Rating: NC-17 (oral, anal, some mc)

Pairings: Multiple F/F & F/F/F pairings.

Note: Alternate future after the 6th season episode "Villains". Here Willow
goes completely dark after the death of Tara. Also sometime after the 3rd
season of "Charmed". The various characters from "Angel", "Buffy the Vampire
Slayer", and "Charmed" aren't mine. I'm just borrowing them for some nasty
fun. There are real people here but their actions here are not intended to
reflect their real lives or orientations. All of this is just for fun:
sleazy, nasty fun.

Summary: What if a lesbian gained total power over all magick?

Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Charmed: Dark Willow's Harem
by SF Lez Lover

Cordelia Chase, former homecoming queen and seer, lay on her back writhing
her hips slowly back and forth. On top of her was her former nemesis and
one-time vampire slayer, Buffy Summers. The blonde's hips were moving back
and forth as well.

The cause of this was their position. They were locked in a classic 69 with
Buffy on top. She was expertly licking and sucking Cordy's very wet, very
aroused pussy. Cordy was enjoying Buffy's excited vulva as well.

The blonde's head was tilted forward and down, her hair partially obscuring
the view of her tongue darting around and into the red labia. She was tracing
random patterns in the brunette's sex, patterns that pointedly avoided
Cordelia's swollen clitoris. For now.

While Buffy was licking the girl's outer lips then plunging her tongue
into Cordy's depths, Cordelia was slowly, methodically tonguing the former
slayer's sex. She had found that Buffy, once aroused, oozed copious amounts
of girlcum which Cordy loved. She spent long minutes just licking the outer
lips before shoving her tongue in the blonde's vagina to sample the pooling
essence of the girl.

Buffy squealed with delight into Cordy when she felt the brunette's tongue
slide up between her ass cheeks and probe her anus. The girl had a very
sensitive ass and had come before just from a tongue playing with her there.

Cordy knew she could get Buffy to spurt if she ate out the blonde's ass. She
wanted that cum badly. And the fact that she loved Buffy's ass helped. Her
tongue tip traced the small wrinkles of the pucker, occasionally pushing at
the center. Slowly, Buffy's sphincter relaxed and Cordy was able to shove
her tongue into her lover.

The two beauties were a sight to behold, one She never tired of. Especially
as She had orchestrated the entire situation to Her desires and fantasies.

As She reclined on the small divan, She managed to tear Her eyes away from
Her favorite couple, She gazed around Her court, the former gameroom of the
Playboy mansion, at the various couples and trios involved in a variety of
sapphic sex. What did She need a jester for? She had all these lovelies who
were now willing to do anything that She asked.

On the other side of the room on the pool table, Anya, the former vengeance
demon, was riding a two-headed dildo that was buried deep in her ass. The
other end was sliding in and out of Winifred Burkle as she lay on her back,
her eyes squeezed shut in ecstasy.

Nearby, Kate Lockley, former LAPD detective, was sitting up as she
finger-fucked and French-kissed the former "Beverly Hills 90210" star Jennie
Garth while Jennie's on-screen sister, Amanda Bynes, was licking each of
their pussies.

She thought, 'Hmm...I may have to change that show to an all-lesbian show.
With nothing held back. Wouldn't that be a kick in the teeth to the WB?'

She smiled as She considered the possibilities. The world was Her oyster.
Well, at least the western part of North America and soon to include the
rest of the globe. After all, who was to stop Her?

There was no one to take on Dark Willow. After the death of her beloved Tara,
she had turned to the darkness for vengeance on the three fools who had
bedeviled Buffy and the Scoobies for months. She had started with the real
killer. Jonathan had paid for his stupidity and for his other, earlier crimes
as She skinned him alive. Then She blasted his torn and bleeding body to
fragments. His two cohorts, Danny and Andrew, didn't last much longer.

Once She had a taste of power, She couldn't stop. That didn't deter Buffy or
Xander from trying but they ultimately failed. And Xander paid the price.

