Angel: Between Friends (orgy,inter,oral,anal,slash)
by The Fan ([email protected])

It was not a quiet night at Angel Investigations. The hotel where the vampire
with a soul made his home and business was brimming with activity. The team
had just returned from a very dangerous adventure.

Angel had been battling a demonic force known as the Vadark. The Vadark had
opened an inter-dimensional portal and Angel had been sucked in. So had
Cordelia, Gunn, Wesley, Connor, Fred, Faith and the team's foe, Lilah Morgan,
the bitchy lawyer from Wolfram & Hart. The team had gone to the nightmarish
otherworld. A place where there were no humans. A place where there were
monsters so terrifying and powerful that vampires did not stand a chance
against them. If vampires didn't stand a chance against these beings, how
much of a chance did humans stand? Angel and his team had fought to survive
and battled their way into a demonic castle where lived a sorcerer with the
ability to open inter-dimensional portals. The team had forced the sorcerer
to send them back to Earth. They returned to Earth a little... changed. They
had lost all inhibitions.

Faith the vampire slayer walked into Angel's office. She had always had a
thing for him and now she was gonna act on it. She walked in, filled with
lust. When Faith walked in, the others were there as well. Gunn. Wesley.
Cordelia. Lilah. Connor. Fred. All of them. They had been having a meeting.
Faith ignored them. Little did she know that while in the demonic world, she
had been bombarded with pheromones that affected not only her but anyone in
her vicinity.

Angel sat behind his desk. He looked at her. From the look he gave her, he
wanted her as well. He came to her, ripped her clothes off and then bend her
over the desk. He ripped off her panties and told her that he was gonna fuck
her up the ass. Faith laughed and dared him. Angel took her up on that dare.

Angel positioned himself behind Faith. He rubbed his cock against her butt
cheeks. Faith grasped her butt cheeks with both hands and spread them wide
open, exposing her puckered anus. Angel slid his cock between her lovely ass
cheeks and pressed his cock against her back door. He pushed and his cock
slid inside her. Faith grimaced as Angel's thick cock slid inside her. He
placed his hands on her hips and began pumping his cock into her rectum. His
cock felt huge inside her tight ass. Angel started to drill into her ass
with his cock. He fucked her like this for awhile, with Faith screaming
obscenities and rubbing her clit furiously as he fucked her in the ass.

Her ass was so tight and warm that Angel loved how it ensnared his cock. He
loved penetrating that forbidden zone, that tender flesh. He shoved his prick
deep into her shithole, striving to go deeper with each thrust. He finally
reached bottom and began pulling his cock back almost all the way out of her
ass before slamming it right back inside.

Across the room, the action was sizzling. Cordelia Chase was on all fours,
sucking on Wesley's cock. Wesley moaned as she licked his balls. Gunn was
behind Cordelia, his hands firm on her hips as he rammed her from behind
with his thick black cock. Cordelia felt like screaming, with Gunn's huge
cock in her pussy but Wesley's cock filled her mouth. Gunn grunted as he
fucked her. He was barking cuss words, saying how much he loved giving it
to her. Cordelia rocked back against him, driving his cock deeper inside
her. Wesley grabbed her hair and shoved his cock deep inside her mouth.
Cordelia deep-throated him. Wesley grimaced as he experienced ecstacy before
unleashing his load. He came, blasting her in the face with his cum. Cordelia
loved facials. She licked the cum off his cock and sucked at his balls.
Wesley moaned in pleasure as he felt her slick tongue licking at his cock
and balls. That was friggin' awesome.

Gunn screamed as he came inside Cordelia and pulled out of her wet pussy.
Wesley decided to have a go with her ass. Cordelia assumed the position.
Wesley came up behind her and slid his cock between her spread ass cheeks.
He thrust his cock into her tight asshole. Cordelia grunted. Wesley's cock
was not exactly small. She gritted her teeth. Wesley grabbed her by the
hips and slammed his cock into her. She turned around and saw that while
he was fucking her, Gunn had his cock in Wesley's mouth. Wesley sucked on
Gunn's cock and licked his balls as he fucked Cordelia.

Gunn moaned as Wesley sucked his cock. He soon came all over Wesley's face.
Wesley drank the young black man's cum and licked him until he was clean.
Gunn came up behind Wesley. He caressed the white boy's sexy ass and spread
them apart with his strong hands. Gunn rubbed his big black cock against
Wesley's asshole. Wesley tensed. Gunn pressed his cock against Wesley's ass,
and pushed. Wesley screamed as Gunn's cock entered his asshole.

