Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss; I'm just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back. (I can't do anything about the
smiles on their faces, though.)

Pairing: Multiple Angelus/f pairings; multiple f/f pairings, other characters
and pairings.

WARNING: Non-Consensual Sex, Character Death, and BDSM

Summary: Angelus returns, but he's got a plan this time.

AU from the End of the Second Season Angel Episode, Reprise.

Authors Note: Margaret is played by Hilary Duff, Alex is played by Jessica
Biel, Ming is played by Jade Marcella, Ice is played by Brigit Fonda, Fire
is played by Laura Prepon

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 4 - The Return of the Big Bad Chapter 4
by Red Jacobson

When the four of them got up to the room, and the door was shut behind them,
Fire turned to Angelus and said, "So, how do you want us?"

"Well, nude to start with, and then I want you on your knees in front of me.
I'm sure William wants the same thing, dont you bro?"

"Oh yeah, thats a good way to start." Spike replied. "And then, we can switch

"I'm sure that you two can find a way to entertain each other, and us while
we recuperate." Angelus said with a grin.

"You're the boss," the redhead shrugged, sliding off her jeans and
underpants. Then, unbuttoning her leather vest, she let her breasts hang

Glancing over at Spike, Angelus saw that the blonde was just as nude, even
having shaved her pussy. When the redhead finished taking off her clothing,
she knelt down between Angelus' spread legs. "Very good, now, clasp your
hands behind your back, and keep them there until I tell you otherwise."

Unzipping his pants, he pulled his cock out and presented it to her. The
redhead licked her lips and leaned forward, opening her mouth. Taking the
head in, she licked it with the tip of her tongue, and then closed her
lips around the head. Moving her mouth down the shaft, she sucked, causing
Angelus to moan at the pressure. "Very nice, very nice!"

Fire sped up her motions, running her tongue along the shaft, and using her
teeth on the skin under the head. After about 5 minutes of her attention,
Angelus grunted, "Here it comes!" and shot into her mouth. The woman tried
to back off, but Angelus gripped her head and held her face steady until she
swallowed everything.

The redhead looked up at him and said, "Geez, Mister, a little warning next
time, ok? I nearly choked. It has been awhile, if you had that much build up.
What next?"

"Now, we wait for my brother to finish, and then, we switch partners. In the
meantime, why don't you hop up on the bed and play with yourself?" Angelus

The woman climbed up on the bed, and began fingering herself, and pinching
her nipples with her free hand. When she had her fingers wet, she began
pumping her pussy, moaning in apparent pleasure. Angelus watched for a couple
of minutes, and then looked over at Spike and Ice, and Ice was wiping the cum
off of her lips.

"Finally get finished boy? Its about time." Then, turning to Ice, he said,
"Alright, now, while William and I recuperate, why don't you two put on a
show for us?"

The blonde nodded and got on the bed with the redhead.

Angelus grinned over at Spike as the two women lay side by side on the bed,
kissing each other. "Reminds me of Darla and Dru, how about you William?"
Spike just nodded, stroking himself. "Okay, now I want you to start fingering
each other, and lick the juices off your fingers."

The women did as he told them, sucking each others fingers. After they
fingered each other for a few minutes, Angelus said, "Good, now, 69 with
Ice on top. And, I want both of you to wet your fingers, and finger your
partners ass. Get it stretched out for us."

By the time the women had managed to get two fingers in their partner's ass,
Angelus and Spike were ready for another round. Moving onto the bed, Angelus
moved behind Ice, while Spike got in place behind Fire. As they grabbed their
partners hips, the two vampires slid their cocks into the hookers pussies.
The women were wet enough that they slid in with no problems, and began
picking up speed with their thrusts. The women moaned as their partners
rolled them off of each other, Angelus picked up Ice, and carried her over
to the other bed, still pumping. Angelus pulled out, and slid his cock into
Ice's stretched rear hole, forcing himself in all the way. She screamed as
her ass was stretched out even further, with no warning.

Fire tried to sit up, but Spike forced her back down and put his hand over
her mouth. Then he did the same thing Angelus did, sliding out and into the
redhead's ass. Pulling his hand away, he said, "Scream all you like, the
room is sound proofed." Then he went back to fucking her ass. Looking over
at Angelus, he said, "Bloody Hell it works, I'm hurting her, and there is
no pain!"

"Excellent childe, so, do you think they're worth it?" Angelus asked.

"She's not bad; I think they both have potential."

"Agreed, shall we?"

"Oh yes!" Spike said, letting his demon out. He smiled at the terrified,
struggling girl as he bent down and began to feed.

Angelus had flipped Ice over, so she was facing him when he let his demon
come forth. The woman blinked, and then closed her eyes, knowing what was
coming. Angelus sped up his thrusts, cumming inside her ass, before lowering
his face to her neck. Angelus began feeding, and, when she was nearly gone,
he opened a vein in his wrist, and allowed her to drink. Looking over at
Spike, he said, "Don't take too much, we want her to be able to drink."

Pulling his face from the dying redheads neck, Spike shook his head, and
said, "You're right, its just been so long, I couldn't help myself."

"Understood, well, I think youve had enough, give her some of yours." Spike
nodded and let her drink from a vein in his wrist. Pulling his cock out,
Angelus said, "I'm going to shower, why don't you call the front desk and
speak to Gus, tell him our guests will need some refreshments later, and
find out how much the charge would be."

"You got it, but save some hot water for me!" Spike grinned.

The End

To be continued in Interlude: Lilah's Wake Up Call


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