Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss; I'm just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back (I can't do anything about the
smiles on their faces, though)

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Angelus/Darla, Angelus/Kate, Angelus/Orig Female Character,
Kate/Orig Fem Char, other combinations and pairings.

WARNING: Non-Consensual Sex, Character Death, And BDSM

Summary: Angelus returns, but hes got a plan this time. AU from the End of
the Second Season Angel Episode, Reprise.

Thanks to Greywizard for the beta.

Authors Note: Margaret is played by Hillary Duff. Alex is played by Jessica
Biel. Ming is played by Jade Marcella.

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 2 - Angelus, Agent Of Wolfram And Hart Chapter 4
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

Angelus drove to where he had picked up Margaret the night before, and saw a
Honda CRV parked at the corner. Margaret said, "There, thats Jimmys SUV, and
the other girls are getting out now."

Angelus pulled up behind the SUV, and said, "Okay, you get out and go talk to
your friends, I'll take care of Jimmy."

They both got out of the car, and Angelus walked up to the driver's side of
the CRV. Jimmy watched as he approached. As Angelus got close, he smiled and
said, "I really enjoyed Foxy last night, and I want to talk to you about
hiring her and the other two for the night."

"Sure, we can talk about that. Are you planning a party?"

"Sort of. You see, I make specialty films for a certain discriminating client
base, if you know what I mean, and those three would be perfect for a movie."

"Oh? What sort of movie? Because I know some men and women who might enjoy
seeing something a little different."

"Well, young girls, in bondage, getting fucked, eating pussy, taking it up
the ass, the usual stuff. I've got one of my regular girls, dresses up like
a cop, she and uses a nightstick on 'em. She's in the mood for some fresh
meat, if you know what I mean."

"That sounds like something I could move. Tell you what, I'll let you have
all three for the night for $3,000."

"Sounds do-able, but there is one thing more. Foxy tells me she's never taken
a dick in her ass, and I'm willing to pay extra for the privilege."

"Well, I have to tell you, I've got a client thats willing to pay $10,000 for
a cherry ass, and you'd need to match that."

"Wow! Thats a lot of scratch!" Angelus paused for a moment, as if
considering. "Tell you what, I'll pay you $15,000 for Foxy, and another
$5,000 for the other two. And, to sweeten the deal, I'll give you a copy of
the tape when I drop them off. How's that sound?"

"Sounds like you've got a deal, if you have the green."

"Oh, I've got it." Angelus said, patting his hip pocket. "But, I don't like
flashing green on the street. Do you mind if I get in the car?"

"No problem," Jimmy said as he reached over and opened the door.

Angelus sat down and pulled out a pile of cash and held it out. As the greedy
pimp reached for the money, Angelus dropped it on the seat, and grabbed Jimmy
by the throat. Putting his other hand on the top of Jimmy's head, he jerked,
breaking the pimps neck, killing him instantly. Angelus grimaced at the smell
as Jimmy's bowels and bladder let go, fouling himself, but then he grabbed
the money and cleaned out Jimmy's pockets. Grabbing the car keys, he got out
and walked back to his car. The other two girls were sitting in the back,
watching him.

Turning to Margaret, Angelus asked, "How much did you explain to them?"

"I just told them that you were taking them over from Jimmy, and would have
work for us. I figured I'd explain the rest when we got back to the hotel."

"Thats fine. Ming, Alex, you've turned your last trick on the streets. In a
few weeks, you will start working as recruiters for one of my businesses, but
in the meantime, I will be seeing to your training." Then, turning back to
Margaret, he said, "I'll need you to navigate, because we are going to clean
out your personal items from Jimmy's house. But only grab one change of
clothes. You will be getting a whole new wardrobe, tomorrow."

Following Margarets directions, Angelus drove them to a ranch style house
in the suburbs. Pulling behind the house, Angelus unlocked the door and the
three girls went inside. The girls went to the basement to gather their
personal items, while he searched the rest of the house. In Jimmy's room,
he found a lockbox, unlocked, with several piles of cash and bank paperwork,
plus a ring of keys. Gathering the box, he went downstairs and left with the
girls, after wiping down anyplace he had touched.

Driving back to the hotel, Angelus stopped at McDonalds so the girls could
get something to eat. Margaret asked, "What's the plan now, Angelus?"

"What I'm thinking, is, after we eat, all of us, including Kate, Darla and
Dru, will go up to the roof, there are some mattresses up there. Anyway, what
I figure is welcoming the three of you with massive orgasms will get things
started nicely." Angelus glanced at the rearview mirror, and saw Ming and
Alex grin at each other. "Do you two like that idea?"

Ming spoke up. "Yes sir, we do. Its been a long time since either of us came
without doing it ourselves. It will be a nice change."

