Disclaimer: These characters aren't mine. I just took them out for a spin
and made them do naughty things.

Pairing: Piper/Faith, Phoebe/Cordelia, Paige/Tara, Cole/Leo, Paige/Faith

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Christmas at Halliwell Manor

Notes: Extra special thanks to Crystal and Rosie for their help in coming
up with this. Be warned! This story contains, among other things, vaginal
fisting, anal sex, and pubic shaving. If you think you might be offended,
don't go any further. If you do read on, enjoy!

Angel/Buffy/Charmed: A Charmed Christmas
by JT Langdon ([email protected])

Phoebe stretched like a cat under her bedcovers, feeling lazy and content.
There was something special about Christmas morning. She could feel the magic
in the air. It excited her and warmed her insides. She loved everything about
it, from the presents to the Christmas carols to the holiday specials on
television. Phoebe couldn't get enough of Rudolph or Frosty or The Grinch.
She watched "A Christmas Carol" and "Miracle on 34th Street" so often she
could recite them from memory, start to finish.

But Christmas at Halliwell Manor would be bittersweet this year.

On the sweet side, for the first time ever she and her sisters all had
someone special in their lives at the same time. It looked like Piper and
Faith had really turned a serious corner in their relationship, spending
all their time together. Phoebe wouldn't have been at all surprised if she
found herself taking part in another wedding ceremony. She figured it was
only a matter of time.

And she could say the same thing about Paige and Tara. Even though those two
hadn't been together as long as Piper and Faith, there was no doubting that
Paige and Tara were madly in love with each other. Phoebe could see it in
their eyes when the two of them looked at each other. She thought Tara was
quite possibly the sweetest woman she had ever met in her life. It was nice.
Tara seemed perfect for her little sister Paige. Phoebe couldn't have been
happier for them.

She was even happy for her ex-boyfriend, Cole. Even he had someone in his
life. And while neither she nor Piper ever expected that Cole and Leo would
hook up, Phoebe was pleased they had. Both men needed someone in their lives,
so why not each other? Cole and Leo sure did seem happy together. Phoebe was
glad for that, and for the fact that Cole and Leo were still part of their

And of course, Phoebe was tickled to have someone in her life, too. Though it
was tough sometimes having a long-distance relationship, the time she and
Cordelia did spend together made it all worth it. Gods! How she loved that
woman! Her insides began to rumble just thinking about her. And the sex! God!
Talk about mind-blowing! Never in her life had she experienced anything close
to what she and Cordelia shared. Amazing!

Phoebe sighed. She missed Cordelia so much. But it was Christmas Day, and
Cordelia would be there with her. Then all would be right again.

But with all the sweetness there came a bitter aftertaste. This would be the
first Christmas without Prue. The thought pierced through Phoebe like an
arrow. Even with all the joy and happiness around her, there was still a pang
of sadness in her heart. She knew Piper felt it too. Both of them loved Prue
dearly, and while they never stopped missing her there were times when it was
harder to deal with losing her. Christmas was one of those times.

Still, Phoebe refused to let her grief over Prue put a damper on her holiday
spirit. She and Prue both deserved better than that.

Knowing she would never get back to sleep now, Phoebe climbed out of bed with
a sleepy yawn. She padded nakedly over to the window and looked out over a
beautiful Christmas morning in San Francisco.

But she was not greeted with the familiar visage that greeted her on other
mornings. The streets below, the lawns, the houses . . . were all hidden
under a blanket of snow.


In San Francisco!

There must have been two feet, at least!

Phoebe couldn't believe it! A white Christmas!

It was beautiful. But Phoebe smelled something magical. Even though San
Francisco saw the occasional freak snowstorm, Phoebe had never seen anything
like this. It just couldn't be natural. Something or someone had to be behind
it. Damn! Couldn't the Charmed Ones have one day off?

Phoebe shrugged into a robe and headed down the hall to Piper's room. She
hated to wake her sisters with news like this, but what choice did she have?
None. It was their birthright to take care of stuff like this. Even when it
was a pain in the ass!

Reaching Piper's door, Phoebe lightly knocked. But she got no answer. Damn.
Piper and Faith were probably sound asleep. Phoebe gently turned the doorknob
and peered inside. She was wrong. Piper and Faith were very much awake. And
very much naked. Piper was on her hands and knees, moaning softly as Faith
fucked her from behind with a strap-on. Gods! Faith had her hands on Piper's
hips and was really slamming into her, too, pumping what looked like a thick
pink cock into Piper's pussy.

Phoebe knew she should have backed out quietly, but she was so entranced with
the sight before her that she couldn't take her eyes off Faith and Piper.
Then Faith noticed her standing there. Shit! Caught! But the vampire slayer
just smiled at her, putting a finger to her lips to shush her, then went back
to fucking Piper. And Piper . . . well, she was too far gone to notice anyone
watching. Piper was really into it, rocking on her hands and knees, pushing
back against Faith to meet each thrust.

"Yes! Yes!" Piper muttered. "Fuck me! Oh God! Fuck me!"

And Faith did just that, pumping her fake-cock into Piper's dripping wet
pussy. Phoebe stood there in the doorway, mesmerized if not guilty. Not just
for watching them, but for the feelings it stirred within her. This was her
sister! It was one thing to get turned on by Faith. Who wouldn't be? The
woman was gorgeous! She had a slender, athletic frame, and delicious-looking
breasts that bounced in time to her manic thrusts. But Phoebe couldn't deny
that she liked seeing Piper like this, too. She liked watching Piper get
fucked, liked seeing Faith's cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She always
thought Piper was a beautiful woman, but she had never been turned on by her!
Now she was. The damp spot between her legs was proof enough of that.

It sounded like Piper was nearing climax. Keeping one hand on Piper's hip,
Faith reached forward and grabbed a fistful of Piper's hair, snapping her
head back. Piper groaned in answer.

"Come for me, witch," Faith growled.

Piper moaned. "Yes . . . yes . . . YES!"

Standing in the doorway, Phoebe whimpered as she watched her sister tumble
into orgasm. Piper gasped and grunted then fell forward with a sigh, leaving
Faith there with a massive pink cock between her legs. It glistened with
Piper's juices. Faith smiled.

"You wanna be next?"

Phoebe knew Faith was talking to her. And part of her did want to be next.
Very, very much.

"Faith, honey, what are you talking about?" Piper asked, rolling over. And
that's when she noticed her standing there. "Phoebe! Get out!"

"Don't sweat it, P," Faith said, slapping Piper's thigh. "We're all one big
happy family."

Piper got out of bed, anger making her left eye twitch. "Phoebe, god damn

"We have a problem," Phoebe said.

"Damn right we do, you little peeping . . . whatever you are." Piper grunted
with each breath she took. "How could you do that?"

"We can fight later," Phoebe, said. "But right now we have trouble. Go look
out the window."

Piper gave her a skeptical look but went to the window and looked outside.
"Oh my God."