The part of Dark Willow that was still Willow Rosenberg mourned her life-long
friend. But that was a small, insignificant voice in Her head. One She was
able to ignore easily. After all, Willow Rosenberg, the shy redheaded
bookworm was no more.

Dark Willow took Sunnydale easily. The vamps and the other spawn of the
Hellmouth were no match for Her powers as they grew exponentially. The
Hellmouth itself was sealed permanently. It took a sacrifice of innocent
blood but She had no compunctions about using some unknown innocents to
close off a portal that was little more than an irritant to Her.

After taking Sunnydale, She took a little trip to London and, using secrets
liberated from Giles as he succumbed, she destroyed the remainder of the
Watchers' Council. Their library and records were now Hers. And the largest
danger to Her plans was removed.

Then She began to expand her control. Before long, She had taken the entire
West Coast from Seattle through the Baja. There was resistance but nothing
that She couldn't handle.

Angel and most of his crew were destroyed as well as several demons and
demon-hunters in the L.A. Basin. At the last minute, She kept Cordelia and
the new girl, Fred, safe. This was more for Her own pleasure than any sense
of mercy. Much like She had spared the Slayer, the Slayer's sister, and the
former demon when She took out the rest of the Scoobs.

The only real resistance in L.A. was when the Powers tried to take Cordy.
She would have none of that and made Her will known. The actress-wannabe was

Three Wiccan sisters in San Francisco were the greatest threat to Her
dominance but before they were fully aware of the growing danger, Dark Willow
had cast an extremely powerful love spell on them. The Halliwells were now
frequently the center of attention in Dark Willow's court as they made love
to one another.

The United States, reluctant to admit to supernatural dangers (even after
the creation and later destruction of the Initiative the year before), lost
everything to the Mississippi in a matter of days. Western Canada also fell
under Her control as did much of Northern Mexico and out into the Pacific to

All of this came quietly and without any fanfare. She was not ready to reveal
Her existence to the rest of the world. Not yet. The time would come after
She had control of the Western Hemisphere and Europe. Or perhaps after
gaining control of Africa with it's old, dark magicks...

Her great powers were already being fed by the old magicks of the Native
Americans. Her powers were further augmented by the addition of the residual
magicks of the Mayans and the Aztecs as well as the Polynesians.

Best guesses were that She would have total control of the planet inside a
year. Sooner if She pushed. But She was content to consolidate for now.
Besides, She had other irons in the fire.

Faith and Amy Madison, a former slayer and former witch, were using the
Watchers' records to find the slayers-to-be around the world and bring them
to Her home, the old Playboy mansion. Here they were trained to fight and
to love as She wished it.

The mansion itself was little changed from the days of the publishing empire.
Hef and his current former-Playmate wife had been convinced to retire to
Malibu. The other girls, Playmates and hangers-on, remained as part of the
retinue for Dark Willow. The major difference from the old days was the
distinct lack of men of any kind. She had turned it into Her version of a
lesbian paradise.

She counted only one mistake in Her rise. She dared try and resurrect her
departed love. While She got the form right, there was little life in Tara.
The Buffybot had more free will than the reborn Tara MacClay. Dark Willow
reluctantly returned her to the grave.

After the fact, She was enough of a realist, even at Her power level, to know
that Tara wouldn't accept Her this way either. She would take love from those
She chose whether by their choice or Hers. Love and lust spells were so easy

The easiest to cast were on the ones who already had feelings for Her in the
first place, even non-sexual. But one who surprised even Dark Willow was now
happily nestled between Her legs, slowly licking Her vulva.

Glancing down at Her pet, Her favorite, She smiled. If Willow, the old
Willow, had any idea of the feelings Dawn Summers had for her, would she
have become Dark Willow? The Mistress of the West shook Her head, who could
know? Certainly not She.

Dawn loved Her. Even without the spell, She was fairly certain the teen loved
Her. Did She love Dawn? Could She even love again?

Whether Dark Willow could love was immaterial at the moment. She could feel
lust. And to a degree that staggered even Her. Buffy had told old Willow how
slaying made her horny. Well, magick made Her horny. So incredibly horny that
even young Dawn couldn't satisfy all her needs.

