Disclaimer: The Characters belong to Joss; Im just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back (I can't do anything about the
smiles on their faces, though.)

Rating: (NC-17)

Pairing: Angelus/Darla, Angelus/Kate, Angelus/Orig Female Character,
Kate/Orig Fem Char, other combinations and pairings

WARNING: Non-Consensual Sex, Character Death, And BDSM

Summary: Angelus Returns, but hes got a plan this time AU from the End of
the Second Season Angel Episode, Reprise.

Authors Note: Margaret is played by Hillary Duff.

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 1 - The Return Of Angelus Chapter 4
by Red Jaconson ([email protected])

When Angelus and Margaret got down to the lobby, they heard screams coming
from the basement. Angelus smiled and said, "I guess Darla and Dru are having
fun. Lets go see what they are up to."

Margaret nodded and said, "Yes, Daddy," and followed him down the stairs.

When Angelus saw what was making Kate scream, he laughed out loud, and
started applauding. Margaret gasped when she saw what was going on. Kate
was chained at the wrists, and hanging in the center of the room, the
chain was looped over a ceiling pillar, and her feet were dangling about
six inches off the floor. Darla was using what looked like a broom handle
that was shoved up Kate's ass to swing her around, and Drusilla was
swinging a bullwhip, cutting Kate with the tip. Kate was bleeding from
small cuts, all over her breasts, stomach and pussy, as well as on her
back and ass.

When Darla and Dru heard Angelus laughing, they stopped what they were doing,
and smiled at him. Dru dropped the whip and ran over to him, jumping into
his arms, saying, "Daddy, do you like what weve done? She was being bad, not
wanting to play with Mummy and I, so she had to be punished."

"I like it, Dru, you were very creative. Now, why don't you go upstairs and
take a bath. Mummy and I will be up soon," Angelus said, as he set her down

Dru nodded and went upstairs. After she left, he turned to Darla and asked,
"So, what did our guest do?"

"Well, I was horny after watching you fuck her in the ass, and wanted her to
take care of me, but she refused. So, it was time for her to learn that she
didn't have a choice. I would have stopped it earlier, but Dru was having too
much fun, and I didn't want to stop her."

Angelus nodded, and walked over to Kate, who hung there, moaning. "So, Kate,
are you willing to eat pussy now?"

Kate raised her head, glared at him, and, in a voice harsh from screaming,
said, "Fuck you, Monster! I'll die anyway, why should I help you get your

"Why? Why? Well, I'll tell you why, Detective. Because if you don't do as you
are told, and eat the pussy I tell you to eat, when I tell you to eat it, I
will take you to Mount Hope Cemetery, make you kneel on your father's grave,
and take film of you sucking my cock, and eating Margaret's pussy, and being
double penetrated by Darla and Dru, wearing strap ons. Of course, your face
will be the only one visible, and I will send copies of the film to every
precinct in the city, as well as to every judge you ever testified in front
of. What would dear old dad think of his disappointing daughter then?" he
sneered at her. Angelus smiled as the bright light of defiance died in the
cops eyes.

"All right, you bastard! I'll do what you say; just leave me what little
reputation I have left."

"I thought you'd see reason. Darla, help me get her down."

"Margaret, there is a shower in the corner, get some lukewarm water running.
We'll clean her up before putting her to work."

After he lowered Kate to the ground, he told Darla to get some lube. Lubing
up the broom handle, he gently removed it from Kate's ass. When he was
finished, he removed the shackles and carried Kate to the shower. Margaret
was waiting there, testing the water. As Kate stood there, blankly letting
the water run over her, Margaret turned to Angelus and asked; "Daddy, is it
okay if I get in the shower with her? The idea of having a cop on her knees,
with her tongue in my pussy is really turning me on. And she can clean up
the mess you left on my tits while she is at it."

Darla clapped her hands in delight as they listened to Margaret, "Oh Sire,
you definitely made a wonderful choice! With her imagination, and lack of
fear, even as a human, Margaret will make an excellent member of our family."

"I know, in fact, I think I'll let her be the one to turn Kate when the time
comes." Turning back to the teenager, he said, "Go ahead, have fun, Darla and
I will be watching you.

* * *

Kate was standing numbly under the water, not paying attention to anything,
and was surprised when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She let herself be
turned around, and blinked in surprise when the young girl who had
accompanied Angelus into the basement grabbed her head and pulled her into
a kiss. Kate kept her mouth closed against the girl's tongue, until the girl
pulled her hair, and Kate moaned. The girl's tongue was in Kate's mouth in
an instant, and, almost against her will, Kate responded. Their tongues
dueled until the girl took control, and forced Kate further under the water.
Kate whimpered when the girl broke the kiss; she didn't want to give up the
gentle contact, but sighed in pleasure when she felt the girl gently washed
the blood from her skin, and kiss each wound.

* * *

Angelus was leaning against the table where Kate had been tied earlier,
watching Margaret's work with approval. Wrapping his arms around Darla, he
whispered, "She is going to make an excellent vampire, see how she took
control of Kate? What do you bet that by the end of the shower, she'll have
Kate following her around like a puppy dog?"

Darla shook her head, "No bet. But I do think that letting her be the one
to turn Kate would be the best choice. Margaret is already creating a bond
between the two of them. Speaking of turning, how did Margaret react when
she found out what we are?"

Angelus chuckled, "Well, that's kind of a funny story," and he told her
about what Margaret had said, and asked him upstairs. "Hell, she's probably
bought into all that Anne Rice, tortured romantic crap. She'll figure it out
eventually. Anyway, it looks like Margaret is trying to sooth those cuts Dru
gave her. There's some salve in the medicine kit, why don't you give it to
her, and we can watch the rest of the show?"