"Go get Paige," Piper said, turning to her. "I'll meet you in the attic."

Phoebe nodded. She started to go then stopped, turned around and smiled.
"Oh, by the way. Merry Christmas."

* * *

Paige groaned as Tara latched on to one of her nipples and sucked it. Gods!
The woman was insatiable! Not only had they made wild, passionate love until
four in the morning, but here it was just after eight and Tara was all over
her again! Not that Paige was complaining. Just amazed! Tara moved from
breast to breast, flicking the nipples with her tongue. Paige sighed with
pleasure. This was the best Christmas present ever! She was so close to
coming and Tara hadn't even touched her pussy yet.

Still sucking her breast, Tara reached between her legs and slipped one of
her long slim fingers into Paige's warm, wet cunt. Mmmmm. Now that felt nice.
Paige mewed in delight as Tara teased her pussylips, dragging one moan after
another out of her.

"Oh . . . oh Tara," Paige muttered. "That is so good."

Tara answered by easing two fingers into her sopping wet pussy, sliding in
and out of her at a slow, almost tortuous pace. Paige groaned and arched
against Tara's hand, desperate for more. But Tara would not be rushed. Paige
loved that about her. Though it could be torture. Tara was a slow and gentle
lover, and Paige adored her, but sometimes she wanted it rough and hard. She
wanted to be taken, ravished, . . . fucked.

And Paige knew someone who could give it to her like that. Faith. The vampire
slayer living with them was a very real temptation to her, especially after
that little incident on Thanksgiving. Gods! Now that was something she would
never forget. She'd gotten off more than a few times using the handheld
showerhead on her clit while she thought about Faith and that wicked tongue
of hers.

Inching down the bed, Tara moved down her flat tummy with kisses. Paige
sighed with each touch of those soft lips against her sweaty flesh, fidgeting
impatiently as Tara kissed closer and closer to her pussy. Then, finally,
Tara was nestled between her legs.

Paige slammed her head back against the pillow as Tara began lapping at her
cunt. Blessed be! That woman had a real talent! Paige clutched at the sheets
for purchase, thrashing around as Tara licked and sucked her tender folds.

In between gasps and groans, Paige heard something. She looked up. Phoebe was
standing in the doorway. Gods! How long had Phoebe been watching them? The
little perv!

Unable to form words -courtesy of Tara's magic tongue- Paige scowled at her
sister. Phoebe shrugged apologetically, pointed to the ceiling, and closed
the door.

Paige sighed. Given the choice between going up to the attic with her sisters
or staying in bed with Tara's face buried in her cunt, the choice should have
been obvious. But if Piper and Phoebe were up there, that probably meant
something was wrong. She would have to join them.

Of course, she didn't have to join them right away.

* * *

Piper thumbed through The Book of Shadows. But her mind wasn't on the
freak snowstorm outside, or what demon might be responsible for it. She was
thinking about Faith again. That's where her mind wandered more often than
not these days. Gods. She loved Faith so much it hurt. And her desire for the
vampire slayer . . . well, that knew no boundaries. All she could think about
was getting back to her room, back to Faith, so the two of them could pick up
where they left off. She desperately wanted to return the favor Faith had
paid her. Every molecule of her being ached to have Faith's naked flesh
pressed against hers, to explore that lithe body with her mouth and hands
until both of them were too exhausted to go on.

The two of them had been at it all morning, and would have been at it even
longer if Phoebe hadn't interrupted them. Piper was still mortified over
that! She couldn't believe Phoebe had been watching! And, as she found out
after Phoebe left, that Faith had encouraged it!

Piper shook her head. She loved Faith with all her heart and soul, but
sometimes she worried about her. Faith could get out of control. Though
Faith insisted she had just been teasing about Phoebe being next, Piper
still wondered. If she had said it was okay, would Faith have fucked
Phoebe right there in her own bed? The darker question, of course, was
would it really have bothered her? Phoebe sure didn't seem to mind
watching her with Faith. She could tell her sister had been aroused.

The creak of the attic door brought Piper back to reality. She looked up from
The Book of Shadows just in time to see Phoebe walk in.

"Isn't Paige coming?" Piper asked.

"Oh, she's coming all right," Phoebe, said. "Possibly twice."

Piper shook her head. "Well, you sure are making the rounds this morning."

"Listen, Piper," Phoebe said. "I'm sorry about that. I . . . I don't know
what's gotten into me."

"Well, you know what's gotten into me," Piper quipped.

"Yeah, about eight inches of silicone."

"Now cut that out!"

Phoebe giggled. "Sorry."

"Honestly," Piper said. "Does Cordelia know you are such a pervert?"

"Uh huh."

"Figures," Piper said. She went back to paging through The Book of Shadows.

Phoebe laughed and nodded at the book. "Find anything?"

"Still looking," Piper said.

"Looking for what?"

Piper and Phoebe both looked up. Their sister Paige was standing in the
doorway in her bathrobe, hair mussed, looking both tired and content. She
looked every bit the woman who just had her brains fucked out. Piper glanced
at Phoebe and the two of them shared a knowing smile.

"A demon that can make it snow," Phoebe said. "Haven't you looked out the

"Not yet," Paige said. "I was preoccupied, as you know."

"Sorry," Phoebe said.

"Yeah, well. Better lock your door when Cordelia gets here or I'm coming in
with my digital camera."

"You wouldn't," Phoebe said.

Paige snorted. "I would so. And I would have those pics all over the internet
before you could say Phoebe's-pussy-palace-dot-com."

Piper ignored her bickering sisters and focused on The Book of Shadows. There
had to be something in there to explain the blanket of snow spread over San
Francisco. It just couldn't be a natural event.

"I think I found it," Piper said.

"What is it, some kind of snow demon?" Phoebe asked.

"Actually," Piper said, looking up from her reading, "he's an imp."

"Who is?"

"Jack Frost," Piper said.

Paige gaped at her. "Wait . . . *the* Jack Frost? The nipping at your nose

"The one and only," Piper said.

"Whoa," Paige muttered.

Phoebe shook her head. "Does it say how we defeat him?"

"We don't," Piper said. "According to this, imps create mischief. In this
case, snow in a city that's not prepared for it. It won't last, though. So
we just wait for it to melt. It should only last a couple of days."

"I guess that won't be so bad," Phoebe said.

Paige smiled. "Might even be fun."

* * *

After the meeting in the attic, Phoebe went straight back to her room and
called Cordelia. Her lover answered on the first ring.

"Hello?" Cordelia intoned.

"Merry Christmas, sweetie," Phoebe said. She fell into bed with her cordless
phone in hand.

"Mmmmm," Cordelia purred into the phone. "Merry Christmas."

Phoebe sighed. Hearing Cordelia's voice made her tingle from head to toe, but
especially between her legs. "Did I wake you?"

"No," Cordelia said. "I was just laying here. Thinking about you."

"Oh, you were, huh?" Phoebe teased.


"And just what are you thinking?"