That was why She had Her harem, needed Her harem. When Her pet retired to
rest, another would take over. Dark Willow was bothered with clothing since
She was rarely without someone pleasing Her body in some way, unless She was
encanting or spelling.

Even as She sat bored to tears by Her lawyer, She had Her pet lovingly
licking her to repeated orgasms. It helped take Her mind off the minutiae
of Her realm.

Finally the attorney got to the point She was waiting for. Pushing Her
handmaiden back, pleased to see the look of disappointment on the young
brunette's face, She sat forward to listen to the lawyer.

"...the Senior Partners will not interfere in your affairs. For now."

"Why not?" In truth, She was curious to see how She'd fair against dark
higher beings.

"Well, to be frank..."

"You can be Frank on your own time." She had no idea why She remembered an
old joke She'd seen in one of Her father's old Playboys, much less why She
even brought it up. She would have to watch Herself, it could be a sign of
She was losing Her edge.

Seeing Her lawyer with a bemused expression, She said, "Continue."

"Yes...well, as I was saying, they don't see you as a threat at this time.
More of an unacknowledged ally. So far, you have removed or...declawed shall
we say?... several of the major sources of concern to the Partners."

"These being?"

"Well, Angel and his people. The Slayer and her people, although I think
they'd prefer the Slayer dead. And the Watchers Council." The lawyer seemed
confused that She had to ask. Then she added, "Oh, and those pesky sisters
from the Bay Area. There, again, the Partners would probably prefer they
were dead but..."

"They won't question me?"

The lawyer smiled, a shark's smile. "Not yet."

Eyes narrowed in thought, She nodded. "I'll just have to be sure not to press
them too much. Yet."

A brief look of alarm crossed the lawyer's face. "I would be careful of such
talk. They may be focused downtown in the offices but..."

She shook Her head. "I am not afraid. The wards I have in place are among
the strongest, and the oldest, in existence. Now tell me of more pleasing
matters... Are you pleased with my retainer?" She and the lawyer glanced
over to Fred.

The lawyer smiled, "Yes. And thank you for the detective too."

"My pleasure. And yours too, Lilah. It goes with the territory," Dark Willow
said. Glancing down at Dawn, She asked, "Would you like to drink some more of
my essence?"

"Yes, Willow. Please. I love to please you," Dawn replied as she lowered her
face to Dark Willow's bald pussy.

Lilah, the only one in the room still dressed, in a designer outfit no less,
was feeling the sexual energy in the air. The musky smell of women in heat
was pungent but, after her sorority days, an aroma she thoroughly enjoyed.
And Lilah thought there was something erotic about the way Her body reacted
to pleasure.

Dark Willow's appearance was distinctly different from old Willow. Her hair
was jet black and long, falling near to Her ass. Her eyes were dark as well,
turning black during spell-casting or orgasms. Her skin was pale, paler than
old Willow's but criss-crossed by light-blue veins, especially Her round
breasts. When She came, the veins pulsed and glowed from within.

At first, Lilah found that unsettling but, as she spent more and more time
with Dark Willow, she found it more and more exciting. Power was definitely
an aphrodisiac, especially to some one like Lilah.

"And those sweet twins, Tia and Tamera? Are you still enjoying them?" She
asked. The Mowery twins were among the few that She had either corrupted or
caused to be corrupted permanently and consciously. Most of the others, like
the girls in the room at the moment, had spells cast so their memories were
hazy at best surrounding any sexual activity in Her mansion.

That safeguard, however, would soon be dispensed with.

"Oh, yes. Their old sitcom fans would never recognize them now," Lilah

A look of puzzled interest crossed Her face just before another orgasm
flashed across her skin. "Do tell..."

Lilah smiled wickedly. It was good to have someone she could share her
darkest fantasies with.

"Well, after finally breaking their spirits - without the use of magic I
might add - they have become the most willing subjects of any whim I have."

