?"

"Very observant, Darla. That's good." Angelus responded. "And, no, she's
not just food; she's part of the plan, as is the clerk at the adult store
tonight. I've got an idea for a vampire bordello that services humans. The
price of admission is a pint of blood. That way, we can keep a low profile,
and still eat, without the problems that leaving a bunch of bodies around
can cause. I figure we can start with the Goths, they're mostly Anne Rice
fans, and will go along with it, and build from there. Besides, no worries
about safe sex, the whores are all gonna be dead, no diseases."

Then Angelus chuckled, "Besides, if we market it to the S&M clubs, we can
really clean up; a vamp body can take lots of punishment, stuff that would
break a human, and the demon can make an amazing master or mistress, as you
well know. Also, well take pictures of our customers, for blackmail if we
have to. Now, lets go play with Kate."


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