This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

I'm not a fantastically obsessed fan of Buffy, Angel, or the Vampire
Chronicles so some liberties have been taken with both. I never liked the
Cordelia character so let's say she's still in Mexico.

Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Interview With The Vampire:
The Prophecy Part 3 (MF,MMg,oral,anal,cons,ncon,viol)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

As Dawn and Claudia sucked the blood of their newest victim, the woman passed
out and the car careened through the streets of Los Angeles, before crashing
through the front of an abandoned comedy club.

"Damn that hurts," Dawn calmly commented as she pulled a shard of glass from
her arm. With a few minor bumps and bruises from the crash she and Claudia
climbed out of the car with the woman's blood on their faces. Dawn wiped it
off with the sleeve of her shirt.

"So where are we?" Claudia asked looking around the club.

"I don't know, it looks like a bit of a dump," Dawn replied.

"I think you two are in the wrong neighborhood," someone said. Dawn and
Claudia looked up at the stage and a saw a man hop from it to the floor.

"What makes you say that?" Dawn asked.

"Because you don't look like the types that belong here."

"What types are those?"

"Vampires," the man snarled as he bared his fangs and other vampires
seemingly stepped from the shadows.

"Nice trick, but we can do that too," Claudia replied smugly as she and Dawn
turned as well.

"What a joke! Who would be foolish enough to turn children into vampires?"

"Dawn, did you hear what he just said?"

"Yes, I did. In the words of Rodney Dangerfield 'We get no respect.'"

"What have you done to deserve it?"

"Tomorrow when you hear about the bus accident, that was us," Dawn answered

"A bus? That's child's play. Literally speaking of course. They're sitting
ducks trapped in a box. Try killing someone at a police station for example.
Anyway, What're your names?"

"I'm Dawn."

"And I'm Claudia."

"My name is Thad and this is my nest. Because of you two we're going to have
to move to a temporary location for the day. Children or not, I should have
you two killed for that reason alone. What I'm going to do instead is this.
There's a man on the L.A.P.D. that comes by once a week for drugs and money
so he won't turn us in and have this building destroyed. I've come to the
conclusion that's an unnecessary expense. Claudia I want you to stay here
and kill him when he comes by soon. Po is going to stay behind and make sure
you do it. If you don't kill the cop Po will kill you. Dawn, you come with
me. The rest of us will move to our temporary hideout. If the both of you
pass your tests, then you're more than welcome to join my nest."

"And if I we don't?" Claudia asked.

"Then you both get to see how long you can last in the sun before you die."
Thad, Dawn, and the rest of the vampires walked out the back of the comedy
club leaving Claudia and Po to themselves to wait.

"So when's this guy supposed to show up?"

"Not soon enough," Po replied.

"What do you mean?" Po started toward Claudia who started to back up as he
started talking.

"You dumb bitch, Thad doesn't give a shit about you or Dawn. He owes me a
favor so he left you for me. The cop's still coming, but I'll kill him after
I'm done with you. As for your friend my guess is that Thad's going to rape
and kill her like I'm about to do to you."

Po lunged for Claudia and she picked up a dusty broken chair and threw it at
him. It hit Po in the head and he stumbled backwards stunned for a bit.
Claudia broke the leg off another chair and lunged at his heart. Po caught
her by the wrists and wrenched the makeshift stake from her hand. Then with
a hard right hand he punched Claudia squarely in the nose breaking it. She
may have had increased strength as vampire, but this was why Claudia rarely
got into confrontations with anyone. As Claudia tried to recover from the
shock in her nose, Po quickly punched her in the stomach knocking the wind
out of her.

He picked up her gasping body by the neck and dragged her into a backroom
where a broken old mattress lay on the floor. Po threw Claudia onto the
mattress and pinned her down by the neck with one hand while he ripped the
clothes from her body with the other. Then when Claudia lay nude he picked
her head up and slammed it into mattress several times stunning her. While
she was out of it Po quickly undressed and started rubbing his cock.

"A pure noble virgin. How fucking cute," Po growled when he forced his dick
into Claudia's pussy and found a hymen.

"I'm so going to kill you!" Claudia muttered as she tried to clear the
cobwebs from her head.

"I'd like to see you try!"

Claudia groaned in pain as she was deflowered yet again in her life. As that
pain slowly subsided as she knew it would Claudia began to feel anger and
rage as Po pinned her shoulders down and continued to thrust his prick into
cunt. She could feel his balls slap against her ass with every push in and
could see the look of a victor on his face as a sly smile came over it.
Claudia could feel his precum start to drip out while Po continued to rape

"Hello? Thad I'm here to collect my money!" A voice called called from the

"Before I kill him, I think I'm going to let him have some fun with you," Po
grinned. "Back here!" He shouted.

Po continued to slide his dick into Claudia's tight opening even as the man
made his way toward them.

"Where the hell are you Thad?" The police officer demanded as he stuck his
head into the back room.

"He couldn't make it tonight, but instead left you a gift in hopes of not
paying with drugs and money this month."

"Po I want the money and drugs or you have to find yourself a new home."

"We already have to, didn't you see the car in the front window?"

"I was wondering about that. Who's this little child you've got your penis

"This is Claudia, and she is Thad's gift to you. If you're willing to give
up the money and drugs for this month."

"You've got yourself a deal. How old would this little morsel be?"

"I would guess no older than ten or eleven, but she is a vampire so it
wouldn't be like the real thing."

"With those blond golden locks and almost angelic face of hers, it won't
matter this time," the man said as he started to strip.

"So Arnold where would you like your first piece?"

"I'm going to fucking kill you Po! Arnold too if he even sticks his dick
anywhere near me!" Claudia screamed.

"That's not very polite little girl. Threatening the life of a police office
is a major offense," Arnold smiled joviantly. "Pull your dick out Po, I want
to play with that hole a bit."

As Po pulled out of her Claudia realized that this was another of those
unfriendly and nasty situations she would have to play along with in order
to survive. The vampire then laid down on his back and motioned for her to

"Come here Claudia, let me see that tight little ass of yours."