Wesley felt Gunn's huge cock inside him. He felt his tight ass violated by
the black man's thick cock. The sad part is that he was enjoying it. He
liked that manwich meal. He liked having a big dick up his hershey highway.
Grunting, he shoved his cock even deeper inside Cordelia's ass. The more
Wesley pumped her ass, the more Cordelia screamed. The more Gunn pumped
Wesley's ass, the more he screamed. Wesley gritted his teeth as the big
black cock drilled into his ass. Cordelia also gritted her teeth as Wesley
pounded her ass with his prick. His cock felt so huge inside her ass. She
imagined that he was going through the same thing, getting fucked up the
ass just like she was. The three-way bisexual ass-pumping action went on
for a long time.

At some point, they changed positions. Gunn pulled out of Wesley and Wesley
pulled out of her. Gunn came and stuck his cock inside Cordelia's asshole.
Cordelia's eyes widened as he began to drill her ass. His cock was even
bigger than Wesley's. Wesley took point underneath her and thrust his cock
into her pussy. He drilled into her wet snatch. Cordelia was filled at both
ends. She felt two huge cocks drilling into her flesh. Gunn was tearing her
ass apart with his jumbo-sized cock.

Wesley's huge prick was slamming into her pussy. She bounced up and down on
Wesley's manhood and supported herself by resting her hands on his shoulders.
Gunn just held her by the hips and slammed his cock deep into her ass. His
cock went impossibly far inside her and at some point, Cordelia felt that it
was gonna come out of her mouth. It had gone that far inside her. Wesley
continued to fuck her pussy, slamming his cock inside her with almost animal
intensity. Cordelia wondered if the two men could feel their cocks rubbing
inside her. As she pondered that, they came, filling her asshole and cunt
with hot cum. Cordelia screamed as both of her holes were filled with their
hot seed. They pulled out of her almost simultaneously. Cordelia rolled off
Wesley, who got up. Both men stood over her, their cocks stiff. Cordelia
knelt before Gunn and Wesley and sucked on their cocks. She held their big
dicks in her mouth and sucked on them.

Connor was busy with Lilah Morgan. The female lawyer knelt before him and
sucked on his cock. Connor looked at the bitch as she sucked on his cock. She
wasn't a bad cocksucker. Now, he wanted to fuck. Lilah complied and got on
all fours. He positioned himself behind her and took her ass. His thick cock
slid into her asshole.

Lilah gasped when she felt Connor's cock enter her asshole. She felt like
screaming but she couldn't because Fred had stuffed something into her mouth.
Connor looked at Fred, aka Winifred Burkle. The young woman looked sexy and
was nude except for a strap-on dildo which was around her waist. She placed
the dildo inside Lilah's mouth and the lawyer woman obediently sucked on it.
Connor grabbed Lilah by the hips and thrust his cock into her. He slammed
into her asshole, which was so friggin warm and tight. Lilah Morgan didn't
take it up the ass very often. He fucked her with all the brutality he could
muster, loving the sound of her muffled screams as he pounded her asshole
with brutal thrusts.

Lilah felt like her ass was being torn apart by Connor's cock. He was
drilling deep into her, going places no one had ever been. Lilah never
allowed anyone to enter her ass. This was the forbidden zone. Yet this
boy was slamming into her, drilling her, fucking her up the ass like the
forbidden zone was an amusement park for him. What was worse was that
she was feeling wet... which meant she was beginning to like it. Lilah
found herself encouraging Connor to fuck her ass. Not verbal encouragement,
of course.

Her body responded in other ways. She pushed back against him, driving his
cock deeper inside her. Lilah looked up at Fred. The young woman known as
Fred was clearly enjoying what she was doing to Lilah. She seemed to get a
kick out of watching Connor slam into Lilah's ass. Behind Lilah, Connor
grunted. He unleashed a flood of hot cum deep inside her asshole. Lilah's
ass clenched around his cock, trying desperately to hold onto the organ
that brought her so much pain and pleasure at the same time but Connor
pulled out. Lilah almost asked him to put it back in but stopped herself
just in time. She watched as Connor got up and stood before her. He kissed
Fred on the lips and she kissed him back passionately.

