Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss; I'm just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back. (I can't do anything about the
smiles on their faces, though.)

WARNING: Non-Consensual Sex, Character Death, and BDSM

Summary: Angelus returns, but he's got a plan this time.

AU from the End of the Second Season Angel Episode, “Reprise.”

Author's Note: Margaret is played by Hillary Duff, Alex is played by Jessica
Biel, Ming is played by Jade Marcella, Peggy is played by Gina Gershon,
Heather and Erin are played by Amanda Bynes

Follows “The Fall of Angel Investigations.”

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 7 - Running An Errand Chapter 1
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

That afternoon, Angelus got a call from Lilah, saying that Lynwood would like
to see him, and that there was something happening in Sunnydale that needed
to be discussed. Angelus agreed to meet in Lynwood's office that evening.

As they were ending the conversation, he told Lilah that he was very pleased
with her work, both in the office and after hours. Also, he told her she
could have the night off. He knew that she wanted to attend a Motown Revival
at the Hollywood Bowl, and informed her that tickets and backstage passes
were waiting for her at the box office. Lilah practically squealed in
excitement, before putting her business persona back into place. She thanked
him and he ended the call.

Heading upstairs, he stopped by Darla's room. He told her that he may not be
available when Wesley and Cordelia wake up, and requested that she take them
out hunting. Darla readily agreed.

Later that evening, Angelus arrived at the offices of Wolfram and Hart, and
the guard buzzed him through immediately. Lynwood was waiting at the door to
his office, and welcomed him warmly.

“Angelus, thank you for coming in. Please have a seat, and make yourself
comfortable. Now, as Lilah mentioned to you, there are a couple of situations
coming to a head in Sunnydale that the Senior Partners are concerned about.
Since you have been there and are familiar with both the area and the people
involved, the Partners would like you to take a look, and, if you have to
opportunity, to take care of it. The Partners would be most appreciative.”

“So what's the situation, Lynwood? Of course, I'll be happy to do whatever I
can for the Partners,” Angelus said, hiding his impatience.

“The situation is actually two-fold. The first part of the problem is that a
Hell-Goddess by the name of Glorificus is rampaging through the town. She's
apparently trying to find some kind of dimensional 'Key' to allow her to
return to her home dimension.

Ordinarily, the Partners wouldn't be too concerned about that, but if she
succeeds, this dimension would be merged with hers, and that would ruin quite
a bit of work on the Partners' part. To counter her, we have developed a
weapon that will neutralize her, cutting the link to her godly powers, for
about 1 1/2 hours, long enough to remove her from the board. We've gotten
word that the form she's using is rather pleasing to the eye, and, based on
your reputation, I think you'll enjoy neutralizing her,” Lynwood finished
with a grin.

“Okay. So what's the second part?” Angelus asked, thinking, 'This could
actually be interesting. I've never taken on a god before.'

“The second part is a group of religious fanatics who call themselves, The
Knights of Byzantium. They are opposed to Glorificus, but, unfortunately,
they are also totally inept when dealing with her. Also, unfortunately for
them, their warped ideals have caused them to interfere with some of the
Senior Partners' plans, and they need to be dealt with. Severely and

“So,” Angelus smirked, “You and the Senior Partners need a dose of Old
Fashioned Mayhem, Angelus Style, is that it? Well, I'm always up for a good
time. Do you have any more info on their locations, numbers, etc.? It would
be best if I could get in and back out with a minimum of time spent looking
for them.”

“Actually, yes, we have their locations nailed down, so that won't be a
problem. As best as we can determine, Glorificus usually has some goblin
toadies floating around her; they seem to be an annoyance, at worst. The
Knights are even easier; they are currently holed up in a warehouse on
the docks. We have agents moving against the Order's main base, but, the
Sunnydale contingent is a thorn that needs to be pulled. Can you do it?”

“That's a foolish question; of course I can. Consider the situation dealt

“Good, good, the partners will be very pleased. By the way, how are Lilah
and Lindsay working out?”

