This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

I'm not a fantastically obsessed fan of Buffy, Angel, or the Vampire
Chronicles so some liberties have been taken with both. I never liked the
Cordelia character so let's say she's still in Mexico.

Angel/Buffy TVS/Interview With The Vampire: The Prophecy Part 4
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

"What happened at the restaurant tonight?" Angel asked as he sat behind his
desk in his office across from Dawn.

"Claudia and I went there to kill Thad."


"Because he deserved it. We didn't need Gunn's help."

"And why did you want to kill Thad?"

"He tried to kill us." Angel sighed and began nervously tapping his finger
on his desk. "You want to know about the bus don't you?"

"Yeah, did you kill those people?"

"Claudia and I killed every last one of them. And I killed that cop they
found today."

"You killed that cop? Vampires are one thing, but people are something else.
You can't just go around killing for pleasure."

"When you have a fat obese pig raping your friend, then you let me know about
killing people! You killed your own damn family so who are you to talk???"

"So what am I supposed to tell your sister when I call her?"

"Tell her whatever the hell you want. She's not my real sister, you know

"She loves you just the same."

"She used to love you too, but you went all crazy on her is the way I
remember the story going. We're vampires; she's a slayer. We try to kill
her; she tries to kill us. It's how things work."

"It doesn't have to be that way."

"What happened to you Angelus? It's hard to believe anything I've heard about
you. You used to be this major badass that feared no one and killed everyone.
Now you're this soft pussy whipped shell of your former self."

"Things change."

"Well from everything I've heard about you, you've changed for the worse."

"So have you, which is why you're not leaving until we figure out what is
wrong with you."

"Not that I care, but you know Buffy is going to be so pissed off when she
finds out that you've been hiding me from her."

* * *

"So what do you think Dawn and big boss man are talking about?" Claudia asked
as she sat in a chair in The Hyperion lobby. Gunn, Fred, and Lorne watched
her with a suspicious eye.

"I should kill you right now," Gunn calmly said as he circled Claudia
twirling a stake in his hand. "You tried to kill Fred, you tried to kill me,
and you're working for Lilah. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't?"

"Because Angel would kill you."

"No he wouldn't. His only concern is Dawn, as is Lilah's. It would seem to
me you're the odd vampire out here."

"Oh please. Dawn's not going to cooperate with you. Do you really think she'd
be anymore friendly if you killed me? I love her and she loves me. Besides
we're not working for Lilah. We're looking out for ourselves only. Oh, and
Dawn was the one who bit Fred in San Juarez remember? You'd have to kill her

"She's got a point. We really don't want Dawn anymore riled up than she
already is," Fred commented.

"Sing Claudia," Lorne said.



"Why? This is stupid."

"He said to sing!" Gunn screamed punching Claudia in the mouth knocking her
from the chair.

"Do that again, I'll make sure your slut girlfriend dies next time!" Claudia
growled hopping and baring her fangs as blood started to trickle from her

"Charles stop it!" Fred shouted getting between him and the vampire. "Claudia
put those away or I might have to let him go."

Claudia retracted her fangs and wiped the spot of blood from her face.
"Fucking asshole," she murmured.

"God damn it! This is bullshit!" Gunn shouted as he headed for the front
door. "She tried to kill Fred and me and here we are coddling her!" He
shoved the door open as he walked outside.

"Claudia you're not making this any easier on us," Lorne sighed as the front
door slowly came to a close.

"Making what easier? We're vampires! We're evil, we're supposed to kill

"Angel doesn't," Fred said.

"Angel's an anomaly. He's got a soul only because gypsies cursed him.
There's a very small barrier between Angel and Angelus and you've been
witness to his bad side haven't you? Let me let you in on something.
Angel's an embarrassment to the vampire world. Angelus though... He's
like a god almost. Everyone's waiting for the day he finally loses his
soul once and for all."

"That will never happen," Angel said as he and Dawn left his office and
entered the lobby.

"You'll never stay on the side of good. You may fight the good fight for the
next thousand years, but eventually you'll fall again and it'll be for good,"
Claudia sneered. "Who'll save you then? Everyone here will be dead. Save
yourself the time and frustration and join us now."

"When will you kids learn that being a grown up is not all it's cracked up
to be?" Angel sighed as he reached for the phone at the front desk.

"Dawn, did you just hear what Angel called us?"

"Here we go again," Fred muttered.

"What do you mean here we go again?" Lorne asked.

"Angel, let me let you in on something. I've only been a vampire for a few
days so it doesn't bother me, but Claudia... She's trapped in a body of a
ten year old so I can see how the ignorant can make the mistake of calling
her a child, but she's only a few years younger than you so show her some
respect will ya?" Dawn said.

"If that's the case then congratulations on surviving so long. Most vampires
either get themselves killed or go insane. For a child to last so long is
something else," Angel replied.