"Even to having them in an incestuous relationship?"

"Oh, that was easy! They were already so much in love with themselves that
once their spirits were crushed, they were more than willing to do whatever
I wanted them to do to each other."

She smiled wickedly at Lilah as the lawyer hiked up her skirt and began to
stroke herself. "I see... Perhaps you'd care to remove some of those garments
and explain in detail?"

"Thank you," Lilah breathed as she began to unbutton her jacket.


"So, no permanent injuries? No scars or..."

"Nothing, as you instructed," Lilah gasped out as she came a second time
from Cordelia's asslicking and Buffy's pussy-licking.

"Good. I have an idea. Strictly for fun since profit doesn't matter. I think
I'll use them in some films that would make Larry Flint blush."

Looking up from where the blonde was again buried between her thighs, Lilah
glanced at Her. "Oh? Ooooo!"

Dark Willow chuckled, "That Cordelia does have a tongue on her. And she a
true master of analingus. Or would that be mistress?

"At any rate, I think some more lesbian films could be quite fun to make and
distribute. Maybe some dark ones as well... Don't you?"

Lilah arched her back as Cordy's tongue stabbed deep within her anus. "OOOhhh
yesss... And you want to use the twins?"

Dark Willow's body tensed and glowed briefly before she answered, "Yes, they
would be the centerpiece of the next tape. After I'm done with them, you
could have them back to do with what you will."

She leaned down and pushed Her pet away again. "Dawn? I would like you to
learn Cordelia's techniques. Would you like that?"

"Oh yes! Cordy is so good at eating pussy but I've never had her lick my


Cordy reluctantly pulled away from Lilah's ass and looked at Her. "Yes,

"I want you to instruct my pet on what you do best."

Cordy's face lit up with pleasure, "Oh thank you! I have longed to lick her

Dark Willow sat back to watch Her pet learn analingus from the master. As
She did so, She signalled Jennie to come and service Her. Glancing over, She
was gratified to see Buffy had not stopped feasting on Lilah's pussy.

"Amanda dear, go to the Grotto and play with Harmony and Darla. There's a
good little slut." The Grotto, the lair of Her few pet vamps, was also the
main toy room. She sat back as Jennie started to lick Her pussy. She loved
tongues and lips and fingers but didn't care for dildoes and vibrators,
except on occasion. And She had the power to provide a better substitute
cock than the kind normally found in adult stores.

In point of fact, She had provided Buffy with her own cock, temporarily made
from the former Slayer's clit through Her magicks, so that Buffy could be
the one to deflower her sister. It was one of Her most exciting memories,
the two Summers girls kissing passionately while Buffy fucked Dawn's virgin

While magical cocks were a rarity for Her to produce, She couldn't help but
wonder if She had the power to make one fertile. Impregnating one of Her
harem with magick seed...?

Returning to the present, She noted that Her instructions left Kate alone
but She knew that wouldn't last. The beautiful detective went over to the
pool table and joined Fred and Anya. Taking charge, she began to really
thrust the dildo into the two women. Then, finding a nearby pool cue, she
plunged the thick end into Anya's pussy. Soon the pool table itself was
rocking back and forth.

Dawn lay on her stomach, her cute little ass directly in Her line of sight.
Cordelia moved behind the teen and lifted her ass up and gently kissed both
cheeks several times then licking them slowly.

As She watched, Cordelia slowly licked the length of Dawn's ass. The young
girl shivered and moaned as the lithesome tongue traveled over her flesh
before it began to poke and prod her rosebud.

Dawn's hips were writhing in the air as Cordy licked her anus slowly and
repeatedly. Soon, the former homecoming queen shoved her tongue in past the
teen's tight sphincter. She began to slowly tongue-fuck the girl's ass as
Dawn groaned and moved with her.

"Are you enjoying Cordy's tongue in your ass, my pet?" She asked.

"Mmmm...yessss... Ooooo... She's soooo good..."

