Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss; I'm just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back. (I can't do anything about the
smiles on their faces, though.)

Pairing: Multiple Angelus/f pairings; multiple f/f pairings, other characters
and pairings.

WARNING: Non-Consensual Sex, Character Death, and BDSM

Summary: Angelus returns, but he's got a plan this time.

AU from the End of the Second Season Angel Episode, Reprise.

Authors Note: Margaret is played by Hilary Duff, Alex is played by Jessica
Biel, Ming is played by Jade Marcella

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 4 - The Return of the Big Bad Chapter 1
by Red Jacobson

The next evening, Angelus, Darla and Dru drove to Sunnydale. Parking outside
the cemetery, they walked towards Spike's crypt. As they passed a fresh
grave, Angelus stopped, and, listening for a couple of seconds, smiled and
said, "Well, I believe weve found our patsy."

The three of them waited as a hand clawed its way out of the dirt. Reaching
down, Angelus grabbed the hand and pulled the newly risen vamp out of the
grave. Looking at the headstone, Angelus said, "Hello, Warren, welcome to
the night life."

Warren Mears looked at him, then, seeing Darla and Dru, he grinned. "Oh yeah!
I'm gonna like this!" he said, brushing the dust off his cheap suit. "So,
what's going on? I'm anxious to find dinner, I'm starved!"

"Don't worry, Warren," Angelus said, "when we get done our errand, you won't
be hungry anymore." Glancing back at Darla and Dru, he could see Darla hiding
a smile.

With Warren following them, the three vamps walked to Spike's crypt. Walking
in, Spike was sitting down, drinking and watching television.

Angelus spoke, "Oh, William, how the mighty have fallen! My childe, you are
worth so much more than this."

Spike turned to him and snarled, "What the fuck do you want, Peaches? And
whos that with you?"

Darla and Dru stepped into the crypt, and Spike's jaw dropped. Standing, he
moved towards them, and, looking closely at Angelus, he whispered, "Sire?
You're back?" When Angelus nodded, Spike grinned. "Outstanding! The Scourge
Ride Again!" he exclaimed with delight. Then he paused, "Well, except for
one small thing."

"Don't worry about it William, I've found someone that will take care of that
for you."

"Who, the new guy standing behind you?"

"Oh, no, this is Warren," Angelus said, leading the newbie into the crypt,
and sitting him in Spike's chair. "He'll be helping us out tonight."

"Helping us out how, Sire?"

"Like this, childe," Angelus smirked, pulling a stake and shoving it into
Warrens heart. The newbie didn't have a chance to react before turning to
dust. "Well, he's the dust that we are going to leave behind when you leave
a suicide note for the Slayer. I realized that I made a mistake announcing
myself to the Slayer and her white hats the last time I was back. So, its
going to be different this time. I don't plan on letting the white hats know
I'm back. I've got plans, my boy, and I think you'll like them. Now, get
that note written and lets get back home."

Spike scribbled a note, left it on the chair, and reached for his leather
duster. Angelus stopped him, saying, "Leave it, childe. If the jacket is
missing, the Slayer will smell a rat. We'll get you a new one."

As they are leaving, Harmony walked into the crypt. Looking around, she
squawked, "Who are you people, and where are you going with my Blondie Bear?"

"Spike? Who is this twit?" Angelus asked, sending his grandchild a reproving

"Thats Harmony. I've been hanging with her the last few months," Spike
admitted quietly.

"I see. Well, we'll have to take her with us then," Angelus decided. "Don't
want anybody knowing I've been here."

"I'm not going anywhere! Whats going on, you people get out of here!"

Angelus shook his head, reached out and casually snapped Harmony's neck. The
blonde vampire dropped, unconscious, and Angelus threw her over his shoulder
and they left the crypt. "I have to say Spike; you really could have done
better," Angelus smirked.

"I know Sire, but, she was the best available, what with the Slayer around
and all. And you know me, I hate to be alone."

Arriving back at the hotel, Angelus told Spike to follow him, and carried
Harmony to the basement. "How likely is she to keep her mouth shut about my

"Harm? Not bloody likely! The stupid bint wouldn't know how to keep a secret
if her unlife depended on it!"

"Okay, then well have to break her. Help me get her clothes off."

After stripping the unconscious vampire, the two vamps hung Harmony by her
wrists from the ceiling chains, and cuffed her ankles to the chains on the
floor. Heading up the stairs, Angelus said, "Alright, now that you are here,
its time to get started. The Scourge is going to be visiting the 4 Masters
in the city tonight. I'm hoping they will agree to an alliance, otherwise
I'll have to destroy them, and I really hate getting dust on my clothes.
Gathering up Darla and Drusilla," they grabbed weapons and headed for
Angelus' car.

* * *

Returning to the hotel just before dawn, Darla said, "That worked out far
better than I expected. I figured, we'd have to dust at least one of the
masters before the others would agree to an alliance."

"Actually, that went about how I figured," Angelus replied. "I was certain
that Gregory would never agree to work with me, and, since he was the oldest
vamp in town, I wanted to get him out of the way. Showing up at the others
lair with Gregory' mate with us pretty much guaranteed theyd fall into line.
Now, we've got a pool of 700 vampires under control, and that gives us lots
of options." Then, smiling, Angelus cocked his head towards the basement
door, where a petulant voice could be heard whining from down the stairs.
"Hark! The voice of an Angel! You know Spike, I really have to wonder, were
you that bad off? After you told me her name, I remembered hearing about her
back in Sunnydale. She was an idiot when she was alive, and I doubt being
turned helped that."

Spike grinned, "That's the truth, Sire, but, she's an excellent fuck, and
that's all I wanted at the time."

Angelus raised an eyebrow. "Really? If she's that good, maybe I can make her
one of the stars at the club."

"Club? What Club are you talking about?"

"Actually, its not a club, per se, more of a brothel. Vamp workers, the
humans will pay a pint of blood to get in, and if they want something kinky,
they'll add cash. I'm working with Wolfram and Hart to set up magical
protection to prevent any of our visitors from turning us in."

"What about the mob? I don't think they'll appreciate the competition, will
they?" Spike asked.

"By the time the Club opens up, the mob families will be under my control as
well. There are plans to take them over, and we'll be getting started on
that in just a few days. After we get your chip out, and take care of some
business. Now," Angelus added, "Harmony should be waking up, and its time for
her to learn the rules. Darla, go up and ask Margaret to come down here. She
can bring Kate if she wants."

"Excuse me Sire, but are you sure thats wise? They are still human, and
Harmony could hurt them."

"Its because they are still human that I want them there. The soul had a
couple of vials of Holy Water in the weapons chest, and we can't handle them.
If Harmony causes too much of a problem, we can demonstrate that disobedience
can be painful."

Darla's eyes lit up and she smiled at the mental picture. "Oh Sire, I love
how vicious your mind is, now. I'm very glad youre back."

Angelus grabbed Darla and pulled her close, kissing her roughly. "It's very
good to be back in command," he said. "Now, go get Margaret!" With a slap
on the ass to get her moving, he sent Darla hurrying up the stairs. Then,
turning to Spike, he said, "William, things are going to be different this
time. The last time I was in control, my hatred for the Slayer caused me to
make a lot of mistakes, and not just limited to digging up A Real Big Rock,
to use your term. That's not going to happen this time. I'm much more
interested in just taking over LA and living in luxury for a few thousand
years." Then, lowering his voice, he put his hand on Spike's shoulder and
said, "And that's the closest thing to an apology you'll get from me!"
Turning away, he didnt see the pleased smile that lit up Spikes face.


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