This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

First thanks to Dr. B for his help with some of the details. This story takes
place roughly between Season 6 and Season 7 with Joyce and Tara both being
dead. I'm not a fantastically obsessed fan of Buffy or the Vampire Chronicles
so some liberties have been taken with both.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Interview With The Vampire: The Prophecy Part 1
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Lightning lit the dark sky as rain crashed down on Sunnydale. Buffy and Dawn
stood in the street in front of their house staring, waiting for the other to
make the first move as night storm pounded the area.

"Dawn, please don't make me do this. Things don't have to end this way."

"Yes they do Buffy. You're a Slayer; I'm a vampire. You kill creatures like
me. That is what you do."

Fangs were clearly visible in Dawn's mouth and her eyes were glazed over with
evil. Stake in hand Buffy tried several times to bring herself to slay her
sister, but she couldn't do it. Anguish and guilt filled her head as Dawn
snarled art her.

"I can't kill her... I can't kill Dawn," Buffy mumbled dropping the stake the
asphalt falling to her knees.

"Buffy, if you can't kill me then you leave me no choice," Dawn growled
leaping through the air ready to bite.

"Dawn no!" Buffy screamed picking up the stake piercing her sister's heart.

As Dawn's body disintegrated the stake fell from Buffy's hand and clanged
against the street. Suddenly the storm disappeared and the sun quickly rose.
Birds began to chirp and Buffy looked up at sun as she began to walk.

"Why Dawn? Why?" She said to herself as a single tear fell from her eye.

* * *

"Buffy! Wake up!" Dawn shouted shaking her sister's shoulders.

"Dawn what is it?" Buffy mumbled wiping the sleep from her eyes.

"You had your dream again. What's happening in it? Tell me."

"I don't know, I can't remember my dreams." Buffy was lying and felt guilty
for it, but telling your own sister you were dreaming she was a vampire and
you killed her wasn't an easy thing to do.

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine."

"You sure?"

"I'm positive. What time is it?"

"Almost ten. You got in late. What happened last night?"

"Nothing really. There was a bit more vampire activity than usual, but
nothing to worry about. Are you going to the Korn concert at the Bronze
Sunday night?"

"Yeah, I don't really want to go, but Nicole's boyfriend Chris got stuck
with some family thing so she had the extra ticket."

"If nothing else you two can keep each other company."

"Do you want to go? I'm sure Nicole can get two more tickets for you and

"No thanks. That's all right. Willow's into more a lot mellower stuff and
I'll be out and about doing another patrol."

"Suit yourself then. I know things suck quite a bit at times, but you should
really try to have more fun. You sure you don't remember anything about your
dreams? You've been having them a lot lately and Willow and I are starting to

"I promise I'm fine. You know me better than that don't you? You two would
be the first to know if anything was wrong. Besides, what are you making for
breakfast? Us Slayers who have to save the world get hungry you know." Buffy
said getting out of bed.

"Breakfast huh? And what were you expecting?"

"Eggs, bacon, and biscuits will do. Oh, and a big glass of o.j."

"If you don't mind black crispy food, I'll be more than happy to make it.
Otherwise let me see if Willow's up for playing chef."

"Come on Dawn, you really need to learn to cook."

"I will eventually. Someday... Maybe..."

"Forget it, I'll make something myself after I get out of the shower."

"Nah, we'll make something for you. You've been running yourself ragged with
the late night patrols."

"Don't start worrying about me please? There are other things to worry

"Ok, ok. I won't worry."

The two sisters split from Buffy's room. Buffy stepped into the bathroom
to take a shower while Dawn walked into the kitchen where she found Willow
already starting breakfast.

"You read my mind Willow."

"Actually I can't. Buffy's been driving herself into the ground and coming
in late. I worry about her sometimes."

"What're you making?"

"The usual."

"Hey Willow have you noticed anything weird with Buffy?"

"The Hellmouth's been quiet, but the vampires have been acting rather out of
sorts, and Buffy's been a bit more preoccupied with them. Other than that I
haven't seen anything too strange."

"Do you believe her when she says everything is ok?"

"Yeah, I don't have a reason not to. Have something on your mind?"

"I don't know, she's been having those dreams you know and she won't talk
about them. I can't help but think she's hiding something from me."

"Like what?"

"I don't know."

"It's probably nothing. Set the table while you're here. I'm almost done."

As Dawn helped Willow set the table the tv in the living room was on and
tuned to MTV when a newsbreak started.

"I'm Trent Wayne and this is your MTV newsbreak. After a number of postponed
and cancelled shows the rock band Korn will restart their tour this Sunday
at the Bronze in Sunnydale, California. It's been nearly a month since their
club tour was interrupted by the sudden and bizarre deaths of their opening
band Kill Switch Red and this past Monday they officially announced that the
tour will go on with Satan's Night Out filling in as their opener. That is
all the news for now. Tune in at ten to the hour every hour for MTV news."

* * *

When his travels across America finally brought him back to California
Lestat began hearing tales of a town called Sunnydale and of one they called
the Slayer. The death of two capable vampires sent by Lestat to investigate
the situation confirmed what he had been hearing. The Slayer was real and
seemingly hell-bent on killing his kind. Her name was Buffy Summers and even
for someone acting so heinous she was quite fetching.

Lestat found himself locked in his hotel room with the window sealed blocking
out the sunlight. Buffy was "the Slayer" and killing vampires and now he had
to take action. He put the photo of Buffy back into a folder along with the
other info he had scrounged up on her. She'd be a tough case no doubt because
after all most humans cower in fear and beg for their life when they
encounter vampires, but she didn't. She went after them.

Lestat lifted the corner of the blanket covering the window and saw
darkness. Outside conditions now were safe and wanting to smell some fresh
air he stepped out into the moonlight. As Lestat stared up at the moon
Jonathan Davis spotted him as he emerged from the tour bus and walked over.

"Hey Lestat you and the band up for Sunday's show?"

"Ready as can be expected. It's a bit unsettling to be the band to replace
the one that was killed two weeks ago."

"That's some fucked up shit that happened there. Nobody knows what the hell
happened, but they're trying to blame it on vampires or something. Speaking
of which, how come you don't ever come out during the day or make any of the
press appearances? You're not one are you?" Jonathan joked.

"It depends, do you believe in vampires?"

"Not really."

"Good then. You have nothing to worry about. My apologies for the missed
appointments. I'm still getting some things settled with the band. I know
we're the unknown band, but trust me we'll be ready and neither you nor the
audience will be disappointed."

"Good, I'm looking forward to the show."

At first Lestat changed the name of his band from Satan's Night Out to The
Vampire Lestat as a joke to get a rise from the vampire community, but when
the band had become his way to get into Sunnydale and put an end to Buffy's
killing he changed it back. The show at the Bronze on Sunday was sold out
and through a vampire spy he generously paid before Buffy killed him, Lestat
was able to find out that Buffy had a sister Dawn who would be there. A one
on one direct attack on Buffy wouldn't do. Something more indirect was called

* * *

As the fruit truck came to a stop at a red light in downtown Sunnydale
Claudia hopped out of the back with an apple in hand. Taking a bite out of
the fruit she started towards a phone booth and flipped through the phone
book until she found the address she was looking for. She ripped it out and
started down the street. Early in the morning Sunnydale was as quiet and
barren as every other city and Claudia came across few signs of life. That
was until an unsuspecting pervert pulled up next to her in his car and was
soon on his way to getting more than he bargained for.

"Excuse me miss? Are you lost? Can I give you a ride somewhere?"

Claudia stopped and turned to look at the man leaning out of his car window.
He was middle-aged and scruffy with a very greasy look to him.

"I'm lost. This is my first time here and I'm trying to find a friend," she
responded taking advantage of the opportunity.

"Where are your parents at?"

"Far away. I had to run away from home."

"I'm sure your parents must be worried. Why don't I give you a ride to my
place and you can call them to let them know you're ok?"

"Thanks, but I must really be getting to my friend's house. Can you tell me
how to get there?" Claudia played along acting girlish and weak as she handed
the man the address.

"Hmm... I just moved here a few months ago and I'm not completely familiar
with Sunnydale yet so I don't recognize this street. If you want we can go
back to my apartment and I can get you directions."

"Really? Thanks mister!" Claudia smiled broadly as she got into car with the

"It's not a problem at all miss. You remind me of my daughter when she was
your age. My name's Sam."

"I'm Claudia. Thanks for your help. I get turned around easily especially in
large cities."

"Sunnydale isn't that large," Sam laughed as he plotted his next move. "If
you don't mind me asking Claudia what are you doing alone this late at night?
It's nearly two in the morning."

"It's alright. Like I said I ran away from home and with no money I have to
take rides when I can get them."

"Well I hope everything works out for you. You should be on your way in half
an hour. I don't live but a few blocks from here."

"I'm sure things will work out," Claudia smiled licking her fangs.

* * *

Claudia and Sam entered the old man's apartment. It was filthy and messy and
the once white walls were a yellow dingy color. There was nothing that looked
it was even remotely new or clean in the apartment. It looked like your
stereotypical dirty pervert's home. Claudia grinned as her suspicions of Sam
started to prove true.

"Soda?" Sam offered taking a can of Pepsi out of the fridge.

"Thank you," Claudia accepted popping open the beverage and taking a few
swallows. Sam walked to a corner where an old dirty looking computer sat on
a table and he turned it on.

"Sit down and make yourself comfortable while I get your directions."

"Uh ok..." Claudia said sitting down on his couch. She waited several minutes
as Sam typed away at his computer. A little while later she heard a printer
going. Then Sam got up from the desk and sat down next to her with the
directions in hand.

"Good ol' Mapquest. Here you go Miss Claudia," Sam said handing her the
paper. "I work the late shift and just got off work so I was going to get
some sleep before I ran into you, but if you want I can drive you to your
friend's house?"

"You can? But I have nothing to pay you with," Claudia pouted.

"Well I'll make you a deal. Follow me to the other room and we'll work
something out. Sound good?"


