This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

I'm not a fantastically obsessed fan of Buffy or the Vampire Chronicles so
some liberties have been taken with both.

I'm still trying to get caught up and watch the first few seasons of Angel
so some liberties have been taken with it as well. As it is now I'm using
them when everyone meets at The Hyperion and Fred and Gunn are a couple. I
never liked the Cordelia character so let's say she's still in Mexico.

Buffy TVS/Interview With The Vampire/Angel: The Prophecy Part 2
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"What the hell is this? This does me no good!" Lestat growled crumpling the
check in his hand and throwing it back at the woman. "I want cash, that's
what we agreed on! I'm sure Buffy and Angel would be more than delighted in
hearing who paid me to turn Dawn into a vampire!"

"We've dealt with those two many times before and we do not scare easily.
However, to show you that we appreciate those who follow through on their
word let me write you a new check with an extra five thousand added on."

"Listen Lilah, what part of cash only do you not understand? I want it now!"

"Do not threaten me Lestat! Be glad you were successful and I'm in a good
mood right now." Lilah tore up the check she was writing and threw it on the
ground. She returned to her company car and reached inside to the passenger
seat. She took a briefcase out and set it on the hood of the car. Lestat
smiled as the briefcase opened up and shined green.

"Good, that's what I'm talking about. That wasn't so hard now was it?"

"The sun's coming up in a few hours, you better take shelter before you get
a sunburn."

"Your bosses don't know what you're up to do they?"

"No, and I will kill you if you open your mouth."

"That's what I thought. Take care, it's been a pleasure," Lestat smiled as
he tossed the briefcase into the passenger side seat of his car and got in.

"Keep smiling vampire. Once she is born there will be NO ONE who can stop
me," Lilah said aloud to herself as she watched the speeding car disappear
into the night. As she got into her car and started it up her cell phone
started to ring.

"Give me some good news," she answered the phone.

"Things couldn't be too much better than they are now."

"Do tell sweetie."

"Stop that Lilah. I'm not you're boy toy."

"Of course you are."

"Anyway, Dawn is on a bus to Los Angeles as we speak, but there were some
'unforeseen' mechanical problems so she won't make it tonight. She'll be
getting off in San Juarez with that girl Claudia Lestat warned us about."

"Excellent. How far from town are you?"

"I'm already in San Juarez and at some dumpy motel."

"How do you know which hotel they'll stay at?"

"There's only one with its vacancy sign flashing. Just so you don't show up
to an unexpected surprise I should let you know that two of Angel's goons
are here. They don't know about Dawn do they?"

"Even if Buffy has called Angel which I suspect she already has, they
aren't expecting her to show up in San Juarez. Those two must be there for
a different reason. Who's there anyway?"

"Gunn and Fred."

"Gunn's the only one we've got to worry about. The girl won't be a problem.
You know I like you. Despite all your defeats and setbacks by Buffy and her
friends you've still go that go get 'em attitude."

"Yeah thanks."

"Come on now. If I didn't believe in you then I wouldn't have brought you
back. Besides look on the bright side. Once all is said and done, I'll be in
control of Wolfram and Hart and Buffy will either be dead or your slave."

"What about that sweet young sister of hers? I want her too."

"Dawn? What do you want with her? She's a vampire."

"We both know there's a way to fix that."

"I won't need her anymore so I suppose you can make Dawn your slave as well,
but do not mention the cure to anyone."

* * *

Dawn smacked her lips licking them as she woke with a yawn. Sleeping on the
bus proved to be uncomfortable as she rubbed her neck to work out a crick.
Willow had allowed Dawn to feed on her hours earlier, but now the hunger
returned and she was starting to worry.

"Where are we? How much longer until we reach LA?" Dawn asked.

"We're still a ways away," Claudia remarked. "While you were sleeping the bus
had to pull off the side of the road because of some mechanical problems. We
lost time and there's no way we'll be able to make it to the city and find
Angel before the sun comes up. The bus is running now, but the driver said
that we're making a stop at a station in San Juarez to have the bus looked at
before going on. We'll get off there and stay at a hotel for the day and then
we'll figure something out."

"A hotel? We barely had enough money for the bus tickets."

"Don't worry about money. I'll take care of it."

"What do you mean you'll take care of it?" Dawn asked before realizing what
Claudia was hinting at. "Claudia no! You can't be doing that! You have to

"Don't worry about me Dawn. It's what I do best, and I'll save us from having
to worry about money."

"We don't even know if the managers at any of the hotels are into that."

"I've made a few stops in San Juarez before. Trust me there's a couple people
there into it."

"Even so I don't want you giving yourself to people in exchange for goods

"Dawn I have to. It's the way I have to work in order to survive."

"Claudia you wanted me to come with you and I did, but now you have to do
something for me. If you want, lure men to where you can hit them with
something and knock them out to take what you need, but that's it. No more
giving your body to get what you want... And you can only knock out the bad
guys too."

"Alright fine, but it's going to be more of a challenge that way." Dawn
grimaced and grabbed her head for a few seconds. "You ok Dawn?"

"Yeah, I think I need to feed again. I feel very hungry. I'll be ok until we
stop... I hope."

"Yeah the hunger pains, I still remember those. It's the worst at the
beginning, but you get used to them after awhile. You though, your body needs
the nourishment so to speak since you're still new. We'll take care of that
once we reach San Juarez."

Once the bus rolled into the small dusty city Dawn and Claudia hopped off
when it stopped at the station. Claudia led them towards a seedy hotel in
the back part of the small town that she knew she could use her tiny frame
to get what she wanted. She knew sunrise wasn't far off and that they needed
to act fast.

After a twenty-minute walk the hotel came into the two girls' vision. There
was a hardware store next door that was closed for the night that had some
thick shrubs separating it from the hotel. Dawn and Claudia stopped
momentarily next to the foliage to scout the area and see how many people
were up and about. The vacancy light flashed for open rooms and the area
looked to be deserted save for one dark haired female who was standing near
the open trunk of a car. Dawn moaned as the hunger pains struck her again.

"Don't worry Dawn we're about to feed and get a room for the day."

"We are? How?"

"You see that woman that's walking into that hotel room? What do you think
is in the briefcase she's holding?"

"Money, drugs? I don't know."

"This early in the morning it's most likely one or the other. She's the
answer to our problems."

"We can't just start attacking the innocent."

"What makes you think she's innocent? She's carrying a briefcase into a
seedy hotel room in some small dirty town. If it'll make you feel better we
can knock her out first and see what's in the briefcase then we can feed and
stay in her room."

"What if the people she's meeting show up?"

"We'll just hide under the bed. They'll never know we're there."

"Unless they look under the bed."

"Dawn you need to stop worrying or you'll never survive as a vampire."

Dawn and Claudia scurried across the darkened parking lot to the door the
woman had entered. As they stopped in front of it Claudia devised a plan.

"Here's what we're going to do. Just follow my lead and let me do all the
talking. If all goes well at some point I'm going to mention you using the
phone. That's when you pretend to use it and let me take care of the woman.


"Good," Claudia replied knocking on the door. A few seconds later the door
opened and the dark haired woman answered.

"Please come in, I've been expecting you," The woman said to Dawn. Dawn and
Claudia looked at each other for a moment.

"You have?" Dawn asked.

"Yes I have. You look exactly as they described you. The blond girl

Before the woman could finish her sentence Claudia leapt at her chest
knocking her down.

"Hurry up and close the door!" Claudia shouted as she pinned the woman's
hands to the floor. Dawn slammed the door shut and hurried over to where
Claudia and the woman struggled.

"What're you two doing?" The woman screamed.

"Open the briefcase and tell me what's in it!"

Dawn hurried to the table where the briefcase sat and opened it. "It's

"Like I thought. Feed on her Dawn! She's not one of the innocent!"

