Angel: Begin Again (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])


It is the eternal enemy. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman. It
matters not if you are black, white, Asian or biracial. Time catches up with
you. You can be rich or poor. Heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual. It
catches up to you. Death rides on the wings of time.

It comes for you. It comes in so many forms. It can come in the form of a
killer's bullet or blade. In the form of a disease. A roaring fire or a
speeding car. A falling plane. So many forms. You cannot escape death. You
are a child and you grow up with that knowledge. You have a finite number
of years to live. If you are one of the lucky few, you are healthy and born
into a decent status in society. The world around you is more or less stable.
You can pursue whatever it is you wish. Love. Wealth. Power. Answers. It's
all up to you, really. You are yourself. You are not your religion or your
parents. You are not your family or your friends. You are just yourself. You
do what you want to do because you are a human being like any other and have
a responsibility to yourself to live. There are so many traps. Religion.
Marriage. Duty. Social and economic status. Oh, let us not forget things
like age and race and sexual orientation as well as gender. The many traps
humanity invents to keep itself trapped.

The ultimate trap is life itself. It is finite. Death comes for all things.
All things come to an end. Humans. Animals. Plants. Planets. Stars.
Dimensions.Galaxies. Universes. Death is the only constant. It may never run
out of things to kill. It is the ultimate enemy of all things. Death marches
through the world. It stalks humans everywhere. Men. Women. Blacks. Whites.
Asians. Biracials. Straights. Gays. Lesbians. Bisexuals. Transexuals. It will
come for fathers and mothers. Husbands and wives. Boyfriends and girlfriends.
Friends and lovers. Allies and enemies. All the things we know shall pass and
one day be forgotten.

But what does Death thinks of the one human being with the potential to live

This human being is Angel.

Angel who was born Liam Angelus in 18th century Ireland. He who was once a
playboy and a scoundrel and became a vampire. The prince of the Undead. One
of the most ferocious and evil vampires that ever lived. Angelus ran all over
the world with his paramour Darla and their cohorts, Drusilla and Spike. They
burned a swath of destruction and mayhem all over Europe. They were feared by
demons, humans and vampires.

Centuries later, Angelus has become Angel. The Vampire With A Soul. He came
to Sunnydale on a mission of redemption. He fell in love with Buffy Summers,
the Vampire Slayer. The one girl in all the world with the power to stop the
armies of the undead from harming the Living. He met her friends. Xander
Harris, the geeky handyman. Willow Rosenberg, the amateur Witch. Oz, a young
man cursed to become a Werewolf three nights a month. Cordelia Chase, a
beautiful girl with a snobbish attitude masking a heart of gold. Giles, the
ruggedly handsome older man who was Buffy's Watcher and the high school
librarian. Angel the vampire with a soul had a family of sorts for the first
time in centuries. He was forced to leave Sunnydale.

He came to Los Angeles. He met a half demon named Alan Francis Doyle, an
agent of the Powers That Be. He also met Cordelia Chase there. They were a
team. Doyle died saving the world from racist demons who wanted to wipe out
humanity. Cordelia inherited Doyle's ability to see people in trouble due
to a direct link to The Powers That Be. Along came Wesley Pryce, a former
Watcher from England. Then came Charles Gunn, a handsome black man who grew
up hunting demons and vampires in Los Angeles's mean streets. They were a
team and a family. Along the way they met Lorne the Host, a green-skinned
demon who was friendly to humanity and had psychic powers. They also met
Winifred, a beautiful yet shy and insecure genius girl who got sent to a
demon dimension by accident. They freed her and she came to LA, lending her
special skills to help the team. Together they fought the evils of the night
to help humanity and even took on Wolfram & Hart, a powerful law firm that
catered to the needs of the darkness of this world.

Darla, Angel's former vampire lover back in his days as Angelus came back
from the dead and into his arms. Their one night of passion resulted in
Connor, a not-so-human child Darla died giving birth to. Connor was target
for kidnapping by Holtz, a man who was Angelus's enemy centuries ago and
traveled through time just to hurt him. Holtz had been sent through time
by Sarjean, a powerful demon who was prophesized to be slain by Angel's
son. Holtz stole the infant Connor and escaped through a Portal to another
world. Angel was crestfallen. Weeks later Connor and Holtz came back from
the other world through a Portal. Connor was now a teenager. He had
supernatural strength and speed. He inherited those gifts from his parents,
one of them a vampire and the other a vampire with a soul who was also a
champion of the forces of Good. Connor was taught by Holtz to hate Angel
and that's what he did.

Angel tried his best to connect to his teenage son. Holtz died just to set
Connor against Angel. Connor captured Angel while the vampire with a soul was
on his way to an important date with Cordelia, the woman he had come to feel
some kind of love for. Angel sent months inside a cage at the bottom of the
ocean. Cordelia Chase rose to the Higher Planes of Existence. Her body
remained on earth. A very powerful being known as the Ancient One entered
Cordelia's body and went around using it. A new evil rose from the pits of
hell. The Beast. A supremely powerful demon. Angel's friends united to fight
it. The Beast cast darkness over Los Angeles and unleashed the armies of the
night upon the human population. Thousands of people died. Chaos reigned

Connor and the fake Cordelia developed a relationship. The result of their
union was a being called Jasmine. Jasmine emerged as a beautiful black woman
from Cordelia's body. Cordelia's body went comatose after the Ancient One
left it for the Ancient One was Jasmine. Jasmine had orchestrated events
leading up to her own birth.

