Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss; I'm just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back (I can't do anything about the
smiles on their faces, though)

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Angelus/Darla, Angelus/Kate, Angelus/Orig Female Character,
Kate/Orig Fem Char, other combinations and pairings.

WARNING: Non-Consensual Sex, Character Death, And BDSM

Summary: Angelus returns, but hes got a plan this time. AU from the End of
the Second Season Angel Episode, Reprise.

Thanks to Greywizard for the beta.

Authors Note: Margaret is played by Hillary Duff.

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 2 - Angelus, Agent Of Wolfram And Hart Chapter 1
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

Angelus woke first, about noon, and left Darla and Dru curled up in his bed.
'What a difference a day makes!' he thought, as he showered and dressed.
Leaving the bedroom, he went down to his office and called Wolfram and Hart.
Speaking to Lilah, he was able to convince her to set up a meeting between
him and Lynwood for that evening. Then, he called a local grocery store, to
have food and drink for humans delivered to the hotel.

After he finished, he went back upstairs, and paused outside of the room
being used by Margaret. 'Somebodys enjoying themselves,' he thought, hearing
soft moans, 'lets take a look.' He quietly opened the door, and grinned as he
saw Kate and Margaret wrapped in a 69. Margaret was on top, and looked up
when she heard the door open. Seeing Angelus standing there, she winked at
him, and slid a finger into Kate's pussy, making her pet moan. Then, when her
finger was shining wet, Margaret shoved it into Kate's asshole. Angelus heard
Kate moan out, "Oh thank you, Mistress, thank you!" as Margaret dropped her
face down, and began sucking Kate's pussy as she pumped her finger into her
pets ass. Feeling turned on, but not wanting to interrupt, Angelus backed out
of the room and closed the door behind him.

Opening the door to his room, Angelus saw that Darla and Dru were still
sleeping. 'Sleeping, we'll see about that!' he thought. Removing his
clothing, he climbed onto the bed. Positioning himself between the two nude
women, he reached down and ran his thumbs over Dru and Darla's pussies.
Darla reacted first, moaning softly and letting her legs fall open. Angelus
slid his thumb inside her, and started rubbing on Darla's clit. He continued
stroking Dru until she let her legs open, and then he moved to her clit as
well. After a few minutes of his manipulation, they both came fully aware as
they were overcome by orgasms.

Darla opened her eyes first, and grinned up at him. "Good morning, Sire!
That's definitely the best wake-up call I've gotten in a few hundred years!"

And Dru stretched and smiled as well, "Good morning, Daddy. Thank you for
making Dru feel nice this morning!"

Angelus just grinned at them, and said, "Well, I got tired of waiting for
you two sleeping beauties, and I'm in the mood to play. I promised Dru last
night we would get naughty, so, go take a shower, and get your asses back

The girls rushed into the bathroom, leaving the door ajar. Angelus heard the
water start, and a few minutes later, heard the unmistakable sound of Darla
having an orgasm. Walking to the door, he saw Dru on her knees in the tub,
eating Darla's pussy, and he could see that Dru's hand was between her own
thighs, pleasuring herself. "I think Darla is enjoying dominating Dru a
little too much. Even though Dru isn't able to perform her duties as Darla's
Sire, it will be good to see Darla on her knees to Dru for a change," he
decided, as he walked back to the bed.

A little while later, the two of them came back into the bedroom, wrapped in
towels. Seeing their master watching them, they dropped the towels, and stood
nude before him. "Dru, come here and kneel down," Angelus commanded, "and,
Darla, you get behind Dru."

As Dru knelt in front of him, Angelus reached down and stroked her hair.
"Baby, I want you to get Daddy's cock nice and wet. Can you do that for me?"

Dru smiled up at him, "Of course, Daddy, you know I can."

"Good, and while you are doing that, Darla, I want you to gently remove the
plug from Dru's ass, and get her hole nice and wet for me. Let's see if Darla
really meant it when she submitted last night. She never would rim anybody,
except Pig Nose." 'Ugh! Thats not a mental image I needed!' he thought as he
looked the blonde vampire in the eyes.

Darla didn't hesitate before nodding her head, and went to work. 'Good, she's
accepted her place.' His thinking was interrupted by Dru taking his cock into
her mouth, moving her mouth all around him, getting it as wet as she could.
After a couple of minutes, Angelus tapped Dru on the shoulder. "Enough, Baby!
Now, climb up on Daddy's lap, facing Mummy, and slide your bottom down on

"Oh yes Daddy!" Dru grinned, happily, "Dru loves that, its very naughty!"

"I know Dru, I know. Daddy likes it too." Hearing Darla snort in amusement,
he turned to her and said, "You can stay on your knees, childe. I saw how
much you enjoyed Dru kneeling before you in the shower, now its time to
return the favor." Darla lowered her head, submitting to him once again,
and moved towards Dru's wide open pussy.