"I'M NOT A FUCKING CHILD!" Claudia shrieked lunging at Angel. He easily side
stepped her and sent her sprawling onto the floor.

"I don't want to fight you Claudia."

"It's too bad you feel that way," Claudia climbing back to her feet and
attacking Angel again. He blocked the small vampire's attempt at a dropkick
knocking her back to the floor.

"Angel, Claudia, cut the nonsense now," Dawn asked holding Fred hostage with
a knife to her throat near the weapons case.

"Dawn what are you doing? Put the knife down."

"Hey guys I think I've figured out a way to cure Dawn and Claudia's problem,"
Wesley said stumbling out of his study with a book in hand. "Oh..." he
muttered noticing the scene before him.

"Slit the bitches throat!" Claudia screamed with delight.

"You do that, and sister of Buffy or not, I'll be forced to kill you," Angel

"He's bluffing," Claudia scoffed.


"Here," he said tossing a stake to Angel who picked Claudia up by the neck
and held the wooden instrument to her heart.

"How about an early demonstration?" Angel asked coldly. "I have no problems
with you yet Dawn, not enough to make me want to kill you, but Claudia's not
so lucky."

"Doesn't it feel so much better being Angelus? Give in to the anger and rage,
bring him back," Dawn said.

"That'll never happen, but I'm willing to protect my friends, kill if need
be," Angel snarled.

"Nobody's killing anyone," Warren said as he and Tarabot entered The

"Charles!" Fred screamed seeing his lifeless body dragged in by Tara.

"Someone should really tell him not to go off on his own when he's acting all
huffy and angry. It's going to get him killed one day," Warren smiled.

"What did you do to him Warren?" Fred screamed.

"Don't worry Fred, Charles will be fine. He's just unconscious. As for the
rest of you drop your weapons before someone gets hurt."

"We meet at last Warren, and I see you've brought your friend with you. Tell
us what Lilah wants with the prophecy and you can walk out the door alive. If
not I can leave you in the same state that Willow did when she killed you,"
Angel replied.

"We don't have time for your games Angel!" Warren growled. "Lilah and I have
no problem with you or your buddies. Give me Dawn now so I can go back to


"Fine. Tara if you please."

Wesley threw the book to the floor when it suddenly burst into flames in his
hands. Then Tarabot pointed a hand at him and one at Lorne and started to
raise her hands up.

"Uh Angel what's going on?" Wesley asked as he and Lorne's feet lifted from
the ground.

"I'm not too fond of this either," Lorne remarked.

"Put them down." Angel growled.

"Not until you give Dawn to me," Warren replied.

"You know I have no control over her."

"Look, I'm a pretty good guy, so here's what I'll do. Angel you let go of
Claudia, Dawn you let go of Fred and nobody gets hurt ok?"

"There's no possibility of Angelus returning tonight, so I'll let Fred go
once Angel let's go of Claudia," Dawn said. "We'll go our separate ways, and
you can deal with Warren as you see fit. Deal?"

"Let go of Fred first."

"Alright, but I'll stab Fred in the back before she takes two steps if you
don't let go of Claudia."

Cautiously Angel and Dawn let go of their captives and Claudia and Fred
scurried to their respective sides of the lobby.

"Good, now come with me Dawn. There's someone who wants to meet you," Warren
smiled as Tarabot let Wesley and Lorne fall the ground.

"As if. Go tell Lilah that if I see her again we'll kill her," Dawn

"Why must you people try and fight this?" Warren sighed melodramatically.
Claudia suddenly lifted off the ground and the stake shot from Angel's hand.

"Put her down now!" Dawn screamed as Claudia hovered in mid-air and the
stake floated inches from her chest ready to pierce it.

"You take one step, and your friend dies," Warren warned. "That goes for the
rest of you," He said to Angel and company.

"If you're going to try and kill somebody, make sure they're dead," Gunn
said from Warren as he pointed a stake at his throat.

"Hey Gunn, I wasn't trying to kill you. I really don't have a reason yet,"
Warren replied.

"Enough with the smartass remarks. Tell your friend to put Claudia down."

"Put her down? I thought you'd be happy to see her dead."

"I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of killing her."

"Alright fine, Tara let Claudia down." Gunn waited until Claudia's feet were
on the floor then pushed Warren down. "Why can't you people let Lilah and me
be? We had no reason to harm any of you, but now we're going to have to at
your insistence. As for you Dawn, I'll make you a deal. You come with me now,
and one Claudia won't be killed later and two I can get Angelus for you."
Warren said as he got back up.

"You're lying. How can you possibly make Angel lose his soul?" Dawn asked.

"I have my ways."

"Uh, guys I'm still here and there's no way in hell Angelus is coming back
anytime soon," Angel said.

"Tara let's go and tell Lilah they want to make things as hard for themselves
as possible."