While Po jerked his hard erect dick off Claudia slowly lowered her ass down
towards it and waited for the pain as the unlubed engorged member pushed
into her opening. Claudia was used to the unpleasantness of non-lubed anal
sex, but the pain was still bothersome. Po grabbed her by the hips and began
to really push her down onto him grinding his shaft deep into her anus.
Claudia felt the pain as Po's member stretched her puckered opening, but she
bit her lip and hid the anguish.

As the vampire bottomed out in her ass Arnold began pushing his tongue in
and out of her snatch. He grabbed hold of her inner thighs and continued to
suck on her pussy as Po continued to move Claudia's body up and down pumping
into her backside. Claudia could occasionally see the officer's prick as the
bodies moved and she was convulsed at the thought of the fat slovenly man
putting it inside her.

"Hey Arnold, how does that sweet ten year old pussy taste?"

"Mmmm! It's delightful! It's been so long since I've had pussy this fresh!
You give me Claudia and Thad will never have to pay me again. What do you

"Maybe you should give her a test run first, before we make any deals. Make
sure she works like you want her to."

"I should shouldn't I?"

Claudia turned her head away in disgust as Arnold stood up and his fat hand
started to stroke his dick. She cringed when she felt his dick head push
into her vaginal opening. Soon Claudia felt completely disgusted as she was
being dp'ed by Po and Arnold. Her one saving thought was that Dawn wasn't
here to witness this degradation. Luckily for Claudia her hymen didn't have
time to regenerate and Arnold wouldn't be given that pleasure. Even still
though she could feel his precum start do dribble into her pussy.

"This girl has got such a nice tight cunt!" Arnold moaned as he continued to
fuck Claudia.

"You think that's tight, you should try out her ass, it's even tighter," Po
moaned slipping his dripping cock from Claudia's butthole and deftly scooting
out from beneath her while not interrupting Arnold's pleasure.

Po straddled Claudia's chest and quickly began to jerk off. She could see
as his large purple head pulsed and twitched with every stroke. Suddenly a
geyser of the vampire's cold semen erupted from the peehole splattering her
chin and cheeks. Po laughed as his cum hit Claudia in the face. He then
leaned forward with his still erect dick in his hand and forced it into her
mouth to clean it off. When he was satisfied by her tongue bath he grabbed a
handful of Claudia's hair and wiped his dick off. Po then dressed as Arnold
continued to ride her pussy.

"Remember Arnold try her ass," Po commented as he started to leave the room.

"Where are you going?" Arnold asked while pulling and flipping Claudia onto
her stomach. With one deft thrust his dick split her ass cheeks apart and
filled the tiny opening. Claudia bit her lip as the initial pain surged.

"I've got a few things to take care of, before I leave tonight. I'll be back
in a bit."

"Well Claudia, how does this feel? To have a big manly erect cock burrowing
into your ass?" Arnold asked turning his attention back to the vampire.

"When I find a man I'll let you know!" Claudia retorted.

"Insolent bitch!" The officer grabbed a handful of Claudia's hair and
slammed her face first into the mattress. Arnold then grabbed a tight hold
of Claudia's hips and began to really pump his member into her ass.

From the shadows of the club Dawn watched in horror as Po left the man and
Claudia to themselves in the backroom. She found the splintered leg of a
stool nearby and picked it up. As the vampire started towards the front door,
Dawn imitated something she saw Buffy do. She reared back and threw the stake
at Po. He wasn't even aware as the splintered stool leg entered his back and
pierced his heart. The wood shard fell the club floor when Po disintegrated.
She then ran to the room where Arnold continued to anally ride Claudia.

"GET OFF OF HER!" Dawn screamed hysterically.

"Who the fuck are you?" Arnold screamed back facing Dawn.

"I SAID GET OFF OF HER! LEAVE HER ALONE!" Dawn continued screaming

"And if I don't?" the officer dared Dawn stopping his thrusting motion but
still holding his dick in Claudia's ass.

"I'm going to have to hurt you!"

"Try me!" Arnold shouted as he started to ride his cock into Claudia's
butthole again.

Dawn left the room and returned a minute later wielding a chair. She slammed
it into the side of Arnold's head rendering him unconscious as he fell on
top of Claudia. Dawn dropped the fragments of the chair and rushed to help
her friend. Claudia sat up when Arnold was rolled off of her.

"Dawn, what are you doing here? I thought you were going with Thad."

"I was until I heard overhead him make a joke about Po doing you in. I took
off and heard him tell the others not to worry because Po could take care of
us both. Here you go," Dawn said handing Claudia her clothes.

"Well I guess I only have to experience the touch of one nasty creature
tonight instead of two. Where's Thad?"

"I don't know. Stay here and watch this guy until I return."

Claudia finished dressing when Dawn left. She returned a few minutes later
carrying a large kitchen knife. The fat cop shot straight up screaming as
Dawn plunged the knife into his belly.

"NO ONE TOUCHES CLAUDIA BUT ME!" Dawn shouted emphasizing each word with
another stab of the knife into the cop's stomach. Dawn left the knife buried
in the man's body and stood up covered in his blood as she and Claudia
watched him bleed to death. The two embraced as the last breath of life left
Arnold. "I'm so sorry that this happened. With everything you've done for
me and that I've asked of you, the least I could do is keep you out of
situations like these and I failed."

Claudia sensuously kissed Dawn on the lips and looked into her eyes. "Don't
worry about it Dawn. I've been in situations like this before and I'm still
around. You did come back for me and that shows you care. I know I've only
known you for a few days, but I really care for you Dawn. I haven't felt
this way about someone since Louis. We've been through a lot in those few
days and... I love you Dawn."

Even with the dead cop and his blood on her hands, nothing moved Dawn quite
like Claudia's last statement. She found herself caring and concerned for
Claudia each day, but Dawn didn't know if she could call it love or not. She
didn't want to voice her uncertainty and hurt Claudia's feelings so she did
the only thing she could think of and planted her lips on Claudia's giving
her a nice long French kiss.