* * *

Margaret smiled her thanks at Darla as she was handed the tube of salve.
Taking a small amount on her fingers, she rubbed it gently onto the cuts
on Kates chest. Margaret gasped in surprise when the wounds closed in an
instant. Kate almost purred in pleasure at the pain went away. Using a
little more of the salve, Margaret treated all of Kates wounds, and when
she was done, made Kate turn around, and she rubbed some of medicine in
and around Kate's still bleeding asshole. It stopped the bleeding, and
Margaret watched, fascinated, as a couple of slivers of wood forced
themselves out of her pucker. Shooting a look at Angelus and Darla, all
she said was, "How?"

Angelus just smiled and shrugged, "Its magic."

* * *

Kate couldn't believe how good the girl was making her feel. Before, her
whole world was pain, but, the girl was taking the pain away, making her
feel good. In a dim, distant part of her mind, the rational part of Kate
was screaming not to submit, to keep fighting and try to get away, but the
comfort that girl was providing drowned out the voice in Kates conscious
mind. The girl will take care of her, do what the girl wants, ran through
Kates mind. When the girl caused the hurt in her bottom to go away, Kate
turned around and kissed the girl, saying, "Thank you, thank you, girl!"

Kate blinked when the girl grabbed her hair, and pulled her back. "Don't
call me, girl!" she hissed. "I have a name, but, you will call me Mistress!"

"Oh! Mistress! I'm sorry, so sorry! Please dont hurt me!" Kate cried, until
Mistress pulled Kate's head down to her breast, and said, "Its a lright pet,
you didnt know. But, you can make Mistress happy by licking up the mess Daddy
left on my chest; will you do that, to make Mistress happy?"

Kate eagerly went to work, sucking on Mistresss breasts, licking them clean,
and feeling happy when Mistress moaned her pleasure. As Mistress pushed Kate
down on her knees, Kate moved her mouth down Mistresss body, cleaning every
inch with her tongue. Finally, Kate was at Mistress's pussy, and didn't even
hesitate. 'This makes Mistress happy, I'll do what makes Mistress happy,' she
thought, before running her tongue around Mistress's pussy, drinking her
juices and rubbing her tongue across Mistress's clit. She was rewarded when
Mistress came in her mouth, and Kate swallowed the juices with pleasure. Kate
was barely aware of being lifted out of the shower by strong arms, all she
knew was that Mistress was with her, and she was safe. With a final contented
sigh, Kate drifted off to sleep.

* * *

Angelus watched, amazed, as Kate didn't even pause before eating Margaret's
pussy. When she had cum, and Kate was curled up at the girls feet, he and
Darla walked over to the shower. "Impressive," Angelus said, "I've never seen
anyone go from defiance into sub-space so quickly."

Margaret just shrugged, "It's a talent I seem to have. If someone has a weak
will, or, as in Kate's case, has been broken, I can dominate them fairly
easily. Although, this was an extreme reaction, I'll admit. I think she just
latched onto me, because I didn't cause her pain." Then she looked up at
Angelus and grinned, "Of course, if she misbehaves, she'll find out I can
give pain as well. So, Daddy, she followed me home - can I keep her?"

Angelus smiled, and picked Kate up off the floor of the shower. "Come on
Margaret, if you are going to have a pet, you may as well have a room of your
own. Darla, in one of the bags we brought in from the toy store, you'll find
a collar and a chain, will you bring them up with you? I'll put Margaret
across the hall from me."

"Yes, Sire, of course."

* * *

After Angelus had set Kate on the bed and left the room, Margaret sat down
next to Kate, and gently kissed her. Kate opened her eyes, and said,
"Mistress? Is it time to get up?"

Margaret smiled, "No, pet, its not time to get up, I just wanted to give you
a present before we both went to sleep."

"A present?" Kate asked, excited, "Thank you, Mistress!"

Margaret opened the collar, and placed it around Kate's neck, saying, "This
means you belong to me, but it also means you must obey me in all things, do
you understand?"

Kate lowered her eyes, and said, "Yes, Mistress, it means that you will
protect me and take care of me. Thank you, I will obey you."

Margaret smiled at her, "Good, now, for tonight, you may sleep on my bed with
me, but in the future, you will have to earn the right. Now, its been a very
long night for both of us, so lets go to sleep."

With that, she turned out the lights, and they both fell sound asleep.

* * *

Angelus, Darla and Dru lay on his bed, Dru had already fallen asleep, but
Angelus and Darla were talking quietly.

"So, Sire, whats the next step?"

"Well, first we get some sleep, and, tonight you and Dru can take Margaret
shopping. While you are doing that, I'm going to Wolfram and Hart, and then
I'll go take care of Margaret's pimp. After that, I'm going to come back
here, and, when the three of you get back to the hotel, you and Dru can
watch as I fuck Margaret's ass. She's never had a cock there, and you know
how much I enjoy it."

"Are you going to hurt her? She seems very willing to do whatever you want
as it is."

"Oh, I'll be quite gentle. Pain is only necessary to prove a point, or for
punishment. I told you earlier tonight that I had a lot of time to think, and
I realized that some of my actions caused me more harm than good." As a case
in point he said, as he pointed towards Dru, who was still sleeping. "If I
hadn't gone to such lengths to break her before I turned her, her visions
would be a lot more useful. As it is, I have no idea what she means most of
the time. Now, lets get to sleep, its been a long night. And we will be busy

End Part One. Continued in Angelus, Agent Of Wolfram And Hart


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