"About doing a sixty-nine with you, baby."

"Mmhmmm" Phoebe felt her juices begin to flow on hearing this. "That sounds
really nice." She reached down and slipped her fingers across the slick, damp
folds of her pussy. Gently teasing herself, she let out a soft moan.

Cordelia giggled and asked, "Phoebe Halliwell, are you playing with yourself

"Uh huh."

"You're such a naughty girl," Cordelia muttered.

Phoebe moaned. She could tell from the strain in Cordelia's voice that she
wasn't the only one playing with herself. Like that was a surprise! The two
of them never had a conversation that didn't end with a little phone sex.
That's what living in two different cities would do. Phoebe reached over to
her nightstand, picked up her Fukuoku 9000 and slipped it over her fingertip.
She really needed to get off, and in Cordelia's absence the little vibrator
would more than do the trick. Another soft moan escaped her lips as she
touched the vibrator to her clitoris.

"You sound desperate, baby," Cordelia said.

"I am," Phoebe panted. She pressed the vibrator hard against her clit. "I'm
desperate to have my face buried in your pussy."

"Yes . . ."

"While you lick me . . ."

"Oh yes . . ."

"And suck my clit . . ."

Cordelia moaned. "Oh Phoebe . . . yes . . . yes . . ."

"Do you know how wet I am for you?" Phoebe asked.

"Uh huh."

Phoebe heard the urgency in Cordelia's voice. Both of them were nearing
climax. She held the vibrator against her clit. "All for you, baby. My cunt
is dripping wet for you, and I want your tongue inside me, licking up all my
sweet juices while I suck your pretty little pussy."

"Phoebe . . . oh God . . ."

"Are you going to come for me, Cordelia?"

"Yes . . . yes . . ."

"Mmmm. So am I. I'm going to come right now thinking about your tongue inside
my pussy."

"Oh . . . yes . . ."

"Cordelia . . ."

"Phoebe . . ."

Their words became deep moans of pleasure as she and Cordelia got off for
each other on the phone. Phoebe arched off the bed as came with the vibrator
buzzing over her clit like an angry bee.

The two of them listened to each other panting for breath then Phoebe sighed
and said, "I need you here with me."

"I know, baby," Cordelia said. "I'll be there soon. I promise."

"When are you leaving?"

"As soon as I take a shower and get dressed," Cordelia said. "And if traffic
isn't bad, I should be there-"

Phoebe sat up straight. "Oh no!"

"What's wrong?"

"The snow!"

"What snow?" Cordelia asked.

Phoebe quickly explained what happened, and what she and her sisters read in
The Book of Shadows. Then she said, "The entire city is shut down! You'll
never get here! Okay. Let's not panic."

"There has to be a way," Cordelia said.

Phoebe thought about. Then something occurred to her. Of course! "I think
I know someone who can help us. Hang on." She cupped her hand over the
mouthpiece of the phone then called out, "Leo? Leo! Leo!!!!!!!!!!"

In a shimmer of blue-white light Leo appeared. The whitelighter -and Piper's
ex- was wrapped in a bathrobe. He was breathing hard and his face was all

"What?" Leo asked.

Phoebe stifled a grin. "Did I, uh, catch you a bad time?"

"You could say that," Leo said.

"Well," Phoebe said. "I'm three for three today."

Leo got a puzzled look. "Huh?"

"Never mind," Phoebe said. "I'll let you get back to Cole and you two can
finish . . . whatever you were doing. I just need a small favor."

"What?" Leo asked skeptically.

"I need you to go to LA and pick someone up," Phoebe said.

* * *

When Piper got back to her room, Faith was on the bed working one end of a
double-headed dildo in and out of her cunt at a feverish pace. Piper gasped.
She'd never seen that one before. But she liked seeing it now, especially as
more and more of it disappeared up Faith's pussy.

Faith heard her close the door and looked up, a smile on her face. "About
time. I got tired of waiting."

"So I see," Piper said. "Where'd that monster come from?"

"It's one of your Christmas presents," Faith said, grinning. "I was just
putting it in a box for you."

Piper smiled. She let her bathrobe fall to the floor and climbed into bed
with Faith.

"You are so crude sometimes."

"Yeah. But you love me."

"Yes," Piper whispered. "I do."

Faith hadn't stopped fucking herself with the double-headed dildo. She kept
right on sliding it in and out of her pussy without missing a beat as they
talked. And she was really getting into it, too. With a blissful smile she
looked up and asked, "So, are you going to just watch me or what?"

"Maybe," Piper said. She dragged her fingertip down Faith's hard, flat
tummy. "I like watching you."

Faith moaned softly. "And I like when you watch me. But this thing has two
heads for a reason, you know."

"Mmhmmm," Piper murmured.

"So join me."

Dropping a kiss on Faith's belly, Piper straddled the slayer's hips and
grabbed the loose end of the dildo, guiding the head to the entrance of her
cunt. She stared down at Faith as she lowered herself onto the dildo with a
deep sigh. Faith smiled up at her, sliding impatient hands over her hips as
the two of them shared the massive two-headed dildo. Piper began rolling her
hips, slowly at first, riding the dildo to one moan after another. Underneath
her, Faith undulated like a wave in the ocean, matching her pace stride for
stride. Both of them were gasping and moaning in no time, joined by the
two-headed cock stretched between their cunts.

"Oh God," Piper muttered.

"Feel good?"

Piper nodded. "Oh yeah. Fuck!"

"We are, P," Faith smirked.

"Oh hush," Piper said. She bounced up and down on the dildo, driving it deep
into her pussy. The seesaw motion she and Faith used had them both on the
edge of climax. Piper reached down and started to finger her clit.

"Yeah," Faith muttered. "Finger that clitty for me. God, you look so
beautiful like that."

Piper was too lost in a haze of pleasure to answer. She rode the cock she and
Faith had inside them, frantically rubbing at her clit while Faith rubbed her
own. The two of them stared at each other with intense longing, each of them
fingering their clits, with one long dildo between them. Piper could feel her
climax building, the dull ache in her belly getting stronger and stronger.
She was so close now. And from the look on Faith's sweet face, the vampire
slayer was almost there. Piper groaned and stroked her clit, humping the
dildo she and Faith shared until both of them were groaning and gasping in

With a satisfied sigh, Piper rolled away and collapsed on the bed. Faith
snuggled up next to her and their lips met in a searing, passionate kiss
that left Piper gasping for air for the second time in as many minutes.
Gods! Impossible as it seemed at times, Faith really did take her breath
away! Especially when the slayer reached between her legs and fingered her
slit. Piper moaned softly.

"Oh yes," Piper muttered.

Faith grunted. "You are so fucking wet. I can't let that go to waste, now
can I?"

"No," Piper answered. "You sure can't."