Claudia and Sam got off the couch and walked into another room which turned
out to be his bedroom as she suspected. She wasn't surprised to see a video
camera sitting on a tripod pointed at the bed. Claudia kept playing dumb
though to finish luring him in as he slammed the bedroom door shut.

"What are you doing Sam?"

"You said you have nothing to pay me with, but you do and it's not money,"
Sam smiled his rotten showing as he turned on the camera.

Sam took his shirt off dropping it to the floor. Then he removed his shoes
and his pants soon followed. Dressed only in his yellowed stained underwear
and socks he stalked Claudia his erection becoming ever so obvious in his
under pants.

"Sam, no! What are you doing?" Claudia pretended to stammer.

"I did you a favor Claudia and now you owe me!"

"Not like this though! Please stop!" She begged backing away from the man.

"Inconsiderate child!" Sam screamed backhanding Claudia's face sending her
to the floor. "You really do remind me of my daughter Claudia. Her name was
Tiffany, but she had no respect for adults. After her mother passed away I
gave and gave and gave to that child, but she refused to return the love I
had given her so she had to be punished. If only her mother had taught her
to swim." This new psychotic side to Sam was a bit unexpected but it wasn't
anything Claudia couldn't handle.

"I'm sorry Sam! I didn't mean to show you disrespect," Claudia moaned inching
onto his bed. "What do you want me to do?"

"That's better Claudia. Once this is all over we'll both feel better."

"You've got that right," She snarled in her head. Claudia sat up on the edge
of the bed and Sam placed his yellow underwear covered crotch in front of her

"Now pull down my underwear and play with my balls." Claudia pulled down
the man's dirty underpants and watched as Sam's dick hardened with just her
breath and the air touching it.

"That's a good girl. Now play with them."

"What do you mean?"

"Take my dick in your hand and rub and lick it especially my nut sack."

"But I've never done it before."

"Do it now you stupid little cunt or I'll fucking kill you."

Claudia's blood boiled and the urge to kill him grew, but she needed him
alive for a bit longer so she could feed. She was behind on her feeding
cycles and felt the hunger. She wrapped her tiny hand around Sam's shaft and
began to stroke it back and forth. Claudia then reached for Sam's testicles
with her free hand and began to softly fondle them. She teased his penis
circling her tongue around its purple head and let it slither up and down the
shaft. Claudia heard Sam begin to moan and eagerly flicked her tongue across
his scrotum. She took turns taking each side of his sack into her mouth
sucking enthusiastically on it.

Sam pulled Claudia's face away far enough to force his cock into her mouth
and down her throat. His hands then clamped on the back of her head forcing
her to deepthroat him which in turned caused her to gag several times.
Claudia had pulled tricks like this hundreds of times before, but her small
body never got used to the size of a full-grown penis. Then as she expected
Sam began to furiously face fuck her. Claudia couldn't help it as discomfort
crawled over her face. Sam saw this and seemed to take pleasure from it
thrusting harder and harder into her tiny mouth.

Claudia felt several shots of sperm squirt into her mouth as Sam grunted and
orgasmed. She swallowed every dropped because she knew that this was what
these types of guys liked. Sam pulled out of Claudia's mouth and laid down
on the bed next to her. After several moments of silence Claudia broke the

"Are we done? Can I go now?" She asked with a bit of a tremble in her voice.

"Hell no!" Sam screamed quickly shooting straight up. "Take your god damn
clothes off and lay down on the bed."

With the same routine as so many times before Claudia removed her clothing
and dropped them to the floor. She played coy pretending to cover herself
with her hands. Sam gave an irritated look and Claudia dropped her hands to
her side.

"Fucking lay down like I said," Sam growled.

Claudia did and waited for the inevitable. Sam crawled on top of her body
and his head down to her undeveloped chest. He began to lovingly suck on
Claudia's nipples gently nibbling on them. She let out a soft moan and Sam
smiled happily as his face worked down her body. Claudia felt as Sam placed
soft kisses on her chest and abdomen. His tongue was furiously mopping up
her inner thighs cleansing them with his saliva.

Being trapped in a ten-year-old body Claudia had no pubic hair in addition to
having no breasts, which turned Sam on. Finally his tongue began to explore
Claudia's tiny cunny. Sam probed her slit with his tongue as it slid up and
down ever so slightly pushing into her twat.


"What Claudia? It better be good."

"Fuck my cunny, fuck it hard."

"What?" Sam asked a bit surprised by the request.

"Fuck my cunny, I owe you for your help."

Without further encouragement Sam quickly got to his knees and spread
Claudia's legs apart. With one deft thrust he was bursting through her hymen.
Claudia had lost her virginity several times before, but being a vampire her
body would always return to the way it was when she was changed and having
her cherry popped hurt each time it happened. Even with her hands gripping
the bedsheets tightly the force from Sam's body forced Claudia's tiny frame
to jolt with each thrust. Claudia's twat was even smaller than her mouth, but
having the hole between her legs getting stuffed didn't cause her to gag so
this was something she was able to get used to.

After fifteen minutes of wild amateurish fucking Sam felt his balls swell
and they slapped against Claudia's ass each time he penetrated her. Then as
he pulled out to push back in one more time his dick exploded again. Sam's
second cum shower was bigger than the first. Claudia laid there as white
drops freckled her chest and stomach. With one loud grunt Sam fell to the
bed and laid next to Claudia. As he laid there recuperating she looked
around the room for something heavy. She saw nothing of immediate use so she
leaned over the bed and made sure the lamp on the nightstand was unplugged.

"Get dressed Tiffany, before you mother gets home," Sam said sitting up.

"One less crazy man to worry about," Claudia thought to herself. She picked
up the lamp and slammed it hard into his head. The cheap lamp broke into a
million pieces knocking Sam out.

"You're right, I did come out better because of this," Claudia mocked Sam as
her teeth sank into his neck and his blood flowed freely.

Claudia smacked and licked her lips when she finished filling up on Sam's
blood. She looked at the digital clock on the nightstand and it read two
thirty. She had two and half maybe three hours before sunrise and. Claudia
needed to get to the Summers' home now in order to have time to foil
Lestat's plans. She quickly redressed and took the tape from Sam's video
camera smashing it on the floor. With directions in hand Claudia left Sam's
apartment in search of a new ride.

* * *

As Claudia climbed through Buffy's bedroom window close to three in the
morning she found it to be empty. A quick check of the rest of the house
found no sign of Buffy or Dawn.

"Shit!" Claudia mumbled to herself. "Where are they?"

* * *

There were currently no cults, demons, or ancient deities hellbent on world
domination or starting up armageddeon so times had become dull. Vampire
activity was up a bit, but it was nothing of much concern and killing them
had become as regular and uneventfulf as putting on shoes. So to battle the
boredom Dawn decided to spend the first full weekend of summer with her
friend Nicole which included spending the night. That left Buffy and Willow
with the house to themselves and they decided to have a weekend long girls'
night out. Buffy found herself Friday afternoon at the mall trying on clothes
when her cell phone rang and Giles was on the other end.

"Buffy did you run into anything unusual during any of your recent patrols?"

"Not really. There seemed to have been some extra activity on Wednesday and
Thursday, but nothing out of the ordinary. Why what's up?"

"There was another vampire feeding this morning which isn't anything new,
but somehow this seems different. The victim had head wounds in addition to
bite marks on the neck and there's fragments of a broken lamp nearby. This
man isn't particularly strong or in shape so it would seem as if the vampire
might have been quite a bit smaller and weaker too."

"So what're you saying? Like a vampire kid or something?"

"That's what my gut feeling tells me."

"But aren't the vampires picky in who the choose to convert?"

"Yes they are which is what makes this so unusual. Unless..."

"Unless what?"

"I've only heard of these, but worst case scenario is that this could also be
a halfling that's in the child stage possibly. Half-vampire half-human. All
the strengths and none of the weakness."

"Should I gather the others?"

"Not just yet. There's no reason to panic; however I would ask you to keep an
eye on your sister. If there is a kid vampire so to speak then I can't help
but think that someone or something is after her. The more sinister vampires
are methodical in what they do."

"I'll keep Dawn nearby for now. Just let me know if you come across anything

"Of course. Like I said it's nothing to worry about just yet, but keep an eye
out for yourself and Dawn."

As soon as Buffy got off the phone with Giles she called Nicole's house to
check on her sister.


"Hey Nicole it's Buffy. Can I talk to Dawn for a moment?"

"Sure, hang on."


"Hey Dawn I just talked to Giles and there was a vampire feeding last night."

"So? That happens all the time here."

"Well I don't have all the details yet, but there were some unusual
circumstances that he thinks are indicative of someone possibly coming after

"Ok, so what do you want me to do?"

"Nothing yet. It may end up being nothing, but we just thought it'd be a
good idea if you were aware of things and keeping an eye out for the unusual,
whatever that is for Sunnydale. What are your plans for tonight?"

"Nicole and I were just going to go to a movie then back to her house."

"Ok just call me after movie's over will you? Willow and I should be home by

"Sure Buffy. You sure everything's ok?"

"Yes I'm sure. Go have your fun ok?"

"All right then. I'll see you later."

Buffy closed her phone and left the dressing room. After she paid for her
clothes she left the store in search of Willow finding her at the food court.

"Hey Willow let's run by the house real quick so I can drop this stuff off.
I'm also going to need some time so I can call Dawn and have her help me with
something over the phone."

"Is everything ok?"

"Yes, everything is fine. Why does everyone keep asking me that?"

"Alright, sorry I was just checking. How long are you going to be at the
house? Do I have time to run by Xander's and drop of something?"

"I won't be that long, but go on ahead."

* * *

As Willow came to a stop Buffy got out of the car. She started towards her
house, but then stopped and motioned for Willow to lower the window.

"It might be forty-five minutes or so, so don't rush.."

"Is everything ok?"

"Willow," Buffy said shooting her an annoyed look.

"Yeah, I know I'll be back in a little while."

As Willow pulled away Buffy walked to her front door which she found
unlocked. She was certain she locked it before she left and pulled out a
stake as she walked inside and closed the door behind her. Stepping inside
she found all of the curtains to be closed and all the lights off. It wasn't
pitch black being the middle of the day, but someone wanted to be hidden and
Buffy wanted to know who. She reached for the light switch, but was stopped
by a voice.