"It'll be daylight soon. We better find shelter," Dawn said as the kiss
broke. "Tomorrow's Thad's birthday and I know where to find him and his

* * *

A day and a half removed from letting Dawn and Claudia take a bus to Los
Angeles, Buffy was having seconds thoughts about it. At the same time Willow
had been in the hospital for just as long having needed to have a blood
transfusion. She laid comfortably in her hospital bed as the morning sun
rose and she flipped on the tv.

"Hey Willow, how are you doing?" Buffy asked showing up at the hospital

"I'm doing alright, what're you doing here?"

"Just visiting one of my best friends to see how she's doing."

"I'll be out in another day or so. I'm fine and the transfusion went ok, but
the doctors are insistent on me staying for more tests. Buffy, can I ask you

"Sure what is it?"

"Why are you doing this to yourself?"

"Doing what?"

"You're either staying locked up in the house or visiting me. Xander and
Anya are helping Giles put the finishing touches on The Magic Shop so he can
reopen it. You should go and hang out, it'll do you good to get out of the

"When someone else decides to bring Armageddon on the world again let me
know. Until then leave me alone."

"I know you're upset about what happened to Dawn, we all are, but moping
around the house isn't going to help things."

"Yeah, you're right. Perhaps I should find my own buried Satanic temple,
raise it, then try to destroy the world."

"That's not fair Buffy!" Willow protested.

"Neither is what happened to Dawn! I'm the Slayer and I couldn't even
her from becoming a vampire! At least Tara has the dignity of being dead and
not turning into something evil!"

"Dawn's not evil!"

"How do we know? Because she didn't try to kill us? What do we even know for
sure about Claudia? She could have plotted and known about this the whole

"But you told Angel they were both good."

"They seemed that way for the short time I saw them, but they fed off of
You had to come to the hospital to get blood pumped back into you!"

"I let Dawn feed off of me, because she needed to. It was my choice and I
was never in any danger from dying. Why are you acting really weird all of
a sudden?"

"I don't know..." Buffy mumbled slumping down into a chair next to the bed.
"I just hate it! Not having control anymore!" Buffy cried her eyes starting
to tear up.

"What do you mean you have no control? You did what you could, none of this
is your fault."

"But I'm the Slayer!"

"I know, but-"

Buffy and Willow's conversation was interrupted as special bulletin flashed
across the tv screen.

"We interrupt your program to bring you this special news flash," a voice
said as the tv screen switched to an overhead shot of an accident scene.
The scene was of a bus sitting on a road surrounded by numerous emergency
vehicles. "Last night a bus traveling from San Juarez to San Francisco was
the scene of a grizzly mass murder. Nine passengers and the bus driver were
on board when the crime took place. Everyone has been accounted for except
two of the passengers. Police are not releasing any details of the victims
or the two missing people at this time. Please stay tuned for further
developments as they become available." The screen then switched back to the
soap that was playing.

"Oh my god," Buffy mumbled getting out of the chair staring at the tv.

"Buffy we don't even know that was them."

"It was them, I know it was!"

"Buffy, just calm down and call Angel. See if he knows anything."

"Oh god Dawn, what have you done?" Buffy muttered as she pulled her cell
phone from her purse and dialed The Hyperion's number.

"Angel Investigations, where nothing is out of the ordinary."

"I need to speak to Angel right away."

"Angel's in a meeting right now, is there anything I can help you with?"

"Get him on the phone right now! It's an emergency!"

"Ma'am like I said he's in a meeting right now. We take each call seriously
and as soon as he's available he'll call you back if you'll leave your name
and number."

"Cordelia listen to me, my sister is on her way to Los Angeles and she may
have just done something bad to a bunch of people. Please just put Angel on
the phone."


"Cordelia please..." Buffy started to pout and her eyes started to get wet.

"Sorry Buffy, this is Fred. Cordelia's on vacation right now. Let me get
Angel for you."

"Thanks..." Buffy was put on hold and some generic music played for several
minutes, before the line was picked up.

"Buffy, it's Angel. What's going on?"

"Angel what happened out there?"

"What do you mean?"

"The bus, they just had it on tv."

"I don't know I just found out about the incident this morning."

"Don't lie to me Angel! Don't you dare lie to me! I know it was them, Dawn
was on that bus!"

"Buffy please calm down, we don't know anything yet. You said so yourself
that Dawn and Claudia had souls. They wouldn't kill all those people."

"What I said was that they probably had souls. Claudia didn't try to kill
me or Dawn and Dawn didn't kill Willow after she turned, but I know it was

"No it wasn't Buffy!"

"Have you seen either of them yet?"

"No, but that's got nothing to do with it."

"Why haven't you seen them then?"

"I don't know, maybe Dawn got scared and felt embarrassed that she was
vampire, because she's your sister. We won't know anything until we speak to

"I'm the Slayer and I couldn't protect my own sister from becoming a vampire
even with the dreams telling me she would become one!"

"Buffy you can't blame yourself for this."

"Who do I blame this on then? Lestat? Claudia? It's my fault! MY FAULT!"

"Listen to me please-Who's Lestat?"

"He was the vampire that turned Dawn. Please just find her and let me know
she's ok!"

"We'll do our best to find her and find out what's going, until then get
rest and take care of yourself. I'll call you as soon as we know anything,

"Alright, please just hurry!"

Buffy hung up her phone and put it back into her purse. She covered her face
with her hands as she started to bawl. Willow turned the tv off and laid in
the bed watching as Buffy cried. Several minutes later Buffy wiped her eyes
with the back of her hand.

"Buffy, what happened in your dreams? Why didn't you tell Dawn about them?"

"My dreams were always the same. It was raining and Dawn was vampire. She
attacked me and I killed her. A few nights ago when she and Claudia left
after feeding on you I ran into them on my way home. I got angry at Claudia
and blamed her for everything when I should have been blaming myself. I got
so angry at Claudia that I wanted to kill her. Instead though, Dawn put
herself between us and I nearly ended up killing her instead."