"Oh, I think I can guarantee your minds will blown, tonight. After the fun,
you two will prepare Margaret and me, because I'm going to take her last

Ming grinned. "So, finally gonna get butt fucked, huh? Its about time."

Alex nodded, "Yeah, I was seriously considering doing you myself, if I could
have figured a way to do it without Jimmy finding out. What a shit! I'm glad
you took care of him, Angelus."

"Dont worry, you'll still get a shot at Margaret's ass. It will just be a bit
looser than it is now. Oh, by the way, Margaret, don't be surprised if your
pet is sound asleep when we get back. I think she was worn out from making
Dru apologize."

"Well, I think I can wake her up. What she does with her tongue has to be
experienced to be believed. If I knew lady cops were that good at eating
pussy, I would have gotten myself arrested."

"Hold on just a second, Mags. When did you go all Domme on us, and getting a
pet? Whats up with that?" Alex demanded.

"Long story and I'll tell both of you the whole thing later, but, for now,
were home!"

"You live in a hotel? Won't that make it difficult to do what you were
talking about on the roof?" Ming asked.

Angelus chuckled, "Well, it would, except for the fact that I own this

"Damn! This is an improvement over Jimmy already!" Alex exclaimed.

"Yeah," Ming added, "the three of us had to sleep on cots in the basement."

"Well, don't worry, each of you will have your own room here. Of course, you
will be spending time in my room, or Darla or Dru's room as well. But there
ain't no such thing as a free lunch."

"TANSTAAFL? I didn't know you read Heinlein," Margaret said.

"Hell, I read them all when they came out. Still go back to them now and
again. Anyway, we can talk books later. Lets go inside."

* * *

As Angelus led the three girls into the hotel, he smiled at Ming's reaction.
Her eyes were very wide as she looked around. "It's not much, but it's home,"
he smirked. Then, he called out, "Darla, Dru, and Kate! We have some new
girls! Come down and say hello!"

The two vampires came out of their rooms, followed by Kate, and headed down
the stairs. Kate was still rubbing sleep from her eyes, but when Margaret
called to her, she hurried down to greet her Mistress. "Pet, come down and
say hello to my friends."

Kates eyes lit up even more when Margaret hooked a finger in her collar and
pulled her face down for a kiss. Margaret controlled the kiss by wrapping her
fingers in Kate's hair. When the kiss ended, Margaret said, "Pet, this is
Ming, and this is Alex." The two said hello, and Margaret added, "Alex, Kate
is my pet, so don't get any ideas, okay?"

"Got it!" Alex agreed.

While Margaret was introducing her pet to Ming and Alex, Angelus was talking
to Darla and Dru. "Darla, I want you to teach the three of them how to behave
as ladies. Sort of a Pygmalion idea. I've got a part for each of them in my
plans, and I don't want them to show any signs of being street walkers."

Darla nodded, and said, "What sort of part do you have in mind? I'm asking so
I can make sure they have the skills they need."

"Well, if you remember, I mentioned setting up a specialized house, to have
vamp entertainment, right? Well, Margaret will run the house, and Ming and
Alex will take care of training the girls. They are a complementary pair:
Alex seems to be naturally dominant, and Ming is very submissive."

"Okay, I can teach them most of what they need, but my bookkeeping skills are
lacking, I'm afraid."

"I'll get them the training they need in that area. My contract with Wolfram
and Hart will take care of it. Now, have you two eaten tonight?"

"Yes, Sire, we both have. I took Dru out while you were gone," Darla

"Good, because we will be playing with Margaret and her friends tonight,
and I don't want hunger to make you lose control. Now, I think its time we
explained the facts of life to our new minions."

Turning to the women, he saw that they were finishing their dinner,
including Kate, who Margaret had ordered for. Clapping his hands to get their
attention, he spoke. "Ming, Alex, its time for you to learn what is going on.
First, while you are in training, and this applies to you, and your pet as
well, Margaret, you are not to be wearing clothing. You will earn that
privilege through your training. Also, you are to be available to Darla,
Drusilla and I sexually at any time. Kate, this doesn't apply to you. I gave
you to your Mistress, so its her decision to make you available. Do any of
you have any questions so far?"

"No," from Alex, Margaret and Kate.

"No, Master," from Ming.

"Good. Remove your clothing, now!"

Margaret, Ming and Kate hurried to obey, but Alex hesitated, before slowly
removing her clothes. Angelus said, softly, "Alex, you told me you didn't
have any questions. I assumed that meant that you understood what I told you.
Was I mistaken?"

"No, I understood you fine," Alex said, defiantly.

"Well then, why did you hesitate? When I tell you I want you to do something
now, I don't mean, sometime next week, when you get around to it. So, why the

"I dont take orders well, Angelus," she replied, looking him in the eye.