There was a certain look of fear and panic in the woman's eyes as the two
vampires bared their fangs. Dawn couldn't help but think something wasn't
right. None the less she was hurting for blood and wanted to drink badly.

"Charles! Where are you?" The woman screamed as Dawn's fangs pierced her

Dawn felt a renewed sense of energy as the crimson river flowed into her
mouth. She drank feverishly as the woman struggled, but was quickly
interrupted seconds after she bit the woman. The room's door came crashing
down and Claudia was grabbed by the neck and flung onto the bed. Dawn was
quickly frightened off the woman by the violence and grabbed Claudia before
moving backwards away from the new presence.

"You ok Fred?" A black man asked helping the woman up.

"Yeah... I'm fine."

"Sorry I was at the front desk talking to the clerk. Angel's not going to
like hearing that the Morandi clan is sending kids to do their dirty work."

"They're not kids Charles. Not humans anyways," Fred replied standing up as
she rubbed the spot on her neck where she had been bitten by Dawn. "They're

"You know Angel?" Dawn asked excitedly.

"We're not talking to you!" Gunn scowled shooting a look at Dawn. "What do
you mean they're vampires?"

"Look for yourself," Fred replied showing him the bite marks.

"If you know where Angel is we need to see him," Claudia said.

"I said we're not talking to you!" Gunn remarked angrily pulling a stake
from inside his coat.

"Gunn don't. Put that away," Fred said.

"They're vampires and they just tried to kill you. The last the time I
checked Angel was the only one with a soul."

"But they're just kids. It doesn't seem right."

"I'M NOT A FUCKING CHILD!" Claudia screamed hysterically at Fred.

"Shut up girl!" Gunn growled.

"Argh!" Claudia snarled as she leapt at Gunn baring her fangs.

He quickly hit her with a right hook to the jaw and knocked her to the
floor. He reached back and plunged the stake toward Claudia's heart. She
turned onto her side in time that that the wooden object pierced the side of
her belly. As Gunn pulled the stake out to try again to kill Claudia Dawn
suddenly felt a rush of anger surge through her body and she attacked him.

She tackled him to the ground landing on his chest. Dawn's head reared back
and she growled as her fangs emerged. Gunn punched her in the mouth once,
then punched her again. Temporarily stunning Dawn Gunn grabbed her by the
shoulders and threw her off.

"Everyone stop right now!" Fred shouted. "Just calm down and let's talk
about this!"

"There's nothing to talk about! They're vampires and they just tried to kill
us!" Gunn screamed as he sat up.

"Charles calm down! They're kids for Pete's sake and they're probably
scared. Let Angel talk to them."

"Didn't you hear Claudia? We're not kids!" Dawn sneered getting to her feet
and slowly walking towards Fred.

"What're you doing? Stop! Let's talk about this! We can take you to Angel!"
Fred said slowly backing up and reaching behind her.

Gunn started to get up, but Claudia pulled the stake from her stomach and
jumped on top of him pressing it to his throat. "Where do you think you're
going Char-Les?"

"I swear to God you even touch her I'll kill you!" Gunn growled.

"You were going to kill us anyway," Claudia replied.

"You deserve it!"

Dawn kept walking towards Fred until she had her pinned up against a wall.
Fred's face showed a sign of uncertainty and fear all the while she reached
for a stake strapped to her body underneath her shirt. Dawn took a big whiff
of Fred's neck especially the area where she had bitten her. There was still
a tiny bit of blood near the bite mark and Dawn licked it off.

"You're name is Fred isn't it?" Dawn asked looking agitated.

"That's what they call me..."

"What's your real name? Never mind it doesn't matter. The last few days have
been pretty bad for me. You see Claudia gets upset when anyone calls her a
child. Yeah I know she looks ten but she's over two hundred years old so show
some respect okay?" Fred grimaced as Dawn licked the left side of her face.
She fumbled for the stake and Dawn noticed this. "Let me guess. You have a
stake strapped to your body right? Pull your hand out so I can see it." Fred
obeyed. "Good girl. Anyway, so you see Claudia isn't that much younger than
our precious Angel, maybe twenty years or so. Me on the other hand, I was
normal healthy teenage girl until a few days ago. Well as normal as being the
Slayer's sister could be anyway. I won't go into details, but as you can tell
I'm not quite human anymore." Dawn bared her fangs licking them seductively.

"You're Buffy's sister?" Fred's voice quivered.

"That's bullshit!" Gunn screamed. "The way Angel and Wes talk about Buffy
she'd never let anything happen to her sister!"

"Well she did, though to be fair it wasn't completely her fault. Damn it!
Would everyone please stop getting me off track?!? Look Fred I became a
vampire yesterday and all I wanted to do was see Angel and talk to him.
I'm sorry we attacked you, but I'm hungry and I'm going just a little bit
fucking crazy! God damn it girl!" Dawn screamed punching the wall near
Fred's face.

"Dawn we can't stay here." Claudia said becoming concerned for her. "You
need to feed badly!"

The split second Claudia's attention was on Dawn gave Gunn enough time to
act. He took the stake from Claudia's hand and flung her across the floor.
As Dawn turned to investigate the commotion Fred pushed Dawn towards Gunn
who grabbed her by the neck and pinned her to the bed. With a quick thrust
he stabbed Dawn with the wooden instrument.

"DAWN!" Claudia screamed as she thought she witnessed her friend die.

"Damn I must be off today," Gunn remarked as he pulled his arm back again.
Claudia quickly dove onto the bed and on top of Dawn's body.

"Please don't kill her! Please!" Claudia began to beg.

"Die with some dignity why don't you?" Charles remarked shaking his head
ready to strike again. As his arm started forward Fred grabbed it and stopped
him. "Fred what are you doing? They need to die."

"Don't..." Fred replied shaking her head with concern.

"Do anything you want with me, but don't kill Dawn! I swore to Buffy I'd
protect her and bring her back to Sunnydale!" Claudia pleaded as if on the
verge of tears.

"Charles call Angel and let's explain what's going on. I saw a picture of
Dawn once in his office and the girl does look like her."

"Alright fine. Let's call Angel. You talk to him though. I want to keep an
eye on these two," Gunn conceeded as Fred retrieved the cellphone from the

"I want to die..." Dawn moaned. "I can't be a vampire... I can't..."

"Don't say that Dawn," Claudia whispered. "We'll be able to see Angel soon
and he can help us."

"How sweet," Gunn replied sarcastically. "A vampire who cares."

"Shh!" Fred chided as she dialed Angel's number.

"What is it?" Angel grumbled waking from his sleep as his cell phone rang on
the nightstand next to the bed. He was troubled by Buffy's phone call only
hours earlier, but there wasn't anything he could do about it just yet. He
did manage to get to sleep which was something he hadn't been doing a whole
lot of lately. "This better be good," He mumbled into his phone.

"Angel it's Fred."

"Did you and Gunn take care of the Morandi clan like I asked?"

"They haven't shown up yet, but-"

"Where are you now?"

"We're still in San Juarez."

"Wait until the Morandis show up and take care of business."

"We've run into a small problem."

"What small problem?"

"Two of them actually. Two vampires one who looks like she's ten but claims
to be two hundred, and the other who claims to be Buffy's sister."

Angel shot straight up in bed. "Damn it, so it is true!"

"What's true? Is something going on Angel?"

"Not now. What do they look like?"

"One's short, looks like she's ten, has blond hair and goes by the name of
Claudia. The other's got brunette hair and looks sixteen or so."

"Okay Fred, here's what I want you and Gunn to do. Bring the two of them in
immediately! If they need to feed, stop by Dweezil's off of Route Three.
Other than that don't make any stops, just get them here."

"Ok we'll get them there as soon as we can."