"Yes Warren. Will we have to kill them too?"

"Looks that way. Last chance guys. I don't suppose there's anyway for you to
reconsider and hand over Dawn?"

"No," Angel said matter-of-factly.

"Okay, have it your way then," Warren said as he and Tara started to leave.

As Warren and Tarabot made it to the front door of the lobby the air started
to crackle and heat up. They stopped and turned staring like the others in
the lobby as a hole ripped open in the air and a four legged dog looking
demon fell out followed by a young man who looked to be no more than sixteen
or seventeen. Pulling a sword from it's sheath on his back the boy plunged
it into the gut of the beast and it fell dead on the spot.

"I think we've found The Destroyer," Wes commented as the fellow sheathed his
sword and turned his attention to Angel raising his right hand which held
some sort of contraption.

"Hello father."

"Connor-" Was all Angel could get out before Connor fired three stakes at
him from the item in his hand.

Angel easily dodged them and Dawn bared her fangs. She leapt at Connor when
he lowered his arm and he easily knocked back with a punch to the gut. Dawn
was sent flying backwards and hit hard into a wall before falling the floor.
Witnessing his abuse of Dawn Claudia attacked Connor next but the same fate
befell her as well.

"Stay back everyone," Angel warned as Connor withdrew his sword again.

"Angel here," Wesley said grabbing a sword from the weapons case and tossing
it to him.

"I don't want to fight you Connor."

"My name's Steven. You may be my father Angel, but you'll never be more than
a stranger to me."

As Angel and Connor fought Warren and Tara slinked off into a dark corner of
the hotel unbeknownst to everyone else. Warren pulled out his cell phone and
dialed Lilah's number.

"Tell me you have her Warren."

"I have her in my sights."

"Don't be a smartass. What's that mean?"

"Well I have good news and bad news. The bad news is even without Angel's
interference Dawn's going to be a handful to bring in and she seems set on
bringing Angelus back."

"If it's Angelus she wants then I could most certainly give her him if I

"She doesn't believe we can though."

"Don't worry about it. Leave that to me. So what's the good news?"

"Angel's baby boy is back."

"Excellent, a little earlier than I was expecting, but great to hear none
the less."

"So what do you want me to do?"

"Have Tarabot cast a time freeze spell. Since the spell breaks down once
Tara stops chanting then you're only going to have time to grab one person.
Take Connor and bound and gag him before throwing him into the car and bring
him here."

"Okay, see you in a few then," Warren said hanging up the phone then turning
to Tarabot.

"What can I do for you Warren?"

"Tara sweetie I want you to cast a time freeze spell and keep chanting until
we tie Connor up and put him in the car."

"Yes Warren."

As Tarabot started to chant Warren could see the air start to swirl and the
actions of everyone else in the lobby getting slower and slower until they
came to a complete stop. Warren quickly ran to where Lilah's car was parked
outside and opened the trunk. He removed some rope and returned to the hotel.
Connor was standing in a position of thrusting when Warren found him. With
Tarabot's chanting Warren was able to remove the sword from Connor's hand and
carry him on his shoulder outside to the car laying him in the backseat and
hog tying him without a problem. He went back inside and got Tara who kept
chanting until she was in the car with Warren and it was speeding down the
street away from the hotel.

* * *

Angel deftly dodge the blow coming from Connor's sword, or rather the blow
he thought was coming.

"Where's Connor?" Angel asked noticing his sword on the floor and the boy
nowhere to be seen.

The various members of Angel Investigations looked around murmuring not being
able to help but think that something odd had just happened, that they missed

"Where's Warren and Tara for that matter?" Wesley asked.

"It's like they've disappeared," Fred chimed in.

"They didn't disappear. They used a time freeze spell," Angel replied.

"I thought it was Dawn they were after?" Gunn asked.

"They are, but I'm guessing they figured Dawn would be easier to grab than
Connor. I'm assuming Angel's friend Tara is a witch and she needed to be
chanting until they were gone or the spell would wear off," Lorne said.
Everybody looked at him curiously. "What? I used to date a witch or two
before I meet you all."

"Next question then. What do they need Connor for?" Gunn asked.

"Connor's needed to impregnate Dawn, so she can give birth to some creature
that can become a god simply by walking into the Hellmouth and completing
some trials," Angel answered.

"Like hell I'm going to let anyone get me pregnant! Claudia we're through
here!" Dawn shouted grabbing Claudia's hand and dragging her towards the
front door.

"Stop them," Angel sighed.

"You're staying for a while longer," Gunn said getting between the vampires
and the door holding a cross.

"WE DON'T WANT TO BE HERE! LET US GO!" Claudia screamed.

"Count your blessings that Angel wants to save you two, because it's so
tempting to stake you both," Gunn snarled.

"Short of one of them killing one of us, they aren't getting staked," Angel
said. "Now Wes you said you could solve Dawn and Claudia's problem."