Kissing her, Faith moved lower down the bed then settled between her legs.
Piper sighed as she felt the head of the dildo pressed into her slit again.
She bucked against it, trying to push it in, but for the moment Faith denied
her . . . choosing to tease her instead. Faith dragged the head of the dildo
up and down her cleft, coaxing one pitiful moan after another from her lips.
It was making her crazy! She wanted it inside her! Why didn't Faith just fuck
her already? Those questions all became moot when Faith suddenly thrust a
good third of the dildo into her, just like that. Piper cried out. Gods! That
felt so bloody good!

Faith was relentless, fucking her hard and fast, sliding the dildo in and
out of her sopping wet cunt until she was meowing in pleasure. She couldn't
imagine anything else feeling that good. But then Faith reached for the
drawer of the nightstand and pulled out a tube of lube. Piper groaned. That
made Faith smile. Piper groaned again when the vampire slayer squeezed a
generous glob of lube into her asshole and spread it around, gently slipping
a finger inside her. But that was just a tease of things to come. Nothing
proved that more than feeling the other end of the dildo rubbing against her
asshole. Oh God! Yes! Piper wanted it so bad she was about to scream. Then
Faith started working the loose end of the dildo into her ass and Piper did
scream. She screamed her fool head off as Faith used the double-headed dildo
to fuck her cunt and ass at the same time.

It was incredible! The sensation of having both her holes filled like that
made it impossible to breathe. Piper sucked in one desperate breath after
another without exhaling as Faith worked equal lengths of the dildo into her
pussy and asshole. The slayer fucked her, hard and fast, sliding the heads
of the dildo into her. Piper grunted and groaned from the double penetration,
writhing on the bed in delicious agony. Heat engulfed her. She was beside
herself with pleasure. The thick dildo stretched her twin holes into
oblivion. As if all that wasn't enough to blow her mind, Faith bent down and
tongued her clit. Piper exploded. It was sensory overload. Having a dildo
stuffed up her cunt and her ass while Faith licked her clit was more than she
take. Piper arched off the bed in climax, screeching like a cat in heat until
she was drained of every last ounce of strength. She slumped against the bed
with a sigh. Faith pulled both ends of the dildo out of her at the same time.
That was enough to set her off again. But Piper didn't have the energy to
scream. She just sort of grunted and jerked involuntarily as ripples of
pleasure moved through her body.

When Faith crawled into her arms Piper did summon the strength to kiss her.
Then Faith pulled a blanket over them and they cuddled together.

"I don't suppose we could stay in bed all day?" Faith asked.

Piper sighed. "I wish. But there's a lot to do. I should really get up and
make breakfast. Everyone in this house seems to be working up an appetite
this morning."

"Yeah," Faith said, teasing her breast. "Halliwell Manor is definitely a
hotbed of debauchery."

"Is that a complaint?"

"Far from it," Faith said.

Piper laughed and pulled Faith into another, longer, deeper kiss. "I'm
getting up. Are you going to stay in bed, lazybones, or will you join me?"

"I'll be down in a bit," Faith said. "I need to make a pit stop first."

* * *

Paige had an idea. A wicked idea! She was going to give Tara and extra
special Christmas present. It wasn't something she could wrap up and put
under the tree. But she hoped Tara would like it all the same.

Slipping into the bathroom, Paige gathered everything she would need to make
this a Christmas to remember for Tara. She dampened a towel with warm water,
and then got a new razor and a can of shaving cream out of the cabinet.
Pressing the towel to her mound, Paige sighed. It was just meant to soften
the hair and skin, making it easier to shave. But it still felt good. Perhaps
a little too good! She would never finish at this rate! Getting back down to
business, Paige squeezed a heap of shaving cream into her palm then spread a
thick layer over her mound.

No sooner had Paige finished lathering up her pussy when the door opened and
Faith came barging in. The vampire slayer from LA looked adorable in a
T-shirt and blue cotton panties. But Paige was still annoyed, no matter how
good Faith looked.

"I've got to learn to lock the door," Paige growled.

Faith laughed. "Sorry. But I have to pee."

Before Paige could excuse herself, Faith pulled her panties down and sat on
the toilet with a mischievous gin on her face.

"So," Faith said. "Tara likes them hairless, huh? She's my kinda gal."

Paige blushed. "Well, I hope she does. It's a surprise."

"How thoughtful," Faith said. She got up and pulled her panties back on then
went to wash her hands. "Do you need some help?"

"Well, I don't think that would-"

"It's too hard shaving your own pussy," Faith said. "Better to have a friend
do it. I won't hurt you. Promise."

Paige knew she should have politely refused Faith's offer. This was her
sister's girlfriend, after all! And what about Tara? Still, the thought of
Faith shaving her excited Paige to no end, and it would be easier to have
someone else do it. She handed the razor to Paige.

"Be careful," Paige said.

Faith took the razor and knelt down in front of her. "Oh, I will."

Paige sighed as Faith dragged the razor over her mound. Mmmm. It felt nice.
The vampire slayer had a surprisingly gentle touch. Paige could barely feel
the blade of the razor against her most sensitive flesh. Actually, it kind
of tickled! But it felt wonderful, too. Faith used long, sweeping strokes
to shave her cunt, gliding across her mons with a feather's touch.

"Towel," Faith said.

Paige handed Faith the damp towel then sighed as the vampire slayer patted
her down. The warmth was more pronounced now that she didn't have any hair
down there.

"How's it look?" Paige asked.

"Mmmmm," Faith murmured. "Very nice."

Paige was about to thank Faith for her help when she felt the other woman's
fingers brushing over her smooth mound. "Faith . . . what are you . . ."

"I do good work," Faith said. "Feels as smooth as a baby's . . . well, as a

"You really shouldn't be-"

"Shhh," Faith hushed her.

Paige tossed her head back with a cry as Faith leaned into her pussy and
started licking her. Gods! The slayer's tongue was like a wooden stake thrust
into the heart of her cunt. Faith hungrily lapped at her velvety folds,
quickly turning her legs to rubber. Paige reached down and ran her fingers
through Faith's long, dark hair.

"Faith . . . oh God . . . Faith," Paige sighed.

In answer, Faith began licking her faster, and with more determination,
pushing that delightful tongue into the very depths of her pussy until Paige
was on the verge of a thunderous climax.

But before Faith could finish her off the bathroom door opened and Piper came
walking in.

"Oh. My. God," Piper said.

"Piper, wait!" Faith said. But it was too late. Piper stormed out and slammed
the door behind her.

Paige sighed. "I've really got to start locking the door."

Cordelia breathed a sigh of relief when she materialized in the foyer at
Halliwell Manor with Leo and Cole. It wasn't that she didn't trust Phoebe;
if her lover said that . . . what did she call it? Orbing? If Phoebe said
orbing was safe, then Cordelia believed her. But it was still a little
disconcerting to have her molecules dispersed in a glow of blue-white light
then transported from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

"Are you okay?" Leo asked.

"Yeah," Cordelia said. "Thanks for the lift."

Leo smiled. "Always glad to help."

"He's sweet that way," Cole said, sliding his arm around Leo's waist.