"Leave the lights off and drop the stake."

"No chance. Who are you?"

"Where's Dawn?"

"Not here. What do you want?"

"It's not me who wants her, it's him."

"Enough of these games," Buffy said curtly before flipping on the lights. A
look of confusion crossed her face as she looked at the young girl in blue
jeans and a t-shirt.

"Expecting someone else?"

"Perhaps. Who are you?"

"Where's Dawn?"

"Not here. Now for the last time who are you?"

"Claudia. Do you believe vampires are inherently evil?"

"Around here they usually are. Why?"

"Because I don't want you to kill me."

"You're a vampire?"


"You don't look a day over eleven."

"Ten actually, but I am a vampire. See?" Claudia showed Buffy her fangs.

"You leave me no choice. They don't call me a vampire slayer for nothing."

"Why didn't you kill Angel or Spike?"

"What business is it of yours?"

"It isn't really, but your history is well documented among the vampire
communities. Do you really want to kill me?"

"At some point you will become a threat to me and my friends. Vampires are
soulless and evil."

"I don't mean to be rude, but that's a load of shit. The knowledge of
vampires your former watcher brought over from England is a mix of truths
and misconceptions. Giles taught you what he believed to be true, because
that's what the Watcher's Council told him so I can't entirely fault him
there. Your vampire lore is a bit off base. Since you're probably wondering
first off I got into your house simply by climbing in through your window.
This whole having to be invited in doesn't apply to everyone and neither
does losing your soul. I've been of my own free will for the last two
hundred years to choose between doing good and evil. Right now I choose to
be in the middle. Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. Simple enough
for everyone to understand. Oh and drinking dead blood like your white
haired friend in the kitchen who thinks I don't know he's there is doing
will kill some vampires."

"The young lass is right."

"Spike!" Buffy jumped at his sudden voice booming from the kitchen. "What're
you doing here?"

"I have some rather interesting news that I wanted to give you, but she's
beat me here it seems. Who might you be little lady?" Spike said walking to
Claudia patting her on the head as he squat in front of her.

Claudia's hand slapped Spike's cheek and she growled at him.

"Don't patronize me. I don't take to it well," Claudia warned her fangs
protruding out a bit.

"Just like the dead pedophile found out this morning I'm sure."

"So you're the one responsible."

"Giles has called you about the feasting then I take it?" Spike asked.

"Yeah he did. He mentioned something about the vampire being smaller and
weaker than the victim."

"And she is. You see there's a reason vampires are so picky when it comes to
those who they choose to convert. Claudia is of no real danger to you. She's
small and weak. She has the body of a ten-year-old and she needs to knock out
her victims to feed. Lestat's the one who you should worry about. He's the
one she's chasing or perhaps working with."

"Don't you ever mention his name and mine in the same sentence again!"
Claudia slapped Spike again and he stood up laughing.

"You see there are two basic rules in the vampire community. One don't kill
another vampire. We follow that about as well as humans do with each other.
Two don't turn somebody who is too young and weak to take care of themselves.
It's before my time but I know bits and pieces of young Claudia's history
with Lestat and for someone who was to have supposedly died almost a hundred
forty years ago she's doing remarkably well."

"I've been around longer than you have. I can more than take care of myself!"
Claudia snarled.

"Yes, by turning tricks and beating men senseless so you can feed without
them beating the crap out of you."

"Like your life has been any better William. You used to take pride and fancy
in a good bludgeoning, but now your Buffy's lapdog."

"I am not her lapdog!"

"Please you're no better than Angel. At least he didn't need a chip in his
head in order to control his urges."

"I am better than Angel!" Spike screamed slapping Claudia across the face
knocking her to the ground.

"Spike what are you doing?!? Both of you cut it out!" Buffy shouted getting
between the two vampires.

"I'm sorry Buffy, I know better than to let a brat push my buttons but she
had it coming!"

"You'll always be a poor man's Angel!" Claudia taunted.

"Shut up!" Spike start to push around Buffy to get to Claudia when Buffy
pushed him backwards.

"For the last time both of you stop!" Buffy screamed. Spike and Claudia
leered at each other grinding their teeth. There was silence for a few
moments and Buffy spoke. "Are we cool now?" There was more silence. "I
said are we cool now?"

Both vampires mumbled an incoherent yes and took seats in chairs on opposite
ends of the living room. Buffy sat down on a couch between them.

"Just for my own curiosity," Buffy began, "How are you still alive if you're
supposed to be dead?"

"It was me and my caretaker Madeleine that were to die that morning. Louis
changed her just that morning. Like William said-"

"My name's Spike."

"Whatever. Like William said there are two rules to follow. There used to be
anyway. It seems now days vampires are as out for themselves as humans are.
Anyway, Louis broke both of them so as punishment the vampires of the theater
in Paris locked Madeleine and I in a small chamber that lead to the streets
above. The only problem was the top was grated so sunlight shone through.
Despite having only known me for not even a week Madeleine protected my like
her own daughter. We both stripped naked and she covered me with our clothes
and laid on top of me. I was buried underneath a pile of ash and clothing for
days. Finally I crawled out and it was several more days before someone from
the street heard my cries for help."

"Ok I get that, so why are you here then?"

"Because Lestat's in town and he's out to get you. Claudia's here to protect
you I suppose and get her revenge for whatever pent up anger she has towards

"Angel, I mean Spike shut up!" Claudia chided

"What's your bloody problem?"

"Both of you shut up now and don't speak until I say so!" Buffy growled.
"Claudia you first. We've got a new vampire in town. So what? We get them
all the time in Sunnydale."

"Lestat's died twice before that I know of so he's not exactly afraid of
death or you."

"So he's just another vampire who wants me dead."

"Yeah would you bloody get on with it already?" Spike complained. "Ah
nevermind I will. From what I've heard about him Lestat is a bit of a glory
hound and getting rid of you would only boost his self-worth."

"Except that he's after Dawn, and is more interested in Buffy suffering than

"What?" Spike and Buffy asked looking at Claudia.

"Lestat could care less about killing Buffy. He wants to watch her suffer.
He'd take more pleasure from it than killing you."

"So where's this Lestat at? When do I get to slay him?"

"He's staying at a hotel on the outskirts of town." Claudia replied.

"A hotel? Isn't that a little out in the open for a vampire?"

"Not if you're trying to keep your identity hidden and be in a rock band.
Besides he's got some sort of mystical security surrounding his room I'm
sure," Spike said.

"A rock band? Why would he be in one those?"

"Did anyone else besides me find it a little odd that Korn, who's playing at
the Bronze in two days, had their opening band somehow get murdered which was
replaced by a band called Satan's Night Out who was once called-"

"The Vampire Lestat." Claudia said interrupting Spike.

"Good so you're not retarded."

"Shut up Spike. So he's going to use the concert to get to Dawn to do who
knows what." Claudia said.

"There won't be a concert," Buffy said sternly. "Dawn went to the movies
with her friend Nicole. I'll just find out which one and keep an eye on
things. It's dark now so Spike take Claudia patrolling or something. And
before I forget there's one other thing."

"No!" Spike said emphatically.

"You don't even know what I'm going to say."

"Yes I do and she's a hateful little brat!"

"And you're a sad wannabe-"

"Claudia, Spike shut up both of you. We don't have time for this and at least
for the time she's here Spike I want-"

"Don't you dare say it," Spike said with a pained look.

"Say what?" Claudia asked.

"At least while Claudia's in town I want her to stay with you Spike."

"No! Why me?!?"

"Because she's new in town and doesn't have a place to sleep during the day
and I want her to leave here alive."

"Damn it! No!"

"I'd love to stay at Spike's place," Claudia smirked rubbing it in.

* * *

Night was in full bloom as Claudia sat on top of the headstone of a deceased
Marvin Tressil. Spike was nearby standing and waiting with a stake in his

"So you help Buffy patrol Sunnydale to keep it safe from vampires?" Claudia



"I don't know. That's what friends do I guess," Spike answered rolling his

"What's your problem Spike?"

"What do you mean?"

"You rolled your eyes at me."

"I guess I don't share the same pursuit of inane knowledge like you."

"Are you always this big of a jackass to people?"

"You're not a person you're a vampire."

"Just answer the question."

Spike shrugged his shoulders non-chalantly.

"Lovely. I'd like to see you without the chip in your head."

"You'd be dead for starters and I've got my soul back thank you. The chip
has been long gone thank you very much."

Claudia hopped off the tombstone and walked towards Spike. She reached back
and punched him once in the crotch. Spike immediately grabbed his groin and
fell to the ground in agony.

"God damn it Claudia! That bloody hurt!" Spike screamed as he rolled around.

"Stop being such an ass and I won't do it again."

"I'm just kidding that didn't hurt at all," Spike said jumping to his feet.
"Next time hit a little harder or get a grown up to do it.

"You mean like him?" Claudia asked pointing behind Spike. He turned around
and saw Marvin Tressil climbing from his grave.

"Nap time's not over yet Marvin," Spike said picking up the stake off the
ground and driving it into his heart.

"Spike!" Claudia shrieked. Spike quickly turned around and saw a second
vampire holding Claudia above the ground by her neck.

"Lestat sends his regards and told me to give you this warning against
anybody coming after him."

"Spike he's got a stake, help me!" Claudia cried.

"That I do," the vampire said removing one from his boot. "Yes, Lestat
thought it would wiser to have me kill this little cunt myself rather than
relying on the sun again. Any last words?"

"Don't be a pussy- uh ah what's your name? I can't seem to remember it. You
must be a lap dog for somebody."

"My name's Seven damn it and watch your!"

"So where's six and eight? Or is it five and nine? What numbering system are
you using?"

"That's it! The bitch is dead and you're next!"

Seven reached back to stab Claudia but suddenly felt a sharp pain in his
arm as Spike pierced it with the stake. The vampire dropped Claudia and the
weapon and growled in pain. Seven pulled the stake out and lunged at Spike
who sidestepped him grabbing him by the back of his shirt and throwing him
into the side of a nearby mausoleum. The building wall crumbled as Seven
crashed through and he quickly got up screaming and hollering.