"But you didn't. You haven't killed anyone."

"But Dawn has! She and Claudia killed eight people!"

"You don't know that for sure, what did Angel say?"

"He said that he doesn't know yet who's responsible, that he'd call me as
soon as he does, but I know he's lying to me."

"Why would he do that?"

"Because there's something going on that he's trying to hide from me."

* * *

"You just lied to Buffy, Angel," Wesley said.

"I know."

"Can I ask why?"

"If Dawn is involved she has the right to know," Fred added.

"We don't know for sure that Dawn and Claudia were on that bus and even if
they were couldn't something have attacked the bus forcing it to stop and
they escaped?"

"It's possible in theory, that a third vampire stopped the bus, but why?
There are much easier ways to get food. Nobody likes the situation at hand,
but my sources are almost never wrong. You're going to have to accept the
idea that Dawn and Claudia are responsible," Lorne said.

"I don't think it's fair that Buffy isn't told what happened. It's only
to make things worse the more you hide it," Gunn said.

"You're going to have to tell her about the prophecy," Wesley added.

"What prophecy?"

"It's something really old and obscure I found last night. It's written in a
dead language so it's going to take some time to translate, but it has to do
with something called The Destroyer and something called the False Sister.
Other than I that I don't really know right now."

"Other than to lie to Buffy, what do you want us to do in the mean time?"
Fred asked.

"I'll tell Buffy soon, I promise. Until then, Fred and Gunn you make sweeps
of the city and ask around about Dawn and Claudia. See what you can find on
this Warren guy too. Wesley I want you on that prophecy until you're finished
with it. Lorne ask around see what you can find on a vampire named Lestat.
He's the one that turned Dawn, and if we find him maybe we can find out what
Lilah wants with Dawn."

"Angel Lilah's dead," Gunn said, "Fred and I saw them kill her."

"No, what you two saw was Dawn and Claudia drain the blood from her body."

"But wouldn't that kill a person?"

"A normal one yes. However last night Lilah's body somehow disappeared from
the hospital she was taken too. Two people are dead as well. I've got things
to do so I'll be traveling the sewers all day. If anyone finds anything call
me immediately."

The gang split up as Lorne, Gunn, and Fred walked out the front door of the
hotel. Wesley went to his study and Angel headed for the hotel basement and
the entrance to the sewers. Angel walked down several tunnels, making turns
here and there, before coming to a dead end. There he removed his jacket and
rolled up his shirtsleeve. Angel reached down into the sewage and pulled out
a small lock box. He opened it up and pulled out a ring box.

"I knew there was a reason why I didn't destroy you," Angel said as he looked
inside the small box before putting it in his jacket pocket.

* * *

On the outside it appeared to be an abandoned warehouse in a run down portion
of a Los Angeles industrial park. Inside Warren worked feverishly on his new
bot. Lilah may have died, but he had enough of her money left to build what
he needed to take out his revenge on Willow. He stood back as he looked on
at his latest creation.

"Activate Tara," he said to the bot. Tarabot beeped and chirped as it came

"Where am I? Where's Warren?" It asked.

"You my precious are in my workshop. I am Warren, I gave you life. Do you
know why you are here?"

"Willow Rosenberg has wronged you and we need to make her pay for that

"Tara, what will you do when you see Willow?" Tarabot turned in the direction
of a crate on the other side of the warehouse. She raised one hand and a
large fireball flew across the room splintering the crate into a million
pieces. "Excellent. What are your two major functions?"

"The death of Willow, and to serve you Warren."

"Show me your breasts." Without hesitation Tarabot unbuttoned the top of her
dress and opened her bra exposing her tits. Warren then unbuttoned his pants
and pulled his boxers down enough to expose his cock. "Now suck on my dick."
Again Tarabot obeyed without question and got onto her knees in front of

She began by gently stroking his shaft making it hard. Then her hands went
down to Warren's balls and began to fondle them as she licked underneath his
shaft. "Very nice," He said as the bot took his cock between its lips and
began to bob its head back and forth. Tarabot was his greatest robot to date
and looked and felt every bit human. He looked down at Tara as it continued
to suck on his dick and finger his balls and the bot seemed to have a smile
on it's face.

"Is something wrong Tara?"

"Nothing's wrong Warren. I like serving you. It makes me feel nice," Tarabot
said with a big smile. Warren had done it. He had built a robot that could
feel and express emotion, feel it's body work like it was a real human.
Warren even managed to create an artificial excretion for Tarabot to let go
when it came.

"I know you do Tara, but now I want you to do something else for me. Remove
your panties and bend over that table."

Tarabot dropped her panties and walked to the table Warren pointed at. She
bent over the side of it and even took the initiative of pulling up her dress
exposing her pussy and ass. Warren walked to the vulnerable bot liking what
he was seeing.

"How does this feel?" Warren asked sliding his tongue up Tarabot's slit.

"Oooooooh Warren, that feels nice!" It moaned.

"Your pussy taste nice Tara," Warren applauded himself for such good work.

"Oh please, it's still not the real thing."

"Lilah!" Warren jumped tucking his privates back in and zipping up.

"This is not what I paid you to do. You're supposed to be building your
little army to keep everyone in Sunnydale busy."

"I thought you were dead."

"As you can see, I'm not. So what do we call this little contraption?"

"It's Tarabot."

"Ah yes, Willow's old girlfriend that got killed and sent Willow into a
homicidal rampage. I like Evil Willow, I wish we could have her."

"Tara's just as good if not better. She's got all the dark magics stored in
her brain and has the look and feel of a human. It'll feel no pain in battle
and even has all the bodily functions of a real human. Well except for the
whole bathroom thing. I'll build the Buffybots to take care of everyone in
Sunnydale, but I'll need Tara to get back at Willow."

"Just keep everyone busy until it's born. I don't want Buffy or Spike showing
up in Los Angeles, you got it? Do not let your hatred for Willow get in the

"Yeah yeah I understand. Don't worry, I've got everything under control."

"You better, or I'll really make you suffer."

