Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss; I'm just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back. (I can't do anything about the
smiles on their faces, though.)

WARNING: Non-Consensual Sex, Character Death, and BDSM

Summary: Angelus returns, but he's got a plan this time.

AU from the End of the Second Season Angel Episode, “Reprise.”

Author's Note: Margaret is played by Hillary Duff, Alex is played by Jessica
Biel, Ming is played by Jade Marcella, Peggy is played by Gina Gershon,
Heather and Erin are played by Amanda Bynes

Follows “The Fall of Angel Investigations.”

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 7 - Running An Errand Chapter 3
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

Still whistling happily, Angelus got in his car and drove back towards LA.
Arriving back at the hotel, he called Lilah and told her to let Lynwood
know that the Sunnydale negotiations were successful, and there would be
no further interference with their business.

Lilah agreed to pass on the message, and then said, “Angelus, I owe you a
special thank you, when I get back to the hotel. Lynwood called me into his
office this morning, said that he and the senior partners were very pleased
with my work for you, and gave me a $100,000 bonus! I don't know what you
told him, but thank you!”

“You are quite welcome, Lilah, you've earned it. The work you did on the real
estate deal was top notch.”

After ending the call, he went up to see Darla. His former sire was just
waking up, and he told her and Alex to come into his room. They followed him
into his room, and he told Alex to start a shower for him. She went into the
bathroom, and soon water was heard. As Angelus was stripping out of his
bloody clothes, he asked Darla how the new children did on their first hunt.

“You would have been pleased, Sire. They both did extremely well; we met a
couple of tourists, and went back to their hotel room together. They did
an excellent job getting the couple to drop their guard, and they both
controlled their demons very well.”

“Excellent! I was sure they would take to it quickly. I'll go out with them
this evening, and, if they do well then, they can go on their own tomorrow

Heading into the bathroom, he told Alex to get into the shower with him, and
wash him. Alex did as directed, washing him, and, when she was cleaning his
cock, it came to erection.

Angelus said, “Take care of that while you're down there, why don't you?”

Alex knelt down in front of him, and started licking his shaft, then opened
her mouth and started sucking on the head. Angelus turned to look at Darla,
who was leaning against the door frame, and said, “She's very talented, isn't

“You better believe it! But, you sound surprised. Haven't you fucked her

“Haven't gotten around to it yet, but, there's no there's no time like the
present. That's enough, Alex. Get dried off and go stand by the foot of my
bed. Grab on to the bed board and wait for me.”

“Yes Sir,” Alex replied, grabbing a town and leaving the room.

Darla smirked, “That's a new position for you, isn't it Sire? You usually
like them kneeling.”

“Well, I decided I want to take her standing up, gives me access to her pussy
and ass. Which reminds me, have you taken her ass yet?”

“Of course, sire, several times. She seems to like it, and I enjoy doing her
that way. She moans so well!”

Walking into the bedroom, Angelus said, “Alex, start fingering your pussy. I
want you nice and wet, but don't cum until I tell you to.”

Alex nodded, and let go of the bed board and started rubbing her pussy,
sliding first one, then two fingers inside her. Soon she was moaning, and
pumping her fingers in, faster and faster. Angelus moved behind her, and
grabbed her waist. Pulling her hand away, he placed it back on the board.

Telling her, “Hold On!” Angelus rubbed the head of his cock against her lips,
before sliding into her.

Alex moaned at the fullness, pushing her hips back against Angelus. He began
pumping, Alex moving with him to develop a rhythm. He leaned forward and put
his hands on her breasts, gripping her nipples and tugging them. Alex started
moving faster, panting as she drew close to orgasm.

“Don't cum yet, Alex!” Angelus hissed, “You can cum when you feel me cum in
your ass. Do you understand me?”

“Ye-Yes Sir! Please sir, hurry!” she whined.

“Don't worry pet, you'll get to cum.” Angelus chuckled, as he gathered her
juices on his fingers. “Now, reach back and spread your cheeks for me.”

Her hands trembling with excitement, Alex reached back and pulled her ass
cheeks apart. Angelus rubbed his juice covered fingers around her rosebud,
before working the tip of one finger inside her. Angelus looked over at
Darla and smiled when Alex moaned.

“You were right, Darla, she is a moaner, isn't she?”

“Oh, yeah!” Darla moaned, and Angelus looked closer at her, and saw that she
was fingering herself through her robe.

“Turned you on, watching us, does it, Darla?”

“Yes, Sire, it does!”

“Well, take off the robe and lay on the bed. Alex can take care of us both,
can't you Alex?”

“Yes Sir, Anything you want. But, please, let me cum!”

“Patience Alex, patience. You can cum when your mistress and I do.”

Angelus worked a second finger into the young girl's ass, smiling. He was
enjoying the girl's frantic moans and whimpers. Finally, he took pity on her,
and removed his fingers. Wiping them clean in her hair, he pulled his cock
from her pussy and slid into Alex's ass. Pushing forward, he buried himself
to the hilt, and pushed Alex forward, until her face was in Darla's crotch.
Alex started running her tongue around her mistress' pussy, working
desperately to bring her to orgasm.

Angelus started pumping into her ass, enjoying the warmth and tightness.
Feeling a matching tightness in his balls, he sped up his thrusts and said,
“Get ready, Alex! I'm almost there!”

Alex lifted her face, coated with Darla's juices, and gasped out, “Thank you
sir!” before Darla pulled her face back down.

Alex cried out as she felt Angelus blast his cum into her ass, and then slide
out. She moved her tongue deeply inside Darla, swiping across her clit until
she was rewarded with her mistress moaning out “Now, Pet! I'm cumming!”

Sobbing with relief, Alex gave into the climax that had been building for
several minutes, screaming as the waves of pleasure washed over her. Finally,
exhausted from the strain, Alex collapsed on the bed.

As she recovered, Darla picked her up and carried her back to their room.

Angelus instructed Darla to come back when she was done; they needed to talk
about the next step.

End: Running An Errand


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