Spike casually walked up to him and threw the first punch. The two vampires
punched and kicked and swung each other into trees and tombstones for the
better part of ten minutes. Spike found himself on the defensive as Seven
threw him into a brand new freshly installed marble tombstone that didn't
completely break on impact. Seven then picked Spike up and threw him across
the cemetery into a large oak tree that shook with the crashing body.

"God that's not fair! Everything's supposed to be old in here!" Spike mumbled
hurting as he climbed to his feet. Seven found a thick tree branch on the
ground and picked it up.

"Now you die Spike!" Seven shouted as Spike looked up in time to see the
vampire ready for his deathblow. Seven's arm came shooting towards Spike
when he suddenly vanished into thin air.


"Now we're even," Claudia said smiling clutching the stake that killed
Seven. "Although technically I killed him."

"But if I didn't save your life then you wouldn't have a kill to boast

"Even here in the cemetery you two argue."

"What're you doing here Buffy?" Spike asked.

"I found the theater and uneventfully followed Dawn and Nicole back to
Nicole's house and nothing happened. Dawn said it's been quiet all day. I'm
a little bored right now so I don't mind some patrolling for the time being."

"I killed my first vampire!" Claudia exclaimed.

"So I heard," Buffy replied.

"Yeah, but I saved her life so the kill's half mine in the very least."

"You don't earn prizes for number of kills as far as I know," Buffy said
smiling at the continued exchange between Spike and Claudia. "Why don't you
two head to Spike's crypt? There's little going on and the sun will be up in
a few hours."

"Fine I could use a drink. This child is driving me crazy," Spike glared at

"Oh shove it Spike!" Claudia rebutted.

"Ah it's good to see the two of you acting like life long friends."

* * *

Nicole's parents slept soundly in their bed as their daughter lay on the
floor and Dawn laid on the couch in the living room watching "The Fast and
The Furious". Friday had turned into Saturday and both girls were having a
hard time staying up.

"Damn it's late," Nicole said yawning as she looked at the vcr clock which
read one thirty. "How about we finish this later?"

"Sure, I haven't been getting much sleep lately and I could use some."

When the vcr and tv was off the two girls started up the stairs towards
Nicole's room. As they reached the top of the stairs the doorbell rang.

"Damn it Chris!"


"Chris said he might come over tonight after we got back from the movie. He
knows better than to come over this late. My parents will be pissed if they
wake up." The two girls then proceeded back down the stairs to the front
door. Nicole looked through the peephole and saw nothing. She then unlocked
the door and saw nobody out front. "Damn it Chris, this isn't the time to be
doing this!" Nicole shouted.

Suddenly something fell off the roof and Nicole and Dawn slowly walked
towards the lump. Their eyes lit up in horror and they screamed when they
recognized Chris' beaten dead body. His head had been twisted around one
hundred eighty degrees. The girls ran back inside the house and slammed
the door shut locking it.

"So which one of you young ladies wants to die first?" Nicole and Dawn
screamed as they turned around and made out a figure in the dark though his
features were indistinguishable. "Wait a second neither one of you is going
to die tonight."

"Nicole what's going on?" her father shouted as he came running down the
stairs with a pistol in hand.

"There's someone here!" Nicole shouted pointing in the creature's direction.

"Leave now!"

"I can't leave yet, not without Dawn." Dawn shrieked at the mention of her

"You ain't taking her anywhere! Get out of here now before I shoot you!" the
father shouted.

"Shoot me then old man." Nicole's father emptied out the gun into the hidden
being, but it just stood there and laughed taking all the shots.

"Oh my god he's a vampire!" Dawn screamed.

"It can't be!" The father screamed.

"But it is," the vampire smiled leaping at the man taking a bite from his
neck and sucking out the blood.

The vampire drained all of the blood from Nicole's father and she screamed
as he fell to the floor lifeless. The vampire struck Nicole across the face
knocking her to the floor.

"James! James! What's going on?" Nicole's mother shouted as she joined
everyone on the bottom floor.

"Dad's dead! The vampire killed him!" Nicole shouted from her prone position
on the floor.

"Oh my god no!" Mother screamed as she took off back up the stairs for the
cross in her room. With quick steps the vampire caught the woman halfway up
the stairs. He quickly grabbed her head by the neck and snapped it back.
Nicole started screaming again as her mother's body tumbled down the stairs
falling on top of her father.

"Please don't kill me! Please don't kill me!" Nicole begged as the vampire
slowly walked towards her.

"I'm not going to kill you just yet. You'll die later. All I want you to do
is to deliver a message to Buffy. Tell her Lestat's in town and he's going
to spend some quality time with her sister. Will you do that for me?"

"Ye- yes! Yes!" Nicole stammered.

"Good," Lestat smiled before burying his teeth in Nicole's neck. She cried
and squirmed as he sucked the blood from her body weakening her more every
second. With a loud sigh Lestat pulled his face from Nicole's neck and let
her limp body fall to the floor. "You should be good for one more day at
least. Buffy will find you before you die and when she does just give her
my message. Now where did Dawny go?"

"I'm right here Lestat." The vampire turned to see Dawn standing in the
kitchen with a broken pointy broom handle in her hand.

"Isn't this cute? The slayer's sister pretending to be the slayer." Lestat
slowly began to saunter towards Dawn.

"I'm warning you! Don't come any closer!" Dawn shouted some fear obvious in
her voice.

"Or else what?" he mocked her standing within inches of her.


Dawn jammed the rod down towards Lestat who easily caught it before it came
anywhere near his heart. He yanked it from Dawn's hand and threw it to the
ground. With a few quick moves Lestat was behind Dawn with his arms around
her in a choke hold. She struggled mightily for a few minutes but eventually
succumbed and passed out. Throwing Dawn of his shoulders Lestat started back
towards the front door stopping momentarily to kick Nicole.

"You still alive?"

"Yeah..." Nicole groaned.


* * *

"So you stay here huh?" Claudia asked as she walked through Spike's crypt
with him.


"It's so big, don't you ever get bored being here by yourself?"

"Occasionally another vamp or two passing through will stay for a bit, but
I'm used to it. Want some?" Spiked asked after taking a big chug from the
whiskey bottle he had just pulled from an old wooden shelf.

"Sure," Claudia said taking the bottle from him and down some whiskey. "So
you and Buffy are friends I take it?"

"Of sorts, it's complicated."


"It just is."

"Have you ever thought about moving into her house? You could stay in the
basement. It looks ok down there."

"Claudia?" Spike smirked looking at her. "Would you please stop asking about
Buffy and I?"


"Thank you very much."

"Can I ask you something?"

"It better not be about Buffy."

"It's about Angel."

"Him neither."

"What happened between you two?"

"Tell me Claudia have you ever lost your soul?"


"Have you known anyone who has?"


"Let me tell you something. It's not a fun thing to lose, nor is it any when
you've got it back. Sure you have your moments when you've gone evil and
nothing bothers you, but getting that damned soul back makes everything
miserable. It makes you all moody and depressed like it did Angel whom you're
so fond of speaking about. He's been gone a few years now so he's not exactly
part of the circle here in Sunnydale."

"Ok fine I won't talk about Angel anymore."


"But what you?"

"What about me? Why must you keep blathering? It's starting to become rather

"Do you regret getting your soul back?"

"It's none of your business. It's not any more fun than bed hopping with
child molesters." Claudia started to squeeze the whiskey bottle so hard that
it cracked and broke in her hands. "Ah damn it kid you destroyed my favorite
bottle." Claudia looked at Spike and just stared at him. "What?"

"I may not have ever lost my soul, but you have no god damn right to be
talking about things you know nothing about!"

"Goodie the little vampire that could has gone mad," Spike smiled.

"You know what Spike, fuck you. You have no fucking clue what it's like the
spend two hundred years of your life playing off the dark fantasies of men
and in some cases women so you can survive. Sure you had some suffering and
some things to deal with once you regained your soul, but at least when you
were evil you had fun doing it!"

"Oh sure I had fun killing people for sport because I could, but don't you
dare scream at me about talking about things I know nothing of! Yeah I
remember having fun causing the shit I did, but my suffering didn't just
come and go when I regained my soul. I was in my own personal hell for a
long time and it took even longer to get anyone let alone Buffy to trust

"You're still an ass!"

"You're still a hateful little brat!" Spike and Claudia glared at each other
breathing heavily. Their teeth started to grind. "Here, let me try that
again." Spike sat on his knees in front of Claudia and smiled. "You're still
a hateful little brat!"

Claudia's hands clenched into fists and the urge to punch Spike was there
festering inside of her. Yet as she looked at him, at his smirk, Claudia
couldn't bring herself to do it.

"You know what Spike, you win," Claudia conceded. "You win and you're right."

"I am? Oh yes I am. Why are you giving up so easily?"

"I'm not. It took me two hundred years, but I'm finally facing reality. Louis
gave me Madeleine because he knew he couldn't just up and leave me on my own.
There were too many that wanted us dead and I'm little like you've so
eloquently said so many times tonight. How in the world is anything so small
and so young as I am supposed to survive on it's own? Humans now days live
until they're eighteen before they even begin to think about moving out of
the house. Here I am at ten trying to make it by myself."

"Claudia look-"

"No you're right Spike. I've told Buffy everything I know and you're going to
be around so I'm no longer needed here. Morning's almost here so I'll stay in
your crypt for the day, but I'll be leaving at next nightfall."

"I have to hand it to you Claudia you almost had me," Spike said getting to
his feet and sitting on the couch.

"Had you? What're you talking about?" Claudia replied following him.

"This whole woe is me act you're putting on."

"You think this is an act? You bastard, you're a bigger asshole than I

"Yes I do, and please I've been called worse by better. This little play you
like to put on may work on your unsuspecting victims, but not me."

"Fine, you've called my bluff, big deal."

"Yes well what can I say? The sun will be up in half an hour and beside that
I'm tired after having to argue with you all night. I'm going to bed. You can
sleep on the couch."

"Thanks for your hospitality," Claudia sarcastically remarked as she went
into autopilot removing her pants and shoes to change into her sleeping
clothes. "Where's my bag at?" She asked noticing it was not around.

