Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Bi The Way (orgy,inter,herm,voy,mc,magic)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Sunnydale, CA.

It was a normal-looking enough place. A small town in California. Looking at
it, no one would ever guess it sat on the hellmouth. The Mouth of Hell. A
portal to a multitude of dimensions filled with horrors and wonders. Many
things came to the Hellmouth, drawn by its power. Vampires. Demons. Monsters.
Witches. Gods. It did not matter. All of them met their end at the hands of
Buffy Summers, the vampire slayer.

Buffy Summers lived on a house on Rovello Drive, somewhere in main street
Sunnydale. She lived there with her sister Dawn, a beautiful dark-haired
teenage girl. There were also her friends. Willow Rosenberg, a red-haired
young woman with magical powers. Xander Harris, a funny and quirky but
brave guy whom she had known since high school. Xander's obnoxious
girlfriend Anya, formerly Anyanka the Vengeance Demon. Rupert Giles, a
tall, handsome older man who had been Buffy's Watcher in her early days
as the Slayer. There was Tara MacLay, a young witch who was the love of
Willow's life. The two had met, instantly bonded and now the two young
women were lovers and witches, each wielding unbelievable magical powers.
Oh, not too forget, there was Spike. Spike aka William the Bloody was a
vampire. Once, he was a great enemy of Buffy the vampire slayer. Then he
got captured by the Initiative and they used their technology to alter
him so he could no longer harm human beings. He became Buffy's reluctant
ally then friend. For awhile, Buffy and Spike had been lovers. Now, no one
was sure what they were.

There was trouble in town. There was a demon named Ranyel. He had the
appearance of a tall, good-looking man but he was not. He had great powers
and used them to spread chaos and confusion wherever he went. He spiked
gang warfare in Los Angeles. He caused a rise in the violence rate of the
big city. Of course, he had to deal with Angel. Angel was the vampire with
a Soul, the heroic champion of the city. He came to the rescue with his

Ranyel ran away from Los Angeles when he found out his new enemies were
agents of the Powers That Be, a gathering of ancient beings more powerful
than the old gods themselves. He chose a quiet place to run to. Angel
followed Ranyel to Sunnydale. He was accompanied by his friends. Cordelia
Chase, a tall and beautiful brunette with sparkling eyes. She had the
Vision power, the ability to see people in trouble. Charles Gunn, a
handsome, streetwise black man who hunted vampires and demons since he was
a kid. Winifred aka Fred, a young woman whom Angel rescued from a demon
dimension. Wesley Wyndham Pryce, a former Watcher of Buffy's in Sunnydale.
He worked with Angel in Los Angeles to fight the forces of darkness.

The whole gang was there. It was agreed upon that wherever Ranyel went,
trouble would follow. He would cause chaos and destruction wherever he went.
No one knew Ranyel's plans. The evil demon planned to bring all of his
enemies in one place and destroy them once and for all. He even had an ally
implanted in their midst. He sent Marianne, a decidedly "strange" and
"unique" lady to infiltrate them. Marianne was a girl of perhaps twenty,
with black skin and hair bleached bone-white. She was a special kind of
prostitute in the streets of Los Angeles and Ranyel killed her abusive pimp.
Since then, Marianne was loyal to him.

Ranyel came to Sunnydale and gathered an army to fight the Slayer and her
allies. Demons and vampires readily joined him....they wanted to destroy
Buffy anyways. They attacked the house of Buffy. The slayer and her friends
and allies easily killed the eighty or so demons and vampires who tried to
kill them. The magic of the witches allied with the slayer made short work
of most of Ranyel's troops. Ranyel himself was killed by Buffy Summers. She
cut off the demon's head. Victory was theirs.....or was it?

Buffy's House...

"Man, that was one hell of a fight," said Gunn. The black man sat on a chair,
cleaning his sword.

"Yes, quite," said Wesley, the ex-Watcher. He was helping cleaning up the
house in the aftermath of the fight.