"Thanks Fred. I'm not sure what, but it sounds like something might be going
on. I'll need to talk to Buffy and Giles some more to know for sure."

"Buffy and Giles? So this is big."

"I didn't say that. Look just get Dawn and Claudia here and we'll talk about
it later."

"What about the Morandi clan?"

"I'll call them in a few hours and we'll set up a meeting for another time."

"Alright Angel we'll see you soon."

"Well?" Gunn asked.

"We need to get back to L.A. asap. Angel won't say what, but something is
going on."

"And this is our cue to say thanks for doing all of the work, but we need to
take Dawn with us now," A dark haired young man said stepping into the hotel

"And you are?" Gunn asked turning to face the man with Claudia and Dawn
sitting up on the bed.

"It's not important who I am, just that I'm going to take Dawn off your hands

"Warren?!? It can't be! You're dead!" Dawn muttered shocked.

"Death's a funny thing, it's not as permanent as we once thought. You found
that out last night didn't you Dawn? You have no heartbeat and Willow skinned
me alive, yet here we are talking. You ever see the movie Darkman?"

"Maybe... I don't know..."

"Well thanks to some new friends of mine I can have my old body back." Warren
began as he reached underneath his chin and pealed his face off. Dawn gagged
at the sight of muscle, tissue, and bone. "This is what I look like thanks to
Willow. Not very attractive I know, but now I can walk around in public
without looking like a freakshow." Warren rolled his face back down
smoothing it out and the tears in the flesh reconnected making the face whole
again. Warren got up and smiled as he walked to Dawn and caressed her face.

"Get your hands off of her, before I break them," Gunn snarled.

"You won't do anything to him," Lilah said stepping from the shadows into the

"How unusual that Wolfram and Hart are involved. It's so good to see you
again Lilah," Gunn said sarcastically. "It's rather bold of you to go after
Buffy's sister and make her a vampire."

"It's very cliched I know, but you don't succeed in life without taking
chances," Lilah replied smiling triumphantly.

"And what exactly is it you want with Dawn?" Fred asked.

"It's none of your business. Now if you'll excuse us. Let's go Dawn," Lilah
said nonchalantly.

"The girl's not going anywhere with you," Gunn warned.

"She's a vampire and yes she is," Lilah replied getting annoyed.

"Over my dead body," Gunn growled.

"If that's the way you want it..."

Lilah raised her hand and a fiery red bolt shot from it striking Gunn in the
chest. The blast of energy sent him flying backwards crashing into a wall
then falling to the floor.

"Charles!" Fred screamed taking a step towards him.

"Stop right there or he dies!" Lilah growled. Fred stopped cold. "Warren,
you brought her along like I asked right?"

"Of course."

"Bring her in to take care of these three."

"What the hell happened to you?" Gunn groaned rubbing his chest.

"I've bettered myself since the last time we met. I'm not just the run of
mill Wolfram and Hart lawyer anymore," Lilah smiled sending more bolts of
red into Gunn's body watching him twitch on the floor. A few minutes later
Warren returned with a guest.

"Buffy?!?" Fred asked confused.

"No, it's a Buffybot, far inferior to the real thing. He must have built
himself a new one," Dawn replied.

"With my meager means it's a slightly inferior creature, but with the backing
of Wolfram and Hart I'll have all the money and supplies I need to build one
far superior to your sister. And not just one Buffybot, but a whole army to
to keep all of the vampires and demons and others of their ilk in line.
Sunnydale will be my kingdom and you and your sister will be my slaves. Oh
and I'm going to thoroughly enjoy killing that bitch Willow," Warren said
grinning widely shouting the last part about Willow with some anger. Dawn
gagged as he eyed her over. "Now come with us peacefully so I can let Buffy
kill these three."

"Warren you moron. You talk too much."

"What??? If you can come through on even half of what you've promised me
then none of this will be an issue!"

"Would you two shut up already? You win. I don't know what this has to do
with me, but I'm in a no win situation," Dawn replied suddenly changing her
demeanor as she climbed off the bed.

"Dawn! What're you doing???" Claudia shouted grabbing for her shirt.

"God damn vampire, can't trust any of them," Gunn grunted climbing to his

"Shut up!" Lilah said shooting more bolts of red into his body.

"Claudia I'm sorry..." Dawn mumbled yanking her arm away and getting next to
Lilah and Warren.

"That's a good girl," Lilah smiled patting Dawn on the head.

"We would love to stay and chat, really we would, but we have a lot of things
to do now. Buffy please kill these three and meet us back home," Warren said
as the three of them turned to leave the room.

"Gunn what're we going to do?" Fred asked fearing for her life.

"We're not going out like this!"

"Dawn... Please don't... I promised Buffy..." Claudia whined.

"Promises are meant to be broken, now if you won't shut up," Lilah sighed
annoyed as she turned to face Claudia and raise her hand. Just as the air
started to cackle Dawn leapt at Lilah knocking her to the ground. Lilah let
out a scream as Dawn bit into her neck and started to suck blood.

"Oh shit! Buffy kill them! Now!" Warren screamed trying to pull Dawn off of

While Gunn engaged into combat with Buffybot Claudia jumped off the bed and
threw herself into Warren knocking him into the hotel parking lot. With her
forehead upturned and her fangs glistening Claudia stared down Warren for a
few seconds before he got into his car and sped away. She then turned her
attention to Lilah as she fought to get Dawn off of her. Lilah shrieked
loudly as Claudia's teeth sank into the free side of her neck. While the two
vampires fed off of Lilah and Gunn fought with Buffybot Fred ran outside to
the car. She grabbed the axe from its secure rack in the trunk and ran back

"Charles!" Fred shouted tossing the axe towards him.

Gunn gave Buffybot a hardy kick to the stomach knocking it back a few steps
and caught the axe. With one fell swoop he decapitated the robot and the
sputtering machinery fell to the floor. Fred caught the beaten and weary
Gunn as he started to fall and sat him down on the bed. It was then that
Dawn and Claudia finished feeding off of Lilah and turned their attention
towards them.

"Dawn don't! We want to help you!" Fred pleaded.

"You want to help me? You want to help me? Not fifteen minutes ago your
boyfriend there wanted us dead, would've happily put a stake in our hearts,"
Dawn sneered. "I don't see how that's wanting to help."

With Lilah's blood dripping down their lips and a smile adorning their faces
Dawn and Claudia slowly sauntered towards Fred and Gunn. Gunn pulled himself
up and raised the axe in defense.

"You best come to your senses, before someone gets hurt," Gunn warned.

"What do you say Dawn? Ready for dessert?" Claudia smiled licking her lips.

"Not yet Claudia, not yet. I still want to speak with Angel and having two
of his people dead wouldn't help the situation," Dawn reconsidered, "but
know this you two the next time our paths cross... well, just watch yourself.
Let's go." Dawn and Claudia left the room and got into Lilah's car.

"Do you even know how to drive one of these things?" Claudia asked.

"Buffy taught me. You know this town don't you?"


"So where to? We don't have much time before the sun is out."

"There's this abandoned cabin in the woods nearby that I've stayed at a few

"Sounds good to me," Dawn said.

"Get back on the main road and head south. It's just outside town and it's
pretty deep in the woods. We'll end up on a dirt road and have to walk part
of the way."

* * *

"This obviously isn't a natural death so let's get the body bagged and to
the coroner's office," Sheriff Wagner commented squatting over Lilah poking
at the bite marks in her neck with his finger. He then signaled for a body
bag and gurney. He stood up and walked over to one of his deputy's who was
questioning Gunn while Fred sat alone in their car. "Donald come here for a
second," Wagner called out waving to him.

"Yes Sheriff Wagner?" the man replied retreating towards him.

"You've talked to both of them right?"

"Yes I have and I was just finishing up with Charles as a matter of fact."

"Good. What did they have to say?"