Tarabot suddenly turned towards Lilah and several fireballs shot from her
hands. Lilah stood in place as the searing flames closed in on her. They
struck her body singing her clothes a bit, but leaving no mark otherwise.

"It's a good thing these aren't my clothes otherwise Tara would be in a
million pieces."

"Sorry about that, she took your last statement as a threat against me and
attacked you."

"Very nice work Warren, a bot who can use magic and she's got all the
functions of a human too you say?"

"That's right."

"Let me see what you found so interesting then, come here Tara."

"It's alright, she's a friend of ours," Warren said reassuringly as Tarabot
momentarily looked to him. Then it walked over to Lilah and stood in front
of her.

"Lift your dress Tara," Lilah said getting to her knees.

As the bot obeyed her, Lilah began flicking her tongue across Tara's slit.
She heard the bot moan several times and then she dipped her tongue inside
Tarabot's pussy. Warren had done it alright, he had created a robot that was
exactly like a human and hard to tell otherwise if you didn't know. Lilah
was impressed. Then she decided to see what would happen when she flicked
her tongue across Tarabot's clit. It moaned loudly and Lilah could feel it's
artificial cum dripping onto her chin. Lilah wiped it up with her finger and
tasted it.

"Get dressed," She told Tarabot. "You left no detail unturned I see.
Congratulations Warren, you've created something nice," Lilah congratulated
him standing up. "I know you're good with robots which is why I revived you,
but you're not this good. What's the catch?"

"I had an employee of your company get me Tara's soul and I implanted it in
the robot. I did play with it a bit first though, made it a bit more evil."

"Interesting, a human soul inside a robot. Just be careful it doesn't start
acting too human and turn on you."

"Tara's completely under my control. You wouldn't hurt me would you Tara?"

"No Warren! I never would!"

"So how's your skinsuit coming along?" Lilah asked running her hand through
Warren's hair.

"It's functional, but not permenant. I'm still working on that. As long as
I keep it in good shape I won't have to replace it to often."

"I see your important areas are working right," Lilah smiled running her
hand across the bulge in Warren's crotch. "Now what do you people call them?
That's right, you have time for a nooner Warren?" Lilah gave Warren's crotch
area a nice firm squeeze. Tarabot immediately filled with jealousy from
Lilah's flirting and bumped out of the way.

"Only I serve him," The bot said firmly.

"She gets jealous too," Lilah rolled her eyes.

"I finished her this morning, obviously she still needs some work. Tara,
Lilah and I like to serve each other too ok?"

"Yes Warren."

"And if you she wants you to serve her it's ok. Treat her the same way you
treat me. Understand?"

"Yes Warren, I'm sorry."

"Come here Tara. It's ok," Warren consoled her as he ran his fingers through
the bot's hair and kissed it on the forehead.

"You know if it just wasn't so creepy you could make a fortune selling bots
like her," Lilah remarked.

"Yeah, but then I wouldn't have the only one anymore."

"Did you watch the news this morning?"

"No, why?"

"Because you would have heard about a bus accident outside of town with a
lot of dead people. Our two little vampires are responsible."

"Why would they do that? I thought they were good?"

"Let's just say that it was something they ate. Just make sure Tara's with
you at all times in case you run into them. They weren't too friendly before
and they won't be now. Although who knows, now that we're on the same side
maybe they won't fight with us."

"So where do we go from here? What's the plan?"

"Let's dump the car I'm in and go back to my place so I can get cleaned up
and change."

"What about me?" Tarabot asked.

"As long as you behave you can come along too," Lilah replied.

"Warren is my master, but I serve you both," it said.

"It not often that I do it, but I may have under estimated your abilities

"I am just happy you gave me the opportunity to even things out."

Lilah, Warren, and Tarabot left the warehouse and walked outside locking it.
As Lilah started to get into her car she noticed someone walking across the

"Tara?" She said.

"Yes Lilah?"

"Kill that vampire walking across the street."

Tara saw a broken pallet in a nearby alley and broke off one of the boards
cracking off a bit at one end to make it pointy. She then ran to catch up
the creature, before it disappeared into a warehouse. As Tarabot got within
steps of it, the vampire turned growling and baring it's fangs. It took half
a dozen swipes at the bot and Tara blocked each blow. Then after the seventh
punch by the vampire, Tarabot jammed the wood shard into it's heart and it
disintegrated into air.

"Very nice work Warren," Lilah smiled seductively at him before getting into
her stolen car.

* * *

Wesley stared at the phone in his study, as the prophecy lay open before
him. He was getting nowhere with it as he expected. He could decipher it,
but that would take time and that was something he knew they didn't have a
lot of. Angel didn't want Buffy knowing just yet what was going on, but
they needed help and Wesley could only think of one person who might be
able to shed some light on the matter at hand. He picked up the phone and
dialed ten digits.


"Rupert, it's Wesley. I need your help."

"Just a moment let me take this in the back." ... "What's going on Wesley?
Buffy's been in a really unbalanced state of mind since Dawn became a vampire
and now she's convinced that Dawn and Claudia had something to do with the
murders on the bus out there."

"We're still trying to figure out what's going on. Dawn and Claudia are on
the loose, and we're trying to find them. I'll be honest and say things
don't look good right now. Their bus did break down in San Juarez, and Gunn
and Fred were there for other reasons. They would have brought the two of
them in except that that there was an incident and the girls took off."

"Alright, so what can I help you with?"

"What do you know about a prophecy regarding The Destroyer and the False

"Oh my..."

"What is it?"

"When Dawn and Glory showed up I did some research on the two, and came
across the prophecy you speak of."

"Did you translate it?"

"Yes, yes, I'm getting to that. Roughly translated it says 'The Destroyer,
who shall be born the son of vampires, and the False Sister, the sister of a
Slayer cursed to live as a vampire, shall give birth to the creature that is
stronger than all.'"

"How strong?"

"Strong enough to walk into the Hellmouth as a mortal and come out as a god."

"Good god..." Wesley croaked in shock.

"I must tell Buffy, so she can go to L.A. to get Dawn and protect her."