Willow, the beautiful redheaded witch stood near her lover, Tara. Both women
focused their power and lifted a fallen shelf without touching it.

Dawn, Buffy's teenage sister clapped. "I never get tired of watching them do
that," she said.

Fred, the girl whom Angel Investigations had rescued from a demon dimension
a year ago was helping Giles, Buffy's ex-Watcher fix up the books. "In the
right order," cautioned Giles.

"Of course," said Fred as she lifted the books and placed them on the right

Buffy Summers was taking care of the wounds sustained by Angel. The vampire
with a soul had a nasty cut on his arm. "Does that hurt?" Buffy asked gently.

"Not when you're helping," replied Angel.

Buffy blushed.

Spike sat on a couch nearby, smoking a cigarette. "You two make me sick," he
muttered under his breath. Watching Angel and Buffy together always made him
sick. He was jealous, though he would never have admitted it. Yeah, he had a
thing for Buffy. He looked around and saw Cordelia, the gorgeous brunette was
smiling at him.

"Jealous boy playing left out?" she mocked him.

Spike looked at her, offered her his nastiest smile. "Well, I'm over it," he
said. "Wanna go on the Spike love machine? It rocks, y'know. Just ask Buffy."
he grinned.

"Ew," said Cordelia and she walked away, pretending to be busy carrying a

Spike watched her go. "Cute butt," he said to himself, smiling. He stood
there, his vision spanning the entire room. Everyone was doing their own
thing and as usual he felt left out. He hated it. Well, their loss. He was
about to leave when he saw something strange. Marianne.

The girl was black and quite hot, but there was something wrong about her.
He could smell it on her. Something that did not belong. But try as he might,
he could not put his finger on it. She was a prostitute, that much was clear.
Spike had a talent for knowing the ladies of the night. Marianne acted all
cute and innocent the whole time but he could tell she wasn't. She had been
hardened by a life on the mean streets, he could tell but that wasn't it.
There was something WRONG with the girl and only the Spikester knew it.

He was about to approach her when someone stopped right in front of him.
Someone with long hair, a slender frame and a cute face. Dawn Summers.
Buffy's annoying, very pretty little sister. Spike had a soft spot for the
kid. She genuinely liked him and thought he was cool. The others put up
with him because they thought he was harmless, if annoying and rude.

"Hey, pet." he said.

"Hey, Spike," said Dawn. "What are you up to?"

He glared at her. "Not much, just checking something is all."

She followed his gaze and noticed he was looking past Willow and her
magically-inclined lesbian lover and to Marianne. "Oh, her." said Dawn.

"Yeah," said Spike. "Something not quite kosher with that chick," he said

"I hear ya, but maybe its just because she's from East L.A." said Dawn.

Spike nodded. "Could be."

He watched as Dawn excused herself and went upstairs to get a hammer, by
request of the ever-ready handyman Xander Harris. His eyes refocused on
Marianne and he saw the black girl standing in a corner by herself,
whispering in an ancient language. Spike recognized it as Khamesh, she was
making a spell. He blurted a warning.

Everyone turned to look at him, and saw Marianne. Willow and Tara immediately
tried a counter spell but it was too late.....Marianne finished saying what
she was saying and.....wham! Lightning cracked overhead and whoooshhhhhhhh!!!
There was a hot, fast wind in the house and everyone gasped....then all was

"That was something," said Charles Gunn.

"Everyone alright?" asked Angel as Buffy clutched his arm.

"That was a spell, y' bloody morons," said Spike. He began to walk toward

The black girl grinned, said something and all of a sudden....Spike felt
dizzy and collapsed.....the world went black around him and he fell into
unwanted, blissful oblivion.

When he came to, Spike could not believe his eyes.....

It seemed someone had forgot to tell him they were having a...he couldn't
believe his eyes. On a table lay Fred on her back, naked, legs spread.
Standing over her was Giles, the forty-something watcher was thrusting his
dick into her pussy. "Harder, old man," said Fred. Giles obliged, driving
his cock deep into her. The young woman caressed her small breasts and
moaned in pleasure.