"They've both said that they were meeting the woman here for business
purposes and they were attacked in the parking lot by a couple of animals.
Coyotes or wolves or something."

"Uh huh. My gut says they're up to something. Follow them into the station
for further questioning and I'll meet you there later. I'm going to finish
up out here and met you at the station later." Donald walked back to where
Gunn still stood agitated by the whole situation.

"Excuse me, Mr. Gunn I'm going to need you and your friend to drive down to
the station for some follow up questioning. I'll be right behind you."

"Oh god..." Charles moaned. "How much longer is this going to take?"

"I don't know, it's kind of up to you and what you decide to tell us."

"You think I'm lying to you?"

"I don't know Mr. Gunn, but I've been told to bring you two in."

"Fine! Where's the station at? I'm not from around here!"

"Oh it's easy to find. Just turn left out of the parking lot and drive for
about a half mile and turn left onto Wesson and it's about half mile down on
your left." Gunn returned to the car and by the look on his face Fred could
tell things weren't going well.

"What's going on Charles?"

"The police think we're lying and want us to go to the station for more

"Well let's call Angel and tell him that we're going to be late."

"We can't, the cell phone got destroyed during the commotion. We'll have to
call from the station."

"Angel won't be happy," Fred remarked nervously.

"No, he won't be happy at all."

* * *

When Dawn said Buffy had taught her to drive some lessons had been given and
Dawn knew how to drive in theory. Unfortunately Dawn hadn't gotten enough
practice yet to become efficient and was able to figure out a way to blow
transmission in Lilah's car. This forced her and Claudia to have to walk an
extra half mile to get the dirt road and another quarter mile to get to an
unmarked path to hike to the cabin.

"We could have been at the cabin almost an hour ago if you hadn't destroyed
up the car," Claudia complained.

"What did I do? That Lilah woman could have messed up the car. It was hers.
We don't know what her driving habits are like," Dawn responded defensively.

"No, the car was running fine when you started it. You blew out the
transmission! Now we will have to figuore out how to get back on the bus to
get to Los Angeles. Smooth move Dawn."

"How do you even know it was the transmission?"

"Please, I was around when cars were invented."

"So why didn't you ever learn to drive smart ass?"

"Umm, yeah who's going to teach a ten year old to drive? Let's just keep

Dawn could sense Claudia was obviously agitated at her and didn't like the
feeling. As she watched the blond walk in front of her Dawn was struck by an
idea. She quickly caught up to Claudia and squeezed her firmly in the ass.

"Hey! What was that for?" Claudia said half-smiling.

"I don't know, just because. Has anyone ever told you how hot and attractive
you are?" Dawn replied.

"Don't worry Dawn, I'm not upset with you."

"Okay, so answer my question anyway."

"Alright since you asked only fifty-five year old men have told me that. Do
you really think I'm attractive or just saying that to get on my good side?"

"I wouldn't mind getting in your panties to be honest."

"Uh huh. Thank you for your compliment, but neither of us will be looking
too good in twenty three minutes if we don't make it to the cabin," Claudia
remarked taking off down the path.

"Damn girl your ass is fine," Dawn thought as she caught a glimpse of her
friend's butt in motion before she disappeared. She ran to catch up to

They reached the cabin literally with just minutes to spare. Claudia was
still happy to see that the windows were still boarded up on the outside and
painted black on the inside.

"It's a tad bit dusty," Dawn coughed as she smacked the bed and a cloud of
dust was thrown into the air.

"What do you expect? It's abandoned," Claudia remarked latching the door's
barely working lock. "Help me push that dresser against the door."

"I thought you said this cabin was abandoned?" Dawn asked as she and Claudia
started pushing the dresser.

"It is, but better safe than sorry."

"So what now?"

"Wait until night falls then try for Los Angeles again to see Angel. So
how're you feeling? The hunger pains still bothering you?"

"I feel fine actually. I don't know... There was just something in Lilah's
blood that made me feel so much better."

"I sensed it too. There's definitely something different about her."

"You mean like the red bolts of energy shooting from her hands?"

"Don't be a smartass."

"Better than being a dumbass."

"You know Dawn speaking of ass, maybe it's the blood talking, but you've got
a nice one you know that? You ever sleep with Spike? I'm sure he would've
love to stick his giant dick up your butt."

"Spike? He's Buffy's boyfriend or whatever it is they're calling him. Why do
you want to know?"

"Curiosity mostly. That and we royally fucked each other back in Sunnydale.
He's really into the anal."

"You dirty little slut. I thought we were friends!" Dawn replied.

"We are, but don't tell me you wouldn't have fucked him if given the chance."

"That's besides the point. I want you to make it up to me."

"Make it up to you? What are you talking about?"

"If I can't fuck Spike then neither can you. It's not fair Claudia."

"Who said life was fair?"

"You just don't get it do you?" Dawn asked looking disappointed by Claudia's

"And again I ask, what are you talking about?"

Dawn walked over to the bed stripping the dusty sheets off. She patted the
bare mattress several times and was happy with the lack of dust it spit up.

"Come here Claudia."

"Dawn what's gotten into you?"

"Claudia don't argue with me just come here!"

"Ok fine, what do you wa-" Claudia started walking over to the bed. She was
interrupted as Dawn flung her onto the bed and sat on her stomach. "Dawnie,
is there something you want to tell me?" She asked with a smile.

"There's plenty I want to tell you about," Dawn replied as she worked
Claudia's shirt up over her head. "Still the child slut I see. Why do you
wear no bra?"

"Why should I? I don't have breasts."

"Don't you dare talk back to me like that!"

"Or else what?

Dawn climbed off Claudia and unfastened her pants. With a quick tug she
removed the blond vampire's pants and panties and sat Claudia up. Dawn sat
down on the bed then bent Claudia over her knees.

"I will have to punish you," Dawn remarked coolly. Her hand came down across
Claudia's bare ass as she started to spank her. As Dawn's hand came down on
her butt with each slap Claudia couldn't help but smile and get turned on by
the spanking.

"Oh please Dawn, you call that a punishment? Let's go back to Sunnydale,
Spike really knows how to punish an ass."

"We should do that. We should visit the vampire that loves to fuck things in
the ass. You'd like that wouldn't you?"

"Oh hell yeah!" Claudia replied egging Dawn on.

"Do you like it dry or lubed, you little whore?"

"Well Spike had just finished coming in my wet pussy before he stuck it in
my butt, so I'll choose lubed."

With Claudia still lying over her knees Dawn reached between her legs
searching for her bare pussy. When she found it she slowly inserted two
fingers into Claudia's tight opening.

"Dawnie loves sticking her fingers into my little pussy don't you?" Claudia
teased as Dawn slowly began to push her fingers in and out with a nice

"This isn't about me girl. This is about you and the shameful pleasures you
participate in."

"Then how come you're getting wet? I can smell your cunt getting all nasty
and sticky. You're getting horny just fingering me aren't you?"

"You're just as wet as I am," Dawn replied feeling the stickiness that was
on her fingers.

"Then how about you stop pretending to be a tough girl and play with me?"

"I don't think so," Dawn answered sliding her fingers in and out between
Claudia's pussy lips with long smooth strokes soaking in the blonde's
wetness with each thrust. "How about you be the good girl you are and take
your punishment without arguing?"

Dawn slowly pulled her dripping fingers from Claudia's twat and slid her
hand up to the girl's ass. She found Claudia's asshole and teased it
slightly poking her index finger into the anus.

"What're you doing Dawn? This is no punishment; you're getting off on this!
You're enjoying this!"

"Can you get off on this?" Dawn pushed her finger into Claudia's asshole and
listened to her moan.

"Only if you stick more fingers in. That's not even a tenth of the size of
Spike's dick." Claudia moaned again as Dawn inserted her other sticky finger
into her butt. "Come on Dawn! Is that the best you can do?"

