Angel/Blade/Queen Of The Damned: Vampire Planet Part 1 (orgy,inter,slash)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The Vampire Lestat. An eighteenth-century French nobleman housed in the body
of a tall, lean, twenty-something man with pale brown eyes, dark hair and
alabaster skin. He is the Lord of All Vampires. A long time ago, Lestat was
an ordinary Vampire, sired by the ancient Vampire Marius. He has been an
adventurer, a Rock Star and a loner. All that changed when he met Akasha.

Akasha was the Queen of the Damned. The Mother of All Vampires. Akasha was a
9000-year-old female Vampire housed in the body of a young black woman. She
had powers beyond measure. Akasha could fly. She could also walk in daylight
without any harm. Her strength was incredible. She also had the power of
pyrokinesis. She could set things on fire with a mere thought. Yes, she was
indeed the most powerful Vampire on earth.

A rebellion led by the Vampire Marius, along with the ancient Vampire princes
Khayman, Armand and the female Vampires Pandora and Maharet finally succeeded
in destroying Akasha. Lestat drank Akasha's blood before she died. He
inherited all of her powers. He became the most powerful Vampire on the
planet. The only other Vampire who came close to him in power was Maharet,
but the blood of Akasha had turned the Vampire woman into a living statue.

Recently, an ancient evil took over Lestat's mind and body. That evil was
Sirius, the Night Lord. Sirius was an ancient being who existed long before
the Vampires. Sirius survived by jumping from body to body. This entity has
inhabited the bodies of countless men and women since the beginning of
humanity. At last, Sirius has found a permanent home, inside the body of
Lestat De Lioncourt, King of the Vampires. The other Vampires, Marius and
Jessica Reeves, a new Vampire girl who once loved Lestat, tried to stop
Sirius but they could not. Sirius was too powerful.

Sirius awakened his mate, the entity known as Kali, the Dark Mistress. Kali
was a body-switching spiritual entity, much like Sirius. Unlike Sirius, Kali
could only take over the bodies of women. Kali and Sirius were a match made
in Hell. Two eternal beings hell-bent on dominating the world. Kali was once
worshiped as a goddess in primitive Asia.

Sirius abducted Jessica Reeves, the former Talamasca librarian beloved by the
Vampire Lestat. Before Sirius possessed him, Lestat had turned Jessica Reeves
into a Vampire, to prevent the Queen of the Damned from destroying her.
Sirius allowed his mate, the Demonic Kali, to possess the body of Jessica
Reeves. Now, they were reunited forever. The two eternal spirits had finally
found immortal bodies to inhabit. At last, they had eternity in their hands.

The spiritual entity known as Sirius had certain powers, even before he took
over the body of the Vampire Lestat. Sirius could move objects with his mind,
a supernatural talent called telekinesis. He could also manipulate the
weather through sheer strength of will. Once, Sirius was called the Master
of the Elements. His powers were magnified once he found an immortal body to
house his undying essence. The Demonic Kali had powers as well. She could
manipulate fire. This power of hers was only intensified once she inhabited
the body of the female Vampire known as Jessica Reeves.

The others tried to stop them but no one could. The Vampire Marius
desperately called upon ancient forces to summon heroes that might be able to
stop Sirius and Kali before these two evil fiends became the divine rulers of
the planet Earth and bring about the End of Humanity. The ancient force
summoned by the desperate Marius saw fit to search through multiple universes
and call upon not Vampires but the offspring of the most powerful Vampires to
stop these nightmarish Demons from ruling the world.

There were only two Day Walkers in the History of the World.

The first one was Blade, born of a human female bitten by a Vampire. Blade
was a tall, good-looking black man who possessed superhuman strength and
speed along with the ability to regenerate. Blade was feared by all the
Vampires in the world which he lived. This half-human, half-Vampire hybrid
was a nightmare for the creatures of the night. Together with his best
friend, Techno-wizard and Vampire Hunter Shen and their ally, the female
Vampire Krista Starr, Blade Hunted the creatures of the night. Fighting a
war to save humanity from an ancient evil.

One day, Blade and his friends, Shen and Krista Starr, were fighting against
the Vampires of the House of Chton when suddenly, all three of them got
sucked into a magical portal.

The other Day Walker existed in another, even more dangerous universe.

This Day Walker was Connor, son of the legendary Vampire Hero Angel and
Darla, the undead femme fatale. Connor lived in a world filled with
dangerous, inhuman, subhuman and superhuman creatures. Vampires. Werewolves.
Demons. Monsters. Ancient Gods. All sorts of things that went bump in the
night. Connor was made for fighting evil. He was born on the planet Earth
but raised in a Hell Dimension.