Dark Willow turned to Lilah, "I have an idea for the type of movie I want to
have the twins and your new girls appear in..." She glanced down as the young
star began to thrust her fingers into Her pussy, "Very good, dear. Oh yes..."

Lilah, lost in the pleasure of the former slayer's tongue, managed to gasp,
"Wh...what did you...have in...mind?"


" your 'Seventh Heaven' vid...? Th-that was h-hot!"

Dark Willow had orchestrated a lesbian orgy between on the set of the series
'Seventh Heaven'. The women stayed in character as the mother walked in on
her two oldest daughters making love. She quickly joined in and they engaged
in every type of lesbian sex possible.

Using her technical skills, Dark Willow slid a teaser (with 'Annie'
passionately kissing 'Lucy' while 'Mary' was eating her out) into episodes
of the series on both the WB and ABC Family. There was a link at the bottom
giving the free website to download the entire video.

The response was incredible. Nearly a hundred thousand hits or attempts in
the first hour.

The FCC protested publicly but, behind closed doors they acknowledged that
there was little to be done against Dark Willow.

Meanwhile, thanks to the spell She cast, the actresses had no memory of the
events and were suitably shocked and appalled when the video came out. No one
believed their denials naturally.

Dark Willow nodded in response to her lawyer's question, "Yes, something like
that. My idea is... Oh, right there Jennie. Yessss..."

At that moment, Dawn squealed, "Ooo! God yes!!! Cordeeeellleeeeaaa...."

Cordy glanced over her shoulder and smiled at Her, proud of her ability to
being the girl to orgasm just from tonguing her ass. Then she returned to
that pleasure.

"Very good Cordelia. Please my pet and you please me." Dark Willow glanced at
Lilah, who was thoroughly enjoying Buffy's tongue, and went on, "Anyway, I
want the twins to go to the library where Fred is working. She gets seduced
by Tia and Tamera. Then Kate comes in as a cop to arrest the librarian for
under-age sex. Naturally, the twins convince her otherwise."

Lilah, her eyes screwed shut with pleasure, managed to say, "Oooo, sssoundsss

Meanwhile, Cordy's tongue was still deep in Dawn's ass and her fingers were
playing with the girl's young pussy. Dawn was on the verge of her second
orgasm. With Cordy's strong, supple tongue up her ass, three of the
brunette's fingers in her pussy, and the girl's thumb rubbing lightly on her
clit, Dawn came hard and loud.


The girl was suddenly the center of everyone's attention but she was totally
unaware of this. The force of her climax brought her near to passing out. As
it was, she lay moaning and twitching on the floor for several minutes.

Cordelia lay next to her, kissing her cheek and ear lightly while caressing
her back. She made a point of not touching any sexual part of the girl but
still Dawn was becoming aroused again.

"Dawn? Are you recovered yet?" She asked.

The teen mumbled into the soft carpeting but managed to nod. Cordy smiled and
stroked her soft hair while gazing up at their mistress.

"Dawn, when you're quite recovered, I think you should demonstrate to
Cordelia how well you learned your lesson," She said. She was nothing if not
generous when it came to Her girls' sexual enjoyment.

Cordy looked up with lust-shiny eyes and said, "Thank you, Mistress! That is
so generous..."

Dark Willow waved off the rest of her words. She was already considering
another gift she was going to bestow on one of her favorites.

Like most good masters and mistresses, She publically claimed not to have
any favorites but, deep inside, She held a soft spot for the Sunnydale
trio, Buffy, Cordy and Dawn. The rest of them like the Angel girls (as She
considered Fred and Kate), Harmony and Darla, and the various Playmates and
stars were fun to play with but there was no real emotion there. And Dark
Willow, as removed as she was from mankind, still loved Her special ones.

"Jennie, please see that my friend is happy. She likes little blondes like
you. Don't you, Lilah?"

Lilah looked again at the nude teen and smiled a sexy but predatory smile.
"Oh yes. I certainly do."

Jennie reluctantly crawled away from Her but, once she saw the lawyer's
pretty pussy, she happily began to lick away at the woman's flesh.

"Buffy dear, please join me," Dark Willow said.