"He sure is," Cordelia said, grinning. She handed Leo the bag of presents
she brought with her. "Be a dear and put these under the tree, will you? I
need to find Phoebe."

"Yes, ma'am," Leo said.

Cordelia grinned and poked him in the belly playfully, then headed upstairs
to Phoebe's room. She walked in on Phoebe curled up on the bed, looking
adorable in a pullover Christmas-y sweater and a pair of black denim jeans.

"I was hoping you'd be naked," Cordelia said.

Phoebe looked up, a huge smile spreading over her face before she rolled out
of bed and bounced across the room. "You're here!"

"Looks that way," Cordeila said, sweeping Phoebe into her arms. The two of
them hugged for the longest time then Phoebe pulled back just slightly to
kiss her. Cordelia sighed as those soft, sweet lips touched hers at last. It
seemed like ages since they'd been together.

"I've missed you so much," Phoebe muttered breathlessly.

Cordelia slid her hands up and down Phoebe's back, frantic to touch her.
"Baby, I've missed you, too."

More kisses followed, deep, passionate kisses that left them gasping and
moaning. Their tongues twisted around each other in a frenzy of mutual lust.
Then came the tugging of clothes, the mad dash to get naked. Cordelia helped
Phoebe out of her sweater. Phoebe unsnapped her skirt and let it fall to the
floor. Shoes were kicked off and jeans pulled down, bras and panties were
quickly removed.

Cordelia pushed Phoebe into bed and crawled in with her, kissing her lover
once again as she slipped a hand between Phoebe's legs to test the waters.
Mmmmmmmm. How nice. Phoebe was dripping wet for her! She teased Phoebe's
warm, wet slit and Phoebe moaned into the kiss, bucking against her probing
fingers in search of more.

"Stop teasing me, dammit!" Phoebe growled between kisses. "Put them in me!"

Laughing at Phoebe impatience, Cordelia did what she was told. She slipped
two fingers into Phoebe's sopping cunt, fucking one moan after another out
her lover while she moved lower to suckle a breast. Phoebe's nipples were
rock-hard points and Cordelia took one of them into her mouth, flicking it
with her tongue while she sucked on it. In answer, Phoebe combed demanding
fingers through her hair. Someone was in a bad way! Cordelia took each of
Phoebe's luscious breasts in turn, stuffing them into her mouth even as she
stuffed her fingers into that throbbing twat. The combination had Phoebe
whimpering with need.

Cordelia took pity on her lover. She moved down Phoebe's hard, flat tummy
with kisses until she had her face in that steaming pussy. Then she replaced
her fingers with her tongue, hungrily lapping at Phoebe's tender folds.

"God!" Phoebe cried. "Yes! Oh . . . yes! Lick me!"

That was something Cordelia didn't need to be told! She pushed her tongue
deep into Phoebe's cunt, savoring the tangy juices she found there. It was
nectar. She couldn't get enough. And Phoebe had an ample supply. Cordelia
licked and sucked Phoebe's pussy until her lover was a bundle of need just
dying to come. Then she turned her attention to Phoebe's clit. The hard
little button throbbed for her. She spread Phoebe's cuntlips with her fingers
for better access then flicked Phoebe's clit with her tongue. Phoebe groaned
in answer, arching against her as she tongued her lover to the very edge of
climax. She let Phoebe hover there for a moment then pressed her lips to
Phoebe's clit and sucked it like a vampire sucking blood. Phoebe howled in
pleasure, hips bucking as she came.

Cordelia dropped a kiss on Phoebe's quivering belly then crawled up to
straddle her face. Phoebe could catch her breath later; right now Cordelia
needed that mouth on her! And she soon had it. Phoebe grabbed her ass with
both hands and lowered her cunt to that greedy mouth. Cordelia moaned as
Phoebe ate her from underneath. Oh! That felt so good! How she missed having
that tongue inside her! Cordelia rolled her hips to a manic rhythm, humping
Phoebe's face, bouncing up and down on that wagging tongue. Phoebe took turns
licking her cunt and her asshole, alternating between the two until Cordelia
was sobbing with the need for release. She reached between her legs and
started to finger her clit while Phoebe tongue-fucked her asshole. It took
just a few strokes before she was drenching Phoebe in a torrent of her

Breathing a satisfied sigh, Cordelia slid off Phoebe's face and crawled into
the arms that opened to welcome her. Their lips met again in deep kiss then
Cordelia pressed her cheek to Phoebe's bosom.

"That could be a record for us," Cordelia said.

Phoebe laughed. "Yeah, well. There is no such thing as foreplay in
long-distance relationships."

"So true," Cordelia said.

Phoebe was quiet a moment then began stroking her hair. She said, "I'm so
glad you're here. And not just for this. Christmas is special to me. And it
means a lot that we're spending it together."

"To me, too," Cordelia said, pressing her lips to Phoebe's breast. "But we
can still do that thing we talked about on the phone, right?"

"Oh yes," Phoebe said. "That's a given."

"Just checking," Cordelia murmured.

* * *

Paige quietly opened the door to her bedroom and peered inside, delighted to
find Tara still in bed with her back to the door. Perfect! She crept inside,
closed -and this time locked!- the door behind her, then shrugged out of her
robe and tiptoed across the room. Tara began to stir. Paige slipped under the
covers and snuggled up behind Tara, pressing her lips to the nape of Tara's

"Mmmm," Tara purred. "You're back."

"Yep. Miss me?"

"Always," Tara said, rolling over to face her. "Everything okay?"

Paige brushed the hair from Tara's face. Gods. The woman was so beautiful!
She couldn't imagine spending her life with anyone else. So why on Earth had
she let Faith go down on her in the bathroom? How stupid. But Paige didn't
want to think about that now. She just couldn't.

"Yeah," Paige said. "Everything's fine. Well, not so much. But there's
nothing we can do about it."

Tara got a confused look. "Um, okay. Sister stuff?"

"Mmhmm," Paige murmured. "But now that I'm here with you it doesn't seem all
that important."

"Oh," Tara whispered.

Paige leaned into a soft, sweet kiss that quickly blossomed into a fireball
of desire. She slid her hand over Tara's hips then moved upward to cup a
breast. Tara moaned into the kiss. Gods! How she loved the feel of Tara's
supple flesh! But Paige had something for Tara to feel now. She pulled back
and smiled.

"I have a present for you," Paige said.

Tara quirked an eyebrow. "Really?"

"Mmmhmm," Paige murmured. She found Tara's hand under the covers and guided
it to her now-hairless pussy. The expression on Tara's face was priceless!
Definitely worth all the effort! Tara's eyes went wide, first with surprise,
then with arousal. Paige moved Tara's hand over her mound, letting her feel
how smooth it was.

Tara grunted deep in her throat. "Oh . . . honey."

Paige smiled. The look on Tara's face warmed her all over. She kissed her
again, long and hard, their tongues slithering over each other as the hunger
deepened "Like it?"