"I could with the book that just burned up."

"Can you still help them?"

"Assuming they haven't lost their souls there's a way to tone down their evil
tendencies and give them back their normal personalities..."

"And we do that how?"

"We need to get a pint of someone's blood and and a few herbs and other items
to it."

"Who's blood do we need?"


"That should be easy to get," Gunn said sarcastically.

"Who said we want to be good again?!?" Claudia shouted.

"Help us out Angelus! Get rid of these losers!" Dawn added.

"Gunn, Lorne, take those down to the basement and chain them to the wall. I
don't trust them to not to try and escape."

"So what are you going to do if they really have lost their souls?" Fred
asked as the two vampires were dragged off.

"Willow knows the spell to give a vampire their soul. She'll have to cast
it," Angel replied.

"So how do we get Lilah's blood?" Wesley asked.

"I don't know yet. It's getting late so everyone go home and get some sleep
once Gunn and Lorne get back. I have a phone call I need to make," Angel said
walking into his office and slamming the door.

As he sat as his desk he looked at the phone and contemplated what he would
say to Buffy or what her response would be. He picked up the handset and
called her. It rang several times before a groggy voice picked it up.


"Buffy it's Angel."

"Please tell me you found my sister," Buffy said immediately sitting up in
bed with interest.

"We did find Dawn and Claudia and they're here at the hotel, but there's a

"Well what's the problem? Why can't they come back?"

"They're under some kind of spell that's making them act evil."

"They've lost their souls? It can't be!"

"I didn't say they lost their souls. They're just afflicted with an unusual
condition. I told you we'd find them and we did so I want to ask you to trust
me one more time. Wesley knows a way to cure them, but we need just a bit
more time."

"What are you going to do if they have lost their souls?"

"If it comes to that we can have Willow-"

"No! We can't have Willow casting any major spells like that! Not this soon
after what happened!"

"If Dawn and Claudia really have lost their souls then we don't have a choice
unless you can find someone else strong enough to do it."

"I know, I know. Just get Dawn back here the way she was when she left."

"We're doing our best here. Look, before I got there's one other thing.
Someone resurrected Warren and I think he might be on his way to Sunnydale
for revenge on Willow."

"No problem, we've dealt with bigger problems before."

"He's bringing Tara with him."


"He's bringing Tara with him."

"That's impossible! She's buried in a grave in the cemetery! I was by there
the other day and it hasn't been disturbed!"

"I don't know what to tell you, but I know what I saw and it was her. He's
even scrambled with her head too, because she's as hell-bent on Willow's
death as he."

"Damn it! This isn't fair!" Buffy pouted. "Willow deserves better than this!"

"Sorry. I've never been one to be the bearer of good news."

"It's not your fault. I've just got to figure out how to tell Willow. She's
a tougher girl than she looks, but she's still hurting."

"How're you doing?"

"I'm doing okay I guess, about the best that can be expected anywise. We've
got the usual vamps and other baddies running around, but nothing big. It's
rather slow right now. I'm not really sure if I want to know the answer to
this, but what happened on that bus with those people? Did Dawn and Claudia
kill them?"


"Oh god..."

"But remember they're under someone's spell and not themselves, so it's not
their fault, and I have them here at the hotel and soon they'll be better."

"Look I've got to get to the hospital and get Willow home. Angel, just do me
a favor and make sure they don't kill anyone else please."

"They won't, I promise."

Angel hung up the phone and returned to the lobby where he found Wesley still
about looking through a book.

"What're you still doing here?" Angel asked.

"Looking to see if there's another way to fix Dawn and Claudia's problem, but
I don't see one. Angel I don't mean to sound so doubtful of you, but did you
tell Buffy about the prophecy?"

"No. I only told her we had the girls and what their situation was. She's
going to sit tight until we can find a way to cure them."

"Why didn't you tell her?"

"I only told her what she needs to know, and I want you to call Giles and
tell him what's going on and tell him not to tell Buffy about the prophecy

"He won't listen to me."

"Do what you can. If not and Giles tells Buffy, then oh well."

* * *

"Who are you?!? Let me go!" Connor screamed as the car he was in headed for
destination unknown.

"Why is he screaming Warren? I thought he was going to help us?" Tarabot

"He is, he's just having a hard time adjusting to a new dimension. He's been
in a hell dimension since he was a baby."

"A baby? Are we going to have babies Warren?"

"We've got too much going on right now to be thinking about that!" Warren
chuckled. "Once we return to Sunnydale, then we can discuss it ok?"

"Okay..." Tarabot said unsure.

"Listen Tara, I love you and I promise once we kill Willow we'll live happily
ever after. Stop worrying okay?"

"Okay," Tarabot smiled as Warren kissed it on the forehead and it rested her
head on his shoulder.