Buffy sat gingerly next to Her and waited. Taking Buffy's face in Her hands,
She kissed the blonde deeply, Her tongue sliding into the former Slayer's
mouth. Buffy moaned at the feeling of power radiating from that near-mystical

"Now, watch your sister. She will show us what she's learned."

Dawn nodded eagerly then crawled between Cordelia's legs. Laying fully upon
the older brunette, Dawn kissed her. Cordelia opened her mouth to the teen's
willful tongue and they lay before Her kissing deeply for several minutes.

Buffy glanced at Her while her sister made out with her friend. Leaning in,
the former slayer kissed Her while her fingers probed Her pussy. Buffy slowly
started to finger-fuck Her.

Meanwhile, Lilah was cumming on the TV star's face and hair. After years of
illicit sex in her office, Lilah had learned not to be too vocal, no matter
how hard she orgasmed. And the young girl gave her a whopper.

Dawn moved down Cordy's body, sucking on her round, full breasts then down
to sample her wetness. The starlet was dripping with desire as the teen
pressed her mouth against the wet mound in a French kiss.

Breaking the kiss, She nodded at the pair and Buffy looked over to see her
beloved sister licking the former beauty queen's oh-so tasty pussy.

Dawn's tongue danced all over Cordy's pussy, pushing into the older girl's
tight passage then strumming her clit until Cordy was about to explode.
Without any instruction, Dawn pulled away.

"No...please don't stop..." Cordy was practically crying as she pleaded with

Dawn smiled and grasped Cordy's shins, pushing her legs up until the
brunette's ass was clearly exposed. There was a gleam from her own juices
flowing down as she had been expertly licked by Dawn.

With no further ado, Dawn began to lick Cordelia's asshole. Her tongue
slid all around the tight ring, tracing the crinkles and dipping into the
depression at the center. As she did so, Cordy began to loosen and Dawn was
able to get the tip of her tongue into the other girl's anus.

"Would you like to have your sister do that to you?" She asked Buffy.

"Yes, she is so sweet and sexy. I do want my sister's tongue in my ass. Can

She nodded, "Yes you may, my sweet. But not now. In a few moments I have a
surprise for you both outside by the pool."

"A surprise?"

Nodding, She whispered, "Yes. But first, let's watch your sister please our
little Cordelia. And slip another finger in me..."

Dawn started taking long swipes up and down the woman's crotch. Starting at
the top of Cordy's ass crack, the girl licked from there to the hard little
clit poking out and then back. After a few around-the-worlds, Dawn again
centered her attention on the tight rosebud.

Slowly, patiently, she licked and prodded that tight muscle until finally she
was welcomed into the tight heat.

Buffy and Dark Willow could clearly see the girl's tongue slide into the
older brunette's tight ass and both found it incredibly exciting. Buffy's
fingers started to piston in and out of Her. Unconsciously she caught the
rhythm of her sister's tongue as it pumped in and out of Cordy's ass.

In seconds, Cordy screamed out her orgasm. Almost simultaneously, Dark Willow
flashed a bright blue as She came all over Buffy's hand.

Lilah, sitting quietly and stroking Jennie's wet hair, smiled at the sight
before her. She kissed the star deeply, tasting herself, then grabbed her

"I'm sorry, but I have a 2 o'clock. Thank you so much. For meeting with me,
for the girls and for the wonderful orgasms," Lilah told Her.

Dark Willow reached out and stroked Lilah's pussy, saying, "My pleasure.
Please enjoy Kate and Fred. I'll be in touch about the new video.

"Jennie, please join the others in the Grotto. I have something I need to
share with my other girls. Anya? See your playmates out with Lilah then go
to the Grotto and make sure Darla and Harmony remember my instructions. No
feasting. A taste is fine while you play but no feasting. They will dine on
who I decide, no others."

Anya got up from her position where her face had been buried in Kate's bush.
Licking the detective's cum off her face, she nodded, "Yes Mistress."