"What the fuck?" said Spike.

All around him was... madness and sex. He saw that Charles Gunn had Buffy
Summers on all fours, his rough black hands firmly holding her hips as he
fucked her from behind. More than that, Buffy was squealing in ecstacy,
telling him to fuck her harder with his big black cock! Willow Rosenberg
lay on the floor and kneeling before her was Cordelia Chase. The young
brunette was eagerly lapping at Willow's freshly shaved cunt while Tara
fastened a strap on dildo around her waist. She positioned herself behind
Cordelia and, firmly taking hold of Cordelia's waist with her slim hands,
she held the woman into place before impaling her from behind with the
dildo. "Oww!" said Cordelia, half in pain and half in pleasure.

"You'll get used to it," promised Tara. "A dildo feels great up your cunt,"
she said knowingly.

Meanwhile, Willow held Cordelia's head and forced her to lap at her pussy
more quickly. The three-way lesbian thing threatened to take hold of Spike.
But he kept looking elsewhere...

He saw Angel, the macho vampire with a soul himself, sitting on the couch,
his cock being sucked by a very eager, if inexperienced Dawn. The teenage
girl was having trouble handling Angel's ten-inch dick. Dawn was getting
pleasure treatment from Anya, who licked the teenage girl's cunt while her
pussy was fucked by Xander. Spike winced when he saw Xander's huge dick
plowing into Anya. Wesley the Watcher joined in the fun. He took Anya and
made her suck his cock, then he and Angel took Dawn. The girl smiled when
she saw that two handsome men had taken an interest in her. She got between
them, sucking Angel's cock while Wesley took her from behind. Dawn's eyes
widened and Spike smiled beside himself, knowing where Wesley had put his
cock. Up her virgin asshole ! Wesley began to fuck her hard, Dawn's screams
were muffled by Angel's cock in her mouth. The vampire with a soul closed
his eyes and enjoyed what she was doing to him.

Across the room, people were trading partners. Spike saw Gunn walk to Buffy
and Giles. They spoke for a minute, then Buffy left and went to the room
where Willow usually slept. She came back with a strap on dildo. Spike
grinned. The thing was huge and life-like. Buffy stood there, kissing Gunn
while Giles sucked the plastic cock that jutted from the strap on she wore.
Then, Gunn took out his long black cock and glared at Giles with contempt.
Spike's eyes widened when he saw Giles eagerly take Gunn's cock in his mouth
an began to suck it. Gunn came in Giles's mouth and then Buffy made Giles
get on all fours. She shoved the strap on cock up Giles's ass. Gunn
positioned himself behind Buffy and entered her from behind. She turned and
kissed him on the lips. He held her waist as he began to fuck her pussy very
hard, which made her fuck Giles all the harder. "Ahh, my bum!" screamed

"Take it, bitch," said Buffy as she fucked her Watcher.

They changed positions. Buffy got on all fours and sucked Gunn's cock while
Giles had a go with her asshole. The Slayer winced as Giles fucked her up
the ass. She reached out with both hands, parting her cheeks to expose her
asshole. Giles was loving this, fucking Buffy in the ass. Fred came with a
strap on and took Gunn's behind. Gunn gasped when he felt the shy girl's
six-inch plastic cock go up his ass. He closed his eyes and focused on
Buffy's warm mouth as she sucked his cock. He lay on his back, looking into
the eyes of Fred as the girl fucked his ass like a pro. "Do you like it?"
she asked.

"Yeah," he said.

They switched positions again. Fred got on all fours and Gunn shoved his
huge cock up her ass. Giles came behind Gunn and fucked him up the ass while
Buffy's strap on plowed into Giles's puckered asshole. Spike could not
believe his eyes. Those people were freaks!

