Angel: Archdemon Versus Evil Bitches (MFFF,anal,preg,snuff)
by DarkDude

Billy was born in a wealthy and powerful family in Los Angeles. He was a tall
and very handsome, charming youth. Billy also had supernatural powers. Powers
he did not always use for the benefit of others. Billy had some issues with
the fair sex. Basically, he thought that all women were evil rotten bitches.
Lying, cheating, stealing, manipulative and treacherous bitches who would do
anything to hurt usually unsuspecting men and often got away with what they
did. You know what they say, actions beget reactions. Billy saw himself as
the Gender Avenger, if you will. The modern American male has been cuckholded
by women and henpecked. This in the age of feminism and all the anti-male
contempt it bred. This in the age of declining males, empowered women and all

Billy learned to use his powers to bring out the worst in otherwise good men.
He made sure that the bitches got what they deserved at the hands of men - a
beating. He was damn good at it, too. One day, Billy was captured by the
Powers That Be and sent to one of their Inter-Dimensional Prisons, guarded by
the immortal watchman Skip. Billy's family wanted him back. They contacted
the evil law firm of Wolfram & Hart and asked that Billy be freed. Wolfram &
Hart blackmailed the vampire Angel into going to the Inter-Dimensional Prison
and battling his fellow good-guy Skip in order to free Billy. Billy returned
to Earth and began wreaking havoc in Los Angeles. He unleashed hell on Angel
Investigations, turning the men against the women and vice versa. Luckily,
Angel saved the day and the evil Billy was killed by Lilah Morgan.

What if Billy didn't stay dead? When Billy died, his soul went to hell and
spent an eternity suffering. The Lords of Hell liked Billy and he rose in
rank in the Hell worlds. He went from the human soul of a half-demon to a
full-fledged battle demon and finally became an Archdemon. The Archdemon
that Billy became was called Balthezarus. Balthezarus returned to Earth. He
had a lot of power. When he returned to Earth, he gathered an army of demons
and vampires and unleashed them against the human population of Los Angeles.
He promised them to give them dominion over the world once humanity was lost.
The demons, vampires and monsters attacked the humans. Angel and his friends
joined forces with the U.S. Army and the Slayerettes of Sunnydale to fight
the dark forces. Balthezarus watched this, and laughed. He was destroying his
most hated enemies from a distance. The hordes of supernatural creatures
wiped out the U.S. military and pretty soon, the Champions found themselves
fighting almost alone against the darkness.

Balthezarus sent some demons to capture the "enemy women". Three of them
were brought to him alive. Faith. Lilah Morgan. Eve. Three of the most nasty
bitches that the planet Earth had ever seen. Balthazerus swore that he would
make surethey got what they deserved. He brought them bound and gagged into
a dungeon and asked his followers to watch as he defiled them. This would be
more than sexual gratification. It was about something far more sinister...

He was to pick three of them to fuck, that would be the completion of his
initiation. He started with the bitchy one, Lilah Morgan. She undressed
before him and he saw what she got. A really nice body. Nice tits. Slim
waist. Killer ass. Cute face too, if it wasn't for the constant smirk and
bitching. He bent her over the table and rubbed his cock against her asshole.
He pushed it inside her. He began pumping the shit out of her. She was
straight faced as he rammed his cock into her asshole. He knew she liked it.
He drilled into her ass for a long time before pulling out, leaving her ass
a gaping hole. Lilah Morgan quietly put her clothes back on. Her eyes were
lowered as she did this and her face was crimson. He just laughed and picked
his next victim.

His next victim was Faith. She had a laid back kind of look that seemed to
fit with someone trying to hide her true self. Faking the toughness, so to
speak. He bent her over the table as well. She had a really nice-looking
ass. He wanted to fuck her in the ass and so he did. He slid his cock into
her puckered asshole. He began to drill his cock into her asshole. Faith
screamed like a bitch as he fucked her. He made it his business not only to
fuck the shit out of her, but to cum inside her as well. Faith kept her
non-stop screaming as he slammed his cock into her asshole. He came inside
her and pulled out. Faith lay on the table, breathing heavily, her asshole
gaping and filled with cum.

His last victim is Eve. As he penetrates Eve's asshole with his seemingly
giant prick, she begins to scream like a chicken in a slaughterhouse. He
wanted to enjoy the moment. It was mostly personal for him. He wanted to
feel a tight ass around his dick again. He stuffed her rear full of his
cock and pumped her asshole full of his cum.

When he was done, he left the bitch screaming. Actually, all three of them
began to scream. Their bellies were swollen, as if they were pregnant. All
three women screamed at the top of their lungs and went into labor. The
Archdemon had done more than fuck their asses. He had rectally injected
them with his demonic seed. All three of them gave birth at once. Three
creatures popped out of their wombs. Dark and scaly creatures that looked
humanoid but had glowing red eyes and claws.

The offspring of a demon. The seeds of Hell. The three spawns looked at
their demonic progenitor, then turned to look into the shocked faces of
their mothers. The three hellspawns exited their mothers's wombs completely
and proceeded to devour the three women. They ate them and left nothing.
Once they were done, they sprang to their feet and looked at their
progenitor. Already these hellspawn stood three feet tall each. They would
double in height within a few hours, then stop growing. They changed shape,
and instead of three dark and scaly monstrosities stood three beautiful
caucasian boys with blond hair and blue eyes. They looked adorable, yet
evil shone in their eyes.

"Welcome home, my sons." The Archdemon said. "We have a new world to

To be continued...


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