Agitated by Claudia's comments Dawn began to really pump her fingers in and
out of Claudia's sphincter. She could hear Claudia's moans and could feel as
Claudia became more turned on by the fingering with every moment that
passed. Then in a move to give Claudia more than she bargained for Dawn
slowly pushed a third finger inside. Both girls were temporarily surprised
by Dawn's boldness, but neither said anything.

Dawn could start to feel herself pussy get wet and soak into her panties and
jeans. She had an itch that she wanted to scratch and knew that only Claudia
could help her, but first she needed to finish teaching her a "lesson".

"What's going on?" Claudia asked as Dawn removed her fingers and got up.

"Shut up and lay on your stomach," Dawn ordered.

Claudia happily obliged as she watched the brunette start to strip. When
she was fully nude Dawn climbed onto the bed behind the blond and easily
reinserted her three lubed fingers into Claudia's butthole. Claudia moaned
and started to wet herself again as the penetration restarted. Slowly over
time her anus started to expand and Dawn noticed this. With her free hand
Dawn slipped it inside Claudia's cunt and wiped up quite a bit of girl
juice. Dawn then lathered it all over her still exposed hand and began to
push it inward. Claudia gasped and nearly came as she felt the entirety of
Dawn's hand slip inside her ass.

With a renewed hunger to "punish" Claudia, Dawn began to feverishly work her
hand in and out of Claudia's rectum. She became hot and bothered as the
blond vampire cried out with every thrust of the fist and Dawn's free hand
found it's way to her pussy sliding through the bushy brown forest and
between the wet lips. Claudia's cries were not from pain but from extreme
perverse pleasure. To have Dawn or anyone fisting her ass was something she
had never done before. Having Spike's engorged cock inside of it was a
pleasure in it's own right, but to have something as big and dirty as Dawn's
entire hand inside was something too exciting and incredible to describe.
Claudia too reached down to finger her pussy as the jackhammering of her
behind continued.

Dawn and Claudia both began to moan their bodies shooting with excitement.
Claudia couldn't help herself and began to squirt her cum madly as Dawn
continued to pound her rectum. Panting with a smile Claudia sucked the girl
juice from her fingers then reinserted them into her pussy for more. Dawn's
body began quaking with multiple orgasms her cream running down her legs.
Claudia turned and looked back smiling as Dawn removed her hand and used one
to finger herself and the other to play with her clit as she doubled over in
an intense orgasm, her fluids gushing endlessly.

Claudia quickly took advantage of the situation turning the stunned Dawn
onto her back. With a sloppy messy twat to work with Claudia was easily able
to insert her entire hand into Dawn's opening. Dawn bucked wildly as the
last remnants of orgasm left her and Claudia began to fist her.

"Who's the dirty little slut now?" Claudia teased pumping her fist in and
out of Dawn's pussy.

"Fuck you Claudia!" Dawn moaned in delight. "Stop it!"

"No fuck you Dawn," Claudia sneered pushing her hand deep into Dawn's twat
with long slow pumps.

Dawn grimaced and moaned as Claudia violated her, but she was starting to
get off on it and her girl juice started to lubricate Claudia's arm. Within
a few short minutes Dawn was groaning hysterically as Claudia worked her arm
all the way inside Dawn's opening nearly down to the elbow.

"Fucking come Dawn! You're just an amateur!" Claudia squealed pumping harder
and still deeper into the brunette's cunt.

"Oh god! Lick my cum you filthy whore!" Dawn screamed as she orgasmed again.
Her cream covered over the entirety of Claudia's inserted arm and she pulled
it out with a nice sloppy pop.

"Come Dawn eat your cum with me," Claudia moaned climbing on top of Dawn and
placing her arm between their faces.

Both vampires began to lick the Summers' cream from Claudia's arm and soon
it was gone. All that was left on Claudia was their saliva. She removed
her arm and the two of them looked into each other's eyes smiling. Then their
lips locked for several seconds and when their kissed finished Claudia fell
onto the bed next to Dawn. The two vampires smelling strongly of sex embraced
and laid with each other quietly for several minutes before Dawn spoke.

"I could get used to this."

"Me too. Now let's get some rest. We have a big night ahead of us," Claudia
replied kissing Dawn on the back of the neck as they slowly fell to sleep.

* * *

Dawn and Claudia woke up as night started to fall over San Juarez.

"How're you feeling Dawnie?" Claudia cooed as she reached around Dawn and
gently squeezed her breasts.

"I'm doing just fine and you?" Dawn replied turning around to kiss Claudia.

"I'm doing pretty good myself. I'm actually feeling about as good as I can
remember in a long time."

"I'm finally ok with being a vampire and taking what's mine and doing as I
please," Dawn smiled with a gleam of wickedness in her eyes.

"That's very good to hear sweetie. You ready to head for L.A.?"

"Los Angeles is a big city, there's so much to see and do. Let's not bother
Angel just yet when we get there."

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Claudia asked delightedly.

"Raise a little hell, cause a little trouble?" Excitement coursed through
Dawn's body as thoughts of mayhem entered into her head.

"Most definitely, but first let's go to town to get cleaned up and changed.
We need to get a few things too, I think we left our bags on the bus."

"Fuck those bags, we're not humans anymore! Let's stop behaving like them!
We'll take what we need when we need it!"

"What happened to you Dawn? You were far from the take charge type a few
days ago."

"Would you rather me sit around and let other people dictate the way we're
going to be? I like myself better this way."

"So do I. I think now it's time to announce our arrival."

* * *

"Where the hell are Gunn and Fred? They should have been here hours ago,"
Angel muttered as he paced back and forth across the lobby of The Hyperion.

"Even if they look like children, they're still vampires. One could be a
handful, two could be a problem," Wesley replied.

"You don't suppose something could have happened to them? Maybe we should
head out to San Juarez and look for them," Lorne added.

"Nothing like that happened!" Angel chided. "According to Buffy this Claudia,
whoever she is, came to warn them and try to prevent what happened. She
demonstrated the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and choose
which path to walk. It's rare, but someone not losing their soul once they
become a vampire is not completely unheard of. Besides for her to live as
long as she has she would have needed a balance in her judgement and if they
were evil then why come to Los Angeles? Buffy checked the receipts at the
bus station and they bought tickets to come here."

"Okay so it's not impossible for someone not to lose their soul, but what are
the odds that a vampire with her soul, meets another vampire just as she's
turning who doesn't lose her soul?" Lorne asked. "Three vampires with souls
within this close a radius is quite mind boggling numbers wise."

"Yeah and I was sent through a vortex into hell which the Powers That Be then
promptly brought me back from. Nothing's impossible."

"Chances are Gunn and Fred aren't dead. If they were don't you think we
would have heard something by now? Gunn's more than capable of taking
care of himself and Fred's a smart girl. They'll show up any minute I
bet," Wesley replied. Just as Wes finished his statement Gunn and Fred
came stumbling through the front door of the hotel. "See? What did I
tell you?"

"Jeez what happened to you two? You look like hell," Lorne said.

"We ran into a few problems," Gunn replied gingerly sitting down on a couch
in the lobby resting at an angle. Fred sat down next to him.

"Where's Dawn and Claudia?" Angel asked.

"We don't know."

"What do you mean you don't know? All I asked you to do was bring them back
here! This is Buffy's sister we're talking about!"

"Angel just calm down, I'm sure they have a good explanation as to what
happened," Wes said.

"Well?" Angel asked impatiently.

"We were there waiting for the representatives from the Morandi Clan to
show-Ow!" Gunn grimaced reaching for his ribcage as he tried to straighten

"Don't move," Fred said stopping Gunn. "I was in the hotel room and Charles
was at the front desk talking to the clerk making sure the surrounding rooms
would be clear. Dawn and Claudia then showed up and we exchanged a few words
before they attacked me."