Lilah watched with interest. Fred grabbed Lilah by the hair and threw her
down. Lilah grimaced. She still couldn't take her eyes off the spectacle.
Connor stood there, his hand gently caressing Fred's hair. The young woman
sucked on Connor's cock while stroking the plastic cock of the strap-on
dildo. Connor seemed to really enjoy what Fred was doing to him. Fred
suddenly grabbed Lilah again and forced her to get down on all fours. Fred
came and thrust the dildo into Lilah's pussy. She placed her hands on Lilah's
hips and thrust into her with the strap-on dildo while continuing to suck on
Connor's cock.

Connor soon came and Fred drank her young lover's cum. She never stopped
fucking Lilah Morgan with the dildo. Lilah felt the dildo slide into her
flesh. She was still very much turned on by Connor receiving oral sex from
the geeky science whiz girl known as Fred. Fred drank Connor's cum and
licked him clean. Connor kissed her, looked at Lilah, smiled and walked

Fred looked at Lilah malevolently. She slammed the strap-on dildo even harder
into Lilah's flesh. Lilah screamed. Fred seemed to enjoy watching her suffer.
She yanked back Lilah's hair, scratched her, and spat on her. She removed the
dildo from Lilah's pussy and inserted it into her ass. She pumped Lilah's ass
with the dildo, which was much larger and thicker than Connor's cock. Lilah
screamed at the top of her lungs as the sex device tore into her flesh. She
felt like she was gonna pass out. She did. Fred smacked her wide awake and
continued to fuck the shit out of her. Lilah screamed. Fred threw her head
back and laughed somewhat maniacally.

Cordelia Chase made Wesley and Gunn cum several times after they were done
having sex. She drank all the cum they had. The two men looked at her and
smiled. Cordy grinned. She was a cum-craving slut and proud of it. They
turned their attention to Faith, who was still getting drilled by Angel.

Right now, Angel lay on the floor and Faith straddled him. She bounced up
and down on his cock. Angel had his hands around her waist and slammed into
her. He came inside her and the two of them screamed out loud in pleasure.
Faith collapsed in Angel's arms. He pulled out of her. She licked his cock
and sucked his balls, taking all the cum she could. When she was done, she
gave Angel a hand up and the two of them grinned at Wes, Gunn and Cordelia,
who had been watching. Faith smiled. Angel showed them his thumb. They all
burst out laughing.

They turned their attention to Lilah and Fred. Fred was still fucking the
lawyer woman, wielding the strap-on dildo like a woman possessed. Finally,
she pulled out of Lilah, who slumped on the floor. Connor came and held
Fred. Fred was really turned on by the fucking that she had given Lilah.
She wanted to fuck. Connor happily obliged. Fred removed the strap-on dildo
and threw it away. She looked at Connor's long, thick cock with hunger in
her eyes. Connor took her in his arms and she climbed on top of him. She
lowered herself onto his member. Connor's cock slid inside her pussy. Fred
winced, then she smiled and began to go up and down, coming down on Connor's
thrusting cock. Connor wrapped his strong arms around her waist. He fucked
her. Fred pinched her nipples and screamed as she was fucked. They went at
it like this for awhile before he came, flooding her pussy with his cum.
Fred gasped as hot cum filled her pussy. Connor pulled out of her. Fred sat
next to him.

Connor looked at her. Fred was a girl with a really sexy ass. She turned and
looked at him....she knew what he wanted. He wanted to finish their romp with
a little ass shot. She didn't mind at all. Connor took some of his cum and
rubbed it between her butt cheeks. Fred had gotten on all fours and had
spread her ass wide open with both hands. The others looked on as Connor slid
his cock into her ass. He went in there slowly. Fred was kind of new to the
whole ass-fucking thing. Connor got his cock in and began to fuck her. Fred
winced. Connor thrust into her, pushing as far as he could go. He got most of
his cock in and began pumping his cock inside her. Fred had only been fucked
up the ass once before and it had been by a dildo. A man's cock felt quite
different. Connor was fucking her ass. It had felt uncomfortable at first but
with lubrication and effort, it turned out to be not such a bad thing after
all. She even experienced pleasure when Connor came inside her, flooding her
ass with his cum. Somehow, she had experienced an orgasm just from his
fucking her ass. She hadn't even touched her pussy. She screamed at the top
of her lungs. Connor pulled out of her. She grinned at him. Connor grinned
back. All was good.

They all stood over Lilah Morgan, who lay on the floor, spent. She had been
brutally fucked by both Fred and Connor. She still hadn't recovered yet.
They sent her sleeping body back to Wolfram & Hart with a warning. Don't
mess with Angel Investigations or you will get royally screwed over. At
Angel Investigations, they meant that literally.

The End


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