"Yes," Tara muttered. "Oh yes. It feels so smooth."

"Maybe you should feel it with your tongue," Paige suggested.

Tara nodded. "That's a really good idea."

The two of them shared a look then laughed, kissing each other as Tara
pushed Paige flat on her back. Paige didn't even put up token resistance.
She settled into bed as Tara moved down her with kisses, sighing when those
kisses reached her newly-shaved mound. But as Tara kissed her Paige couldn't
help but think about Faith's tongue inside her. She tried to drive the
thought out of her mind but just couldn't, at least not until Tara began
licking her. Then Paige couldn't think at all. The memory of Faith's tongue
inside her paled in comparison to the reality of Tara's tongue burrowed in
her pussy. Gods! How could Tara do this to her so quickly? She slammed her
head back against the pillow and moaned as Tara lapped at her thick, meaty
folds. The woman was incredible! Paige tangled her fingers in Tara's hair as
that delicious tongue slipped in and out of her cunt. Mmmm. That was the
best. The absolute best. She was drowning under waves of pleasure.

"Oh! Oh baby! Yes! Make me come!"

Tara seemed intent on doing just that. The tip of that wild tongue was
dancing on the tip of her clit, making her writhe in a fit of pure ecstasy.
Paige could feel the burn deep within her, a small spark getting hotter and
hotter until she thought her insides would turn to goo. Then Tara went from
licking her clit to sucking it and whatever was left of her insides exploded
in a burst of pleasure. Paige squealed with delight as she came, hips rising
off the bed of their own accord. But Tara pushed her flat again and kept
right on licking her, bringing her to climax again with just a few
well-directed strokes.

When Tara emerged from under the covers, Paige welcomed her with a fierce,
passionate kiss. She slid her hand down Tara's back, reaching for the rounds
of that delectable ass of hers. Tara moaned into the kiss.

"Paige, baby," Tara whispered. "I need you inside me."

"You do?"

"Yes . . . please."

Paige couldn't ignore the desperation she heard in Tara's voice. She slipped
her hand between Tara's legs now, teasing her lover's hot, wet slit until
Tara moaned. Then she slid two fingers inside. Tara was so wet her fingers
slipped in easily. So easily, in fact, that she added a third straight away.
Tara grunted and bucked against her, their kisses becoming more and more
urgent as she pumped her fingers into Tara's gushing cunt. Paige loved the
feel of Tara's warm, wet folds clenching around her fingers. She fucked Tara
hard and fast, thrusting into her with three fingers . . . then four . . .
and then her entire hand. Gods! Yes! She had her entire hand up Tara's cunt
now. Tara sobbed with joy as Paige pumped her fist into that needy pussy. The
vaginal walls tightened around her wrist so hard Paige thought the bone would
break. But she didn't care if it did. It was worth it to give Tara that much
pleasure, to feel the warmth of her lover's cunt constricting around her hand
as she came. Which would be very, very soon. Paige could tell. She rocked her
hand back and forth, building to a manic rhythm that didn't just push Tara
over the edge . . . it shoved her over the edge, roughly and without mercy.
Tara howled with pleasure and came with sudden jerk, thrashing around on the
bed. Then Paige yanked her hand out of Tara's pussy and Tara came again,
almost as violently as before.

The two of them snuggled under the covers afterward, sharing deep kisses and
loving caresses. Paige whimpered as Tara rubbed her mound. Her lover was
obsessed with the smoothness of it! And while Paige was tickled pink that
Tara liked her present, what happened between her and Faith still nagged at
her. Paige wrestled with her conscience over telling Tara the truth. She had
to be honest with her. Tara deserved that. And Paige wanted Tara to hear the
truth from her, not Faith or Piper.

"Tara?" Paige intoned.

"Mmmmm. Sorry. But I can't stop. It just feels so nice."

"It does," Paige said. "But there's something I have to tell you."

Tara looked at her. "What, baby?"

"When I was, uh, shaving this morning," Paige said, taking a deep breath.
"Faith kinda walked in on me. She offered to help. I let her. But when she
was done, um, she . . . well she sort of . . ."

"Oh God," Tara whispered.

Paige winced. The new look on Tara's face made her insides ache. "I don't
know why I let her-"

"She put her mouth on you," Tara said. She was in tears.


Tara made a soft, crying sound then tossed off the covers and got out of bed.
She started to gather her clothes off the floor. Paige got out of bed and
went to her, putting her hands on Tara's shoulders and spinning her around.
Tara refused to look at her.

"Baby, I'm sorry," Paige said.

Tara shrugged her off. "Don't touch me."

"Tara please," Paige said. "It was a mistake. A big mistake, I know. But
nothing else happened. I swear. I never touched her."

Tara glared at her. "And you think that makes it okay?"

"No, of course not," Paige said. "I just want to be totally honest with you."

"Hmmph," Tara grunted, slipping into a pair of jeans.

"What are you doing?" Paige asked.

"Getting dressed," Tara said. "And then I'm leaving."

Paige fought back the tears welling in her eyes. "Tara, you can't go."

"You can't stop me," Tara snapped.

"No," Paige said, "I mean you can't. We're snowed in."

Tara folded her arms across her chest. "Very funny, Paige."

"I'm serious. Look out the window."

Tara looked at her skeptically then went over to the window and looked out.
"Oh my God."

"That's what I had to talk to Phoebe and Piper about this morning," Paige
said. "It should only last a couple of days."

"I see," Tara said, turning to face her. "Well, I might be stuck in this
house with you but I can't be in the same room with you. So just stay away
from me for the next two days."

Paige said nothing as Tara finished getting dressed then stormed out of the
room. But once Tara was gone Paige sank to the floor and cried until it hurt.

* * *

Faith stood outside the bedroom she shared with Piper. Damn. How could she
have been so stupid? She had a good thing going with Piper. For the first
time since . . . well, maybe for the first time ever she'd met someone who
loved her, flaws and all. She lived in a nice house now and had the closest
thing to a real family that she would probably ever know. So why had she
gone and risked it all for a brief moment of naughtiness with Paige?

Of all the dumb things she had done in her life, that had to be the dumbest
of them all. What had she been thinking? Well, Faith knew the answer to that.
She hadn't been thinking. Not with her brain, at least. She walked in on
Paige in the bathroom, saw her shaving that sweet-looking pussy, and from
that moment on nothing else mattered but her own selfish lust. Piper never
entered her mind. She gave no thought to the repercussions of her actions.
She saw things in black and white: hot and cold, night and day. In this case,
she saw Paige's cunt and wanted to play with it.

And because she had been so self-centered, so consumed with her own lust, she
risked losing the one woman in the world who loved her . . . the only person
she had ever been in love with. And she was definitely in love with Piper.