"Stupid robot," Warren thought.

"Would you two shut up?!?" Connor shouted. "I was about to kill Angel and
you took me from him!"

"There's someone who wants to meet you and there was no other way to get you
to come," Warren replied. "Trust me, in the end everyone will be happy."

"Trust me, you'll be hurting once these ropes are taken off!" Tara suddenly
turned towards the backseat when she heard the threat.

"No spells in the car Tara. One punch and that's it." Connor moaned in pain
as Tarabot's fist came into contact with his nose and it started bleeding.

"Do not threaten my Warren again," Tarabot growled.

"That was the one and only time you're ever going to touch me without facing
the consequences."

"Oh, pipe down will you Connor? We're almost there," Warren replied.

"My name's not Connor! That's the name Angel gave me! My name's Steven!"

"Put him to sleep will you Tara?" Warren asked. Connor slowly fell asleep as
Tarabot chanted.

* * *

"Hey, Buffy what're you doing here? I thought visiting hours were over."

"They are, but you're going home."

"But what about the doctors and the tests?"

"You got the blood transfusion, you're fine. Pack your things and let's go."

Willow quickly changed from a hospital gown into some street clothes that
Buffy had brought. The two girls did a quick sweep of the room gathering all
of Willow's items and walked into the hall heading for the elevator.

"Buffy what's going on?" Willow nervously asked as they rode the elevator
down to the bottom floor.

"Something's come up. I'll explain it to you when we get home."

"No, explain it to me now!" Willow said pushing the elevator's stop button.

"Alright fine. Earlier tonight I got a call from Angel about Dawn and

"Good news I hope?"

"They've found both of them, but they're under some kind of spell right now
so they're not acting right."

"What kind of spell? I could fix it."

"I don't know, but I don't want you casting anymore spells right now. Not
unless Giles says it's ok. Besides Angel said they knew how to cure it."

"So when are they coming back?"

"I don't know yet. As soon as they can break the spell, but Angel gave me
some bad news too."

"What is it?" Willow asked as a serious look of concern and uncertainty
crossed Buffy's face.

"Warren's not dead and he's coming back to get revenge on you."

"That can't be! I killed Warren! I saw him die!" Willow pouted backing into
the elevator wall.

"I know, but someone's resurrected him and he's coming back."

"You've got to keep him away from me! I don't want to lose it again and
become evil!"

In the weeks and months after Tara's death and after Xander stopped her from
destroying the world Willow had slowly started to rebuild her life despite
the constant nightmares she was having not telling anyone about. Her biggest
fear was that someone or something would trigger something inside her and
she would turn evil again. If anyone could do it, it was Warren. The hatred
Willow had for him following Tara's death and her skills in the magics was
still something she carried with her and it scared her now.

"Willow nothing's going to happen to you, I promise," Buffy said catching
Willow as her knees started to buckle and she started sliding down the wall.
"Angel also told me something else."

"What's that?" Willow asked looking at Buffy wondering how things could get
any worse.

"Warren's resurrected Tara, and brainwashed her into helping him."

Willow fainted at the mention of Tara and fell hard to the elevator floor.
Buffy spent a few minutes shaking her and calling her name.

"Buffy, why would he do that to her?"

"Warren's an evil evil person only out to hurt people," Buffy replied helping
Willow to her feet. She then pushed the elevator button to get it moving
again. "Let's get you home so you can rest. I'll talk to Angel later and see
if there's anything else he can tell us."

* * *

"He definitely has a hard-on to kill Angel," Warren remarked as he, Lilah,
and Tarabot stood next to the bed in one of the extra bedroom's in Lilah's
penthouse where Connor was still sleeping from the spell.

"He's going to have to hold off on that long enough to impregnate Dawn,"
Lilah replied.

"How do we get her? Angel's still got her, and there's always Claudia to
deal with as well. Those two are nearly inseparable it seems."

"Don't worry about either of them. You've almost got my bot done right?"

"Yeah, I just need some time to work on it and put a soul into it."

"I want it to act and speak like the real thing so nobody can tell the

"I know I know. The programming will take some time, but I've got a good
idea of what I need to do."

"Good, we can buy what you need tonight and tomorrow I'll stop by the firm's
souls and spirits department and get what you need. Tara stay here and guard
Connor while Warren and I go buy some things ok?"

"Yes Lilah," Tarabot said forlornly.

"Something wrong Tara?" Warren asked.

"No, I just kind of miss Sunnydale," she lied.

"We'll be going back soon I promise. Probably within the week so we can kill
Willow and live happily ever after ok?"

"I know, I'm alright, I swear."

"That's a good girl. What about Connor? What if he tries to escape?" Warren
asked Lilah.

"That won't happen. There's a force field around the room and he can't leave
no matter how hard he tries. Everyone else can come and go as they please."

"Excellent. We'll be back soon, keep an eye on him."