"Oh, is that all?" Angelus chuckled, "Well, don't worry about that. You will
learn, starting now. Darla, would you take Alex down to the basement and
being her education? Remember, she's only human, so be careful."

"Yes, Sire," Darla responded, grabbing Alex by the hand and dragging her to
the basement door.

"Ming, its time for your first lesson. I expect obedience, and disobedience
has consequences. But, on the other hand, obedience has its rewards as well.
Now, all of you follow me to the basement, so you can see first hand what I

By the time Angelus and the rest got to the basement, Darla already had Alex
hog tied, and her ankles spread by a bar. Darla was crouching by Alex's head,
whispering in her ear, before standing, and grabbing a wooden paddle. As
Angelus and the women watched, stone-faced, Darla beat Alex all over her body
with the paddle, paying most of the attention to Alex's feet and butt. After
only a few minutes, Alex was crying, begging Darla to stop, promising and
promising that she would behave. Darla continued to beat her saying, "I told
you what to say to stop the punishment, and I haven't heard you say it yet."

After a few seconds more, Alex sobbed out, "Please stop! I submit, I submit!"

As soon as Alex said that, Darla dropped the paddle, and released Alex from
the bonds. Hugging her, she whispered soothingly into Alex's ear.

Angelus turned to Ming and said, "You see Ming, there are consequences for
disobedience. However, you were obedient, and deserve a reward. Drusilla,
give Ming her reward for being such a good girl."

"Of course Daddy," Dru smiled, as she took Ming's hand and led her to a mat
lying on the floor.

Laying Ming down, Dru started making love to her, sucking the Asian girl's
nipples and stroking her pussy. Before long, Dru moved down Mings body and
started licking her pussy. The young girl was soon panting and crying out
as Dru took her to the edge and shoved her over. Ming screamed out her
orgasm before collapsing back onto the mat. Smiling up at Dru, Ming spoke,
"Thank you, Drusilla that was wonderful. May I make you feel good now?"

Drusilla looked up at Angelus questioningly, and when he nodded, she smiled
and said, "Of course, baby, you can make Mummy feel good." Then she stood and
took off her dress.

When Dru lay down next to her, Ming rolled over on top of the vampire and
started kissing her. She licked her juices off of Dru's face, before running
her tongue down Dru's throat and moved down her body, spending time sucking
and nibbling on the vampiress' nipples. Kissing her way down Dru's stomach,
Ming raised the other woman's legs in the air, and began running her tongue
around Dru's asshole, and stroking the flesh between her ass and pussy.
"Oooh, yes, baby! Lick Mummys bottom, Mummy likes that!"

With Dru's encouragement, Ming started tongue fucking Dru's ass, and
fingering her pussy. Soon, Dru came screaming, as her demon came forth. When
Alex, who was watching from a few feet away saw Dru's game face, she gasped
and turned to Darla. "She's a vampire!"

Darla smiled gently, and said, "I know, so am I."

Alex blinked, "Well, that explains why you are so cold. I thought you were
just not feeling well."

Darla chuckled, "Well, how do you feel now that you know?"

"I'm not sure, I should be scared out my mind, but Angelus took me out of a
bad situation, so I'm grateful, and, honestly, it feels really good, laying
here with your arms around me. So, I guess I'm okay with it."

Darla rolled over until she was on top of Alex, and grinned at her. "If
you thought that felt good, you are in for a treat."

Sitting up so she was straddling Alex's waist, Darla lifted her dress over
her head, exposing her nude body to Alex's admiring eyes. Leaning forward,
Darla put one of her breasts at Alex's mouth, and Alex reached her tongue
out and teased the nipple. Darla moaned in pleasure as the girl moved her
mouth back and forth between her breasts, sucking and nipping at the tender
flesh. Then Darla slid down Alex's body, rubbing her nipples against Alex's
erect nubs. Alex cried out in pleasure, and gasped as Darla's tongue circled
her nipples. After a minute or so, Darla continued her path down to Alex's
center, and started licking the edges of Alexs lips, nipping and sucking,
causing Alex to pant in arousal. Finally Darla slid her tongue inside Alex,
and Alex cried out when Darlas tongue rubbed her clit. Darla continued
licking the younger girl, bringing her close to orgasm, and then stopping,
over and over again.

Finally, Darla took pity on her playmate, and put her lips around Alex's
clit and began sucking gently. After being on edge for so long, Alex started
babbling in ecstasy as her orgasm hit. As Alex was in the arms of pleasure,
Darla raised her face, and, letting her demon out, moved to the artery in
Alexs' thigh. Biting down, Darla began to drink. The sensation sent Alex into
back to back orgasms, and she passed out. Darla stopped drinking after a few
seconds, and using her tongue, cleaned up the puncture wounds and healed


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