Connor had recently taken up the fight against evil with his father Angel,
the Vampire With A Soul. The two of them, along with Vampire Hunter Charles
Gunn, Science whiz Winifred Burkle, Wizard Wesley Pryce and Demonic do-gooder
Lorne, were the Champions of the Powers That Be.

One day, Connor was just walking around the city with his father Angel, along
with Nina, the female Werewolf, looking for Demons and vamps to kill when
suddenly, he got sucked into a portal and taken to another world. Again.

Connor, Nina and Angel looked around, suddenly feeling disoriented. The
Vampire with a soul looked at his son, the half-human, half-Vampire hybrid
and asked him if he was alright. Connor nodded. He pointed at a group of
people who were standing not far from them.

Blade blinked as the energy vortex dropped him in the middle of a dark alley,
with his friends Shen and Krista when suddenly, a couple of guys appeared.
Blade stared at them. His superhuman vision immediately identified what the
tall, dark one was. A Vampire. The other, the boy, seemed to be human but he
also had the stench of vampirism on him. Maybe he was a newborn Vampire.
Either way, the two of them were going down.

Blade, the half-human, half-Vampire hybrid feared by all the Vampires of his
world unsheathed his blade, and lunged at Angel, the Vampire with a soul, the
hero feared by all forces of evil in his own world. Angel blocked Blade's
lunge with his own sword, and the fight was on.

Connor watched as his father fought against the tall black man with the
sword. The guy was magnificent. Actually, they both were. Vampire with a soul
and half-Vampire fought each other fiercely. Connor was so absorbed by the
battle that he almost didn't notice the tall, dark-haired female Vampire who
came at him with a sword. Before Connor, the half-human, half-Vampire hybrid
could react, Nina did.

Krista Starr, Blade's Vampire ally and sometime lover, lunged at the
supernatural boy with her sword. Whatever this guy was, he wasn't human so
he had to die. Especially if he hung around with Vampires. The tall blonde
woman who stood next to the boy leapt between him and the Vampire girl's
blade. Nina saw the danger, and reacted quickly. One minute Nina was a tall,
good-looking blonde woman, the next she was a Werewolf. A tall, gigantic,
wolf-like monster. The female Werewolf leapt at the Vampire woman, and the
battle was met.

Nina the Werewolf snapped Krista's metallic blade in half, and the Vampire
woman leapt back. What the hell was that thing? The Werewolf came for Krista.
The Vampire woman bared her fangs, extended her claws, and leapt at the hairy
beast. Nina and Krista fought claw to claw, fang to fang. The female Werewolf
was tough but so was the Vampire woman. It was anybody's battle.

Shen, the Asian techno-wizard came at Connor with his sword. Connor leapt
superbly high, and dropped him with a single kick. Shen lay on the floor,
unconscious. At the sight of his best friend downed by the unnatural boy,
Blade the Hunter became enraged. He came at Angel with a rage that the
Vampire with a soul had seldom seen but understood all too well.

Angel stared at Blade. Clearly, this man who moved like a Vampire and had a
Vampire's power was more than human, yet not one of the undead. How could
this be? Angel thought of Connor, his superhuman yet-not-undead son. Blade
came at him. Angel understood that this superhuman warrior meant to kill
him. He couldn't afford to hold back. So Angel did the only thing he could.
He unleashed the beast within. Angel, the Vampire With A Soul wasn't in the
driver's seat anymore. Angelus, the most evil Vampire in history glared at
Blade, and smiled. A predator's smile.

The Vampire With A Soul grabbed the half-human, half-Vampire warrior and sent
him sprawling. Blade landed on his feet, and hurled his blade at Angel. Angel
caught it, and snapped it in half. Roaring, he came at Blade.

Meanwhile, Connor tried to get some answers from a slowly recovering Shen.

Krista Starr, the Vampire girl, and Nina, the female Werewolf fought
fiercely. The two of them struck each other with unbelievable force. Finally,
Nina threw Krista against a wall, and pinned the undead female beneath her
bulk. Fangs bared, Nina glared at her vanquished enemy.

Blade the Hunter grabbed his gun, and aimed the silver-bullet-shooter at
Angel's skull. The Vampire With a Soul was less than two feet away. The
black-skinned Day Walker could not miss. Angel held his sword pressed
against Blade's throat. From such close proximity, he couldn't miss. It
looked like a stalemate. The Vampire With A Soul would chop the Day
Walker's head off, if the Day Walker didn't blast his head off his
shoulders first.