Dru straddled Angelus, putting her legs outside of his, and moaned as she
lowered her ass onto his cock. Then, when she had taken his entire length
into her ass, Dru started raising and lowering herself, fucking her ass on
her Daddy's cock. Looking over his childe's shoulder, Angelus could see
Darla using her tongue and lips on Dru's pussy, and he could tell that Dru
was close to cumming, because her moans were getting louder, and she was
fucking herself faster on his cock. Angelus could feel his own orgasm
building, and, when he was almost there, let his demon out, and bit into
Dru's neck. She shrieked as the bite tossed her over the edge of a screaming
orgasm. As Dru was cumming, Angelus put his wrist to her mouth and,
withdrawing his fangs, said, "Drink childe!"

Dru grabbed his wrist and, sliding into game face, bit into her Daddy, and
drank deep.

As Dru climbed off Angelus' still erect cock, she turned to kiss him, saying,
"Thank you Sire. It has been so long since we bonded, I had missed it." Then,
she kissed him again, licking her blood from his mouth.

Angelus kissed her back, then, gently lifted Dru off of his lap, and set her
on the bed beside him. Reaching out his hand to Darla, he laid her on the
bed. "Dont worry Childe, I won't leave you hanging." He smiled as he climbed
on the bed, and opened Darla's legs. Putting her legs over his shoulders, he
slid his cock into Darla's wet pussy. Turning to Drusilla, he said, "Dru,
come over here, and use your tongue on us."

Dru moved so she could reach them with her mouth, and ran her tongue over
Angelus cock as he pulled back from Darla, and licked Darla's pussy when he
pushed in. They built up a rhythm, and when Angelus felt he was ready to
cum, he rasped out, "Dru! Its time to stop!"

Dru got out of the way and he dropped down on Darla, biting into her neck.
As his teeth broke skin, Darla's demon bit Angelus on the neck, and they came
together. After their orgasm subsided, Angelus and Darla pulled Dru into an
embrace. Then they lay down and went back to sleep.

When Angelus awoke for the second time, his internal clock told him it was
about 2 hours to sundown, so he got up and dressed, before going across to
Margaret's door. Knocking on the door, it was opened a moment later, and
Kate stood there, nude except for her collar. Angelus could hear the shower
running, and Margaret singing. When Kate saw who was at the door, she dropped
her eyes, and said, "Yes Sir?" in a nervous voice.

"Tell your Mistress that there is food in the kitchen if you two are hungry.
Also, please let her know that I would like to see her in my office after she
has eaten."

"I'll give her the message sir." Kate said, not raising her eyes to him.

"Thank you," he said, and turned to leave. He stopped himself, and turned
back to Kate, and gently spoke. "Kate, you don't have to fear me. I won't
hurt you anymore. You belong to your Mistress now, and, if you need it, she
will see to any punishment. Understand this, though: your Mistress obeys me,
so you have to obey me as well. Also, your Mistress is under my protection,
so you are as well. Just relax and enjoy serving her." Then he turned away
and walked down the hall.

Later, while Angelus was working on the computer he heard a knock on the door
frame. He looked up and saw Margaret standing there, wearing the shorts and
top she had the night before. "You wanted to see me?" Margaret asked, a
little nervous.

"Yes," he smiled, "come in, and shut the door." When she did so, he gestured
her to a chair.

"First off, Margaret, I want to let you know how pleased I was with the way
you took control of your pet. I was concerned that I was going to have to
damage her before she was turned, because of Kate's defiance. You made that
unnecessary, and I appreciate it. Second, I understand that you don't have
any other clothes with you, so Darla will take you shopping this evening. I
want you to buy a new wardrobe, from your skin out." And, he said in a matter
of fact voice, "if I ever see you dressing like a street whore again, without
my express command, I will personally chain you up in the basement, and whip
the clothes off of you. Do you understand?"

Margaret gulped, "Y-Yes Sir!"

"Good. Now, I will be taking care of your former pimp this evening, so I want
to know about any other girls he has. Does he even have any other girls?"

"Only two others, and they are both my age. I guess he likes us young,"
Margaret said, with a grimace.

"Just two? Okay, we have room for them here. Describe them to me," Angelus
said, making notes on a pad of paper.

"Well, Ming is from the Philippines, shorter than me, small tits, real cute.
She's also a natural submissive, you'll like her." She grinned at him as she
added the last. "Alex is tall, long dark hair, nice rack, a bit of a Domme.
She and Ming work as a team sometimes, bachelor parties, things like that."

"Will either of them have a problem with Jimmy being taken out?"

"Fuck no!" Margaret spat. "We all hate the bastard, especially Alex! He sells
her to this guy, about once a week, who films her fucking his dog! And the
prick laughs about it!"

"Okay, then, here is the plan. You can go shopping with Darla after it gets
dark, but hurry back, because, when you get back, the two of us are going to
gather up Ming and Alex, and then we will go to see Jimmy. His death will be
painful, I can promise you that."

"Good!" Margaret said. "But, what happens then?"

"What do you mean What happens then?"

"I mean, what do want the three of us to do after you take care of Jimmy?"