"Rupert please, don't tell Buffy anything. I've got a good idea who The
Destroyer is and how to stop it."

"Wesley, this isn't just another demon or super natural occurrence. This is
about Dawn, and Buffy has the right to know."

"Please just give me a few days to straighten things out and talk to Angel,
and then we'll give you and Buffy a full report on everything that's going
on. Please work with me here Rupert."

"I don't like this one bit, but ok. I'm going to have to tell Buffy something
eventually and she's going to be angry I waited so long. This isn't fair."

"I know this isn't fair, but we're working as fast as we can. Until then try
to have some patience and keep Buffy calm."

"Before you go Wesley, the incident on the bus, be honest with me."

"We don't know for sure, but there's a chance."


Giles hung up the phone and rubbed his eyes for a few seconds trying to
think. If worse came to worse then Dawn might have to be killed, and that's
something he didn't want to even imagine happening.


"Woh! Hey Buffy, how's Willow doing?"

"She's doing fine. She'll be out in a day or two."

"How are you doing?"

"God, I don't know. One moment I'm okay, and the next I'll be acting all
wigged out. I said some hurtful things to Willow after I saw the newsflash
about the bus murders. I talked to Angel this morning, but he said he didn't
know anything yet. Who were you on the phone with? Xander said as soon as
you picked it up you walked into the back here."

"That was Wesley. We were talking about a few things."

"What did he have to say? Anything new?"

"Not really. Just that they were working as fast as they could to find Dawn
and Claudia and figure out what happened on the bus, to see if they had
anything to do with it."

"Oh... okay."

"Buffy, I'm sure everything will work out."

"It hasn't been lately."

* * *

"Nice place you've got here," Warren commented as he, Lilah, and Tarabot
entered Lilah's penthouse.

"Soon you'll have a place like it yourself if things go accordingly," Lilah

"What do you mean 'if'?"

"Any number of thing could happen between now and when it's born. The "Big
One" could hit California and the state could sink into the ocean, but in
all likeliness it won't happen. All I'm saying is that nothing is a done
deal yet."

"Fine, as long as Willow ends up dead I'll be happy."

"What did I say about that Warren?"

"I know, don't let me my emotions get in the way."

"Tara?" Lilah asked.


"Would you excuse Warren and us for a bit? We've got some personal business
to attend to."

"Please wait outside Tara and make sure nobody comes through that door. You
can serve me later with Willow ok?" Warren said catching Tarabot's suspicious

"But I thought we were going to kill Willow?"

"We are honey, but we're going to make her serve us before then. Don't you
trust me?"

"Of course I do!" Tarabot stammered like she was hurt by the idea of anyone
thinking she was distrustful.

"That was a stupid question for me to ask. I'm sorry," Warren replied, "But
when we go to Sunnydale only you will be mine. How would you feel if I gave
you your own plaything?"

"My own plaything?"

"Buffy will be yours to have and do with as you like."

"Oh thank you Warren!" Tarabot cried out happily kissing him on the lips.
"I'll be right outside guarding the door for you!"

"Thank you Tara. You're so sweet."

"Damn, that's one emotionally attached robot you've got," Lilah commented.

"I'm going to reprogram the thing once Sunnydale's mine. I'll make her my
bodyguard or something. I'm not giving up the flesh of the Summers sisters
for her, but Tara's not why I'm here is it? I should be working on the
Buffybots for my trip to Sunnydale."

"You've got plenty of time for that still. I was 'dead' less than twenty-four
hours ago, and I'm feeling less than completely alive right now. I was just
wanting to check for certain that your body was completely functional."

As they stripped in her bedroom Lilah pushed Warren backwards onto her bed.
She climbed onto his nude body lusting after young man beneath her. Lilah
straddled herself onto Warren's cock slowly riding herself up and down on
him. The wondrous feeling of having his shaft purge itself into her pussy
excited them both. She leaned forward placing her hands on the bed and began
to slowly work the pace faster. Warren smiled as Lilah's breasts dangled in
front of him bouncing wildly with every one of his thrusts.

"God, this feels great," Lilah whispered her cunt twitching and grabbing
the prick that continuously pushed itself inside.

"Mmm... hmm...," Warren moaned as she continued to bounce up and down on his
dick. It had been a long while since extreme circumstances had prevented
either of them from having sex.

Lilah climbed off Warren and off the bed. She situated herself near the foot
of the bed and began to stroke Warren's cock that was already slick with her
cunt juice. He groaned as her hand began to quickly work it's way up and down
his shaft and she flicked her tongue across the head of his dick. Warren let
out a loud groan as Lilah's lips wrapped around his cock applying gentle
pressure. His erect member convulsed as her lips slid up and down and her
tongue snaked around the fleshy shaft. Lilah began to energetically bob her
head up and down on the dick as it began pulsing more and more in her mouth.
She could soon taste his precum start to dribble out his peehole. With one
last long succulently taste Warren's prick slid from Lilah's mouth with a

"Get up," Lilah said. Warren did as he was asked and the brunette climbed
onto the bed sticking her ass into the air. "Fuck me in the ass Warren."


"I said fuck me in the ass. Are you going to stand there and argue with me?"

"Of course not, I'll fuck you anywhere you want me too. I just wasn't
expecting your ass to be an option for some reason."

"Let's just say that it is a toast to the future. Wolfram & Hart will be mine
and you'll be the ruler of Sunnydale."

"To the future," Warren toasted.

He kneeled on the bed behind Lilah and began by rubbing her two ass cheeks
up and down giving them slight squeezes. He then firmly took hold of one in
each hand and spread them apart exposing her anus. Warren hungrily dove in
sliding his tongue up and down Lilah's crack. She moaned softly each time
his tongue pushed into her butthole.

With the sweet taste of Lilah's ass in his mouth and with her anus well
covered in his saliva Warren stood up and with his dick in hand and pushed
it into her anal opening. Lilah gasped as Warren's sex organ poked into her
rear. Warren was gentle though and slowly got a comfortable pace going. With
every smooth easy stroke Warren was able to get a bit more of his dick into
Lilah's ass until finally he was able to bottom out.