Jasmine had a lot of power and she used it to mesmerize human beings and
demons alike to do her bidding. For awhile, the people of Los Angeles found
peace under one leader, Jasmine. Angel and his friends were Jasmine's loyal
servants. Until Jasmine's blood touched them and they began to see the light.
Angel and his friends teamed up against her and in the end Jasmine was
destroyed by Connor. Connor then went on a rampage against the ordinary human
beings of Los Angeles. Angel stopped him and as part of a new deal with the
law firm of Wolfram & Hart, Connor became an ordinary teenager with no
memories of his life in the other world or as Angel's son. He was placed in
a normal, loving family to lead a normal life. This was Angel's wish. He and
his friends fulfilled their part of the bargain by taking over Wolfram &
Hart's Los Angeles branch.

From Sunnydale comes Spike, Angel's bad-ass vampire rival. Spike now has a
soul and has left Sunnydale behind.

The team left its usual hangout to become a part of the enemy it has fought
for years.

And Cordelia Chase remained in a coma. Angel and company ran Wolfram & Hart.
They fought demons. Along the way, Angel met Nina, a young woman who got
turned into a Werewolf. He also got turned into a Puppet. He watched the rise
of a mysterious parasitic demon called Illyria. Illyria took over the body of
Winifred and set out to resurrect an army of powerful demons to conquer the
world of Man. Angel fought Illyria and it all came to a tragic end but
eventually they emerged victorious.

Angel had a lot of responsibilities in his life. His unnaturally long life.
If you had told the young Irishman that he would become an immortal monster
two centuries ago, he would have laughed in your face. Angel was thinking of
all he had gone through. And he could feel the walls of his prison closing
in on him. His prison was not Wolfram & Hart but his very own self. His
mission of redemption. " If it takes an eternity, I will make amends." that
was his motto. Lately, he hadn't been wanting the mission. He had felt odd.
He felt strange about all that had gone though his life. The people he loved.
The endless pain he felt. The burden of being immortal in a world of
temporary life.

He went out into the city. He saw so much. The world of the humans. He tried
to get involved a bit. He met a man named Darrin. Darrin was a black man who
was fighting a battle against his ex-wife. He wanted to divorce her because
she had been abusive. Angel knew women could be the abusers in the
relationships even though they always 'played victim.' Apparently, Darrin's
then wife Michelle had a dispute with him and ended it by calling the cops
on him. She pressed charges of abuse against him. He hadn't even touched her.
Darrin was desperate. He had no place to live. He couldn't see his kids
anymore because his wife had placed a restraining order against him. Angel
offered the man his help. The lawyers of Wolfram & Hart found a way to help
Darrin. They framed Michelle for drug use with intent to sell along with
assault and battery. She was arrested. The judge was in Wolfram & Hart's
pocket. Darrin got custody of his children while his ex-wife spent some time
in jail. Angel was always glad to help his fellow man. He had lived in the
darkness so long that the world of the humans seemed simple and
uncomplicated. A haven. He was now learning it was anything but. He continued
on his quest to know more about humanity.

He met a woman named Valerie. She was a forty-year old black woman. The wife
of a black preacher named Troy Jennings. They had a thirteen-year old son
named James. At first glance, they seemed to have the perfect life. That's
when Angel found out. Valerie was having sex with the girl next door,
fifteen-year old Pamela. Angel knew the humans could be a sick bunch but this
sickened him to the core. He tipped the police. Valerie Jennings was arrested
for sexually abusing a minor. She got sentenced to four years in jail. The
scandal rocked both the black and the Gay community. The people of the state
had been debating Gay Marriage and Adoption Rights and conservatives popped
up to say that children were not safe around gays and lesbians. Talk about

He came to the conclusion that no matter how bad he had it as a vampire with
a soul, things could be worse. He could be a human, for one thing. He thought
about being human so much that he thought of it as the perfect state of
being. Seeing the humans around him behaving in such shocking ways changed
his opinion of humanity. The men were bad. The women could be just as bad or
easily worse. They were far better at deception than the men were. The courts
were biased against men. There was a lot of disparate sentencing. A female
would spend less time in jail than a male who committed the same crime. A
white male was less likely to be sentenced half as heavily as a black male
who committed the same crime. Women played victim all the time. So did people
of color. Everyone was playing victim in America. Blacks. Hispanics. Asians.
Gays and Lesbians. Women and certain men.

Angel did not consider 'playing victim' to be empowering. He respected men
and women who showed initiative and courage. Whiners and blamers were the
lowest of the low in his eyes. This was the state of the affairs in twenty
first century America. There were so many wrong things in the world. Women
made false allegations of sexual and physical abuse against men all the time
and the Judges and Prosecuting attorneys seemed oblivious to it. As if no
woman had ever lied on the witness stand. It seemed to be open season on
males. Men were getting accused of so much bullshit. Luckily, the women were
behaving even worse and some were getting what they deserved in the court of

Angel sat in a courtroom once and watched a lady get condemned for abusing
her children and falsely accusing her husband of the crimes she had
committed. He also watched the state of the affairs in the business world.
Some men were jerks. That was the truth. Women were always saying how all
men are jerks. Yet they never went for a nice man. They always liked the
bad guys. He could not understand this. He came to the conclusion that
women not only liked but craved emotional pain so that's why they hooked
up with jerks who treated them like shit. They whined about it but still
went back to their jerks. They were incomprehensible. You could never
understand them. They didnt understand shit. They didnt understand the
world. Or men. Or themselves. There were common denominators when dealing
with a man. Even if a man was straight, gay or bisexual there were common
rules. A fella likes his space. He likes sex. A little respect don't hurt
neither. Chicks seemed to....simply be mad. They made a big deal about sex.
They had unpredictable moods. They were as unstable as kegs of dynamite near
flames. No two were ever the same, just like no man is exactly the same as
another no matter what women tell you.