As Anya led Jennie down to the Grotto, Lilah gathered her two new gifts,
Kate Lockley and Fred Berkle.

"Goodbye Lilah," She called to Her attorney.

"Thank you again," Lilah responded as she led her girls out.

"Come girls," She said to the three Sunnydale girls. "I have a surprise out
by the pool."

Several weeks before, one of Her people came upon an aging hooker on the
Sunset Strip. Something resonated and the girl brought her back to the
mansion. Dark Willow saw something that astounded Her and began to work.
While She was working, She kept the woman under wraps.

After having the wretch thoroughly cleaned and examined for dangerous
diseases, She began Her work. Using sorcery, She cured the woman of the
various STDs she had picked up in a lifetime on the streets. She also cured
her drug dependence, even to removing any interest in ever getting high or
taking a drink again.

After that, She had little else to do on the surface, the woman was almost
perfect - nearly a twin. But, She had some work to do to adjust the woman's
mindset. Casting a spell was one thing but a total personality make-over,
especially on a permanent basis, was something else.

Finally, all Her work paid off when the group stepped onto the poolside

"Mom? Mom?!?"


Buffy and Dawn froze when they looked at the tall, nude blonde by the pool.
It was their mother, smiling happily at the two sisters. "Hello girls, I've
missed you. Come here and give your mother a hug and kiss."

The girls raced over and were wrapped in their mother's arms sharing hugs
and kisses, overjoyed to be with their mother again. Joyce lifted Dawn's
tear-streaked face and kissed her youngest daughter, her tongue drifting
into the teen's mouth. Then she kissed her older daughter, slipping her
tongue into Buffy's mouth.

The girls smiled at each other and nodded. They had to welcome Mom and did
so immediately. Buffy knelt in front and Dawn behind her and they began to
lick and suck her pussy and ass.

As Joyce's moans of pleasure filled the air, Cordy smiled at her mistress.

Dark Willow said, "I'll explain as you lick my ass, dear."

With a big grin, the buxom brunette practically dove behind the pale,
blue-veined witch and began to tongue Her mystic ass.



At the same moment, all television stations, including every cable outlet,
were interrupted by the words, "We take you to the White House and a special
presentation by First Lady Laura Bush."

On television screens all over the country, the Oval Office came into view.
In the center was the president's desk but bare of any of the usual trappings
of any office. Instead, lying on her back, naked, was Condoleeza Rice, the
National Security Advisor. Also naked and laying atop the woman in a classic
69, was the First Lady, Laura Bush.

Camera angles changed several times to show close-ups of Condy's tongue
sliding around the First Pussy alternating with shots of the First Lady
tonguing the black woman's pussy and asshole.

After several closeups of tongues in wet pussies, one camera panned across
to one of the presidential couches to show the First Daughters both naked and
fingering each other. Closeups here showed cum-slick fingers slipping into
wet pussies while the sisters shared several deep French kisses.

After a few more minutes alternating between the women on the desk eating
each other out and the younger women finger-fucking and kissing each other,
the girls got up and walked to opposite ends of the desk. Kneeling, they
began to kiss the women there then to tongue the assholes of the other while
the women laying there returned to licking and tongue-fucking wet pussy.

Before the broadcast, which the FCC was powerless to block, was over, the
nation saw the First Lady and the Security Advisor both making love to the
younger girls, switching partners after each of them had cum several times.

In the Playboy mansion, a wide-screen plasma TV showed all the action. Few
were watching though. Buffy and Joyce were kissing each other softly and
tenderly as they recovered from some mind-shattering orgasms. Cordelia was
enjoying Lilah's tongue and ass hole. Anya was in a daisy-chain with Darla
and Harmony. The Halliwell sisters were in another daisy-chain nearby.
Hilary Duff and Halle Berry were in a beautifully contrasting 69 on the pool

And reclining on Her plush loveseat, Dark Willow lay back, Her pet's tongue
buried deep in Her ass, and smiled as She observed Her court and watched the
televising of the ultimate degradation for the current administration.

Now Her only thought was, 'Who's next?'


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