Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss; I'm just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back (I can't do anything about the
smiles on their faces, though)

Rating: NC-17

Pairings: Angelus/Darla, Angelus/Kate, Angelus/Orig Female Character,
Kate/Orig Fem Char, other combinations and pairings.

WARNING: Non-Consensual Sex, Character Death, And BDSM

Summary: Angelus returns, but hes got a plan this time. AU from the End of
the Second Season Angel Episode, Reprise.

Thanks to Greywizard for the beta.

Authors Note: Margaret is played by Hillary Duff. Alex is played by Jessica
Biel. Ming is played by Jade Marcella.

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 2 - Angelus, Agent Of Wolfram And Hart Chapter 5
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

When Ming raised her face from Drus ass, she blinked at seeing her in game
face. Then, she climbed up so her face was level with Dru's and kissed the
vampire on her ridged brow. Next, she kissed Dru's mouth, running her tongue
across the fangs. When the blood from Ming's tongue ran into Dru's mouth,
the vampire started sucking on her tongue. Ming pulled back and bared her
throat to Dru, "Will you drink, Mistress?"

Dru pulled back, surprised, until she heard Angelus say, "Go ahead, Dru, but,
just a little bit." Dru moved to Ming's throat and bit gently. Ming moaned
as the fangs pierced her neck and started panting as the sensations sent her
already overloaded system into overdrive. She screamed as she passed out from
the force of her second orgasm.

When Margaret saw Ming and Alex's reaction to finding out about vampires, she
turned to Angelus and said, "That went smoother than I thought it would. It
makes things easier, now that they know the truth."

"True, very true. Why don't you take your pet up to your room and give her
some attention. It seems like your friends are done for the evening, so we
may have to play together, later. You and your pet can get some rest for a
while, and then we can go up to the roof. Kate is welcome to come as well.
In fact, the thought of you two in a 69 as I slowly enter your virgin ass
is quite the mental picture, don't you think?"

"Yummy! What do you think, pet? Think you're up for some rooftop fun?"

Of course, Mistress. With you, I'm always up for anything!"

"Good girl!" Margaret said, taking Kate by the hand and going up the stairs.

Watching Margaret and her pet go up the stairs, Angelus turned to Dru and
Darla, who were each cuddling their playmates. Speaking quietly, he said,
"So, should we take the girls to their rooms, or would you two prefer they
keep your beds warm tonight?"

"Well, you know, Sire, a bed warmer can be very nice," Darla smirked, and
Dru added, "Oh, yes, Daddy, she'll make Dru nice and cozy."

"Okay, get up and well take the girls up to you rooms. Then I need to see
you in my office, Darla. We have some work to do."

After Darla got Alex in bed, and Dru and Ming were in Dru's room, she met
Angelus in his office. "Okay, I've told you that I have plans, and the girls
have a part to play. It's time to let you know what the plans are. In a
nutshell, I intend to take over the Los Angelus underworld, both the human
and demon halves," the blondes grandsire announced. "To start with, I've
signed a contract with Wolfram and Hart, and part of the contract is we get
the full use of Lindsay and Lilah. The only restriction is, we can't kill
them; they have contracts with the Home Office that prevents it. I'm still
thinking about what to do with my former employers. They have to be removed,
but I'm not sure if they need to die or not. Anyway, I want to concentrate
on turning young attractive women, street walkers, if possible. I have a
couple of reasons for this: first, I'll have work for them; and two, lets
face it, what cop will go out of his way to investigate the disappearance
of a whore?" Angelus sneered as he said the last words. "Now, with access to
the resources of Wolfram and Hart, we can get in touch with the other master
vamps in the city, and offer them a choice: join me or be dust. After we
have the vamps under control, we will take out the crime families, turning
the men and taking the women and children as booty. We'll keep them for food
and fucking. In the chaos, well take over the family's rackets. As long as
we stay below the radar after that, we should have a good few hundred years
of living in luxury. Plus, if and when you and I get bored, we can take Dru
and Spike and go to Vegas or Reno or some other city for a few nights and
wreek havoc."

"Sounds like you've got a workable plan, but, I have a couple of questions.
You said we would take out the crime families; I'm assuming they are well
guarded, so how will we get into the house?"

"Simple. Its not well known, but, I've discovered that a simple welcome mat
will serve as an invitation. I had wondered if it would work, and put it to
the test earlier tonight, and it worked! I don't want you telling any of the
others though. It suits my purposes to the keep them thinking they need an
invite. It helps them develop cunning. Now, you had another question?"

"Yes, you mentioned Spike. How are you going to get him without the Slayer
finding out? He is her lap dog these days, isnt he?"

Angelus chuckled, "Oh, you'll like this. The easiest way to keep the slayer
from trying to find him is to convince her he didn't go anywhere. We'll pick
up a fledgling with us, dust him in Spike's crypt, and take Spike with us.
I've gotten the name of a doctor in Vegas who can remove the chip, and the
Scourge of Europe is reborn! Anything else?" he asked triumphantly.

"Just one thing thinking about what lies ahead, has got me turned on, want
to fuck?" Darla said, with a grin.

"Come around here, and bend over the desk!"

Raising the dress up over her hips, Angelus slid his fingers into Darla's
bare pussy, then, dropping his pants, he shoved his cock into her all the
way. Pumping quickly, he pinched under Darla, and started playing with her
nipples. Hearing her moan, he slowed down his strokes, and dropping one
hand, started rubbing Darla's pussy. She came quickly, and Angelus pulled
out and turned Darla to face him. Pushing the blonde vamp to her knees, he
grabbed her hair and brought her face to his cock. Darla obediently opened
her mouth, and Angelus slid his cock past her lips. Holding Darla's head
still, he started pumping into her mouth, fucking her face. Feeling close
to cumming, he pulled back slightly, shooting into Darla's open mouth.
Darla's throat worked as she swallowed, then licked up the rest of his cum
from her lips.