“Lindsay is, honestly, a bit of a disappointment. His work has been
top-notch, but his attitude doesn't seem to be falling into line. Lilah, on
the other hand, has done a terrific job of coming on board; she has pleased
me immensely. In fact, if you recall, we spoke about acquiring political
power locally, and I feel that Lilah would be an excellent candidate. Look
at what she's got going for her; a bitchy female, who's a lawyer. Hell,
Hillary did it, and Lilah is a hell of a lot more attractive than she is.
All we need to do is make sure she can give a speech, and we have a

Lynwood paused, shutting his eyes. He opened them and smiled, “The Partners
agree. We'll need to make some plans toward that end. Now, if you'll follow
me, I'll get the nullifier that should enable you to remove Glorificus'

* * *

After being equipped with a small device that reminded him of a flashlight,
Angelus headed towards Sunnydale, arriving about 9:30 that evening. Deciding
to get rid of the Knights first, he drove to Willy's to get some cannon

Willy was cleaning glasses, and looked up when Angelus came in. “Angel?
What a pleasant surprise!” he said, starting to sweat, “Are you here for
the funeral?”

“What funeral is that, Willy?” Angelus said, softly. Willy blinked,
surprised, and answered.

“Why, the Slayer's mother, of course. I thought you'd heard. She died a few
days ago, some kind of hemorrhage. They had the ceremony earlier, and I
figured you'd be attending.”

“Well, Willy, to tell you the truth, the Slayer and I aren't really in
contact these days. But, I suppose I'd better pay my respects. While I'm
gone, put the word out: I need some willing bodies for some fun tonight.
The pay is loot, and, any survivors get to drink up a $10,000 line of
credit. Can you do that for me?”

“Sure! Sure thing, Angel, no sweat.”

“Good, Willy, very good. I'm glad to hear it. But, one little thing you might
want to consider, I'm not Angel. Can you guess what name I'm using now?”

Willy grew even paler as Angelus's words sank in. “Oh shit! Sorry, Angelus,
there was no offense meant! Please don't kill me.”

Angelus laughed. “Don't worry Willy, you aren't in any particular danger
from me, unless, of course, you cross me, for example, by telling the Slayer
and her crew I was here. Now, I'm sure you wouldn't be that foolish, so don't
worry. Now, I'll be back in about an hour, so pass the word, okay?”

After getting the name of the cemetery Joyce was buried in, Angelus left the
bar. He found Buffy sitting beneath a tree. Smiling to himself, he thought
“This is too easy!” as he walked up behind her. Hearing the barely audible
sound of his footsteps, Buffy turned and saw him, and leapt into his arms.

Angelus was surprised at the emptiness in her eyes.

'Hell, I don't have to do anything to her, she's already dead,' he thought.
Listening to her sob against his chest, he had a hard time containing his

'It would be so easy to take her back to L.A.; she wouldn't even need to be
broken. But, it would cause too much aggravation, and Harmony is bad enough.
The last thing I need is another blonde bimbo confusing things. Wait, what
is she babbling about? Who the hell is Dawn? She doesn't have a sister! What
the fuck is going on? Wait a minute, I wonder...'

Lost in thought, he barely registered what he was saying. Fortunately, Buffy
was distracted as well, and she didn't notice that he wasn't paying attention
to her. Eventually, Angelus left, and, still thinking, drove back to Willy's.

“A Hell God shows up, looking for a 'key', and at the same time, the Slayer
suddenly has a new sister that I've never even heard of. It makes sense; the
key is hiding in human form, being protected by the Slayer. It's perfect! I
wonder if Buffy even realizes what's going on?”

When he walked back into Willy's, there were nearly 30 vampires waiting for
him, plus a couple of nasty looking demons by the bar.

Greeting them, he explained that there were a bunch of armed humans based in
a warehouse, and they needed to be removed. The pay was loot, plus, those who
made it back to Willy's could drink up a $10,000 tab. To emphasize the point,
he put a stack of cash on the bar in front of Willy, and led his army out the


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