Still, you had to admire them. They could take a great deal of pain. They
could take emotional and physical pain and still be ready to go about their
day. They could love almost without restraint. They could also hate to an
extent the most hateful man could not. In the game of deception and
vengeance, they were naturals. All of them. You had to watch out. How to
tell if a human being, male or female was lying? Their lips are moving.
People lied every ten seconds. That was a fact. Oh, my bad. Females did not
lie. They, uh, fibbed. Yeah. That's the politically correct terminology. Oh,
and avoid words like chicks, females and women with an exclamation point
when around women. One of them might get all hysterical. Yeah. They didn't
think. Period. Except when you got them pissed and their little brains were
turning with the seeds of vengeance. Oh, an angry woman will stop at nothing.
Nothing is beneath her. She will do anything. That includes killing, maiming,
lying, cheating, scheming, plotting and destroying. An angry fella will kill
his offenders and have the decency to kill himself. The angry woman will do
no such thing. She will be there amid the carnage and act like somehow she
is the victim in all of this. You ask.......what? Yep. She killed everybody.
The gun or knife is in her hand. Yet she claims to be the victim in all of
this. Throw in a jury (with men AND women in it) and they'll have the little
psycho out in no time. Oh, she might be written about or appear in a Lifetime
Original Movie. Yes. The Victim's Channel. Women are quick to say that men
think with their dicks quite often. That may be true. But the brain controls
the dicks. Women's vaginas affect their minds at all times so they think with
their vaginas at all times. Yep. You may think with your dick every 10 to 50
seconds but she thinks with her pussy 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Isn't life grand ?

Life in the USA.

A country where women's rights are upheld. Blacks have rights over here. Yet
somehow, over thirty percent of all black males are in jail. The ladies love
to get married. Yet seventy percent of the time, they are the ones who file
for divorce and their husbands usually have no idea something is amiss. Men
and women are promoting gender equality. Yet women have a vastly inferior
sex drive. So inferior that it's been rumored not to exist.

Angel had walked through the world and saw all that was happening. All the
bullshit men and women did. The quirks. The lies. The deceptions. The love.
The lust. The heartache. The endless pain and suffering. He had enough of
the world. He now knew he could never change it. He is wandering down the
halls of Wolfram & Hart. He goes to the Vault. He sees a lot of mystical
artifacts but only one catches his attention. The Wishing Orb. He takes it
and puts it in a bag. Outside the building, dusk had fallen.

He steps outside, and doesnt take two steps when a strange glowing Vortex
of energy and light forms before him. He is sucked in. He is powerless. An
insect caught inside a hurricane. A meaningless cricket spiraling toward
oblivion. A part of Angel's mind wonders if this is the end. He thinks of
his long life. All that he had been through. The people he has loved. Across
time. In this time and throughout time. He sees all that he had been missing.
He sees what he can never have. He longs for it. Yearns for it though he
knows it cannot be. He feels the Wishing Orb's power from the bag strapped
to his shoulder. He feels it even as the powers of the Vortex threaten to
tear him to shreds. His mind is reviewing his life....because this may very
well be the end of it. He feels the inevitability of what must happen. He
stops believing that he can make a difference. He lets go. A thought comes
inside his mind. "If this world were mine..." it begins. It is never voiced,
except inside his mind. Suddenly, Angel can kind of see something. The Vortex
can kind of dissipate.

He sees something.........something he hasn't seen in centuries.....

Ireland, 1743.

It is late afternon in April.

It has been a cold winter. Spring is here and the evenings are warmer.
Angelus needs to go out. He is sitting in his home. He has been in an
argument with his father again. He is pacing about in the hall of the
vast mansion he called home.

"Who does he think he is?" Angelus screams. "Nobody bosses me around, by God,
I am not a child !" He is angry and throws things about. He is not alone in
the vast hall. There is someone there with him. Cordelia Chaucer. A tall,
slender brunette with dark eyes and a delicate beauty. She is the daughter of
Mary, a woman who has been a servant in the household for a long time.

"Liam, calm down," she begs Angelus.

Angelus does not feel like listening. "I'll do what I want!" he bellows. He
grabs a plate and throws it to the wall.

"Please do not do that, your parents will be angry!" Cordelia Chaucer says.

She has known Angelus for a long time. They grew up together. Him the
handsome son of a wealthy nobleman, her the daughter of the wealthy
nobleman's servant. They were friends. She knew of Angelus's ways. He
was a wild one, well-known by all the whores and prostitutes of the
city of Galway. She had come to like him a lot and lately her heart
had begun to beat faster when he was around. He was so handsome. Didn't
he know the effect he had on her? She was so desperate to attract his
attention. She dressed up just for him. She also flirted with him. He
did not notice her. In fact, he seemed to think of her as a little
sister. How embarassing! She ached to be with him and touch him. She
had fantasized about being with him many times. But no matter how hard
she tried, she couldn't make him see her that way. No. He was always
chasing those lousy no-good whores who gave it up so quick. Now, he was
in trouble with his father. They had a truly massive argument. Angelus
owed money to the local thugs and he asked his father to borrow some
but Master Angelus had come dangerously close to disowning his son.
Master Angelus left the house with his wife Mary and their daughter

They went to the countryside for the summer, leaving the angered and bitter
Liam by his lonesome. Mary, Liam's mother begged father and son to mend their
differences but being proud, stoic men they refused. She looked at Liam
"Angel" Angelus as he paced in the hallway.

