Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss; I'm just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back. (I can't do anything about the
smiles on their faces, though.)

Multiple combinations and pairings.

WARNING: Non-Consensual Sex, Character Death, and BDSM

Series: Angelus Rex

Summary: Angelus returns, but he's got a plan this time.

AU from the End of the Second Season Angel Episode, “Reprise.”

Author's Note: Margaret is played by Hillary Duff, Alex is played by Jessica
Biel, Ming is played by Jade Marcella, Peggy is played by Gina Gershon,
Heather and Erin are played by Amanda Bynes.

Takes place immediately after the events in “Kate's Revenge.”

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 6 - The Fall of Angel Investigations
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

After Kate wiped down all the surfaces she touched, she and Darla walked out
of the house. The first thing she noticed was that there was another vehicle
at the curb. It was a late model pick-up truck, and looked vaguely familiar,
but she couldn't quite place where she knew it from.

When Angelus saw them, he waved them forward, saying, when they got there,
“We better get moving. We had company, and a truck this old would be noticed
in this neighborhood. Darla, you take the truck back to the hotel, and Kate,
I want you to drive our guests back also.”

As they turned to leave, Angelus said, “Darla, try not to get stopped, the
police may frown on your cargo.” With that, he lifted a tarp off the bed of
the truck, exposing what was underneath.

Curious, Kate walked back and saw three bodies, one obviously dead, with a
broken neck, and the other two, bound and gagged, but still breathing and
unconscious. It took a second for her to recognize them, since they were a
part of her old life. The two trussed-up figures were Wesley and Cordelia
from Angel Investigations, and the dead man was their friend Gunn.

Shrugging, she turned back to Peggy's car. She heard Angelus explaining,
“These were the remnants of Soul boy's friends. The corpse is Charles Gunn,
he was muscle, and I've got plenty of that. The other two are Wesley Wyndam
Pryce - he's a candy-ass, but good with the prophecies, and translating dead
languages - and last, but not least, Cordelia Chase. Soul boy wanted her,
bad, but was too afraid to take her."

“My, how times have changed!” he finished with a wide smile.

* * *

When Angelus got back to the hotel, Darla was already waiting in the garage,
and Kate pulled in right behind him. Angelus grabbed Wesley and Cordelia,
and carried them down to the basement, where he chained them to the support
beams. Then Spike, Darla and Drusilla brought the three unconscious women in,
and chained them to the wall.

Turning to Darla and Kate, Angelus said, “Wake up Wesley and Cordelia, but
leave them gagged! I want them to know what is going to happen to them.”

Kate and Darla filled cups of water from the tap and splashed Wesley and
Cordelia. They blinked, coming back to reality slowly, Wesley recovered
first, looking around, and he paled and shut his eyes again when he saw
Angelus and Darla smiling at him.

“Yeah, Wes, it's real. You aren't having a nightmare, I'm back.” He
continued, conversationally, “You know, I was going to leave you all alone,
since you weren't a danger to me. If you had only left me alone, you could
have lived a long life. You, too, Cordy. You can stop faking, I know you're
awake. But, no, you just had to play the hero, and now, Gunn is dead, and
you two will be dead before sunrise."

“But, don't worry; it's only going to be a temporary condition. By nightfall,
you'll both be members of the family. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have work
to do.”

He turned away and moved to his three other prisoners, who were looking at
him fearfully.

“Hello, girls, my name is Angelus, but, you will call me Master. I'm going to
explain your situation to the three of you. First, you are alive only on my
sufferance, and you will remain alive only for as long as you do exactly what
you are told. You are nothing to me but property. Nobody is going to rescue
you. Your father is dead, and these two,” he pointed toward the chained
Cordelia and Wesley, “tried to rescue you, and they will be dead within the

“Now, just so you understand, disobedience has consequences, but, on the
other hand, obedience has its rewards. For example, please me and you can
sleep in a bed, together of course, and have regular baths and good food.
Displease me, and you will hang in these chains, forgotten except for when
one of us wants to use you, and maybe, getting a can of dog food a day.”

“Now, who would like a chance to earn a reward?” He smiled as all of them
said, “Me!”

“Very good! Very, very good! You all get a chance to try for a reward. The
twins first. It's going to be easy: I'm going to ask each of you some
questions. If you answer them to my satisfaction, you will be released from
your shackles, and taken up to a bedroom, where you will be able to shower
and sleep in a nice cozy bed."

“Now, first question. For both of you, before last night, how many people had
you had sex with?”

Pointing to the girl on the right, “What's your name?”

“Erin, Master.”

“Erin, tell me, how many people did you have sex with?”

“Three, Master.”

“And were they men or women?”

“Two were men, one was my sister.”

Peggy gasped; “How could you? I raised you better than that!”

Angelus glanced at her, and then turned back to the girls.

“Excuse me a moment,” he said, and, walking over to the cabinet against the
wall, he picked up a whip, and struck Peggy across her tits. She screamed in
pain, and collapsed, struggling to stay conscious.

“Apparently, you weren't listening earlier - bad behavior, which includes
speaking out of turn, gets punished. Do that again, and I'll lash your cunt.
Do you understand?” he said in a calm voice.

“Ye-Yes! I understand I'm sorry, I'm sorry!” she sobbed.

“Apology accepted.” Then, turning back to Erin, he said, “And, what did you
do with the boys? I'll get to what you and your sister did later. Tell me
what you did with the boys?”