Shen and Connor intervened, and asked the various supernatural combatants
to stop fighting. Nina instantly morphed from slavering Lycanthrope to
California beach blonde. With a sudden burst of vampiric strength, Krista
Starr pushed the wolf girl off her. Blade still didn't relax his finger
on the trigger of his special gun. Angel still didn't move the sword away
from the Day Walker's throat.

Connor and Shen approached Blade and Angel, and slowly explained to the
warriors that they were on the same side. Slowly, the two of them backed
away from each other. Blade the Hunter looked at Angel balefully. The
Vampire With A Soul wore his full vamp face, which was the worst Vampire
visage Blade had ever seen in all his years of hunting the undead who
ruled the night.

Connor and Shen had quickly figured out what was going on. In their
respective supernatural worlds, Angel and Blade were the ultimate warriors.
Vampires feared them, and with reason. Something had brought them and their
teammates together for a reason. Nina and Krista looked at each other
carefully. The Vampire woman had never seen a female Werewolf before, and
vice versa.

The two teams of heroes were looking at each other when suddenly, a horde of
Vampires came at them. Blade watched Angel's reaction. He still didn't trust
the Vampire With A Soul. Angel and Connor reacted like lightning. Father and
son fired their stakes at the Vampires. Nina morphed from pretty blonde girl
to slavering Lycanthrope. The slavering beast she became charged left and
right, smashing and tearing Vampires to pieces. The dynamic trio were
merciless and efficient.

Blade and company joined in the fray. Blade the Hunter and Krista Starr
tore into the Vampires, mercilessly slaying them. Shen shot left and right,
killing Vampires with his silver bullet machine gun. Soon, of the thirty or
so Vampires who attacked them, only one remained. Blade wanted to finish off
the Vampire, but Angel stopped him. Angel told Blade that Vampires seldom
attacked en masse like this. Something weird was going on. The Vampire who
had survived the onslaught looked at Blade, and Angel, before laughing at
the two champions.

The fallen Vampire told them that they were too late. In this world, twenty
percent of the human population had been turned into Vampires and they now
ruled the planet. The remaining humans were merely food. The Vampires ruled
this world. They worshiped Sirius and Kali, the Blood God and his Dark
Consort, Dark Divinities worshiped by all Vampires. Blade and Angel looked
at each other, shocked. Nina and Krista Starr were shocked. So were Shen
and Connor. Angel staked the Vampire.

What in hell did they walk into? What kind of world was this?

The two groups of heroes decided to look for a refuge for the night. When
dawn came, Connor and Blade went to investigate the landscape, along with
Nina and Shen. Angel and Krista Starr remained in the abandoned warehouse
which they hid in. The explorers stuck to the rooftops.

An hour later, the two superhuman Day Walkers, along with the human
technician and the female Werewolf returned. They had dire news. There were
hundreds of thousands of Vampires in the city. The few remaining humans moved
about during the day, trying to get out of town. At night, it was lunchtime,
with hungry Vampires looking for human prey.

Nina looked at Angel, her face filled with despair. What were they going to
do? Blade looked at Krista Starr. They embraced. For them, this was their
worst nightmare come true. A world dominated by Vampires. A world where
humans were prey and the undead ruled. Connor was not pleased either. Shen
was also troubled. As a human, he was part of a majority while the undead
were a powerful minority. Now, the rules have changed. The undead ruled the
planet, and humans were simply lunch. He was not a happy camper at all.

Despair, and loneliness drove the group of heroes and heroines to seek solace
in one another...

The girls were the first to start. Krista leaned over, and kissed Nina.
The blonde girl smiled, and pulled the sexy brunette Vampire into a tight
embrace. Slowly, they undressed. Krista got naked, and so did Nina. Both of
the women stood up, showing their large breasts, round butts and sexy,
athletic bodies. Every man in the house had a boner. Angel, Shen and Connor
were hard as hell as the women put on a show for them.

Krista placed Nina on the floor and spread her legs, going in for a lick.
Krista licked Nina's pussy, and began fingering her. Nina moaned in pleasure
as Krista did her thing. Krista was pretty good at licking pussy. She had
plenty of practice in the U.S. Army back when she was a human. She also got
with Chase, the beautiful, evil Vampire girl back at House of Chton. Nina
moaned in pleasure as Krista's expert licking and probing brought her to the
brink of ecstasy.

Connor was suddenly very hard. The young Day Walker hadn't had any since
he hooked up with the entity which possessed Cordelia Chase, back in Los
Angeles. He remembered how much fun he had, doing it with her. Yeah, older
women were the best and Cordy Chase was the hottest MILF on the planet.