"Three soulful vampires I didn't think that sounded right," Lorne remarked.

"But then Claudia started telling Dawn to feed on me, that I wasn't one of
the innocent."

"Choosing to feed off the bad and let the good live. It doesn't make them
evil. I was the same way when I was cursed by the gypsies," Angel replied.

"Well then Dawn bit me," Fred continued "But it was only for like a split
second because Charles showed up after he heard the noise and my screams and
pulled her off of me. From there some words were exchanged and tempers flared
and there was a bit of scuffle between Gunn and the two of them and once
things calmed down we called you."

"Nice," Angel muttered.

"Well it gets better," Gunn remarked sarcastically. "Our favorite lawyer
from Wolfram and Hart shows up with some guy named Warren. No problem except
for the fact that Lilah can shoot red bolts of lightning from her hands now
and shocked the hell out of me. And according to Dawn's reaction Warren is
supposed to be dead. From the looks of it when Warren removed his face he
might have been skinned alive before he died."

"He removed his face?" Wesley asked.

"Reached under his chin and peeled part of it back. Then put it back in place
and it healed itself."

"A synthetic skin suit. They're mostly used when something is trying to hide
it's true form and pass itself off as a human. They're still very unstable
and only last a few days at a time maybe a week tops. Warren's going to be
going through a lot these," Angel remarked. "It's not so much the suits but
why he was revived. Resurrections are done for a reason. Anyway, continue

"They demanded we hand over Dawn and Warren brings in this Buffybot he's
created and sics it on me, Fred, and Claudia once Dawn finally agrees
to go with them. To make this already long story short Dawn attacks Lilah
once her back is turned and starts to feed on her. Claudia then joins in on
the feeding and Warren takes off as I fight the Buffybot. Fred runs to the
car, brings back the axe, and I lopped its head off. If Dawn and Claudia are
supposed to be friendly then I'm not sure I want to see how they act when
they're evil."

"What're you talking about?" Wesley asked.

"As soon as they finished draining Lilah's blood they turned their attention
towards us. Claudia asked Dawn if she wanted dessert and Dawn replied
basically saying not yet because Angel would be pissed off with two of his
people dead," Gunn replied.

"And before they took off they gave us a not so subtle warning about the
next time our paths crossed. We would have been here sooner except that the
police then showed up, didn't believe a word of our story, and made us go
down to the station and refused to let us use the phone," Fred added.

"So what did you tell them happened?" Angel asked.

"Just a mild variation of what did happen. Blamed Lilah's death on wild
animals. They didn't believe us, but they really couldn't hold us on anything
either. I did throw the remains of the Buffybot in the trunk before the
police showed up," Gunn replied.

"Is Lilah dead?" Angel asked.

"Yeah, we assumed she was. I heard them call the body in and one of the
people out started to put her in a body bag."

"Come on, you two know better than to assume anything," Angel sighed
frustrated with the developing situation. "We need to find out for sure
if she's dead or not. If she isn't she's going to make things a bit more

"What're you thinking Angel?" Lorne asked.

"If Lilah's shooting lightning from her hands she's clearly not just a human
anymore and has something up her sleeve. If she's had something done to her
body then her blood could have been affected as well, which in turn could
have brought out the aggressive side of Dawn and Claudia. In any case I want
those two brought in before Wolfram and Hart get their hands on Dawn. Wes I
need you to figure out what Wolfram and Hart's up to. Lorne put some feelers
out, talk to your contacts, and have everyone keep an eye out for the girls
or anything really unusual. I have a law firm I need to visit."

"What about us?" Fred asked.

"You two take the night off, get some rest, and see me tomorrow. Just make
sure Gunn runs by the hospital and gets those ribs checked out."

* * *

"Two for Los Angeles please," Claudia smiled handing the bus station ticket
agent a credit card with the name Chris Smith on it.

"Whose credit card is this?" The agent asked suspiciously.

"It's my father's. He gave me the card to buy my sister and me bus tickets
to visit mom," Claudia answered.

"So where's your father at?"

"He's at home passed out on the couch. He drinks a lot, that's why mom and
dad are divorced." The agent then turned the card over and noticed a spot of
blood on the back.

"I'm sorry girls, but I can't sell you the tickets unless he's here."

"Listen bitch, give us the fucking tickets!" Dawn growled as her and
Claudia's faces turning revealing their vampiric side. The agent turned
deathly white and quickly rang up the tickets handing them to Claudia.
"Thank you and you have a nice night ok?" Dawn smiled punching the window
between her and the agent. It cracked all over barely keeping together.

"Dawn, what are you doing? We don't want to create a scene yet," Claudia

"The bitch deserved it. Did you see the way she looked at us?"

"Like we were kids?"

"Yeah, exactly!"

"Deal with it."

"Like you've got room to talk. You went ape shit this morning and tried to
kill that girl."

"Don't start with me Dawn."

"All I've ever heard from Buffy and Spike and everyone is how badass and
fearless vampires are supposed to be, but you're wanting us to watch our
step and not start things."

"I've been around for two hundred years. I think I know what I'm doing."

"You're certainly not acting like any big time evil vampire I know."

"You know what Dawn? When you've finished puberty and become an adult then
you can create all the hell you want."

"That's not funny."

"What's not funny?"

"Your smartass remark about growing up."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I hurt your feelings? At least you have tits!"

Dawn and Claudia walked in silence as they made their way through the
station towards their bus. With there being a very light load of seven
other passengers going to Los Angeles there were plenty of seats open
and the two of them took seats in different rows. An hour later as the
bus roared down the highway five miles outside of Los Angeles Claudia
felt the very beginnings of hunger starting to come on. She reached
over shaking a sleeping Dawn.

"Dawn wake up."

"Are we there yet?" She mumbled rubbing her eyes.

"What are you doing sleeping again? We just slept for like eight hours."

"I get sleepy when I'm bored."

"Maybe this will wake you up. You ready to raise a little hell, cause a
little trouble?"

"Most definitely."

"Just wait for my signal then." Claudia got up from her seat and calmly
walked to the front of the bus and waited for the driver to notice her.

"Excuse miss can you please sit down while the bus is moving? We're almost
there," the driver said after several minutes.

"I need you to stop the bus."

"I can't do that miss. Please sit down."

"I SAID STOP THE BUS!" Claudia growled baring her fangs and grabbing the
driver's throat. The bus swerved as the driver took one hand off the wheel
and grabbed Claudia's wrist to pull her hand away. She just tightened her
grip digging her nails into the man's throat.

"Unless you want me to rip your throat out, then stop the bus," Claudia said
firmly, but calmly. The driver took one look at her face and saw the anger
and evil in her eyes and complied. "Now throw your keys out the window."
She waited as the driver did as he was told. "Good, now just sit here and
I'll get back with you in a few minutes." Claudia then turned her attention
to the confused passengers who were still buzzing trying to figure out why
the bus had stopped.

"Ladies and Gentlemen if I can have your attention for just a few minutes
please. I don't want to take up a lot of your time so I'll make this brief.
Some of you may be on your way home; some may be on your way to visit friends
and family. Me and my friend Dawn back there," Claudia said pointing towards
Dawn as she waved, "are on our way to visit a friend. I would just like to
say that once we're done killing you all we'll do our best to pass on our
condolences to whoever you're meeting."

The frightened passengers started screaming at the mention of death and got
hysterical when Dawn transformed and there were vampires on both ends of the
bus. Just then a medium built man in his thirties stood up.

"Sit down child," The man said defiantly.

"Did you hear that Dawn?" Claudia asked as her emotions started to boil.

"Yes I did Claudia. He just called you a child."

"Excuse me ignorant sir, what is your name?"

"It's none of your business. Vampire or not, you don't scare me little girl.
Now sit down and let the rest of us go home."