"What am I going to do, Cordy?" he asked.

"Just mend things with your father!" she said.

"You sound like my mother!" he screamed.

He grabbed a bottle of wine off a shelf and began to gulp it down. He
finally let himself fall into a chair and rocked back and forth, drinking
and constantly whining and complaining. Cordy gathered up her courage, and
walked toward him. He looked at her with wide eyes as she approached him.
She stood before him, and got ready to speak. "Leave !" he said.

Cordy was actually startled by the harshness of the simple word spoken from
his lips. She hesitated. His eyes looked at her, sharp and angry. She felt a
stabbing pain in her chest. "Fine." she said.

She walked away. Liam watched her go. He looked at the shelf. There were
three more bottles of Irish whiskey and the night was still young. So very

Cordy rushed out of the Angelus Household. She ran to her small cabin.
There, she locked herself in her room. Liam's words hurt her deeply. She
told herself that it was not him but the alcohol talking. Plus it was also
the pain he felt after his family basically abandoned him. She knew the
local thugs. They were led by a rather vicious man named Sean Patrick. He
was the lord of the night in Galway, a roughneck even tough guys avoided.
A cutthroat and a streetwise hustler with some down and dirty moves and
a mean streak the length of the ocean. She knew that if Liam failed to pay
his debt, his life would be forfeit. The gangsters would surely kill him.
He owed them money. Money he used to buy alcohol and purchase the love of
streetwalkers. Yes. He was always chasing the nearest skirt. She wanted to
help him but how? She got an idea and ran to the Church.

She entered the Cathedral of Saint Peter. Father Lanester was there. He was
a tall, lean man in his late sixties. He still had all of his wits at his
age. "Good evening, father." she said when she saw him.

The older man looked at her and beamed with happiness. "What can I do for
you, my child?" he asked.

Cordelia hesitated. She knew that father Lanester did not think much of liars
and scoundrels and in the case of Liam Angelus, son of Master Angelus the
first, the priest's opinion was true on both accounts. "Father, there is a
man who needs the Lord's help." she said.

Father Lanester smiled. "There is no man or woman on this earth who does not
need the Lord's help." he said.

Cordelia smiled. This was true. She sat down and talked to him. "There is
this young man who needs help, father. Unless he receives help he will die."

She told him about Liam Angelus and his misdeeds. All the things he had done
during his misspent youth. The life of extravangant luxury. Spending his
family's wealth on riding horses in the countryside with brigands. Now, his
life had caught up to him. He was all alone in his vast mansion, face to face
with his failures and the consequences of his actions. Father Lanester told
Cordelia that perhaps this was the Lord's way of punishing one who had been
so wrong in his eyes. "He is but a young man, father. A young man abandoned
by all."

Father Lanester looked at her. God, she was so young. She did not know that
some men, and women for that matter simply could not be helped. In his sixty
seven years on this earth, father Lanester had seen dozens of men like Liam
Angelus. Dangerous men they were. And often there were pretty little lambs
like Cordelia who thought they could change them. Hmm. So sad. Like a Greek
play. He decided to show some candor in this case. "My dear child, I am
sensing that this young man cannot be helped. Nothing short of an act of God
can save him now."

Cordelia's heart beat faster. What would it take to save Liam? "Can love not
save a man?" she asked.

Father Lanester looked at Cordelia Chaucer. He remembered how he met her.
She was just a little girl. She came to his church a decade ago. She had come
with her mother and father. Of course, the Angelus family had come to church
as well. Even then, the little girl she had been was enamored with a little
boy her age, Liam Angelus. There were boundaries of class and rank but her
little heart knew no bounds. Father Lanester hated to see it broken,
especially by the likes of Angelus. "You cannot save him, my child. No one
can. He is getting what he deserves."

Cordelia's eyes widened. She looked at the priest calmly. "Well, I cannot
accept that, father. I will save him."

With that, she turned on her heel and ran out of the church. Father Lanester
watched her go. Did the young ones ever learn ?

Cordelia ran through the streets of Galway. She ran back to her cabin. She
put on different clothes and walked back to the Angelus household. She walked
through the familiar mansion. Liam Angelus was not there. He was gone. Her
heart beat faster. Where had he gone? Did the thugs come and take him? She
walked over to his room and saw that he really was gone and had taken the
last of his money. She also found three empty bottles of Irish whiskey. She
found a note he'd scribbled. " I am leaving this place since I am unwanted.
I used to believe the good Lord does not make mistakes. But apparently he
does. Me. I know our good Lord makes mistakes every time I look at myself.
I wish that those I leave behind lead far better lives than I do. This is to
my father Angelus and my mother Mary. To my beloved little sister Chelsea
and my friend Cordelia Chaucer. I love you all. Signed Angelus."

Cordelia read and reread the note. She felt so sad reading it. Yet her heart
beat a bit faster when she read that Liam numbered her among those he loved.
It sounded too much like a farewell. A final one. This could only mean one
thing. He was going out in a blaze. She knew where he was going to be. Where
all desperate young men went. The street. Main street.