"You're bag? I didn't know you had one. You must have left it at Buffy's."

"You didn't get it?"

"Was I supposed to? I've never been known for my ability as a host."

"Great, so now what I'm supposed to sleep in?"

"You can sleep naked for all I care, just shut up so I can get some sleep.
I've got a headache from you you know?" Spike replied climbing into bed
wearing only boxer shorts.

"Fine I'll just sleep with you then."

"Claudia no-" Spike began as felt her start to climb in bed and turned to
stop her. It was odd for them to look at each other. In front of Spike with
one knee on the bed a nude Claudia sat momentarily as she and him shared

"Spike you uh look good."

Treats and presents had been few and far between for Claudia and seeing Spike
in only his boxer shorts with the well-cut athletic body he had stirred some
feelings in Claudia that she had never had during her life. Things were a bit
more odd for Spike. He had what he knew to be a two hundred plus year old
vampire in the buff in front of him trapped in a ten-year-old body. He wasn't
sure if he was supposed to be turned on considering her state, but the look
readily able to be read in her eyes didn't help either.

"Can I help you?" Spike asked finally breaking the silence.

"Did I already say you look good?"

"Yes you did and you're not getting into my pants."

"You think I said that because I want to get into your pants?"

"Why else would you say it? You wouldn't be first girl to do such a thing
although technically you would be a girl." Claudia stood up and stared at
Spike as if to say, 'What the hell is wrong with you?' "What? You don't
think this could possibly work out do you? You're trapped in the body of
a ten-year-old. What could you possibly do for me?"

Claudia climbed back onto the bed and crawled her way over to Spike
straddling his stomach. "Watch me," She said with a wicked smile.

Everything with Claudia Spike convinced himself he didn't want to happen was
starting to. He did little to struggle as her face edged nearer to his and
they locked lips. Claudia brought her face back and she smiled as her hands
slid up and down Spike's chest. She slid off his body and positioned herself
into a sixty-nine position with him.

Spike's boxers slid down his legs and the cool air of the crypt breezed
across his hardening cock pushing the process along. Claudia grabbed the base
of Spike's dick slowly moving her hand up and down. Her tongue quickly found
it's way to the shaft following the back and forth movement of her hand. The
vampire who argued and spit insults back at him turned Spike on and he wanted

Claudia's body cringed and she moaned momentarily losing her focus as she
felt Spike's tongue slither up and down her slit pushing into her hole.
Claudia's fingers then slid down to his balls and her tiny hand began to
massage them as she took him into her mouth. In a guilt free moment of
lust for the both of them Claudia and Spike decided what the hell and to
make the most of it. Spike's tongue began to more and more slide into
Claudia's twat. He pushed his right index finger into her wet cavern and
listened to her moan at the penetration.

As Claudia's head bobbed up and down with Spike between her lips he began to
finger her cunt with a little more energy. His left thumb pressured her clit
while his tongue pushed across it. Then as Spike pushed his finger a bit
deeper into Claudia he hit something that scared the shit out of him. He
quickly pulled his finger out and stopped orally pleasuring her.

"What's wrong?" Claudia asked stopping a few moments before returning to her
blowjob on Spike.

"How are you still a virgin Claudia?" Spike grunted the pleasure from her
mouth on his member pulsing through his body. "I thought you did in the bad
people before you killed them."

"I do and I'm not one."

"But I just felt your hymen and while virgins may be good for demon
sacrifices it's just something I don't want to deal with especially with
the non-human types. Who knows how ugly things can get if they're first
time isn't satisfying."

"I'm not a virgin Spike. One of my faults as a vampire is my bodies incessant
need to return to it's form before I was changed. I've lost my virginity a
few hundred times before."


"So is everything alright now?"


"Good, because now I want to fuck. It's not often I get to do it under normal

Spike's prick stood up in the air as Claudia stood up on the bed and turned
around. With her small body facing his Claudia slowly and carefully lowered
herself onto him. Spike's prick pushed to just over nine inches and was one
of the tighter fits that Claudia had to get her body accustomed to. He was
in a similar situation too. Spike had bedded many a female whether it be
human, vampire, or otherwise, but never had he been with someone so small.
With the size differential as it was it didn't take long for Spike's dick
to push into Claudia's hymen while still adjusting to the tight fit.

"Damn, I didn't realize the fit would be this tight and that I wouldn't have
far to go to make you into a woman again."

"You could always pretend you're the dirty old man and I'm the sweet young

"That's not funny."

"Sorry, just bust my cherry already. I'm rather used to it."

"Your cherry?" Spike grunted as he burst through the membrane of flesh inside
of Claudia. "I hate that juvenile slang."

"I can't help it. It's a sign of the times."

"Yeah well not everything from modern time is great."

"Some things are," Claudia grinned as Spike pushed to bottom out in her.

Claudia leaned forward and using the wall behind the bed to hold herself up
she helped push herself down on Spike thrusting her hips into his as she
sat on him. With every thrust into Claudia's folds Spike's dick pulsed with
sexual energy as he watched the small vampire bounce up and down on him.

"Jesus Spike your big fat dick feels so fucking good in me," Claudia moaned
as her twat took in Spike's prick in an attempt to suck the life from it. To
have her folds continually pushed and stretched by a large member was finally
a turn on for Claudia.

"A girl who likes dirty talk. You don't see too many of those around

"I'm not like most girls. Just fuck me good and hard," Claudia begged. Her
pussy burned and was wetting itself. Orgasm wasn't far off.

"Good and hard you say?"

"God yes!" She moaned as her body was split by the large dick. Her female
juices began to flow from her pussy.

"And a female vampire who can come too. Nice."

"We're not all alike. God damn it!" Spike began to laugh and Claudia pouted
as she came. Her vampiric cum covering Spike who was still engorged in her.
Claudia fell on top of Spike with him still stuck in her as she calmed down
a bit and her body relaxed itself for it's next activity.

"How different are you Claudia?" Spike asked a wicked dirty idea coming to

"How different do you want me to be? This is the first I've been able to have
sex without being someone's dirty fantasy."

"Lay down on your stomach."

"Why, what are you going to do?" Claudia asked as she switched places with
Spike and he got behind her.

"Not much," he whispered in her ear.

"I see!" Claudia moaned when she felt his cockhead rub up against her
asshole. "Don't play games though, just do it and stick it in deep no matter
how I react."

Claudia's first reaction was that of brief pain as Spike pierced her anus
with his member. Anal sex was something Claudia had done before, but not
often and it had been awhile since the last time she did it. She could hear
Spike moan and talk dirty as he pushed more and more of himself into her
backside. Slowly but surely Claudia's asshole stretched to comfort the large
invasive object.

The pleasure Spike took from riding Claudia's ass was ten times that of
fucking her tight little cunt. His grunts became louder and his thrusts
harder and more wild. The feeling in her body and between her legs was
something Claudia now didn't quite understand. The same vaginal and anal
sex she had before was now becoming pleasurable. The sex now wasn't for
survival of any kind, but rather it was about carnal pleasure.

With Spike's nine inches burying deep into her with every push Claudia's
pussy began to wet again leaving her to yearn for another orgasm. Her
sphincter began to squeeze tighter and tighter around Spike's member and he
began to near gratification. Claudia let out a high pitched scream as her
body was rocked for the second time of the morning. She felt Spike's cold
sticky semen spurt out into her ass when he let out a wicked grunt and his
hands squeezed her body hard. When he emptied out Spike fell back onto his
bed and Claudia laid where she was. Heavy breathing was all that was
audible in an otherwise silent crypt. After several minutes Claudia was
the one to break the ice.

"Perhaps give the situation Buffy shouldn't know what happened here tonight."

"That doesn't sound like too bad an idea. I don't quite think she'd be
readily able to let this go despite the fact you're older than you look."



"What kind of relationship do you and Buffy really have?"

* * *

Buffy opened the refrigerator and started to put away some groceries she
had just bought at the store. As she put the last of it away Buffy began to
worry. It was almost one thirty and she still hadn't heard from Dawn.

"Hey Willow," she called walking into the living room where Willow as on the
couch watching tv.

"Yeah Buffy?"

"Dawn didn't call by any chance while I was at the store did she?"

"No, why?"

"Well after Claudia and Spike left and before you came back I called Dawn
and asked her to check in with me today and she hasn't yet."

"What time did you tell her to call?"

"I didn't."

"Well maybe she and Nicole are just at the mall and she forgot."

"She didn't forget. Something's happened."

Buffy picked up the house's cordless phone and dialed Dawn's cell number
first. When the voicemail activated she then called Nicole's house, but got
the answering machine. Frantic and starting to panic just a small bit Buffy
ran into the kitchen to find their address book and look up Nicole's cell
number. Buffy really started to panic when Nicole's voicemail came on.

"Willow I'll be right back. I'm not getting an answer from anyone so I'm
going to drive over to Nicole's to check on things."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Nothing yet. I'm hoping for the best, but I'm not feeling it right now."

"Be careful Buffy."

"I will, just wait here."


She didn't know why, but Buffy was in a full-fledge panic right as she raced
to Nicole's house running stop signs and red lights. Parking the s.u.v. in
the driveway Buffy quickly walked nearly running to the front door. She rang
the doorbell several times waiting for an answer she never got. Buffy reached
for the doorknob and stopped when she felt it turn. It was unlocked.

"Oh god no," She mumbled to herself as she stepped inside the house. The
bodies of Nicole's parents were laying on top of each other and Nicole was
sprawled out in the middle of the living room. After finding both parents
to be dead Buffy was surprised she found a faint pulse in Nicole. She
became even more concerned when she found the bite mark on Nicole's neck.
Buffy pulled out her cell phone and called the house.


"Willow, it's Buffy. I'm at Nicole's house. Her parents are dead, her blood's
been drained by a vampire and she's barely alive."

"What about Dawn?"

"I don't know, she's gone. Just get over here and get Nicole to a hospital."

Buffy sat down on the floor as she flipped off her phone. As the worst of
scenarios came into mind she began to silently weep.

"Buffy... Is that you?"