"I will, I'll guard him with my life. I won't let you down Warren."

"I know you won't." Tarabot sat down in a chair in the room as Warren and
Lilah left shutting the door behind them.

"Jesus Christ that bot's getting very clingy of you," Lilah remarked as the
two of them headed for the front door.

"I know. She even asked about making babies on the way over. I really need
to do some reworking of her programs and make her less emotionally attached
to me."

"What did you put in her memories?"

* * *

As Tarabot sat in the chair watching Connor sleep her mind began to wander.
She had known Warren for many years having gone to school with him for a few
of them. She and Warren were even getting pretty close until the day she met
Willow in the Wicca group in college. Willow seemed nice enough and had the
same interests as she did, but things were far from peaceful. Willow's old
boyfriend Oz, who was a werewolf, returned and nearly killed her and then
when she started talking to Warren over the phone again Willow became
incredibly jealous and one day nearly killed both of them. Warren had been
all by himself since the day his family was killed in a car accident, and
Tara felt extremely sorry for him considering her own family history. It
took a little convincing at first by Warren, but Tara now saw the evil that
was becoming of Willow and that needed to be taken care of.

That's what Tara believed made their bond so strong and held their
relationship together. That was until Lilah showed up. It had only been a
day since she appeared, but Tarabot could feel her relationship with Warren
weakening, that perhaps he found someone who he liked better, found more
attractive. He even laughed when she asked about having babies. Tara was
quickly jarred back from her daydream when Connor grumbled and moaned as he
woke and sat up in bed.

"Are you hungry? I can make you something to eat if you are. Sorry about
hitting you earlier. I get kind of defensive when Warren is threatened."

"You're the girl from earlier aren't you?" Connor asked recognizing Tarabot.

"Yes I am. Lilah asked Warren and me to bring you here. She wants to meet

"I don't care what you or Lilah have to say, I was this close to killing
Angel and you stopped me!"

"Please calm down Connor. I was only doing what they told me to do."

"Well you can explain to them why I left then," Connor said as he hopped off
the bed and headed for the door. "And my name's not Connor, it's Steven."
Connor opened the bedroom door and started to step through it before he was
thrown backwards onto the bed.

"Shit that hurt!" He grimaced sitting up.

"Are you ok Steven? If you're hurt I must make you better or Warren will be
angry at me."

"Warren? Why do you keep talking about him?"

"Because he's the one who saved me from Willow. I'd be dead now if it weren't
for him. I'd like to think I was his girlfriend, but I don't know anymore...
Especially since she's started working with Lilah."

"What do they want with me?"

"I don't know. They don't really tell me anything. Warren keeps talking about
going back to Sunnydale and getting revenge on Willow, but I think he's more
interested in getting revenge for himself and is losing interest in me."

"As soon as I get out of here I've got my own bit of revenge to dish out.
Angel doesn't deserve to live with all he's done."

"What's wrong with Angel? Warren said he's of no concern to Lilah."

"That monster is my biological father, but he killed my mother and tried to
kill me. Holtz who's more of a father than Angel ever will be saved me from
him and told me one day I'd be strong enough to return here and exact revenge
for my mother's death."

"I've never had it that bad, but the males in the family always controlled
the females by saying that we'd turn into a demon when we turned twenty. That
turned out to be a lie and I don't speak to my family anymore... If you don't
mind me asking, what were you going to do once you killed Angel?"

"I don't know... Probably go back home and live with Holtz."

"In the hell dimension? Isn't that place dangerous though?"

"Yeah, but I've made it for sixteen years and it's all I know."

"Why don't you come to Sunnydale with Warren and me?"

"And do what? You two have each other. I'm better off on my own once I'm done
here." Connor then noticed a picture on the wall and got up to look at it.
"That's Warren isn't it? He was the one in the car."

"Yeah that's him and Lilah. I'm not sure where that picture was taken at
though," Tarabot said getting to his side.

"How well do you know this Lilah?"

"I met her earlier today. She and Warren are working on something, like I
said though they really don't' tell me much."

"So how well do you know Warren?"

"I've known him off and on for a few years now, but it wasn't until Willow
tried to kill us both that we really became close."

"And today is the first time you met Lilah?"


"Just out of curiosity, what did you do yesterday?"

"I don't remember."

"What about the day before?"

"Uh... I don't remember that either."

"And I'm guessing you don't remember the day before that either?"

"No... Why are you asking all these questions?"

"I think you're boyfriend Warren may be up to more than he's letting on and
possibly messing with your memory."

"But why would he do that? I love him and he loves me!"

"You said it yourself that he might only be using you for his own revenge
and that you thought he might be losing interest in you."

"But- I-Warren loves me and I love him!"

"Tara listen to me please."

"How do you know my name?"

"I heard Warren say it in the car before you put me to sleep. Has Warren ever
told you what a pretty name it is? A pretty name for a very pretty girl."