He watched as Angel took Anya from behind and Xander had a go with Dawn's
pussy, then her ass. He suddenly saw Marianne joining in the fun. He was
beginning to wonder where she was.

Wesley and Angel watched Marianne as she undressed. She stripped but left her
very short skirt on. Then she took both Angel and Wesley's cocks and somehow
managed to take them both into her mouth. She sucked them off. Angel went
after Buffy, who had left the three-way going on between Gunn, Fred and
Giles. The black man and the Englishman were having a blast, one fucking
Fred's pussy while the other fucked her ass.

Spike focused his eyes on Marianne. She sucked cock like a pro. Wesley closed
his eyes. Then Marianne finished taking her clothes off and Spike almost
gasped when he Marianne's Secret. She had a cock. A big one.
Bigger than Wesley's. Wesley gasped when he saw Marianne's huge black dick.

"Marianne," he said. "You are a shemale?"

"Yeah," said Marianne. "Does that bother you, I'll leave if you want."

Wesley considered that. "Nah, I've always been....curious."

Marianne offered him a wide grin and resumed sucking his cock. Then when she
got him rock hard, she got on all fours and allowed him to take her ass.
Wesley entered her ass roughly and she gasped at the anal intrusion. Holding
her waist with both hands, the Englishman began to fuck her roughly, shoving
his cock hard into her asshole.

Willow came to Marianne's rescue. She sucked on Marianne's cock while Wesley
cruelly devastated her asshole. They switched around. Wesley wanted to fuck
Willow but thought she would refuse, being lesbian and all. But Willow winked
at Marianne and the two "girls" smiled. Willow sucked Marianne off and
fondled her tits while Wesley seized the opportunity to fuck Willow's pussy.
Willow's eyes went wide. She hadn't had a cock in her pussy since she split
with Oz, her werewolf ex-boyfriend. It was a familiar, if strange sensation.
She looked into the eyes of her fucker. Wesley was enjoying this immensely,
his eyes were closed. Willow thought up a plan while he screwed her pussy.
She blindfolded him and said she would let him have her ass, if she let Tara
take his. Wesley reluctanly agreed. Then she signaled to Marianne and had the
shemale position herself behind the Englishman. Marianne parted Wesley's
buttocks and slowly entered his ass.

"Oh," said Wesley.

"That strap on is so huge, Tara!" Willow smiled.

Marianne winked at her and began to fuck Wesley. Wesley gasped when the huge
cock went into him. He had never been fucked up the ass before but he was
starting to like it. Marianne held his waist firmly and thrust deep, all the
way into his bowels. Wesley howled and resumed fucking Willow's pussy. Tara
came and knelt over Willow, so that the redhead could eat her girlfriend's
pussy. This went on for several minutes.

Wesley fucked Willow's pussy until he came in great spurts. Willow gasped and
he heard Tara giggle. At the same time, he heard an all-too-familiar "yeah,"
and felt the cock in him cum. A shiver went down his spine. Dildoes could not
come! He took off his blindfold. The first thing he saw was Willow, smiling,
and Tara too. He gasped. If Tara was there with Willow, then who... he turned
around to see Marianne, smiling shyly. "Hey," she said. "Hope you're not mad
at me."

Wesley was glowing with rage. They had tricked him! These damn women had
tricked him! He started off. He ran straight into Buffy, who was coming from
an encounter with Angel. The Slayer looked at the Watcher. Her eyes went to
his still-erect cock, then back at him. She looked at him... hungrily.
Without a word, she took his hand and forced him to sit down on the couch,
then she took his cock in her mouth before he could protest. "Now, that's my
kind of woman," he said smiling.

Across the room the party went on. Marianne was busy fucking Tara's pussy
while the dopey-eyed witch ravaged Willow's asshole with a strap on. Xander
came and put his cock in Willow's mouth. The witch eagerly sucked his cock.
Angel lay on the floor, his hands holding Cordelia's waist as she rode him,
bobbing up and down on his cock. She moaned as her boss's prick fucked her
pussy. He held her in his arms and put her on her back so that he could fuck
her more easily. Ever the romantic, Cordelia put her arms around Angel's
back and kissed him just as he came in her. Angel gasped as an orgasm rocked
his body.