"And if I don't?"

"I'll just have to make you," he said starting towards Claudia his hands
clenching into fists. She grabbed the would be hero by the shirt and tossed
him through the bus' windshield behind her.

The bus turned into a chaotic bloody mass when Claudia laughed and Dawn
attacked the woman two rows in front of her breaking both wrists before
drinking her blood. Claudia then grabbed the bus driver by the head and
started slamming it into the steering wheel until he was knocked unconcious.
She indulged in his blood as she bit him in the neck with the thrill of the
kill fresh in her mind.

* * *

"Everything ok?" Fred asked concerned as Gunn walked into the hospital
waiting room.

"I'm fine, just some minor rib bruises. I'll be ok as long as nobody punches
me in the ribs or there isn't any sudden movement."

"Do you feel like doing anything tonight? It's only about eight thirty,"
Fred said as they walked into the parking lot towards Gunn's truck.

"Maybe. What did you have in mind?"

"I don't know, maybe a movie or some dinner."

"You know that's probably going to leave a scar," Gunn said as the two sat
in his truck and he ran his fingers over the bite marks in Fred's neck.

"That's what you get for being in the line work we are. Besides if you
weren't there to save me I would be a lot worse off right now."

"I didn't get there fast enough."

"But you fought off two vampires and a Buffybot. I'd say you did more than
enough." Fred leaned forward and kissed Gunn on the lips.

"Everyday I get to see you is a blessed one," Gunn smiled as their kiss
broke. Fred giggled not helping but to smile back. "That's what I like to
see. You look so much prettier when you smile."

"Stop it Charles! You're going to make me blush! It's not right for you to
be talking about me like that after you've been beat up."

"You up for some dinner?"

"Sure. Where are we going to go?"

"I thought maybe we could go back to my place and order some Chinese."

"And do what?" Fred asked still smiling.

"I don't know, maybe watch some tv, hang out, do whatever."

"What about your ribs?"

"They'll be fine." Charles and Fred leaned forward and kissed each other
again. As their lips locked and their tongues became tangled Fred's hand
made it's way to Gunn's lap and into his crotch. Their heads pulled apart
and Gunn smiled as he felt a slight squeeze near his groin. He started up
his truck and left the hospital parking lot roaring down the road.

With empty Chinese food cartons scattered in the kitchen Gunn and Fred
retreated to his bedroom. With his sore ribs Charles was careful to remove
his shirt as he sat down on his bed. Fred's clothes fell to the floor save
for her bra and panties and her hair hung loose falling down her back.

"My poor baby, do your ribs hurt that much?" Fred cooed Gunn sitting down
next to him.

"I'm not crippled yet Fred," he smiled kissing her.

"Good, I just don't want to hurt you too much and have to explain to Angel
why you can't come into work tomorrow."

"You worry too much sweetie," Charles smiled his hand gliding across her
Fred's inner thighs.

"I know, it's just that I love you so much," Fred smiled back removing her
bra and dropping it to the floor.

The two kissed as Gunn's hand reached up and groped Fred's right breast
occasionally rolling the nipple between his fingers. Their heads pulled
apart and Fred had her lover scoot back on the bed and lay down. Charles
smiled as she unfastened his pants and yanked them down off his feet with
his underwear. His eight and a half-inch long cock started to harden as
Fred began to slowly work her hand up and down his shaft while she tongued
his balls.

"Oh my god Fred," Charles moaned as she wrapped her lips around his scrotum
and began to suck on it, "You're going to make me feel like a cripple if I
just lay here and let you do all the work."

"I don't mind Charles, you've worked hard today. You deserve a break," Fred
replied lovingly as she stood up and removed her panties.

She then got onto the bed and climbed on top of Gunn getting into a
sixty-nine position with him. Fred wrapped her lips around the giant cockhead
of Charles and began bobbing her head up and down letting his shaft part her
lips. Gunn's fingers spread Fred's pussy lips apart and he began dabbing his
tongue inside tasting her sweet nectar. Slowly but surely as Fred worked her
lips and tongue on Gunn's prick she could taste his precum dribbling out. She
ate up the goo and worked her mouth harder reaching her hand down and
fondling his balls.

Charles wasn't the only one getting excited as he ate up Fred's own precum
as it started to slowly leak out of her pussy. He dug his tongue deep inside
her snatch drinking her juice sucking on her pussy lips. Fred let out a groan
followed by a mini-orgasm as Charles found her clit and began to rub it with
his thumb. She could feel his cock reach a near rock hard stiffness and his
precum start to flow more freely. Fred took one last long lick of Gunn's cock
starting all the way down at it's base with his balls and slowly worked her
tongue upward along the shaft before stopping to tease the engorged head at
the top.

The brunette then climbed off her boyfriend and turned around facing him.
With his dick in hand Charles guided his member towards Fred's opening as
she lowered herself onto him. With a little work she was able to take all
eight and half inches into her body and giggled as she leaned forward. She
kissed Gunn on the lips and whispered to him as he took her breasts in his
hands and played with them tonguing her nipples.

"No matter how many times I'm with you, I'm always pleasantly reminded of
your size and how nicely it fits inside of me," She purred.

She held onto the headboard of the bed slowly grinding her hips up and down
on him as he continued to suck on her tits. Gunn's ribs ached a bit each time
he had to lean forward to reach Fred's breasts, but it was worth it.

"As long as you're happy when we're together, that's all that matters to me,"
Charles whispered back.

"How could I not be happy with you?" Fred moaned as she worked her body into
a nice rhythm.

"Sit back for me Fred," Gunn groaned grasping her hips.

Fred sat up as she continued to slide up and down on Charles' large prick.
There was a building excitement in her body as it came down harder and
harder each time with Gunn's help. There was a slight pain in his body with
each thrust he made into Fred's ever wetting cunt, but the pleasure he felt
as his dick pushed inside her far outweighed the pain from his ribs. With
every grunt and every thrust Gunn made into her twat, Fred felt her body
heat up with passion. Her pussy was burning with the intense desire to
release itself and the charge in her body worked Fred into a sexual tizzy.

Her moans were coming out fast and furious and her cunt was starting to clamp
itself down around Gunn's member. With a hard thrust that nearly sent Charles
into orgasm Fred was pushed over the edge. She moaned loudly as she came her
built up girl cum flooding out like a broken damn. Gunn continued to pound
away at Fred feeling her cream splashing all over his dick. He continued to
ram his cock deep into Fred's twat nearing closer and closer to the end. Then
suddenly Fred came again sending a second wave of cum over Gunn's cock.

His dick exploded sending a torrent of semen deep into Fred's belly. She
collapsed onto of him as he came inside her. After several large shots
Charles' penis started to soften and Fred rolled off of him with both
partners satisfied.

"How are you feeling?" Fred asked looking at Gunn and smiling. "Your ribs
aren't hurting are they?"

"Of course not," Charles replied smiling back and kissing Fred. "Even if
they were I wouldn't tell you."

"I know I know. I worry too much about you."

"You've got that right."

"Hey, that's not fair! You worry about me too you know!"

"That's certainly true. I do everyday that you're out of my sight and I
can't protect you."

"I'm not exactly a cripple either Charles."

"Even if you were, I'd love you just the same."

Gunn and Fred looked deeply into each other's eyes as they embraced. They
laid quietly in bed with smiles on their faces always happy to just be in
each other's company. Slowly they fell into a pleasant sleep in each other's

* * *

"Did you have any luck with Wolfram and Hart?" Wesley asked as Angel walked
through the front doors of The Hyperion.

"Of course not. They gave me the usual run around that they had nothing to
do with Lestat turning Dawn into a vampire that the last thing they wanted
right now was the ire of Buffy."

"What about Lilah?"