"Thanks," Tarabot giggled blushing.

"When was the last time you and Warren spent some time alone, just the two
of you? When was the last time he did anything nice for you?"

"I can't remember." Connor took Tara's hands in his own and they sat down on
the bed.

"There's a reason for that, Tara. Help get out of this room so I can kill
Angel and I'll help you kill Willow then me and you can move to Sunnydale or
wherever you want to go and we can live happily ever after. We can start the
happy family that Warren doesn't want."

"But Warren-"

"Shh!" Connor quieted Tara kissing her on the lips. "When was the last time
he kissed you like that?" He asked several seconds later.

"Steven don't," Tarabot said.

"Tara, when was the last time Warren made love to you and you were more than
just a plaything to him?"

"Warren is my master and my creator. I am here to serve him as he sees fit."

"Besides killing Willow what else has he asked you to do for him?"

"To serve Lilah too if she wants."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I am to serve her sexual desires as well if she likes. It's okay, Warren
said she was a friend of ours."

"What did you mean when you said Warren was your creator?"

"I am a robot built and designed by Warren injected with a soul. My two major
functions are for the death of Willow Rosenberg and to serve Warren."

"Tara you're not a robot."

"But I am. I heard him tell Lilah how he programmed me and put a soul into
my body."

"Tara you're not a robot, and if you were do you think Warren would hang
around you when he could be with Lilah? She's real, you're not, or at least
that's the way it would be if you were a robot."

"But I am! I heard him!"

"Bite your finger Tara."


"Just do it. I'm going to prove to you that you're real."

"Okay," Tara slipped her finger into her mouth and bit down on it until she
felt something start to flow inside. She pulled it out and saw it covered in
something red.

"See? You're bleeding. Robot's don't bleed. And they don't want to have
babies either."

"But- But- Why would Warren lie like that?" Tara blurted unsure what to feel

"Tara, it's not your fault, it's Warren's," Connor said leaning forward to
kiss Tarabot again.

Connor met with some resistance as he tried to unbutton Tarabot's dress. He
softly brushed her hand aside and finished unbuttoning it. Connor stood Tara
up and let her dress drop to the floor. The bot momentarily covered up in
front of the stranger she let undress her. The stranger she let undress her
with out Warren's consent.

"Tara we could have our own family together. I know you think you love
Warren, but he loves another. He's only using you," Connor whispered.

A flood of emotions filled her head about Warren. Tara let her guard down
and stood in her bra and panties in front of Connor. Removing the hides and
make shift clothing from the other dimension Connor stood nude in front of
Tara for a few seconds and waited for her to drop her panties and remove her

"You're a very beautiful girl Tara. Lay down and let me take care of you,"
Connor whispered kissing her on the lips.

With a deep uncertain breath Tara sat down on the bed then laid back. Connor
climbed onto the bed and slowly spread Tarabot's legs apart. She let out a
squeamish moan as his tongued flitted across her slit. Tara's body jolted
each time she felt his tongue dip inside her pussy. She felt her body burn
at Connor's touch. Controlled by Warren's programming Tara's hand
instinctively slid between her outstretched legs and her index and middle
fingers slipped between her cuntal lips as Connor continued to lick at her

"What're you doing Tara? I'm here to serve you tonight let me do that for

"Please... Play with my breasts," Tarabot moaned as she continued to pump
her fingers in and out of her twat.

"Anything for you," Connor replied crawling over Tara's body stopping at her

He started by softly kissing her neck and shoulders slowly working his way
down to her chest. Connor's hands took hold of Tara's breasts gingerly
massaging them sliding the thumbs across her nipples. Tarabot moaned as her
chest was methodically fondled and she felt Connor's lips take hold of her
right nipple. It shot up hard and erect as the moisture from his tongue fell
upon it. Tara's fingers continued to push and out of her cunt, but with more
excitement now as Connor tongued and suckled her breasts.

"Oh god Steven!" Tarabot moaned hot sexual energy running it's course over
her body. Warren really didn't know how realistic a bot that he had created.
Tara pulled her sticky fingers from her pussy to lick them clean like she
knew she should. As she licked the cream from her fingers and swallowed it
down Tara could feel her body start to burn and exude passion more than she
could remember it ever doing. Then she said something she unknowingly hadn't
been programmed to say or feel for others beside Warren. "Fuck me Steven!
Fuck me hard!" Tara moaned.

Connor sat up and grabbed Tara by her legs bringing her closer to him. His
cock easily slid into her self-lubricated opening and he bottomed out inside
her. His balls pushed against her ass as he held her in place. Tara nearly
came as Connor's manhood sat in place filling her. With his hands on her hips
and Tara's legs wrapped around his waist Connor slowly began to pull out
watching the agonizingly happy look cross her face. Then slowly he began to
push his erect cock back inside Tarabot. She moaned as his member split her
open again engulfing her insides. Connor developed a nice meticulous pace
pumping all seven inches into Tara's body with long smooth strokes allowing
her to get worked up as each inch pushed it's way inside.