"Oh god Nicole your conscious!" Buffy shouted hovering over the girl.

"Am I going to die? Am I going to turn into one of them?"

"One of them?"

"The vampire... he bit me."

"Who bit you?"

"He said... He said his name was Lestat and that.... And that he wanted me
to give you a message."

"What? What's the message?"

"Tell her Lestat's in town and he's going to spend some quality time with
her sister."

"Dawn, oh god no."

* * *

Dawn moaned and grimaced as consciousness slowly returned to her body. She
blinked her eyes several times sitting up in bed.

"It's good to see you're finally awake. I had started to worry that you'd
never wake up."

"Where am I? Who are you?" She asked as she looked around the room. It looked
to be a dingy and dirty hotel room. The window was sealed tight with a large
blanket that blocked out the sun, though the lack of light was indicative of
early dusk. Except for a lamp that gave the room modest light it was dark and
dreary inside the rundown hotel room. Dawn quickly pulled the bed sheet over
her body as her hand brush against the side of her butt as she pushed herself
up and felt bare skin.

"You forgot my name already? We met just last night. I'm so disappointed in
you. Anyway why so modest Dawn? We're all born nude. That's right you're not
a real human are you? Well you take the form of one anyway which I'm thankful
for. It'll make forcing Buffy to suffer all that much easier. Tell me
something though Ms. Summers what do you think of your sister being the
Slayer, the chosen one?"

"All of you foul demons deserve to die!"

"Ah ah ah. That's not nice. Demons and vampires are two completely different
creatures. The demons I could care less about. It's Buffy's slaughter of
vampires that bothers me," Lestat replied bemused.

"She only kills the evil ones," Dawn snarled.

"Good, bad, what difference does it make? She lost her virginity to one and
he turned evil! Oh, bad vampires must be killed, but bad humans she won't
touch. They'll just go to jail or suffer some other inane form of punishment
and be back on the streets in six months! I did some research on your little
family and did you know a rogue Slayer, named Faith, tried to kill both your
sister and her first true love Angel? Did Buffy try to kill Faith? No she
didn't! It's ok if you're a human and you try to kill me! I'll just beat you
up a bit before sending you away!" Dawn screamed as Lestat angrily tore the
bedsheets from her nude body. "Buffy likes to kill members of my extended
family. I can accept that. A great many of the vampire are evil and mean, but
they simply don't deserve to die. You should be thankful that we can be just
as petty as humans or else we would have enslaved this entire planet by now."
Lestat shook his head several times as if trying to clear it. "My apologies,
I'm getting off track here. World domination is a discussion we can have
another time. Like I said Buffy wants to take away my family fine. I'll
return the favor, but unlike her I won't kill you. At least not completely."

"No!" Dawn moaned as Lestat sank his teeth into her neck. She fell onto her
back becoming slightly dizzy as her blood pumped into his mouth. Lestat let
out a giggling groan as he drank from Dawn's neck.

He brought his head back after several seconds and smiled like a happy child
before he pressed his blood-covered lips into Dawn's. Suddenly an urge and an
idea hit Lestat and his tongue pressed into the girl's mouth. Dawn cringed
and groaned as the vampire tongued her. She was relieved though weary when
Lestat separated his head from hers again.

"I hadn't planned on this, but it's been awhile since I've had a young nubile
teen as yourself. This'll bother you more that it bothers me."

"Please don't!" Dawn whined as Lestat's lips kissed and pressed down her body
towards her breasts. "Oh god no!"

"God can't help you know," Lestat coldly said as he began to nibble on Dawn's
nipples. The perky centers pointed upwards as the vampire's tongue brushed
across them. Lestat would periodically pull them between his lips as his
teeth bit into them.

"Please stop!" Dawn cried when Lestat's teeth sank deep into her right
breast. She could feel the blood start to flow from that bite mark as well as
the vampire began to suck heavily. Pain and emptiness started to grow within
Dawn as her left breast was soon bitten. A pert teen chest turned on the good
side in Lestat. He enjoyed the nice things in life, teen girls being one of

"Stop! Please no more! I can't take it! I'll get Buffy to quit! I promise!"

Dawn's whining pleas for mercy fell on deaf ears. Lestat's exploration of her
body with his tongue continued further down until he got to the spot between
her legs. Dawn bit her lip and started crying as Lestat slipped his tongue up
and down her slit. She moaned pathetically as he pushed it in inside. Dawn
was confused and humiliated suffering from a number of different things, but
as disgusting as being molested by a vampire was she quickly became
despondent and full of despair as she felt Lestat's bite marks on her neck
and breasts. Lestat sank his teeth into both of Dawn's inner thighs and as he
removed his teeth from her blood oozing legs a faint odor in the air fancied

"My my my, what do we have here?" Lestat asked with a devilish smile. "You're
still a virgin my sweet Dawn and with a vampire just like your sister was.
You're not quite the beastly slut she is I see so tell me, has she fucked
that bitch Spike yet? Nevermind, it won't matter as I don't have the time to
visit her before I go."

"Lestat, please I'm begging you!" Dawn squealed horrified.

"You don't want this do you?"

"Please god no!"


Dawn screamed hysterically as she watched Lestat drop his trousers and she
screamed some more when she felt his prick push up against her opening.
Feeling Lestat's cock inside of her made Dawn lose her strength through
depressed humiliation. He laughed joyously every time he thrust into Dawn
and she just laid there even when her hymen was broken sending a small jolt
of pain through her body. Dawn turned her head and looked at Lestat. The
laughing smile on his face contrasted starkly to the catatonic-like state
of shock that was on Dawn's face.

The cool temperatured body of Lestat felt oddly nice to Dawn and more so his
dick as it was pushed in and out of her twat. At least it would have had Dawn
been in situation to lose her virginity to a vampire similar to Buffy's.
There were two reactions in the room when Lestat orgasmed and came inside
Dawn. She was happy that it was finally over with though she didn't express
it in any manner and he was happy now that Dawn was suffering and soon Buffy
would be too. Lestat climbed off of Dawn pulling his pants back up and she
slowly curled up into a fetal position on the bed.

"You... you've had your fun. Please... Leave me alone..." Dawn barely mumbled
being in a very weakened state.

"I will after you do one thing."

"What is it?"

"You're feeling weak right now aren't you? I can hear it in your voice and
see it in your eyes. You're going to die soon, unless you drink my blood.
You'll be a vampire but you still be alive. Sort of." Lestat sliced his wrist
with one of his fingernails and held it in front of Dawn. She refused and
weakly pushed it away. "You don't want to drink huh? How do think Buffy's
going to react when her sister dies? She loves you despite the fact that
you're not a real human or a sister. She's already lost her mother to some
very unfortunate circumstances and I don't think she'd like to lose you this
way. Do you?"

"Fuck you Lestat! Don't you mention our mother again!" Dawn coughed. Lestat
became angered and grabbed Dawn by the throat pinning her to the bed.

"No you listen you little bitch! I don't give a shit about your dead mother
or about you and Buffy being happy! I want to makeBuffy suffer for her
killing and it won't help if you die! Now fucking drink or I'll dig up your
dead whore mother's body, bring her back to life, then fuck her until she
dies!" Lestat screamed in a fit of rage before slapping Dawn across the face.

Lestat let go of Dawn's throat and as she started to cough and wheeze he
squeezed several drops of blood from his wrist that landed in her mouth and
trickled down her throat. Dawn cried and he laughed as her transformation
into a vampire began. Her vampirical instincts suddenly kicked in and she
grabbed for his wrist and began to hungrily suck on it drawing his blood into
her mouth. Lestat let her feed just long enough for the change to finish and
as she lay on the bed panting and recovering he got her clothes from the top
of the room's television and threw them at her.

* * *

Dawn screeched and quickly rolled off the bed and underneath it as the room's
door swung open shooting light into the room.

"Shut the door! Please shut the door!" She begged.

"Dawn?" A voice called out after the sound of shutting door echoed through


"I'm here and so is Willow."

"Please go away! You shouldn't be near me!"

"Dawn what's going on? Are you ok?"

"Buffy she kind of freaked out at the sunlight. This doesn't mean-" Willow
said hesitating.

"No she's not a vampire!" Buffy screamed cutting off Willow. "Dawn please
come out from underneath the bed."

Buffy and Willow watched as Dawn's head was the first part of her body to
emerge though it was facing in the opposite direction. Dawn still had her
back to them when she finally crawled out and stood up.

"Let's go home Dawn," Buffy said.

"I can't go outside! I can't ever be around you again!"

"I don't know what Lestat did to you, but I'll make sure he suffers just as
much as you did. Let's go home, it's safe outside now."

"Look at me! Look at me!" Dawn shouted hysterically as she turned to face
Buffy and Willow. "How can you make him suffer? He made me into one of them!
It's all your fault Buffy! You're the reason he did this to me!"

"Dawn please calm down, it's not Buffy's fault. She had nothing to do with
this," Willow said trying to calm the frightened girl.

"It is her fault! If she didn't have to be the Slayer then none of this would
have happened! Lestat would have never come to Sunnydale and he would never
have bit me and forced me to drink his blood!"

Buffy looked at her sister, speechless, shocked, on the verge of tears as the
upturned forehead and pointy fangs stared back at her. She leaned against a
wall and slowly slid down it to the floor mumbling as she went.

"I was too late... I didn't take Lestat seriously enough before he acted...
This is all my fault..."

Willow was left standing alone when Dawn fell to her knees and started to cry
hysterically. She walked over to the newly changed vampire and put her arm
around Dawn trying to comfort her.

"It's not the end of the world really. Maybe you could talk to Spike and see
what he has to say about when he first changed."

"I don't know," Dawn sniffled wiping tears from her eyes. "I'm sorry Buffy I
know it's not your fault, but I don't want to be a vampire. I don't want to."

"It's ok Dawn, you were just letting out some anxiety. We'll figure out what
to do next later, but right now after night falls you're going back to the
house and I'm going to teach Lestat what it means to mess with family."

* * *

Claudia and Spike paced back and forth in the Summers' living room as they
waited for Buffy and Willow to return.