Erin swallowed, and licked her lips. “The first man was the school principle;
he caught me smoking pot, and threatened to turn me in unless I had sex with
him. So, I stayed after school and he took me into his office. Then he locked
the door, made me strip and give him a blow job. He then bent me over the
desk and fucked me. He made me have sex with him at least once a week for the
past year. He really taught me a lot. The other guy was my boyfriend, and
he's a football player. He took me to a party, and all the girls were naked,
and we all had to have sex in front of the others. That was the worst! I had
to pretend I enjoyed it, and he was so tiny that I didn't even feel it.” Her
sister giggled, hearing that.

Angelus turned to her, “And what is your name?”

“Heather, Master.”

“You learn fast, Heather; your turn, same question.”

“Two, Master: the school principle, and my sister. I wasn't able to go to the
party, I was grounded.”

“So, this school principle sounds like quite the upstanding citizen, I'll
have to meet him,” Angelus grinned. “So, Heather, tell me, how did you end up
in his clutches?”

“Well, Master, Erin told me about it, and she told me how good he was, so I
wanted to find out for myself. I made sure he caught me misbehaving, and then
I told him I'd make the same deal he made with Erin, if he didn't turn me in.
He smiled really big, and told me to be in his office that afternoon. When I
showed up, Erin was already there, he made us both strip, and made Erin play
with herself while he fucked me. We both came, really hard, and then, he
asked us if we'd ever had sex with each other, and when we said yes, he made
us climb on his desk and each other. It was fun!” Heather concluded with a

“Okay, now, when did you start having sex, and who made the first move?”

The two girls looked at each other, and Erin spoke, “It was the night I had
sex for the first time. I always tell Heather everything, so she started
asking questions, and I could tell she was getting excited, and so was I, so
we stripped and started playing with ourselves. That wasn't new, we'd done
that a few times before, but, this time, I don't know what came over me, but,
I grabbed her hand, and put her fingers in my mouth. She tasted so good, I
wanted more, and I asked if I could lick her. She giggled, she does that a
lot, you'll notice, and lay back on her bed. So, I moved over to her, and
started licking her; it was great! Then she had to try it, and we've been
licking each other several times a week.”

“So, if you were already having sex with each other, why did you fight so
hard in the basement?” Angelus asked, to be rewarded with a look from both
of them that said, basically, 'Duh!'

Then Erin answered.

“Well, Master, we were scared of all of you people, and we didn't want our
parents to know we'd been having sex before. We're still scared, but,
somehow, I don't think it matters what Mom knows about us now,” she finished,
looking down.

“Well, you are correct to fear me, but, as long as you continue to behave as
well as you have so far, I'm not going to harm you. And, your answers were
excellent, so you both earn a reward,” Angelus said, smiling, as he released
Erin from her chains, and then cuffed her hands behind her back. Moving to
Heather, he did the same to her, before chaining them together by one ankle.
Releasing the other chains, he led them up the stairs.

* * *

He came back down, alone, about 20 minutes later, and spoke to Peggy.

“So, are you going to behave, and maybe sleep in a bed tonight? Or, am I
going to have to punish you, and leave you hanging down here, with the just
the rats for company?”

Peggy blinked tears from her eyes, and said, “I'll behave...Master,” she
ground out the last word.

“I'm not sure I believe you, but I'll let that go for now, as long as you
behave. Here's how you can earn a reward. I'm not going to ask you questions,
you have to demonstrate you deserve a bed. I'm going to lower your chains,
and, when you are on your knees, I'm going to put my cock in your mouth. If
you can make me cum in less than five minutes, I'll take you to a room where
you can sleep comfortably. Do you think you can handle that?”

A sad smile crossed Peggy's face, and she said, “Oh, I can do it, all right.
I never thought I'd have to depend on my cock sucking skills to get a place
to sleep ever again.”

“What to you mean by that?”

“How do you think I met my husband? He was a cop in Vegas, and I was turning
tricks to make rent. He arrested me, I paid the fine in trade, and he offered
to take me out of the life. Well, it was fun while it lasted; now, lower me
down, and I'll get to work.”

True to her boast, Angelus came in under 3 minutes, and she swallowed every
drop, without complaint.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” Angelus said, zipping up. “Do you think you can
teach that technique? If you can, you and your daughters can be upgraded from
property to members of the team.”

Peggy visibly relaxed, reaching for the thread of hope he held, “Of course I
can, Master! I had to teach a lot of the younger girls. I'm sure I haven't

“Excellent, let's put you to bed, and we'll discuss it more tomorrow.”

Unhooking her from the chains, he cuffed her wrists behind her and carried
her up the stairs.

* * *

A short while later, he and Darla came back down the stairs.

“Time for you both to join the family,” he announced to the two former Angel
Investigations members. “And, Cordelia, when you awake, you'll get to sample
the “Salty Goodness” you were drooling about in the Bronze that night,” he
grinned at the helpless brunette he grabbed her struggling form and lowered
his mouth to her neck.

“Darla, you take Wesley, but be as easy as you can. They both have potential
to be more than average minions.”

“Yes Sire,” she said, approaching Wesley, who was struggling against the
chains that bound him. The struggles ceased as Darla drained him, and,
removing his gag, opened a vein in her wrist and let him drink deeply.
When Wesley's head lolled back and his eyes closed for the final time,
Darla lowered her wrist, smiled gently, and said, “Sleep well, Childe.”

When Angelus finished with Cordelia, he released the chains and he and Darla
carried them upstairs to separate rooms.

End The Fall of Angel Investigations


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