* * *

Liam strolled out of the tavern. He had drank his fill that night. He stood
there, drunk and remembering the meaningless sex he just had with a 'lady of
the night' named Ruth. She was a tall and plump girl with red hair and dark
eyes. He went inside the tavern and paid a few shillings to her pimp and
dropped a few more in her hands. Then he went to a room with her to get
serviced. He just stood there while she got on her knees and took his cock
from his pants. She put it in her mouth and sucked it. He looked at her face
as she sucked his manhood, and he was soon erect. Her tongue worked its magic
and he came with force inside her mouth. She swallowed his cum, then he made
her get on her hands and knees. He parted her firm buttocks and found what
he was looking for. Her pink little asshole. He placed the tip of his cock
against the opening, and pushed. Ruth gasped when Liam's cock entered her
bum. She had many customers and some of the men seemed to prefer doing a
woman's bum than her cunt. Liam was one of those, judging by the way he put
his firm hands on her hips, holding her into place while his cock slid inside
her ass. He went in and out, loving the tightness of her ass. Liam grunted
and Ruth whimpered when his hard cock fucked her ass, going so deep. She
began to wriggle her ass, undulating and driving the cock deeper inside her.
In and out. He soon came inside her, his cock sputtering and sending hot cum
deep inside her bowels. Liam bellowed in victory.. Ruth screamed.

A few minutes later, he put his clothes back on and walked out of there.

Usually, after a good fucking, Liam Angelus felt good. Really good. But not
right now. Not tonight. Tonight, he felt...empty. Meaningless sex no longer
satisfied him. He thought of his problems once more. His relationship with
his family was crumbling. His father was probably going to disown him. He
laughed when he thought of the shame it would all bring. Usually, the
families disowned their sons who had unnatural lusts. By unnatural lusts,
he meant men who lusted after other men. Liam had met a few of those in his
day. They were men whom most people would never suspect. He also knew of more
than a few ladies who lusted after other ladies rather than men. They were
also women of respectable upbringing and class. Geez. The hypocrisy of the
world around him was appalling. The people of Galway disliked him for living
his life in the open. He loved to drink and chase women. He loved getting
into fights and ride in the countryside in the company of dangerous men. He
may have been born into wealth and power but the life of a gentleman was not
for him. He longed for travels and adventure and glory rather than a mundane
life. Proper Irishmen of noble birth were expected to marry some young lady
and produce children. They were also expected to be good catholics. Not for
the first time he wondered if it would be so bad, to be on his own and doing
his own thing. He knew he would not miss Galway. He would miss some people,
like his best friend Sandy Burns, a charming lad. He would also miss his
mother Mary and sister Chelsea. Oh, and Cordelia. Sweet Cordelia. The one
who defended his name even when he was not around.

He was still thinking about that when he saw a rather enchanting sight. A
beautiful blonde woman was walking by herself in a dark alley. Liam Angelus,
gentleman that he is felt concerned for her safety and wondered if he should
go and talk to her. * This is the moment of truth. Where the adventure began.
Liam Angelus goes to talk to the blonde woman, who is really a female vampire
named Darla. Darla turns him into a vampire and cuts him loose upon the

Liam is about to go talk to the mystery lady when a voice stops him. He hears
it and turns. It is her. Cordelia Chaucer. He gapes. What the hell was the
prim and proper Miss Chaucer doing around here this time of night? He asked
her this while taking a gulp from the bottle of fine Irish whiskey that never
left him. Cordelia came to him and put her hands on his shoulder. "Liam,
listen to me. Please come home. You are not safe out here." she said.

Liam looked past her and saw the mystery blonde woman (aka the female vampire
Darla) walk away with a young man. Figures. Now he had missed his change to
meet this woman and take her to bed. Here he was with the annoying, sisterly
Cordelia. "What are you doing here ?" he asked. He looked at her and saw that
her face was filled with concern. And something else.

"Taking care of you." she said as she took his hand and forcefully led him
away from Main street.

Liam let her lead him away. Men passed them by and some looked at Liam with

"She seems so eager, Liam, don't let her down!" said one man Liam recognized
as Smith, one of those so-called respectable married men and fathers.

Liam looked at Cordelia leading him away. She did not look like those women
he usually slept with. He felt the need to correct Smith. But Smith was gone.
As they were about to exit the street, along came Candy, one of the whores
Liam regularly had dealings with.

"Hey, Liam." she said with a grin. "Fancy a ride tonight?" she made a good
job of ignoring Cordelia.

Liam chuckled.

"He's mine!" said Cordelia with conviction.

Liam looked at her. So did Candy with a smile. She looked from Cordelia to
Liam then threw her head back and laughed.

"He's gonna break your heart, honey. They all do. If you want him, he's

Cordelia ignored Candy, who walked away then led Liam away from Main street.
At some point, Liam began to suffer the effects of the alcohol he had been
drinking excessively and she had to support him. Finally, after a good half
hour she managed to get him to the mansion and into his bedroom. She put him
on the bed. He just lay there with his eyes closed. He was sleeping, the hard
day, rough night and excessive drinking have taken their toll on him.

Cordelia sat by his side, and pulled the covers over him. She sat there,
looking at him. She asked herself what she was doing in the master's son's
bedroom. He was drunk and in trouble and she took care of him. She had to
admit she cared about him a lot more than she let on. But was it worth it?
She grew up with him, always close by yet so far. They were in two different
worlds. In his world, he was one of the privileged. He was born into wealth
and power. His father owned big business and a lot of land. His mother also
had a large dowry when she married. Yet she noticed, looking at him that
being of noble birth did not make one immune to drama and failure. He looked
so pitiful. So peaceful. Just lying there. This was not the first time she
caught herself looking at him. She smiled when she recalled that summer day
when she was nine and he was ten years old. They were playing in the fields.