As he finished, Angelus put his cock away, and she looked up, saying,
"Thanks, I needed that!"

"Anytime babe, anytime."

"Now, are you tired, or do you feel like coming up to the roof and watching
me pop Margaret's ass?"

"Tempting, but I think I'll pass, I have some more lessons to teach Alex,
and want to get ready."

"Have fun," Angelus grinned as Darla headed up to her room.

After going to his room and taking a shower, he put on a robe, and putting
a tube of lubricant in his pocket, he knocked on Margaret's door. Hearing
Margarets voice call out, "It's open!" he turned the knob and pushed the
door open.

He stopped to watch in enjoyment the scene before him. Kate was on her hands
and knees on the floor, and Margaret was fucking her pet in the ass with a
strap-on. Kate was groaning and breathing heavily, and Angelus could see
Margaret's hand moving between Kate's thighs. He could tell that they both
were incredibly aroused by the smell. He could see from Margaret's flushed
face and heaving chest that she was hitting her peak. Kate cried out,
"Mistress, Oh Mistress!" as Margaret moved her hand faster in her pets
pussy; bring her to a screaming orgasm. Margaret collapsed on top of her
pet, struggling to catch her breath.

When Margaret got up, she gently slid the cock from Kate's ass, and hugged
her pet. Looking up, she grinned tiredly at Angelus saying, "Enjoy the show?"

Gesturing to his obvious erection, he said, "What do you think?" Then,
pausing for a second, "Are you two ready for a trip to the roof?"

Glancing at her pet, Margaret said, "Give us a few minutes, we both need to
shower, and we'll be up."

"Okay, I'll get things set up. Just so you know, Darla and Dru are busy with
Ming and Alex and they won't be joining us."

Margaret grinned, "It sounds like they will fit in, just fine."

"I agree, and I'm sure that Alex will spend a lot of time in the basement.
She will push Darla, and Darla doesn't push. Anyway, you go take your shower,
and I'll meet you on the roof.

* * *

Angelus stood on the roof, smoking, as he gazed up at the overcast sky.
Lowering his eyes, he took in the view of the city. 'One more night to play,
thats it! After we get Lilah and Lindsay broken in, its time to put the
plans in motion.' He thought, 'I've spent enough time having fun, got to get
to work.'

Hearing the door to the roof open, he turned and smiled at Margaret and
Kate as they stepped out on to the roof. They were both nude, except for
the collar around Kate's throat. Walking up to them, Angelus took Margaret's
hand and led her to the oversized air mattress laying there.

Laying Margaret down, he placed Kate on top of her mistress and watched as
Kate licked her lips. Kate smiled and dropped her face to Margaret's pussy
and began to serve her. Kate moaned as Margaret lifted her head and went to
work on her. Just as Angelus moved into place, there was a crack of thunder
and the lightning flashed, and the clouds opened up. Laughing, he said,
"Change of plans, girls, lets go down to my room."

When they got to his room, Angelus laid down on his bed, stripping off his
robe, his erection standing up. He said, "Kate, take this lubricant, and
cover a couple of your fingers. I want you to get your mistress loosened up
for my cock. Then, I want you to coat my cock with lube."

Margaret moaned as her pet slid a finger into her virgin ass. Then, she
sighed, as a second finger went into her. After a couple of minutes, he
said, "Margaret, I want you to straddle my cock, looking at me, I want to
watch your face as you take my cock in your ass." Margaret hurried to do
so, then he said, "Kate, line my cock up at your Mistresss ass. Now,
Margaret, lower yourself onto my cock. Take your time, and let your ass
adjust to me, I want you to enjoy this." He smiled as Margaret grimaced,
adjusting to the pressure in her ass. After a few minutes, she was all
the way down on him. "Kate, climb up here, behind your Mistress, and
start making love to her. Make her feel as good as you can."

Margaret sighed as Kate ran her hands over her breasts, rubbing her palms
over the nipples. Margaret leaned back and kissed her pet, and gasped as
Kate slid a finger into her pussy. Kate started rubbing Margarets clit and
smiled, pleased at her Mistress's reaction. It wasn't long before Margaret
started bouncing up and down on his cock, moaning in pleasure as she kissed
Kate. Soon, she came, and, as her ass clenched around him, Angelus blasted
into her ass. Pulling Margaret down, he kissed her, and told her she did
well. Margaret smiled sleepily at him in response. He slid his cock out of
her ass, and told Kate to take her back to their room.

After taking a shower, he got dressed and checked in on Dru and Ming, smiling
as he saw them cuddled up, asleep on Dru's bed. Moving down the hall, he saw
Darla's door was open. Looking in, he saw that it was empty, curious, he went
down to the lobby, where his hearing picked up sounds from the basement.

Smiling at the cries he heard, Angelus went down the steps to the basement.
Darla didn't even seem to notice his presence, so intent on what she was
doing. Wearing a large strap on, she was fucking Alex, who was chained to a
post in the center of the room. Alex cried out as the force of Darla's
thrusts forced her naked breasts against the stone.

"So Darla," he said, "I see that Alex needs another lesson. What did she do
this time?"

"She thought I was kidding when I told her to bathe me. I'm just teaching
her that I don't kid when I give direction." Turning back to Alex, she
pulled her hair back, and hissed in the young girl's ear, "If there is a
second occurrence, all 12 inches of this is going up her ass! Do you hear
me child?"

"Yes, Mistress. I'm sorry, Mistress. It wont happen again."

"I would hope not because, if you can't be trained, you'll only be good for
food and I don't think that's what you want."

"Have fun Darla, I'm going out to get a bite. I'll be back after while."


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