Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss; I'm just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back (I can't do anything about the
smiles on their faces, though)

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Angelus/Darla, Angelus/Kate, Angelus/Orig Female Character,
Kate/Orig Fem Char, other combinations and pairings.

WARNING: Non-Consensual Sex, Character Death, And BDSM

Summary: Angelus returns, but hes got a plan this time. AU from the End of
the Second Season Angel Episode, Reprise.

Thanks to Greywizard for the beta.

Authors Note: Margaret is played by Hillary Duff. Alex is played by Jessica
Biel. Ming is played by Jade Marcella

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 2 - Angelus, Agent Of Wolfram And Hart Chapter 3
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

When he got back to the hotel, Angelus parked in the underground garage and
went inside. Hearing whimpers and moans coming from the basement, he opened
the door and went downstairs. The first thing he saw was Kate, sitting on
the edge of the bench, with Drusilla eating her pussy. On closer inspection,
he could see that Drusilla's hands were cuffed to her ankles, and there were
welts across her back. Kate was doing the moaning as she reached her orgasm.
After she came, Kate shoved Dru onto the floor.

"Dont think you are done, bitch! You owe me an orgasm for each time you cut
me last night. I've cum ten times, so you owe me about 30 more. Then, you
will be done. But, I'm still only human, so I'll end for tonight. There is
just one more thing to do."

As she was speaking, Kate was putting a harness and a strap-on around her
waist. Moving behind Dru, she raised the vampire's ass in the air. Shoving
two fingers in Dru's ass, Kate moved them around to widen her hole, and
then put the head of the cock there. "This is for the broomstick, cunt!"
Kate snarled as she shoved the rubber cock deep into Drusilla's ass.

Dru cried out, "Dru's sorry! Dru's sorry!" over and over as Kate pounded

Finally, after about five minutes, Kate pulled out, and stripped off the
strap-on. After unhooking the cuffs, Kate helped Dru to her feet and told
her to go take a shower. Dru kept her eyes down and said; "Thank you Miss
Kate, Dru will do more tomorrow."

"I know you will, Dru. Just a few more days and you'll be done."

Dru stumbled up the stairs, not even noticing Angelus standing there, and
went to clean up. After Dru left, Angelus spoke, "Have a good time?"

Kate jerked, startled. "Angelus, how long have you been there?"

"I was watching Dru bring you off the last time, and saw you bugger her. But,
you didn't answer my question, did you have a good time."

"Actually, yes I did. Thank you for allowing me some payback."

"Good, Good and you're welcome. Dru will have to learn to control her
impulses, and what you are doing will teach her. But, you need to understand,
Dru may physically be about 160 years old, but, mentally, she's about six.
She has a hard time understanding that humans aren't as resilient as she is,
and she gets carried away sometimes."

"Well then," Kate smirked, "I guess I need to make sure she learns this
time." She paused, and then spoke again. "I also have to thank you for my
Mistress. I slept better last night, with her taking care of me, than I
have in years."

"That's good to know, and I plan to see that the two of you are together
for a very long time. You understand that I am going to turn your mistress,
don't, dont you?"

"Yes, I guess it was kind of a given, wasnt it?" Kate responded, her eyes
downcast. "And you promised me that I would die with your dick in my ass.
So, I hope you understand that I'm not looking to repeat that experience."

Angelus chuckled, "Don't worry about that, Kate. I won't be the one to turn
you. I've discussed it with Margaret, and you will be her first childe. And,
I will make sure it's done as gently as possible. The bond you have with your
mistress is mild compared to the bond between a sire and childe. As far as us
having sex, that will be different as well. When I took you the last time, I
was brutal for a reason, which is no longer the case."

"Thank you, Angelus, I feel better now. And I'd like to ask you a question.
While punishing Dru, I got to thinking about other people I owe payback to,
specifically, a couple of assholes on the force who need to pay for what
they did to me. Can I do that?"