In the beginning it was just lust, like all her other relationships had been.
She thought Piper was hot and wanted to get into her pants. But things had
changed. Piper had changed them. She was the sweetest, kindest soul, and she
made Faith feel something she had never felt before . . . happy. She was
happy. Piper brought joy into what had been a sad, pathetic life. No one had
ever touched her like that before. Oh, sure, women and men had touched her
body many times. But no one but Piper had ever touched her soul. Until
meeting Piper, Faith wasn't sure she even had a soul.

But she did, and Piper found it. But had she now lost Piper?

Swallowing the lump in her throat -and, perhaps her pride along with it-
Faith walked into the bedroom. Piper was curled up in a ball on the bed,
crying. Seeing her like that made Faith wince. Gods. She had slain vampires
and demons, even killed a man. Not once had she felt remorse about it. But
she had never broken someone's heart before. Knowing she had broken Piper's
heart tore her insides to shreds.

Faith walked over to the bed and sat down. "I'm sorry, P."

"Leave me alone," Piper sobbed.

"Please," Faith implored her lover. She put a hand on Piper's thigh. "I'm
begging you to forgive me."

Piper rolled over and looked at her. "Why the hell should I?"

"Because," Faith said, tears streaming down her cheeks. "It's Christmas. And
I'm in love with you. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So
please, Piper, I'm asking you to give me a second chance. I know I don't
deserve it. But I'm asking you anyhow."

Piper reached up and brushed the tears from her face. "You really are sorry,
aren't you?"

"Yes," Faith whispered. "For the first time in my life I really am."

Piper sat up. "I can't forget what you did."

"I know."

"But I can forgive you," Piper said. "If you swear nothing like that will
ever happen again."

"I promise," Faith said, pulling Piper into her arms. "Oh God . . . I
promise. Just say you still love me."

"I'll always love you," Piper said.

Faith brought Piper's mouth to hers. She could feel resistance in Piper's
lips for the first time since the two of them met, but Faith was determined
and her persistence paid off. Piper's mouth relaxed under hers then their
tongues brushed against one another. Piper moaned softly.

"I have another present for you," Faith said. "But you can't look until I
say so."

"All right," Piper said, closing her eyes.

Faith dropped a kiss on Piper's shoulder then got out of bed, shedding her
T-shirt and panties as she walked over to the dresser. She had planned on
surprising Piper with this later, but under the circumstances she couldn't
afford to put it off. Checking to make sure Piper still wasn't looking,
Faith opened her top dresser drawer and took out the Santa hat and big red
bow she had squirreled away there. She took them back to bed with her,
putting on the Santa hat and sticking the bow to her belly.

"Okay," Faith said, "you can open your eyes now."

Piper did just that. She looked Faith over, a smile tugging at the corners
of her mouth. "Wow. Just what I always wanted. A naked woman in my bed."

"Merry Christmas," Faith said.

"Mmmm," Piper murmured. "Can I play with my toy now?"

Faith sighed as Piper peeled the bow off her tummy and kissed the spot where
it had been. She raked her fingers through Piper's long dark hair, thankful
P couldn't see the tears still streaming down her face. What had she done to
deserve someone as loving and forgiving as Piper? Faith knew the answer.
Nothing. She had done nothing to deserve this. It was just dumb luck. But
now that she had Piper she swore an oath to herself that she would never let
her go. Well, as long as Piper wanted her, at least. As Piper's kisses moved
down her belly, Faith hoped it was a sign that Piper would want her for a
long, long time.

"Oh . . . P," Faith sighed when Piper began licking her cunt. She cradled the
head bobbing between her legs as Piper's tongue wormed its way deep inside
her, dragging moans of pleasure from her lips. Piper licked and nibbled her
enflamed pussylips until she was gasping and moaning with need. Gods! Was
this her punishment? Sucking her pussy to the edge of release only to let her
twist in the wind? Faith was just starting to think that really was Piper's
plan when -finally!- Piper's tongue flicked over her clit. She grabbed a
fistful of Piper's hair and groaned as P tongued her throbbing clit, circling
the hard little nub until she was heaving forward in climax.

But Piper wasn't sated. Far from it. Faith grunted in hunger as Piper climbed
on top of her, giving her the opportunity to lick that delectable pussy while
Piper continued lapping at her cunt. Faith pressed her tongue to Piper's
asshole then dragged it to that hot, wet slit, eating Piper out while Piper,
in turn, hungrily devoured her. The two of them stayed like that for . . .
well, Faith couldn't even be sure. Time seemed to lose all meaning when she
and Piper were locked in a sixty-nine, licking each other, bringing one
another to climax over and over again without resting. Faith knew it was the
closest she would ever get to Heaven. The two of them feasted on each other,
moaning into the other's pussy, until they were too exhausted to go on.

And later, when that moment of exhaustion finally did come, Faith snuggled
under the covers with Piper. She began to sob.

"What is it, sweetie?" Piper asked.

"I just love you so much," Faith whispered. "I don't ever want to lose you."

Piper kissed her shoulder. "You won't. I promise. You said you wanted to
spend the rest of your life with me."

"Yes," Faith sniffled.

"I want that, too," Piper said, taking her hand. "You and me, forever. Is it
a deal?"

Faith nodded, sealing the bargain with a deep, passionate kiss.

* * *

Tara sat on the front steps of Halliwell Manor, face buried in her hands. She
couldn't believe how this Christmas was turning out. How could Paige do this
to her? Things had been so perfect with them! Or so she thought.

But obviously things weren't as perfect as she assumed, not if Paige was
letting Faith go down on her in the bathroom down the hall from their
bedroom! Jesus! Even though she and Paige hadn't really discussed any
long-term commitments, or promised to be exclusive with each other, that
was definitely the vibe she had gotten. How could she have been so wrong
about that?

And now that Tara thought about it, how could Faith do that to Piper! Really!
Cheating with her sister? Of course, Tara knew a little bit about Faith from
the gang back in Sunnydale, so that kind of behavior from the vampire slayer
didn't surprise her.

But she had gotten to know Faith a lot better in the last couple of months,
and had seen first-hand the kind of relationship she had with Piper. Tara had
really started to think Faith had changed her ways.

Now, though, it looked like Faith was the same tramp she had always been. And
she had her hooks in Paige.

"You okay over there?"

Tara looked up. She spotted Leo and Cole standing in the middle of the lawn
building what appeared to be an anatomically correct snowman. "I think you
used too much snow on that one part."

"For you, maybe," Cole said.

Tara made a face. "Ha ha."

"You know," Leo said, "you could always make one of your own."

"Yeah," Cole said. "A snowdyke."

Tara laughed in spite of her shitty mood. That actually sounded like fun.
Sitting there in the cold moping about Paige sure wasn't getting her
anywhere. She got to her feet and trudged through the snow to where Leo and
Cole were building their well-hung Adonis. Leo and Cole helped her roll a
huge snowball for the bottom then she took over. Tara rolled a slightly
smaller snowball for the midsection, then two even smaller ones, about the
size of grapefruit, which she used to give her snow-woman breasts. She was
just starting to mold a plump nipple onto one of the snow-breasts when Faith
came out of the house and approached her.