The two evil partners fucked like rabbits. Warren's balls slapped against
Lilah's pussy with ever thrust into her asshole. With a good hard final push
into her backside, Lilah felt as Warren's dick opened up shooting his seed
deep into her rectum. When the white shower reduced itself to a drizzle
Warren pulled out of Lilah and lay down on the bed next to where she lay.

"So what's the plan? When do I finally get to go back to Sunnydale?"

"What's the rush Warren? We have plenty of time. Besides we can't really do
anything until he shows up."

"When's he getting here?"

"In a few days time. When Co-" Lilah was interrupted as raised voices and
loud thuds could be heard outside. "Stay here Warren," Lilah said climbing
out of bed and grabbing a robe from a door hanger. She tied it around her
body and when she reached the door she peaked through the peephole. "What a
surprise," She said to herself before opening the door. "Can I help you

"You can start by calling off your friend here, before she gets hurt," Angel
replied as he pinned Tarabot against the wall by her neck.

"Tara, go inside," Lilah instructed. "What do you want? Today's my day off."
Angel let go of Tara's neck and the bot walked into the penthouse shooting
him an evil look.

"Tell me what you want with Dawn and I'll be on my way."

"What are you talking about?"

"I seriously doubt it's coincidence that you showed up in San Juarez at the
exact hotel Dawn and Claudia were at. Be glad that neither Gunn nor Fred
weren't seriously hurt or you wouldn't be standing right now."

"How is it that you're standing right now? The only way up here is through
the front door and your kind doesn't like sunlight the last time I checked."

"Stop wasting my time Lilah!"

"Angel my friend," Lilah said running her hand through his hair. He grabbed
it and pulled it away. "This is your one and only warning." She yanked her
hand from his grasp. "I have no business with you or your band of do-gooders.
Now if you don't mind I have things to do today."

"But I do mind," Angel growled grabbing Lilah's hand which hand crossed
through the doorway. He then yanked her out into the hall.

"You just made a big mistake," Lilah sneered placing her hand on Angel's
chest. A shot of electricity passed into Angel's body sending him flying
across the hall into the opposite wall. "Consider that your only warning,"
Lilah warned slamming the door shut.

Angel crawled to his feet and took the cell phone from his jacket pocket. He
then hit the speed dial for Wesley.

"Wesley here."

"Hey Wes. It's Angel. I'm leaving Lilah's place now. She definitely wants
Dawn for something."

"Lilah's? I thought she moved into her penthouse so you couldn't get in
during the day?"

"I know it's probably too soon to ask, but do you have anything on the

"Um... I've got good news and bad news."

"Out with it Wesley."

"Good news is I know what the prophecy means. The bad news is that The
Destroyer refers to the son of vampires and the False Sister refers to the
sister of the Slayer who is cursed to live as a vampire. Basically they're
going to mate and give birth to a creature strong enough to enter the
Hellmouth a mortal and come out a god. What Lilah wants with the creature I
don't know."

"The son of vampires..."


"You bitch! I'm going to kill you Lilah!"

"Angel! Angel! Calm down!"

"Don't tell me to calm down! She's going to use my son and Buffy's sister to
raise some damn creature!"

"It can't be Connor! He was a baby and when he was taken into the Hell
dimension by Holtz a few weeks ago."

"Have you heard from the others at all?"

"If you haven't heard from them I haven't. Lorne did call me with a small
tidbit on Lestat. He does do work for Wolfram & Hart from time to time so
Lilah probably has access to his files and used them to make contact with
him. This isn't something we didn't already know, but it makes a connection
between the two working together."

"Things are going from bad to worse. I'll be back at the hotel in a bit."

* * *

"So what did Angel want?" Warren asked dressed and sitting at Lilah's kitchen
table as she slammed the door shut.

"I thought I told you to wait in the bedroom."

"Curiosity got the better of me when Tara told me Angel was here."

"How does she know about Angel?"

"It's part of the memory I gave her. I can program her to think she's a
circus clown if I wanted."

"Could you create a robot that look and acted exactly like someone?"

"Please, who do you think you're talking to? I can build and program a robot
to do anything. It'd take awhile to copy and program someone's personality,
but it can be done."

"Excellent, I've got a new project I want you to work on before you leave
for Sunnydale."

* * *

"How did you get us in on such short notice?" Gunn asked as he, Fred, and
Lorne sat in a private dining room at a fancy French restaurant, Juan
Pierre's. "This place is always packed and has a month long waiting list."

"You like eating at fancy places like this?" Fred asked. "I thought you were
more the burgers and steak type."

"I am, I mean I was until I met you. A little bit of your sweetness has
rubbed off on me," Gunn replied as he and Fred smiled at each other and
rubbed noses.

"Ah, that's so sweet of you," Fred cooed.

"Please you two, we haven't even eaten yet and you're already starting with
the sugary sweet stuff," Lorne sighed.

"You've got to learn to appreciate what you have," Gunn replied. "It took me
awhile to realize that, but now I do."

"Aaaaaaaw!" Fred cooed again. "I love you Charles."

"And I love you Fred," Gunn said as the couple kissed.

"So have either of you heard why Lilah wants Dawn so bad? Or even what this
Warren fellow wants?" Lorne asked.

"Just what Wesley told us this morning about Dawn," Fred answered.

"And Warren's probably out to get revenge on Willow," Gunn added.

"And you know this how?" Lorne asked.

"I... uh... the other night at the hotel in San Juarez he ran his mouth and
mentioned getting his revenge on Willow and building an army of Buffybots to
take over Sunnydale."

"You didn't mention this because?"

"Everybody started talking about Dawn and wanting to get her back and I
guess I forgot."

"Oh crap! We better call Angel and warn him," Fred said pulling her cell
phone from her purse.

"Yeah, that might be a good idea," Lorne said sarcastically.

"Oh shut up, it's not like Warren's had time to build his robot army even
with Wolfram & Hart's money and resources," Gunn retorted.