Angelus paused, considering. "For the next couple of weeks, nothing much at
all. I'm going to be busy, getting some things set up. Once I'm finished,
though, you will be running one of my operations. And, if they work out, I'll
have a place for Alex and Ming, as well. In the meantime, I want you to work
with Darla on behaving like a lady. You will be representing me, and I don't
want people being aware that you were ever on the streets. There is a
definition of a Perfect Lady that I heard years ago, I don't recall where
exactly, that says a 'Perfect Lady is one who is a Duchess in the Parlor, an
Accountant in the Kitchen, and a Whore in the Bedroom.' By the time we are
finished with you, you will be a Perfect Lady."

Margaret looked disappointed. "So, I'll still be nothing but a whore? If I'm
going to spend eternity being nothing more than a high class whore, I'm not
sure I want to be turned."

"No, Margaret, you've sold your body for the last time. When I said a Perfect
Lady is a Whore in the Bedroom, I meant that she takes off her dignity and
her inhibitions with her clothing. You don't seem to understand, that you,
and your pet, are part of my family. If you were nothing more than a whore,
I would have fucked you and killed you in a motel room on the strip. Yes, I
will turn you, in time, but you can walk in the sunshine for a while yet,
because I need you to be able to do that."

The disappointed look faded from Margaret's face as Angelus spoke, and, by
the time he finished, she was smiling again. "Well, I'm glad you explained
what you meant. I'm sorry I misunderstood you. Do you need anything else?"

"Yes, tell Darla that I want some of your wardrobe to be business attire.
The sort of clothing that would show you belong at a law firm, or bank
office. I will be getting you documentation, showing that you are over 21
years old, and I want you to dress the part for the ID photos. Also, when
you are shopping, make a stop at Frederics. I want you and Darla to pick
out some fancy nightwear. You can even get some for your pet, if you want,"
he grinned at her.

"Ooh! Are we gonna play dress up?" Margaret grinned in return.

"Just make sure that you get at least one pair of panties that are backless.
I want your sweet little ass framed when I take your cherry tonight."

"Kinky! I was actually thinking you would do it last night, and was a little
disappointed when you didn't," she said, with a mock pout.

"Well, Hell girl!" Angelus exclaimed, "I came 6 times in 4 hours last night.
I may be a vamp, but even I get tired. Besides," he grinned, this way, you'll
have an audience. I already told Darla that she and Dru could watch, and I'm
thinking about having Ming suck my cock to get it wet, while Alex gets your
ass ready. I want to make sure you are properly prepared, so it feels good
for both of us."

"That should be different; I'm not used to an audience. But, what will Kate
be doing? I don't want her to feel left out."

"She wont be. In fact, I'm going to have Darla give Dru to Kate to punish
for hurting her last night. Now, don't say anything to Kate, I want it to be
a surprise. Anyway, Dru will keep her occupied while we are out of the Hotel.
If I know your pet, she will be so worn out from Dru making it up to her,
she'll be too tired to do anything but watch."

"That's an excellent idea, if Kate is going to accept being here, she has to
feel safe. And I don't think she will feel safe until she gets revenge on
Dru, and Darla too," Margaret said, thoughtfully.

"Well, she'll have to be satisfied with Dru for now. Dru is more submissive
than Darla, and won't fight back. When Kate is turned, then she can have at
Darla. Speaking of turning, I'm going to have you be the one to turn Kate.
There is already a bond between you, and the change will just cement that in

Margaret looked at him, surprised. "Thank you, thats an incredible gift. I'm

"You are welcome. Now, its almost dark, and so you and Darla should be
leaving soon. Tell Darla to stop at K-Mart first, just to get you some
clothes to go shopping in. Also," he said, pulling a pile of cash from
the desk, "here is some money for your wardrobe."

"But, but, this is at least 10,000 dollars. How can you afford this much?"

"Hell, I'm almost 250 years old! You think I didn't learn about making money
in all that time? I may not have been using it recently, but I've got quite a
bit of money around. Real estate, art, gold bullion hell, you name it, I'm
into it. Now, go get ready to leave."

After Margaret left, Angelus pulled a tranquilizer gun out of the weapon
cabinet. Loading it with darts, he saw that the sun had gone down, and left
for his meeting with Wolfram and Hart.

* * *

Darla knocked on Margaret's door, and Kate opened it, tensing when she was
Darla and Dru standing there. Darla smiled gently at the nervous woman.
"Relax Kate. I'm here with a gift for you, to keep you occupied while your
Mistress and I are out."

"What sort of gift?" Kate asked suspiciously.

"Well, I spoke to Angelus, and he said that Dru needs to be punished for
hurting you so badly last night. So, we decided to let you be the one to
punish her." Darla explained, and she led Dru into the room.

"I think that is an excellent idea, Darla. I was worried about my pet being
lonely while we were out. How do you like the idea, Pet?"

Kate smiled wickedly. "I love it, Mistress! But, can I take her down to the
basement? I want to teach Drusilla that only my Mistress, and Angelus, get to
punish me."

Margaret said, "Of course, Pet! Have fun."

"Oh, I will, Mistress. I certainly will!" Kate said, "Now Drusilla, you are
here to be punished, so I want you naked. Get that dress off now!" Kate
barked at the vampire.

As Dru quickly stripped, Darla and Margaret walked out and shut the door.

End Part 1


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