"Hey," Faith said.

Tara refused to look up. "Hi."

"She's looking good," Faith said. "Can I help?"

"No," Tara said, glaring at the vampire slayer. "She's mine. You can't touch

Faith stepped back. "Whoa. Take it easy. I just thought I could help with the
private parts. I've seen a lot of them up close today."

Tara grabbed a handful of snow and threw it at Faith, hard. She hit the
vampire slayer square on the nose. Faith cried out, sounded more surprised
than hurt, then scowled and came charging at her. The two of them fell to the
ground. Tara pounded her fists against Faith's shoulders as the two of them
rolled around in the snow.

"You god damned bitch," Tara said. She swung at whatever she could, just
needing to hit something. But as angry as she was, she was no match for a
vampire slayer. Faith flipped her onto her back then straddled her hips,
pinning her to the snow. Tara stared up at Faith, panting for breath.

"I'm sorry, okay?" Faith took a deep breath and sighed. "I was wrong. I had
no respect for your relationship with Paige, or my relationship with Piper.
And I'm sorry."

"Like that makes up for what happened," Tara said.

Faith shook her head. "No. It doesn't. Nothing ever will. We have a good
thing going here, and I almost ruined it for both of us. But I promise it
won't ever happen again, and I'm asking you to forgive me."

"Why should I?" Tara asked.

"Because," Faith said, grabbing a handful of snow, "if you don't I'm going
to put this down your shirt."

Tara gasped. "You wouldn't dare!"

"Oh no?"

Tara squealed like a helpless, trapped animal as Faith tugged at her collar
and shoved a snowball down her shirt. Gods! Was that ever cold! She could
feel the wet snow sliding between her breasts and inside her bra. Damn her!

Summoning all the strength she could muster, Tara pitched Faith to one side.
The two of them lay there next to each other in the snow, cold and wet and
out of breath.

"I can't believe you did that," Tara muttered.

Faith laughed. "I hear that a lot."


"Listen," Faith said. "Paige is madly in love with you. Don't throw that
away. If you wanna be pissed at someone, be pissed at me. But give Paige
another chance."

Tara thought about that and nodded.

* * *

Piper looked up from her brunch preparations when the back door opened and
Leo, Cole, Tara, and Faith came traipsing in. The four of them were soaking

"Agh!" Piper cried. "You're tracking snow all over my kitchen!"

"Sorry," Cole said.

Piper looked at them. "What on Earth were you doing out there?"

"Making snow angels," Tara said.

"Well shoo," Piper said. "All of you. Go into the living room. I'll make hot
chocolate and bring it out to you."

Cole glanced over at Leo. "And you were married to her?"

"Yeah," Leo said.

"Poor baby."

"Out!" Piper shouted.

The four of them looked at each other and started to laugh. Piper noticed
the look Faith and Tara shared before Tara followed Cole and Leo out of the
kitchen. When she and Faith were alone Piper asked, "Did you talk to her?"

"Yeah," Faith said.

Piper got the milk out of the fridge. "And?"

"Things are cool," Faith said. She walked over to the cupboard. "You need
the cocoa?"

"Yeah," Piper said. "Thanks."

Faith got the cocoa out of the cupboard and brought it over to her. Piper
thanked her again, this time with a kiss.

"What else can I do?"

"Keep me company," Piper said.


Piper sighed as Faith's hand slid over her ass. "What did you say to her?"

"Oh this and that," Faith said, squeezing Piper's butt. "Then I put a
snowball down her shirt."

"I see," Piper said. "And that convinced her, huh?"

"Yep," Faith said.

Piper was finding it harder and harder to concentrate. Gods! She loved the
feel of Faith's hand on her backside. "Baby, you're making me crazy."

"That's my mission in life," Faith said.

"You do it well."

"Hope so."

Piper gave in to temptation. She turned to Faith. "Is there anything else
you do well?"

"Mmhmmm," Faith purred, sinking to her knees.

* * *

Tara followed Leo and Cole into the living room where Phoebe and Cordelia
were snuggled on the sofa watching TV. But it was a forlorn-looking Paige
standing under the mistletoe that got Tara's attention. She walked up behind
Paige and slipped her arms around the other woman's slim waist, pressing her
lips to the nape of Paige's neck.

"Merry Christmas," Tara murmured.

Paige turned in her arms and looked at her through eyes bloodshot from
crying. "Oh, Tara. I'm . . . I'm so sorry."

"Shhhh," Tara hissed. And to keep Paige from saying another word on the
subject she kissed her hard on the lips. Both of them were panting for
breath when the kiss finally ended.

Paige reached up and touched her cheek. "You won't leave?"

"No," Tara said. "Wherever you are, that's where I want to be." She kissed
Paige again then took her hand and led them over to the sofa. There was an
intense debate unfolding over what to watch next. Phoebe and Leo were pushing
for "It's A Wonderful Life" while Cordelia and Cole thought "White Christmas"
would be a better choice.

"This could get ugly," Paige whispered.

Tara gave Paige's hand a squeeze and smiled. She sat down in front of the
sofa and pulled Paige down to the floor with her. Paige rested a tired head
on her shoulder and Tara sighed, content, while the argument over Christmas
flicks raged on behind them.

The debate was really heating up when Piper and Faith walked in. Each of them
had a serving tray with steaming mugs of hot chocolate. From the look of it,
Faith and Piper had been doing more in the kitchen than just making hot

"Hey, hey, hey," Piper chastised them. "What is going on in here?"

Faith nodded. "Really. Can't we leave you guys alone for five minutes?"

"Well Leo started it," Cole said.

"Me?" Leo intoned. "I'm a whitelighter! We settle disputes; we don't start

Phoebe snorted. "Right. And I'm a lover, not a fighter."

"You're both, as I recall," Cordelia said, nudging Phoebe.

Piper and Faith started handing out mugs of hot chocolate. As they did, Piper
asked, "So what are you bickering about now?"

"What to watch," Tara said.

Paige nodded. "We need the wisdom of an older sister to guide us."

"Are you saying I'm old?" Piper asked, quirking an eyebrow.

Paige took the mug of hot chocolate her sister offered. "Oh, of course not."

Tara smiled. "Good answer, sweetie."

Once Piper and Faith handed out mugs of hot chocolate to everyone they found
a place to sit down. Piper said, "Well, since you guys are having trouble
making up your minds . . . I will make them up for you. We're watching my
favorite, 'Holiday Inn'. Any objections can be submitted in writing and
tossed in the fireplace."

"Honey," Phoebe said, "we don't have a fireplace."

Piper scowled at her. "Then do something else with it, dear."

The sisters looked at each other and laughed.

Tara took a sip of hot chocolate and smiled. In spite of the good-natured
bickering (and the not-so-good-natured infidelity) she could feel the love
in Halliwell Manor. This motley group around her was now one big family,
and she was glad to be a part of it.

"Merry Christmas, everybody," Tara said.


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