Giles was hammering Dawn's pussy like a well-trained construction worker.
He roughly fucked the young girl. Dawn's mouth was full of Gunn's cock. They
traded places. Gunn fucked Dawn's ass while Giles took her pussy. Fred was
all the way out back, busy getting rammed by Anya's strap on dildo. Buffy
was bouncing up and down on Wesley's cock. Xander was fucking Tara's ass.
The young witch had a look of discomfort the whole time but she seemed to
lighten up when Willow licked her pussy. Marianne had a go with Xander's
ass. The young man was reluctant but he grinned when Willow lay on her back,
cheeks spread, offering her willing ass to him. He took it, shoving his cock
up his best friend's asshole. Willow screamed. Xander's cock was big but
nowhere nearly as a big as Marianne's, which was thrusting in and out of
Xander's ass. Finally, Marianne left Xander to the now bisexual witches and
went to Angel.

She sucked Cordelia's tits and he watched as she fucked first Cordelia's
pussy then her asshole with that huge black shemale cock of hers. Angel was
contemplating to join in the fun when he was whisked away by a demanding
Buffy. Angel left Cordelia to Marianne and went to Buffy. He watched as she
strapped on a dildo and fucked Wesley's ass then she sent him away and the
Vampire with a Soul had a go with the Slayer's ass. Buffy had been fucked
in the ass before but Angel's was by far the biggest cock she had ever
taken. She gritted her teeth when he shoved it deep in her asshole.

The night went by...

When the first rays of morning came, everyone was fast asleep. When they woke
up, they came to their senses. They were all slowly realizing what they had
done. Xander was shocked that he fucked the shemale Marianne. Giles looked at
Gunn angrily and the young black man looked away. Gunn had had bisexual
fantasies for a long time and so had Giles but they kept it a secret even to
themselves. Now it was in the light of day.

Cordelia looked at Willow, Tara and then at Marianne. She was disgusted that
she had sex with two dykes and a....freak of nature. Marianne resented that
and slapped Cordelia. Willow and Tara were quite surprised that they had sex
with men. Tara accused Willow of forcing her and Willow retorted by calling
her a monosexist bitch.

Angel and Buffy looked at each other with a mixture of tenderness and guilt.
Everyone was shocked or angry....with a few exceptions. Fred was glad to have
indulged in her passions. She yearned for a good fucking for a long time. As
for Dawn, it was her first orgy and she liked it a lot. Anya was glad that
Xander had expanded his sexual horizons and gave him a kiss.

Everyone wondered how such a thing happened... they all looked at Marianne,
but the bisexual shemale shrugged. Giles said it was probably a residue of
the Chaos power of the slain demon Ranyel. Everyone agreed and blamed it on
the dead demon. Sure, it didn't matter that they had these urges and the
magic of the demon only brought them out, they went back into denial.

Everyone pretty much left the house. Only Buffy and Dawn stayed, and of
course, Spike.


Spike who had seen the whole bloody thing and remembered every detail. Spike
who had turned on Dawn's cam corder and videotaped the entire thing. Spike
who was now telling Buffy it wasn't their fault and all. Spike who walked to
Marianne as the shemale was leaving and told her he knew what she had done
and grinned when she was shocked. He let her go.

Spike who stayed in the Summers' house until nightfall, where he went to the
first computer he could find to post the video of the orgy on the web where
he planned to sell it to the highest bidder. He also made pictures of the
various scenes and posted them on various amateur and porn reality sites.
The white-haired vampire could not kill people but he had no scruples about
making a buck. Once he was done, he smiled to himself, picturing the look on
all of their faces once they found it he made them into XXX Superstars.

The End


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