"They don't know where she is and claim that any involvement that she has is
on her own. Find anything on what Lilah wants with Dawn?"

"Yes and no."

"Which is it?

"I have this book of old and obscure prophecies most of which are written in
dead languages. This one in particular," Wesley said sliding an open book
across the table towards Angel, "I can translate bits and pieces of and it
mentions something called The Destroyer and the False Sister."

"Can you translate it completely?"

"Yes, but it'll take some time."

"If this is the prophecy we need to look at then how does Lilah know about

"I don't know. She's up to something big. Maybe there are other people or
things involved besides her and Warren," Wesley answered as the phone rang
and he picked it up. "Wesley here... Alright just a second." Wesley turned
to Angel. "It's Lorne, he's got a hit on Dawn and Claudia have been." He
then turned his attention back to the phone. "I'm back. Give me the good
news first... And the bad... Oh god, please tell me you're kidding Lorne...
All right, let me tell Angel and see what he wants to do. Thanks for
calling. I'll talk to you later."

"What's going? What did Lorne have to say?" Angel asked as a deep look of
concern crossed Wesley's face.

"This is not good... Not good at all..."

"What is it Wesley?"

"There's no easy way to say this so uh... Look, there was an incident on
a bus coming from San Juarez. There were nine passengers and the bus driver.
ten bodies were found, one of them a passing motorist caught in the wrong
place at the wrong time. From what Lorne was told by his sources the bus
was forced to stop outside of town. Something happened and one of the victims
was thrown through the front windshield of the bus and landed on his neck
breaking it and killing him instanty. The other six passengers and the bus
driver were beaten and killed, though only four of them had their blood
drained. The other three were apparently killed for fun. From there it looks
like Claudia and Dawn played the roles of victims and got an unsuspecting
motorist to pull over for them. They got into the car and forced the woman
to drive them into town before killing her and disappearing."

"This can't be happening, not to Buffy..." Angel murmured.

"What're we going to do Angel?"

"Dawn and Claudia have to be found and they have to be found now!"

* * *

Mark stood outside the hospital smoking a cigarette as he did every night
twenty minutes before he went on the clock. As he puffed away a nurse,
Sandra, on her way to her car passed him.

"Mark you know better than to be smoking those things. Besides it's against
the rules."

"I always wash up and clothes inside when I'm done. Besides, cigarettes are
the least of my problems right now."

"You had another fight with Julie?"

"Yeap. Same old bullshit as usual. That girl is driving me crazy. I'm going
to have to break up with her."

"Well if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, or anything else, let me know."

"Thanks Sandra. I might just take you up on that offer say this Saturday at
eight. I'll be off that night and will be looking forward to it."

"I'll be looking forward to it to it too. Oh, before I forget they brought a
stiff in earlier today. It's some lawyer from L.A. The rumor is she was
bitten by a vampire, if you believe in those sort of things."

"Vampires aren't real."

"I briefly saw the body when they rolled it into the morgue. She had two
marks on her neck."

"Uh huh. Well as long as you're biting me in all the right places on Saturday
we can talk about vampires all you want."

"I'll talk to you later Mark. Goodbye," Sandra laughed as she started walking

"Looks like I have time for some quick aciton," Mark mumbled to himself
throwing his cigarette on the ground and stepping on it.

He entered the hospital quickly and quietly making his way towards the
morgue. It had been a long time since he had a chance to vanquish his urges,
but now he had a chance to make up for lost time. He checked all the drawers
in the wall, but found they were all old bodies still waiting to be
identified. Then Mark saw an examination table that had a body on it that
didn't yesterday. He removed the covering from the body and immediately fell
in love with the woman.

"Good evening Lilah Morgan," Mark said to the body reading the toe tag and
eyeing it up and down. "Such an attractive thing, it's unfortunate we had to
meet under these circumstances."

Mark ran his fingers over Lilah's face staring down at the woman. The body
wasn't warm, but neither was it cold. With a quick pulse check to the back
of her neck Mark joked to himself about being silly. Lilah had nice full
lips and a very pretty face made more so by the dark brown hair. Mark leaned
over the woman kissing her fully on the lips with his left hand on the table
as the right one circled around her stomach before coming to rest on her
right breast. He broke the kiss and placed both hands on her tits as he
squeezed them playfully licking at the nipples.

"Just a second baby, I'll be right back," Mark said smiling as locked the
doors leading into the morgue. "It'd just be so embarrassing if we got caught
together. How would we explain our relationship to our friends and family?"

Mark stripped of his clothing and climbed onto the table with Lilah. He
opened her mouth enough to slip his penis between the lips and be able to
push in and out with a nice added pressure to his shaft as he got into a
sixty-nine position with the body. Mark leaned forward pushing his head
between Lilah's legs and began to lick away her pussy. As he momentarily
wondered what it would be like to eat out Lilah when she was alive Mark
started fucking her stiff mouth with some rhythm.

Dead or alive, warm or wet, cold or dry; pussy always had the same delicious
taste to it and his penis always felt nice sliding between somebody's lips.
As Lilah's body continued to suck him and he continued to eat it out Mark
felt the first tremors of orgasm coming to his cock. He carefully removed
his member from Lilah's mouth and climbed off the table long enough to
position himself between Lilah's legs.

Positioned now in front of the body with it's legs slightly open, Mark
salivated as he stared upon the bushy cunt he had been tasting earlier. He
moved Lilah's legs apart and with his dick in hand he pushed the head to the
opening of her pussy. Mark watched excitedly as her lips spread apart as he
invaded her private hole. He took his time pushing his dick all the way in
and sat there for a moment relishing in the feeling when he bottomed out.
Mark began to thrust his cock in and out of Lilah's pussy as his balls
started to slap against her ass.

Lilah's body slowly began to reactivate itself and she could feel the cold
steel surface of the examination table against her back. Groggy she mumbled
to herself as her body was rocked back and forth. Lilah felt something wet
and warm sliding in and out of her pussy and it felt good. She barely opened
her eyes a crack and saw somebody on his knees in front of her and saw the
source of her body's vibration. She smiled slightly and fell back into her
slumber like state. Lilah even tightened her legs around the man's hips for
maximum pleasure. Her body was starting to tingle and work itself awake, her
vaginal walls were being covered in the man's precum.

Mark thought for a moment that as he was royally fucking Lilah he saw her
smile slightly and her legs squeeze around his waste. He ignored it playing
it off as part of his sexual fantasy with the lovely bruenette. He continued
to slide his member in and out of Lilah's pussy getting closer and closer to

"Oh god! You're so fucking hot and your cunt feels great!!" Mark grunted his
ever-throbbing organ pushing him to no end to release the pressure. "Oh shit!
I'm cooooming!!" Mark groaned as his balls relented and semen shot forth from
his penis into Lilah's love canal.

As the man's cum filled into her body it got the final boost it needed to
fully waken. "Not so loud, they might hear us," Lilah said opening her eyes.

"Holy shit! You're not dead!" Mark shouted nearly jumping off of Lilah and
the table.

"And you can't even fuck a dead woman long enough to please her," Lilah
smiled sweetly before grabbing hold of Mark's face and taking the soul from
his body.

As soon as the body shriveled up Lilah pushed it off of her onto the floor.
She laughed when she climbed off the table and saw cum still dripping from
the penis. Lilah quickly took the man's clothing for her own and dressed in
them though they were a bit large. After digging through all the pants
pockets she found Mark's car keys. If his keychain was any indication she
was looking forward to driving back to Los Angeles in a piece of shit.

"Ma'am who are you?" A passing doctor asked as Lilah made her way back to
the front of they building. Lilah grabbed his face and sucked out his soul.

"Man that feels good!" Lilah said aloud as she felt the souls start to
re-energize her body. After a bit of searching she found Mark's beat up car
and started for Los Angeles to find the vampire that would change her life.


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