"I don't think they're involved. My sources tell me that the rumor is that
Lilah is doing this on her own and using her own money. The senior partners
of Wolfram & Hart are a little leery and keeping an eye on things," Lorne

"Why don't they just kill her then and get it over with?"

"Because as you pointed out last night, she's no longer just a human. Perhaps
they don't know if they can."

"Maybe they don't want to."

"Shh! I'm on the phone!" Fred chided. "Angel it's Fred."

"Where you at?"

"Lorne, Gunn, and I are having dinner at Juan Pierre's. We just got here a
few minutes ago."

"You three got any news for me?"

"According to Lorne his sources say that Wolfram & Hart aren't involved in
any of this, that Lilah's working on her own. They're supposedly a little
worried about this whole thing too."

"What about the girls and Warren?"

"Dawn and Claudia have kind of disappeared. Nobody's seen them since
yesterday. As for Warren, there's something Gunn and I forgot to tell you
yesterday. When we were at the hotel he started running his mouth about
wanting revenge on Willow and building an army of Buffybots to take over

"God damn it! How could you forget that?"

"Everybody started talking about how important it was to find Dawn and we

"Look, I'm sorry for yelling at you. Thanks for the info." Angel hung the
phone up on the front desk in the lobby and a grim look crossed his face.

"What is it Angel?"

"That was Fred. The popular rumor is that Wolfram & Hart aren't involved and
are curious as to what Lilah's up to. She supposedly is working on her own
with the help of Warren. Dawn and Claudia have basically disappeared without
a trace though that won't last for long, and Fred and Gunn forgot to tell us
yesterday that Warren's out for revenge against Willow and wants to take over
Sunnydale using an army of Buffybots."

"Lilah's certainly trying to cover her bases. Use Warren to keep the
Sunnydale gang busy so it's one less thing she has to worry about."

"Does anybody else know about Connor's connection to the prophecy?"

"We don't know that he is connected Angel."

"Damn it Wesley! Stop trying to sugarcoat things! We don't know for sure that
Dawn and Claudia are responsible for what happened on the bus either!"

"Look, I called Giles earlier for help on the prophecy. He's the one that
told me that The Destroyer was the son of vampires and that-"

"Giles? You called Giles? What in your right mind made you do that? I told
everyone this morning that I'd tell Buffy what was going on!"

"You mean besides the fact that Lilah needs Dawn to fulfill some prophecy and
give birth to a creature that can become a god? Look, all Giles knows about
is the prophecy. I don't think he knows about Connor, or else he would have
raised a bit more hell. We're going to have to figure something out to tell
them. Giles is ready to tell Buffy about the prophecy."

"If we can just find Dawn then everything else will straighten itself out."

* * *

"You ready to do this?" Dawn asked as she and Claudia stood outside Juan
Pierre's with makeshift stakes in their hands.

"Just let me have Thad," Claudia calmly responded.

The two of them walked through the front doors of the restaurant and pushed
past the matrie'd when he tried to stop them. They found Thad sitting at a
candle lit table in the back with a woman.

"Thad we need to speak now!" Dawn growled.

"Hey I was wondering what happened to you two last night. You've never showed
up at the hotel."

"Perhaps that was because you tried to kill us," Claudia snarled. She had
been hiding the stake at her side and Thad wasn't aware of it until she had
jumped onto the table and stabbed him in the heart with it.

"You bitch!" The woman screamed baring her fangs as Thad disintegrated. She
had time to do little more because Dawn rammed her stake into the woman's
heart and killed her.

Gunn, Fred, and Lorne were quickly made aware of the situation in the main
dining room as many of the human patrons started screaming and panicking.
When they left their private dining room and entered the main one they saw
humans running for the doors as a pack of vampires circling around

"The fun never ends," Gunn said sarcastically. "Hey! Why don't the bunch of
you leave, before you get hurt?" He shouted.

One of the vampires turned his attention towards the three of them. "Why
don't you three leave before you get hurt?"

Suddenly there was a commotion and two of the vampires in circle disappeared.
Gunn, Fred, and Lorne caught a brief glimpse of Dawn and Claudia as the pack
was agitated.

"Fred, get Angel on the phone. Lorne there's a cross in my truck. Go get it
and bring it back."

Fred and Lorne headed for the outside as Fred dialed Angel's number on her
cell phone. Gunn broke the leg off one of the restaurant chairs and walked
towards the quarreling vampires. Some broke off to engage him when he got
close, but they were easily dispatched. Within five minutes all that was
left in the restaurant was Gunn, Dawn, Claudia, and a lone vampire from
Thad's pack. Gunn quickly stuck Thad's goon in the heart when he tried to
take off.

"We didn't need your help," Dawn growled.

"It sure looked like you did," Gunn retorted.

"We can handle ourselves."

"I'm sure you can. Claudia's been around for two hundred years, but I don't
think physical confrontations are your specialty."

"Dawn let's go," Claudia said tugging at her sleeve.

"Here you go Gunn, everything okay in here?" Lorne said handing a wooden
cross to Gunn.

"Everything's fine as long as these two behave," Gunn answered.

"Get that away from us!" Dawn screamed.

"Not until Angel gets here."

"He's on his way," Fred said joining Lorne and Gunn.

Holding them at bay with the cross Gunn, Fred, and Lorne walked the two
vampires out to Gunn's truck while they waited for Angel to arrive which
wasn't for another fifteen minutes. His car screeched to a halt in the
restaurant parking lot as police and ambulance started to arrive.

"Look we don't have time to ask questions here with everyone around so let's
get back to the hotel. Gunn, Fred, you take Claudia. Lorne, you and Dawn
are coming with me."

The two vehicles left almost unnoticed as more and more people came upon the
spectacle of the restaurant. A lone figure in the shadows dialed seven digits
on a cell phone.

"It was just as we thought. They killed the police officer and Thad and his
bunch are dead too. Once again though, there was some unexpected company and
Dawn is now in Angel's custody again."

"Take Tara with you and go get her."


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