"So where are they? I thought they knew where Dawn was?"

"They do, they must have run into problem."

"You don't think they're dead do you?"

"You really don't know Buffy's all that well do you? I know she's still
alive. Something else must have come up."

"Like what?"

"We're fixing to find out," Spike said as the garage door could be heard
opening and closing. Willow emerged by herself from the garage. "Where's
Buffy and Dawn?"

"We found Dawn, but..."

"But what?" Claudia asked not liking Willow's hesitation.

"We were too late."

"Oh brother," Spike said concerned.

"Lestat bit Dawn and forced her to drink his blood. Dawn's a vampire now." A
look of bewilderment crossed Willow's face as she explained things. "She's
very self-conscious and not taking to it well at all."

"Becoming a vampire is hard thing to come to terms with and I'm sure the way
Lestat went about it he didn't make it any easier. Where's Buffy?"

"She went to the Bronze to go after Lestat."

"Damn it Buffy! I've got to go after her," Spike said heading towards the
front door to get to his car.

"Where are you going?" Claudia asked.

"Buffy gets pretty riled in the head when it comes to family. She could put
herself in a lot of danger that way."

"Be careful!" Willow shouted as Spike left the house.

"I will!" He replied shouting back and shutting the door.

"Perhaps I should go talk to her," Claudia volunteered walking towards the

"Would you please? You 're both pretty close in age when you became vampires.
Dawn's a mess right now and she's been crying since we found her."

"Willow," Claudia said stopping as she walked past her and noticed marks on
Willow's neck. "What happened to your neck?"

"Uh... Dawn tried to feed on me on the way here. I almost hit another car."

"Oh my."

"It's not her fault. She's new to this. She hasn't learned to control her
cravings like you have."

"And it'll be awhile before she does. I'm just going to talk to her and get
her in the house."

Dawn leaned against the bumper of Buffy's sport utility vehicle looking into
the night sky through the garage door window. She was worried about dropping
Buffy off alone at the Bronze, but as serious as that might be Buffy was more
than able to take care of herself and Dawn was more consumed with her future.
Just then she heard the door leading to the house open.

"Willow I'm sorry, please forgive me!" Dawn pleaded as she turned expecting
to see the red head.

"It's just me," Claudia said. "Spike's left to go help your sister with
Lestat and Willow's inside worried about you."

"I couldn't help myself! I tried to drink her blood in the car ride here!"
Dawn pouted.

"She's not mad Dawn. She's being very understanding right now. She just wants
to know you're alright."

"But I'm not! I'm a vampire!"

"So am I, so is Spike. I don't know about him, but I certainly didn't ask
to become a vampire. It'll take some time getting used to, but slowly it'll
become easier for you to handle."

"Claudia, my craving for blood is so strong it hurts right now. I'm doing
my best not to go inside and try to feed on Willow again," Dawn started to
fidget and lick her lips. "Please you've got to tie me to my bed so I don't
try to feed off of Willow again or try to with Buffy when she gets back."

"Tie you? Are you sure?"

"Yes do it! I don't know how much longer I can resist without help. There's
got to be some rope somewhere in here. Find it and use it to tie me to the
bedposts on my bed."

"Sure, sure if you want."

"Please! I don't want the same happening to Buffy or Willow."

* * *

Even with the door to Dawn's bedroom closed her cries could still be heard
by Willow in the living room. Dawn was hungry, very hungry, and craved fresh
blood, but she feared for the safety of Willow and even Buffy even though she
was the Slayer. Despite the fact that she wasn't a real biological sister
Buffy still treated and loved Dawn as one and she appreciated it and returned
Buffy's love ten fold. If Buffy had one weakness though it was that her
emotions were easily and quickly swayed by the well being of her loved ones
which was the reason why Dawn worried for her sister's safety now that she
was a vamp. She wasn't sure if she'd be able to resist the urge to try and
drink blood from her sister's neck.

Bound to her bed by her own wish tears slowly spilled from Dawn's eyes. She
was happy that she was able to keep that function. Being able to cry would
at least keep some humanity in Dawn she thought. Dawn turned her head and
saw Claudia still sitting at her desk where she had been for the last twenty
minutes. Claudia had kept quiet and stayed with Dawn to give her some sort
of comfort.

"Claudia, how did you manage to get through the first night as a vampire?"
Dawn asked.

"It's not easy to make the change. Some people have no problem with it and
act like as if nothing's changed. Some people take awhile accepting the fact
they're vampires and that things are different. I wouldn't say it was easy,
but my transition was made much easier by the fact that I had Louis who loved
and cared for me."

"Have you ever thought about looking for him?"

"I've thought about it a few times, but it's been nearly a hundred forty
years since I've seen him. He's gotten on by now I would hope and I've gotten
used to being lonely. I'm not going to lie to you and say everything's going
to be all right, because it's not. Willow seems to have a good understanding
about vampires or at the very least she can easily tolerate them, but a great
majority of people out there have no idea what the world's really like and
simply don't understand and/or fear us. Feeding on blood to survive is a real
turnoff to trying to them understanding. There are ways now to prepare blood
from processed animals without the dead blood killing you, but if you're
looking like me you can't get into meat packing plants and what not to buy or
deal for it. I have to resort to being in the company of humanities scum to
get a chance to drink from them."

"If you're lonely then why not go live with a group?"

"My age. Even if Louis and I hadn't killed Lestat the theater vampires in
Paris would probably still have tried to kill me. Many look at me like I'm a
disease because I was so young when I changed and think I should be dead. I'm
the vampire communitie's bastard child. The loneliness sucks, but things
aren't all bad I guess."

"They're not? What could possibly be good about being a vampire?"

"The same things that are good about being a human. For the vampires who keep
their soul they can laugh, fall in love, and do the same things a human can.
Everyone, humans and vampires alike, want to talk about this big difference
between the two and how different we are when all of that's crap. There are
two fundamental differences between us and them. We must feed on blood to
survive and we can't go out in the sunlight, but to get back to your question
here's the thing. Back when I was still human nobody had even the slightest
thought of inventing the airplane or making a movie or anything like that.
You take someone from back then and insert them into now and they'll lose it.
If nothing else I've been able to see how humans have come along in the last
two hundred years and who knows what they'll come up with next. Let me ask
you this. You have two choices; either live as vampire or die. Where's the
good in dieing?"

* * *

Willow was concerned for Buffy since she had been in such a frenzied
emotional state when she left for the Bronze, but at least Spike had gone to
check on her. Willow was also concerned for Dawn and desperately wanted to do
something, but she sat quietly on the couch in the living room not knowing
what if anything she could do at all. Suddenly she heard several high pitched
groans coming from the bedroom and got up to investigate.

"What's going on? What's happening to her?" Willow excitedly asked as she
swung open the door to Dawn's room.

"It's nothing..." Dawn moaned.

"The first night as a vampire is usually accompanied by a great craving to
feed. That's what's happening to her right now," Claudia added.

"Will she be better if she feeds?" Willow asked.

"Maybe. She could learn to control her cravings tonight, it could take her
two weeks. It's hard to tell. It's different for every vampire."

"But she's hungry right?"

"She won't die if she doesn't feed right away, but the hunger is there. A
very strong one too."

Suddenly Dawn pulled hard on the rope binding her to the bed shaking the
entire thing. She let out a growl and her extracted fangs glistened in the
light. Dawn's body heaved up and down as she stared hard at Willow.

"She wants to feed on me doesn't she?" Willow asked nervously.

"She can't help it. The craving's taken over her body. It'll pass in a bit,"
Claudia answered.

"Well... Buffy's going to kill Lestat and you've been here comforting her...
I should do something too..."

Willow left Dawn's room and walked to Buffy's room. There she removed a knife
from Buffy's nightstand and used the blade to slice open her finger. With
blood trickling down her right index finger Willow returned to Dawn's room
and walked to her side.

"Willow, what are you doing?" Claudia asked getting up from the chair as Dawn
continued to writhe and move around trying to escape and get to the fresh

"Feeding her," Willow replied as she pressed her bloodied finger to Dawn's

Immediately Dawn latched onto Willow's finger and started to drink. Willow
was hit by a sudden, but temporary moment of light-headedness as she started
to lose blood. Dawn sucked on Willow's finger for several seconds more before
releasing it and letting out a fulfilling sigh.

"Willow I'm sorry..." Dawn muttered as her vampiric urges still played
through her body.

"It's alright Dawn, I wanted you to," Willow reassured her. She then heard a
gasp behind her and turned to see Claudia with her teeth ready to drink.
"Claudia would you like to drink?"

"No, sorry it was a momentary lapse," Claudia said covering her mouth.

"It's alright, you can drink if you want," Willow said offering her finger as
she sat down on the side of Dawn's bed. Claudia sat down next to Willow and
hesitantly took the finger into her hand looking it over. "It's ok Claudia.
You can take my wrist or some place else if you want."

"What about your thigh?"

"Ok..." Willow replied after a moment. She stood up and dropped her pants to
the floor. Then with no suggestion or request Willow took her shirt off too
leaving only her panties and bra to remain.

"What about me? I still need to feed some more," Dawn whinnied from the bed.

"Let me lay there," Willow said as she undid the ropes.

"Why are you doing this?" Dawn asked.

"Because you need it. Please feed on me."

After Willow had taken Dawn's place on the bed Claudia began to tie her down
with the same ropes that had bound the other vampire.

"What are you doing?" Dawn asked.

"I'll tell you later," Claudia replied as she climbed between Willow's legs.

Willow moaned as she felt Claudia's teeth sink into her inner thigh drawing
blood. Dawn was a little more hesitant, but with the encouragement from her
redheaded friend she went into quench her thirst. Instead of the neck or
wrists like was common, just in this capacity Dawn decided to follow Lestat's
move. She pulled down Willow's bra enough to expose her chest then with a
slight hesitation she pierced the skin of Willow's right breast with her
teeth and started to drink.

Quite unexpectedly Willow became turned on as the vampires drank from her
body. Claudia had switched to her other thigh and as she gluttonously drank
a faint scent filled her noise. Dawn suddenly found her face being pushed
into Willow's chest by Willow. The on-hiatus witch moaned with each flick of
the tongue that crossed her body to lick up the red 'wine'.