They got in a dispute over something. She was a big and chubby girl. The
other kids called her Porky and this made her life miserable. Liam came to
her defense and basically punched the other kid on the nose. He had gotten
in trouble because of that and his father whipped him until every part of
his body ached. Cordelia had been proud of him. Since that day, no matter
what anyone said about him, she saw Liam as her hero.

As they grew up, they were friends. Not too close but close. They played
together. They laughed and cried together. Liam's father liked her. So did
his mother. Then, Master Angelus became real tough on Liam when Liam entered
his teens. She recalled when Liam had been caught fooling around with one of
the servant girls at the age of sixteen. Master Angelus gave him a severe
beating. So severe that Liam Angelus was in bed for days. Cordelia tried to
comfort him but could not. He was mad at the girl for her screams got them
caught and mad at his father for punishing them. He was pissed. His opinion
of men and women was not exactly high. He had a rule when dealing with the
sexes: " make'em both suffer."

That was his motto. So, he became the Vagabond. Cordelia wondered what
turns his life would have taken if his father had been more gentle and more
tolerant and his mother more supportive. Maybe he would not have grown up to
be an equal opportunity hater. She was still looking at him when he moved in
his sleep. He mumbled her name, and smiled in his sleep. Cordelia looked at
the sleeping young man, and smiled. He was having pleasant thoughts about her
in his sleep.

She sat by his bed, and watched over him until morning.

When morning came, Cordelia went to the kitchen and busied herself making
Liam Angelus some breakfast. Eggs. Bread. Coffee. That was it. She prepared
it and left it on the table. Then, she went to the courtyard and drew water
from the well. She doused herself with the water and soaped her skin. Then,
she washed herself. The cool water trickled down her body as she rubbed the
soap in her hands all over herself.

Liam Angelus woke up. For a moment, he thought he had slept in the tavern
and worried someone might have taken him. Then, he looked at his familiar
surroundings. This was his house. His home. He was reassured. How had he
gotten there ? He remembered the tavern, the drinks and his wild escapade
with Ruth. He also remembered a beautiful blonde woman...who left with
someone else. Oh, and Cordelia. Oh, Cordelia. He walked around the house
and saw no one.

He finally came to the library window overlooking the yard and saw...her.
Cordelia Chaucer stood in the middle of the yard, hidden from prying eyes by
high walls. She stood there, bathing. She was soaping her body, which was
quite lovely. Liam looked at her and felt something in him rise. A feeling
that started in his fingertips and into every part of his body. He was in
awe of Cordelia. He couldn't fathom it. That such a lovely body hid
underneath her homely apppearances and plain clothing. What a girl! He felt
excited just looking at her.

Just then, she turned in his direction and he ducked to avoid being seen. He
left the room altogether and went to the dining room. He saw that a breakfast
awaited him. He did not feel like eating. Instead, he just sat there,
thinking about what he just saw.

Cordelia Chaucer was...exquisite-looking. Once more, just thinking about her
got him aroused and he felt his cock harden in his pants. He sat down and
picked up his favorite book, the Kama Sutra. He grinned, looking at the vivid
images. Men and women, men and men, women and women in all sorts of trysts.
There were even combinations, such as men and women and men, women and women
and men and full-on orgies. The East had a good attitude toward sex. Too bad
the Western hemisphere was a world full of prudes and hypocrites. He also
thought about how he was going to pay the local thugs the money he owned
them. He came up blank. The banks wouldn't loan to the likes of him.

Cordelia Chaucer dried herself up and put her clothes back on. She went back
inside the mansion and thought she'd check up on Liam. She soon found him
sitting at the kitchen table.

"Hey, there." he said.

She looked at him. "Good morning, Liam. I hope you are well." she said.

Liam grinned. "I am well, Cordy. That's all thanks to you."

Cordelia nodded. "You were in pretty bad shape last night. You gave me a

Liam shrugged. "I sometimes do some rather stupid things. All people do."

Cordelia pulled a chair and sat down. "I'd have to agree with you on that."
She was surprised to see that he was reading. "What are you reading?" she

Liam suddenly hid the book behind his back. "Uh, a book of...Eastern
philosophy." he said.

Cordelia's eyes widened. "Oh, really? I am dying to know about foreign

Liam looked at her the way a wolf looked at a lamb...and she didn't even
notice. "Oh, I plan to show you a lot about Eastern philosophy," he said.

Cordelia thought Liam was acting rather odd but she thought that was maybe
a side effect of having been drunk last night. He thanked her for helping
him and asked her to join him for breakfast. They shared his meal and ate
together. They laughed and talked about the past. The funny and important
moments they shared as children. Liam fell silent as she talked about what
her life had been like these past few years. He saw her all the time but
right now he was discovering that there was more to Cordelia Chaucer than
met the eye, both literally and figuratively. She was a fascinating girl.
Cordelia felt a bit uneasy talking to Liam about herself but she was glad
that he was listening to her.

After breakfast, he told her about his debt to the local thugs and what he
should do about it. Cordelia went to the family vault and told him to take
what he needed there. Liam was surprised that she knew where the vault was.
His father was always moving it around.

"I know a lot of things, Liam." she said.

Liam looked at her, in awe of this beautiful young woman in front of him.
She was full of surprises. "Yes, you do." he said.