Nina and Krista decided to join the guys for some fun. Connor wanted first
dibs, and he got them. Krista had a go with sexy young Connor. The young
Day Walker got undressed, and the sexy Vampire woman began licking him up.
When Krista Starr took Connor's cock in her mouth, the young man smiled in
pleasure. Krista sucked his cock and licked his balls. Soon, he was moaning
in pleasure and crying out her name. When he came, she drank his seed.

Nina looked at Blade. The dark-skinned Day Walker smiled at her. He'd never
been with a female Lycanthrope before. He got undressed real quick, and they
got down to business. Nina got on all fours, and sucked on Blade's ten-inch
long, thick and vein-popping, uncircumcised black super-cock. Blade liked to
fuck white chicks, especially blonde ones. He thrust his cock down her throat
and she sucked him off, until he came.

Blade flipped Nina on her back and spread her legs. He spread her butt cheeks
and rubbed his cock against her butt hole. Slowly, he eased his cock into her
ass. Nina gasped as Blade's cock went up her butt. She'd been fucked like
this before but never by such a thick dick. This was going to be awesome!

Meanwhile, Krista was on top of Connor, impaling her pussy on this thick
young cock. Shen decided to join in on the fun. He spread Krista Starr's butt
cheeks and slid his cock into her tiny asshole. Krista gasped as Shen's thick
Asian cock went into her ass. With Connor's cock in her pussy and Shen's cock
up her butt hole, the sexy brunette Vampire felt filled. Her two lovers
fucked her hard, filling her up. Krista howled in pain and pleasure. They
fucked her hard, just the way she liked it.

Meanwhile, Angel watched. The Vampire with a soul was feeling left out. But
Nina wasn't the kind of girl to let her man down. While Blade fucked her in
the ass, she sucked on Angel's cock. Angel thrust his cock deep down her
throat. They went at it like this, energetically. They switched positions,
and now Nina was on top of Blade, whose thick cock was now buried in her
pussy. Angel had a go with his sexy girlfriend's tight ass. He thrust his
cock deep inside of her, shoving it hard and deep. Nina howled in pleasure.

They went at it like this for some time, then they switched around. After
fucking both Nina's pussy and ass with his super cock, Blade still wasn't
satisfied. He looked at Angel, who grinned. The Vampire With A Soul kissed
the dark-skinned Day Walker, and the fun was on. Blade got on his hands and
knees, and took Angel's cock in his hands. He sucked on Angel's dick, and
licked his balls. The Vampire groaned in pleasure. This was the best blowjob
he'd ever had.

Blade continued to suck on Angel's cock, until the Vampire came. Now, Blade
climbed on top of him. Angel placed his hands on Blade's hips, holding the
Day Walker firmly into place. He thrust his cock deep inside Blade's asshole.
Nina came, and sucked on Blade's thick black cock while Angel fucked him in
the ass. The dark-skinned Day Walker howled in pleasure as he was fucked.

Meanwhile, the others were mixing it up. Now, Connor was on all fours, and
Shen was fucking him from behind. The Asian techno-wizard held the young Day
Walker by the hips and thrust into him. He fucked Connor hard, burying his
cock deep inside of him. Meanwhile, Krista sucked on Connor's cock and
fingered her own pussy. Nothing turned her on like the sight of two sexy
bisexual men doing it. It wasn't long before Connor came, and once more, she
drank his seed.

The action continued. Nina and Blade, along with Angel, went at it. Now,
Angel was on all fours and Blade was fucking him from behind. Blade buried
his cock deep inside Angel's ass, tearing his tight ass apart. Angel howled
in pleasure. Meanwhile, Nina sucked on Angel's cock. When the Vampire came,
the female Werewolf drank his precious seed and licked him clean. At the
same time, Blade came, sending his cum deep inside Angel's ass. All three
of them cried out in pleasure.

Later, all six of them lay on the floor, spent. Everyone was tired as hell.
Both of the women had their mouths, pussies and assholes filled with cock
and cum. The men had fucked and sucked both the women and each other. Every
possible sexual combination had been tried. An all-out bisexual orgy starring
the best heroes of the dark worlds. They laughed, since this was the most fun
they'd had in ages.


Sirius and Kali, Blood God and Goddess of a planet Earth dominated by the
Race of Vampires sensed something. Someone had intruded on their domain.
These intruders would be dealt with swiftly and mercilessly. They would be
killed. Sirius looked at his beloved spouse, the Demonic Kali, housed in
the body of the female Vampire known as Jessica Reeves. Kali looked at her
consort Sirius, housed in the body of the Vampire Lestat. They had spent
too long together to let it end now. This world was theirs and they wouldn't
give it up without a fight.

To be continued...


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