The scent Claudia smelled was one she hadn't come across in a long time.
Her bodily instincts suddenly forced her head between Willow's legs and her
tongue into her slit. Willow let off soft gentle moans as Claudia's tongue
worked up and down her slit. Looking down at what Claudia was doing Dawn
decided to follow her lead. Dawn broke Willow's hands away from her head and
start to fondle her chest. She took Willow's nipples between her fingers
tweaking them teasing her by periodically flicking her tongue across them.
Willow suddenly bucked as Claudia's tongue penetrated her twat. She was hot
and bothered and trying not to come just yet.

Dawn hearing Willow's moans and seeing the happy albeit drained look on her
face caused her to want more. Unabashedly she undressed and sat on Willow's
face. Dawn felt her cunt start to tingle as Willow began to eat her out.
Claudia then got out from between Willow's legs and slipped two fingers into
the red-haired pussy. She looked up at Dawn who now had a happy erotic smile
on her face and the two young vampires leaned forward and kissed.

"Come with me," Claudia whispered as she continued to swim her fingers
between Willow's pussy lips.

"Oh god!" Dawn moaned as she ached and started to wet herself. "What... do...
you mean?"

Willow's body cringed and she screamed as she reached orgasm. Claudia felt
her fingers become covered in Willow's girl cum. She brought her sticky
fingers to her lips licking the tips of them clean. Claudia then placed her
fingers in front of Dawn's face.

"Try it," Claudia said. Dawn looked at her unsure for moment then took the
plunge and sucked Claudia's fingers clean. The sweet taste of Willow in her
mouth and Willow in her cunt sent Dawn over the edge. Her body shook and she
moaned as she experienced orgasm for the first time.

"What do you mean come with you?" Dawn panted as Willow started to lick her
puss clean.

"I don't know. Travel the world, visit places. There's more out than just
Sunnydale. Besides what about having time to find yourself and sort things
out? Buffy will understand. It's not like you have to leave forever,"
Claudia whispered into her ear.

"I don't know," Dawn whispered getting up from the bed and picking up her
clothes to redress.

"Hey guys can you untie me? I really don't want Buffy to see me like this. I
think she'll kind of freak if she found out I let you feed on me and I want
to leave for the hospital before she gets back."

"In a moment," Claudia said before returning her attention to Dawn and
walking her into the hallway. "What don't you know about?"

"I just can't leave Willow tied to the bed and drained. She needs to get to
the hospital."

"Willow will be ok. She's got enough left in her to survive for at least
three days. Buffy will be back tonight so she's in no danger of dying."

"But I can't just leave them like that."

"Dawn listen to yourself and think about what we just did. We just fed off
of Willow, one of Buffy's best friends. We are vampires, we need blood to

"But blood's easily obtainable in Sunnydale. Spike buys his, so why can't

"Things are not that simple Dawn. Even if Willow's wrong and Buffy is
perfectly ok with us feeding off of her can you honestly say that you'd be
ok staying in Sunnydale and things wouldn't be awkward? Like I said you
don't have to leave forever. I promise you Buffy will understand why you

"Things did get kind of weird the moment I bit Willow and started drinking,"
Dawn conceeded. "I do kind of want to leave."

"Then let's go. Let's leave Sunnydale. I need you to come with me Dawn."

"You do? Why?"

"Daaaaaawn! Please untie me!" Willow shouted from the bedroom.

"For seventy years I had Louis with me, to take care of me to love me. But
I've been alone ever since I `died'. Being a vampire is not any easier than
being a human. We still feel and want like humans do. Being by yourself is
a hard thing to do. Trust me I know. Even if you stay you're going to feel
isolated and alone, because things will be diffferent and to be honest I'm
tired of chasing Lestat and being alone." Claudia took Dawn's hand in hers
and looked deep into her eyes. "I don't want that for you. We're going to
need each other."

Dawn had been all set to argue with Claudia about needing each other, about
only knowing each other for less than a day, but as she mulled over Claudia's
words in her head the touching of their hands sent a new certainty into Dawn.

"Let me get some stuff from my room and give Willow a message to give to

"Sure, I'm going to get my things from the living room and I'll meet you

Dawn returned to her bedroom where she packed some clothes and a number of
other things into a duffel bag.

"Dawn what're you doing? Please untie me," Willow asked.

"Buffy will take you to the hospital when she gets back. I'm leaving
Sunnydale for a little while."

"But you can't! Buffy will worry about you!"

"I know Willow, but this is something I have to do. I'll be back some time,
I just hope you and Buffy will be able to understand why I have to go."

"Dawn don't go!"

Willow's cries were ignored as Dawn left the room. She found Claudia outside
sitting on the stoop waiting.

"You ready to go?" Claudia asked standing up.

"Yeah, I think so," Dawn replied unsure of herself. "I'm a little nervous
about this."

"So am I," Claudia said as she and Dawn started down the street. "I've always
been so caught up in tracking down Lestat, that I haven't had time to deal
with my emotions or anything. I've always been filled with revenge and hatred
for him. Being around someone I like hasn't happened to me in a while. This
is going to sound dumb since I'm the one who convinced you to leave, but
where are we going to go?"

"The bus station isn't far from here and if you didn't mind I thought we
might make a short stop in Los Angeles. An old friend of ours lives there
and I want to stop for a bit and talk to him."

"Los Angeles? You mean Angel? Won't he call Buffy and tell her where we are?"

"He might or he may try to convince me to do it myself, but I'd like to hear
what he has to say. Besides I don't plan on us being there for more than a
few days."

* * *

Frustrated and angry at herself for failing to protect Dawn Buffy drove back
towards her house with a death grip on the steering wheel of her s.u.v. The
vehicle barely made it above ten miles per hour nearly coming to a complete
stop several times. A wide range of emotions besides anger flowed through her
head causing her to lose focus on the simple task of driving. She was on the
verge of crying until two figures appeared in her headlights. Buffy slammed
on the brakes becoming angrier when she saw Dawn and Claudia.

"What're you doing Dawn?" Buffy shouted as she got out of the vehicle.

"I'm leaving Sunnydale for a little while. I have some things I want to sort
out. Please don't make this hard."

"Dawn you don't have to do this. You don't have to leave Sunnydale."

"Yes I do Buffy. You've done it and now I have to also."

"And you're leaving with Claudia I take it?"

"Yeah I am. I think it would be good for me to have her around."

"Oh really?" Buffy scowled glaring at Claudia and suddenly filling with anger
for her. "I bet this whole thing was her idea wasn't it? Let's break up the

"Buffy what's wrong?" Dawn asked shocked by her sister's strange behavior.

"I'm not trying to break anything up. Dawn will come back one day. You did,"
Claudia replied trying to calm Buffy down.

"So this was your idea you little bitch!" Buffy screamed pulling a stake from
her boot. "Don't you dare compare what happened with me and Angel to what you
did! Maybe Spike was right, maybe you were working for Lestat! Give me one
good reason why I shouldn't stake your sorry little ass right now? You even
said your being so young violated vampire rules!"

"Buffy please stop! What're you doing?" Dawn panicked. "Please put the stake

"You're friend Claudia here is the reason why you're a god damned vampire.
She's running away after the damage has been done. Just like Lestat did. I
had no chance to punish him like I should have!"

"Claudia had nothing to do with it! Lestat was the one who bit and forced me
to drink his blood!"

"Stop Buffy you're not thinking straight. I tried to help you and I failed
which I'm sorry for, but I'm not going to be the butt of your anger."

"You did just like Lestat asked and tricked us into falling into his trap!
Why don't you stop this!" Buffy quickly threw the stake at Claudia who ducked
just in time from having it impale her head.

"Buffy stop!" Dawn cried hysterically as her sister reached for the stake in
her other boot.

"Look at her Dawn! This is what you've become because of her!"

Claudia's fangs were bared and she was growling. Her forehead had also turned
upward. Buffy reached back and readied to throw the stake at Claudia. Dawn
shouted and stepped in front of Claudia taking the stake in the chest. She
fell limp to the ground and Buffy's face suddenly turned a deathly pale

"Oh my god no! Oh god no please!" Buffy's eyes immediately swelled with tears
as she raced to her sister's side. "Dawn I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to!"

"I know," Dawn coughed turning onto her back and pulling the stake out. "You
just missed my heart so I'll be ok."

After a few minutes Dawn's chest wound fully healed though the area was still
a bit sore. Buffy remained sitting in the road as Dawn and Claudia picked up
their things and were about to start down the road.

"You ok Buffy?" Dawn asked noting her sister's lack of movement within the
last several minutes.

"I almost killed you," Buffy mumbled with a catotonic look on her face. "I'm
the Slayer and not only could I not protect you from Lestat I almost killed
you because of it." Buffy slowly stood up and walked back towards the s.u.v.
"Claudia I'm sorry. Please take care of Dawn until she decides to come back
if she decides to."

"Dawn will be safe. I swear."

"Buffy I'll come home eventually. I don't know when, but I will."

"Can I give you two a ride somewhere?"

"Thanks, we're just going to the bus station and it's not too much further.
Besides Willow needs to be taken to the hospital. She insisted that I feed
on her since I was having such hunger pains," Dawn answered.

"That's Willow for you. Putting everyone and everything in front of her, but
you two should get going then before the sun rises. I love you Dawn no matter
what happens. That'll never change." Buffy hugged Dawn then kissed her on the

"I love you too Buffy," Dawn replied returning the gesture. "I swear I'll be

Buffy climbed into the vehicle and waved to Dawn before the two vampires
started down the road towards the station. She started the s.u.v. and turned
towards home. At the end of the street Buffy came to rest at a stopsign. She
turned around and looked through the back windshield at the two dwindling

"Hopefully she can take better care of you than I did Dawn," Buffy said to
herself as tears started to well up in her eyes again. "I'm the Slayer and
I couldn't even protect you!" Buffy pulled some Kleenex from the glove
compartment and spent a few minutes drying her eyes. The used tissues then
found their way to the floorboard and before Buffy returned home to a
waiting Willow.


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