Cordelia tried not to blush when he smiled at her. The bastard was handsome
and was affecting her. She had to get out of there before she became jittery
like a schoolgirl. "I'll be upstairs." she said and quickly exited the room.

Liam went to the vault and took three pieces of gold. He left the mansion and
went to Sean Patrick's favorite hangout. He paid the man in full, and they
shook hands on the deal. Liam walked away. It was early in the morning. He
thought about going to the 'lady house' but somehow, the thought of Cordelia
prevented him from going. This was weird. Usually, he thought of Cordelia as
a kid sister. But since this morning...well. He caught himself thinking about
her in lustful ways. "Get a grip, Liam." he told himself. "This is Cordelia
Chaucer you're talking about! She's like a bloody sister to you !"

All those reasonings occured in his mind yet his cock was still hard in his
pants every time he thought of her. He felt bad for thinking about her that
way. Cordelia wasn't like the other women he had met. She was loyal and a
good friend. She helped him in his time of need without any thought of
reward. Women weren't like that. Heck, men weren't like that either. Liam
spent his time around men and women who were no good. Liars. Thieves.
Killers. Weirdoes.

Cordelia was different. He recalled that one summer night when there was a
storm. His father was out on business. He was in the mansion with his mother
and sister. Cordelia's mother was asleep. Cordelia had gone out into the
storm to look for her dog, Marquis. Marquis was an adorable mutt. A
brown-furred dog with a dark tail and innocent, beautiful eyes. He had been
given to Cordelia by a man named Stephen. Marquis was running. Cordy went
after him. Against his mother's wishes and against logic, Liam had gone into
the storm to find the dog and to find Cordy. He found her with the dog in her
arms far from the house and into the field. She was frightened out of her
mind. He came to her and they held each other. They stayed together until the
storm passed. That night, something had passed between Liam and Cordy.
Nothing big since they were just kids. He was twelve and she was eleven. But
they had kissed. It was the first time Liam had kissed anyone. They had
returned to the mansion. Neither of them had spoken of that kiss again. Liam
smiled as a decade later he still remembered that kiss.

Liam Angelus smiled genuinely like he hadn't smiled in a long time. He
suddenly felt like making her happy. He went to a flower shop and bought her
some flowers. He walked back to his mansion hurriedly. He laughed when he
thought of what he was doing and what it would look like. A nobleman's son
buying the daughter of a servant some flowers. He went into the mansion and
for some reason felt nervous as hell. He walked over to Cordelia who sat by
the door of the library, reading a book. She looked up at him. Her eyes

"What are those?" she asked.

"Flowers." he said. "For you."

Cordelia saw Liam standing there holding the flowers in his hand. Her heart
skipped a beat. Who were they for? He told her. Her prayers were answered.
They were for her. She got up and walked over to him. She took them and put
them on the table. "Thanks." she said.

Liam just smiled. A bit nervously. Cordelia looked at the beautiful lilacs
then at the handsome young man standing before her. She couldn't hold it in
anymore. She threw herself into Liam's arms and kissed him. Liam almost
gasped. He was expecting a reaction but nothing like this. He found himself
kissing back Cordelia with all the passion he could muster. They kissed for
a moment and he put his arms around her. Then, they stopped to breathe.
"I...I.." Cordelia began. Liam looked at her.

He too was surprised. He hadn't felt this passionately about anyone in a long
time. He still hesitated. This was not any other girl. This was Cordelia!
Cordelia looked at him, trying to see into his eyes. What was he thinking?
There was a lot of uncertainty in those eyes, as well as desire. She couldn't
let him go. She wanted him. She needed him. Liam needed her too, desperately.
But he wasn't sure if he wanted to be with her. Really be with her. This was
uncharted territory. "Cordy, I can't....." he muttered.

Cordelia looked at him. She had to make him stay with her. "I love you, Liam.
I always have." she said.

Liam looked at her. He was surprised to hear those words coming from her. He
had heard them before coming from other girls but always shrugged them off as
meaningless. Not this time. He knew in his bones that he felt something for
her. He always had. Maybe this was love. Maybe something else entirely. He
knew that once they went down this path, there would be no turning back. This
opened new doorways for them. He had to find out. He had to know. He took the
chance. "I care for you a lot, Cordy." he said. "I think I love you."

Cordelia looked at him. Did he know how much those words meant to her? How
many nights she had lain awake wondering what it would be like to be with
him? She couldn't wait anymore. She took his hand and practically dragged
him to the bedroom. Once inside, she basically began to undress him with a
fury. Liam looked at her. So beautiful. They went to bed and there he
undressed her. She looked at him and blushed under his intense gaze.

"Liam, this will be my first time." He couldnt believe it. "I saved myself
just for you." she said.

He calmed down her eagerness. "Today is all for you, my sweet." he said as
he made her lie down and began to pleasure her. He kissed her soft lips and
caressed her slender neck and shoulders. Then, he kissed her breasts and
licked the pink areolas. He went to her navel and licked his way down to her
loins. She gasped when he found his way to her pussy. He breathed in the
scent of her and licked her clit. Cordy's hands gripped the sheets. He began
to lick her pussy, sticking his wet tongue inside her. He toyed around with
her, playing with her pussy by sticking his fingers in and turning them all
the way around. He licked and sucked and caressed. Cordelia writhed on the
bed, Liam was causing her body to feel things she had never thought she would
feel. He was enflaming her flesh. He continued to lick and probe. His sleek
fingers found their way into her ass and she gasped at the intrusion. He ate
her pussy and fingered her ass. His fingers continued to toy with her pussy,
teasing and pleasing her while he stuck his tongue inside her ass. He moved
that tongue in there, licking it like it was the sweetest thing he ever
tasted. His expert touch sent her over the edge and she screamed as an
orgasm rocked her body. Liam continued what he was doing until her orgasm
intensified and brought her down gently.