"Oh, you are really getting into the swing of things I see. We can definitely
take of them. Now, do you want to do it before or after you are changed?"

Kate thought for a moment. "Probably before I'm changed. I can get inside
their homes without an invitation, now."

"Good point. Figure out who we should visit, and we can make some plans and
visit them tomorrow night."

"I will. I've already got somebody in mind, actually. And I want to make him
hurt! I think making him watch us molest his wife and daughters will cause
him lots of pain before he dies. Especially when I tell him that it was
something he did that brought this down on his family."

"Daughters? How old are they?"

"Sixteen year old twins."

"Hmm, that would work. I think we may want to keep the two girls. I can make
some money off them. There are always buyers for twin girls, especially after
weve trained them," he said, with a lustful glint in his eyes.

"Is everything always about sex with you, Angelus?" Kate asked with a grin.

"You'll learn that vampires are very sensual beings. Our major interests are
the pleasures of the flesh. Eating and fucking, as well as making money to
spend time comfortably are the main interests. Plus, you will learn the sheer
pleasure to be found in the hunt."

"That's fine, fine; I'm learning the pleasure of good sex, after being alone
for a long time."

Cocking his head, Angelus smiled. "I think I hear your Mistress and Darla
coming home. Let's go up and meet them.

* * *

Darla and Margaret walked into the hotel, laughing in honest amusement, as
the cab driver followed them in, loaded down with bags. As he set the bags
down, Darla turned to him and said. "What do we owe you?"

"The meter says 48 dollars, miss."

"Well, heres a hundred. Keep the change."

"Thank you, miss! That is very generous." He turned to leave, but Darla
stopped him.

"Wait! You haven't had your tip yet!"

"Excuse me? I thought the tip was the change," the driver said, confusion on
his face.

"Oh no, the change was a bonus for bringing in the bags. Here is your tip."
Darla turned to Margaret, and kissed her deeply, while working her hand up
under Margaret's dress. Margaret moaned as Darla's fingers probed her. Darla
removed her fingers, glistening with Margaret's juices, and held them to the
cabbies mouth. "Open up." She smiled as he sucked Margaret's juices off
Darla's fingers.

The cabbie blinked as Darla removed her fingers, and, clearing his throat,
said, "Anytime you need a ride anywhere, I don't care what time, call me!
Hell, you can call me at home if you want to. Just ask for Eddie, here's my
card." As he stumbled outside, he was trying to hide his erection.

"Thank you Eddie!" they called in unison, before falling into each others
arms in laughter.

Angelus and Kate walked up out of the basement, Kate tying her robe around
herself. Angelus said, grinning, "Okay you two, what is so funny? I could
hear you in the basement."

"Oh, Sire," Darla said, wiping her eyes, "you should have seen us. Margaret
practically gave the clerk at the shoe store a heart attack when she was
trying on shoes. The little minx doesn't have any panties on, and gave him
a good show. Then she insisted we try on all of our selections at Fredericks,
and model for each other, in the middle of the store. There will probably be
several men getting divorced after staring at us. And when Margaret modeled
the backless panties, asking me if I thought you would like them when you
took my last cherry? I think the woman who was waiting on us came! She got
real flushed and her eyes glazed over, then she excused herself very

"How the hell did you avoid getting busted by security?" Angelus wondered.

"Oh, it was easy," Margaret said. "We went into the office, and Darla and I
put on a show for him, then Darla sucked his cock. Not only didn't we get in
trouble, he gave us each a 50 percent off certificate for the next time we
come in."

"And then, in the cab back here," Darla continued, chuckling, "Margaret had
my top up and was sucking my nipples while I fingered her. The cabbie almost
wrecked the car three times before we got back."

"It sounds like you had a good time then," Angelus said, "But its time to go
see Jimmy. Are you ready, Margaret?"

Growing serious, Margaret said, "You'd better believe it! That prick needs
to die, and I want to see it!"

"Good, lets go! Darla, get Dru and Kate to help you take your bags upstairs.
We'll be back in a while.


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