Once he was done, he cradled her in his arms and they just lay there. He
gently kissed her forehead. Cordelia looked at him. "That was wonderful,"
she said happily. Liam smiled. "Why did you not tup me?" she asked.

Liam took her hands in his and looked into her eyes. He now realized how
much he loved this girl and how much he wanted her. This was not one of his
conquests. "We have time for that, Cordy." he said. "We have the rest of our

Cordelia smiled, reassured by his words. She wanted to have him inside her
so that they may be joined as one. But like he said there would be time for
that. She fell asleep in his arms.

Liam watched her sleep. He was once more in awe of her beauty and her purity.
He knew this was the first time she had experienced sexual love or touch of
any kind. This was a first for him as well. He had been with more women than
he could count but this was the first time he lay in bed with someone he
cared about. This made him feel odd. The feeling was both terrifying and

He knew that if he could get through this day without giving into lust, he
had found something worthwhile.

Over the next few days, they spent practically every moment of the day with
each other. It was a tender time for the both of them. They went out in
public. They ate at fancy restaurants. They ran barefoot in the fields. Liam
lay on the soft grass, his head on Cordelia's lap as she read a poem to him.
It was a wondrous time. Yet no matter how much she insisted, Liam would not
go all the way with her.

When Master Angelus came home with his family the next week, they found Liam
lying in bed with Cordelia. Master Angelus was furious and threatened to
disown Liam if he did not cease his affair with the servant girl. He wanted
his son to marry a proper woman. Liam stood before his entire family and
spoke to them of how he felt and the events of the recent past. His drunken
night of meaningless sex on Main street. How Cordelia, his best friend
probably saved his life by helping him find the money to pay the local thugs.
He recalled growing up and having Cordelia around. How he felt around her.
Mary, Liam's mother spoke to her son privately. She did not think much of
him for sleeping around with the servant girl. He told her how he did not
treat her the way he treated the other women in his life. How he cared for
her. He wanted so much to be with her and thought she was a good influence
on him. Cordelia wanted to be with Liam no matter what. Her own mother
opposed her. She did not think her daughter should be with a raunchy nobleman
who would probably abandon her at some point. Cordelia confessed her love for
Liam and how she believed that having her in his life brought out the best in
him. Finally, their respective parents capitulated.

Liam Angelus married Cordelia Chaucer in the Saint Peter cathedral of Galway
in the summer of 1743. They moved into a house in the town of Obraonain,
thirty miles south of Galway.

The new Angelus house, in Obraonain.

Cordelia took her new husband's hand and led him to the bedroom. They looked
into each other's eyes while they undressed. He took her in his arms and took
her to bed. Passion took them both and they cut loose on each other's bodies.
He pleasured her, once again using his lovemaking to bring her to a
shuddering orgasm. She wanted to pleasure her husband as well and took his
tool of manhood in her hand, holding it for the first time. Then, she took it
in her mouth. She took as much as she could and pleasured his tool, and soon
he spilled forth his seed. She lay there, awaiting him. Liam looked into her
eyes and saw how badly she wanted him. He wanted her too. She took his cock
and guided him in her. He held her in his arms and she hugged him as he
entered her for the first time. He went in and out, making love to his wife
slowly. Cordelia adjusted to the feeling of having him inside of her. He
brought her such pleasure. She made sexy grunting noises as he made love to
her then came inside her. They made love many times that night, their screams
of pleasure and rapture filling the house until they lay exhausted against
each other. Liam's head rested on his wife's belly, he was breathing slowly.
Cordelia caressed him and they held each other.

"Thank you, husband." she said.

"I love you, Cordy." Liam said, meaning it.

"I know, baby. I know." she said.

Ten years later.....

The snow had fallen and blanketed the town of Obraonain. Liam Angelus was
outside shoveling. He shoveled the heavy snow, making a pathway in front of
his home. He felt a light tapping on his shoulder. "Need a hand, dad?" asked
a voice.

Liam turned around to see his young son, Charles. "Nope. I can manage." said

Charles nodded, saluted his father and went back inside to play with his
little sister Anne. He resumed the job of shoveling when he felt something
hit him. He turned, ready to curse the hell out of whoever it was. He froze.
It was his wife, Cordelia looking as beautiful as ever.

"Hey, Liam." she said with a grin.

"Did you just throw a snowball at me?" he asked.

She smiled naughtily. "What if I did?"

He laughed. "Oh, you are so gonna get it." he said.

Cordelia rolled her eyes and charged him without warning. Liam "Angel"
Angelus fell flat on his back in the snow. Cordelia lay on top of him.

"Now who's gonna get it?" she asked with a grin.

Liam laughed and raised his hands in surrender. Cordelia pressed her lips
against his.

"I love you, Liam." she said.

"Back at you." he said as he put his arms around her.

Liam Angelus and his wife Cordelia lived in Obraonain with their children,
Charles and Anne. Charles was born in 1746 and Anne born in 1750. They lived
in their town happily. Liam passed away in 1811 and Cordelia passed away the
same day. They died in their sleep, in each other's arms. Liam "Angel"
Angelus never met Darla and never became a vampire. The Angelus clan survives
in Ireland today.

The End


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