Connor watched as Tara bit her lip and her tits flopped in the air with each
long hard stroke. "Stupid girl," he thought as Tara's moans became louder
and her pussy started to tighten down on his prick. "Warren must have really
fucked with your mind."

With each hard thrust from Connor, Tarabot's body continued to tremble. She
felt herself start to tingle and run rampant with excitement. With a loud
scream and a sudden intense pressure from Tara's vaginal cavity Connor could
feel Tarabot start to orgasm as it's artificially created cum started to ooze
out onto his prick. Remembering her desire for breast stimulation Connor
pulled out of Tara's pussy and straddled her chest pressing her tits around
his cock.

For the first time she could remember Tarabot felt hot and bothered from
someone pleasuring her and not the other way around. She could see Connor's
cum covered dick quickly sliding back and forth as he energetically
tit-fucked her. Tara smiled and waited watching Connor's cockhead pulse and
grow with each thrust. Suddenly a white-hot stream of his cum squirted out
from his penis striking her left cheek. Tara smiled feeling her body orgasm
again and more of her girl cum flush from her pussy. Then a second and third
white string shot from Connor's prick one striking her in the chin and the
other partially going up her nose.

When he finished coming Connor fell onto the bed next to Tarabot who seeing
the sloppy nature of his now limp dick had another sudden urge that she felt
she had to do. She took his dick into her mouth sucking on it, slowly licking
it up and down removing the dribble from it. When she was finished she sat
up on the edge of the bed. Tara was suddenly riddled with guilt when she
realized that she had "cheated" on Warren.

"Is something wrong Tara?" Connor asking sitting up next to her.

"This is. This is all wrong."

"What is? What we did? Don't you feel better now? To have someone serving
you rather than them?"

"Yes it felt good, but it's cheating. Warren didn't tell me to serve you,"
Tara said looking like she was about to cry.

Connor wrapped his arms around her and began to console her. "Tara it's okay
to take time for yourself. Everyone needs to. Besides why are you so wrapped
up in what Warren thinks, in making him happy?"

"Because he's my master and creator and I'm here to serve him! Without him I
have no purpose!" Tara began to cry almost uncontrollably.

"What about making yourself happy, about serving yourself? Stop thinking
about getting revenge on Willow for you and Warren. Think about getting
revenge on Willow for yourself. My offer still stands. Help get out of this
room so I can kill Angel and I'll help you with Willow. Then we can stay in
Sunnydale or go wherever you want."

"Lilah was the one who cast the spell on the room so I have to get the book
to undo it, but I'll be right back."

"That's a good girl. Why don't you clean up and get dressed while you're
doing that?"

Tara wiped the tears from her eyes and picked up her clothing before leaving
the room. Connor then grabbed his clothing and headed for the bedroom shower.
Clean and dressed he laid back down on the bed waiting for Tarabot to return.
He heard a door open and close and several loud voices.

"Shit!" he mumbled running to the bedroom doorway. There in the living room
stood Lilah and Warren looking at a dressed and cleaned up Tara holding a

"What are you doing Tara?" Warren asked his eyes narrowing.

"She has my book of spells. She was going to let the boy out of the room,"
Lilah said coldly.

"No she wasn't, because she knows I didn't tell her to do that. That would
mean she was acting on her own or listening to other people and you're not
doing that are you Tara?"

"I'm... I'm sorry Warren," Tarabot apologized looking down at the floor.
"Steven and I were talking and I served him."

"Steven? You're calling him Steven now? And who said you could talk to him
let alone serve him? I just said to watch him while we were gone!" Warren

"Can I get the hell out of here now?" Connor asked. "I've got some things to
take care."

"Warren I told you I didn't want her becoming a problem. Take care of her
while I have a talk with the boy," Lilah said taking the book from Tarabot.

"Let's go Tara," Warren scowled as he headed back for the front door.

"I'm so sorry Warren. Please! It won't happen again!" Tara muttered following

"No it won't!" He chided grabbing Tara by the hair and throwing her into the

When the front door was closed Lilah turned her attention to Connor. "You
can come out now. We need to talk."

"What about your little force field?"

"It's gone." Connor cautiously stepped through the door expecting to be
zapped again, but it never happened.

"What the hell do you two want from me?"

"I know how obsessed you are with getting back at Angel, Holtz told me you
would be."

"How do you know my father? What's going on?"

"He gave me something to give to you when you came back." Lilah walked into
her bedroom and returned a few minutes later with an enveloped handing it to

"What's this?"

"Read it."

Connor opened the letter and began to read.

"My only son Steven,
I did my best in raising you in a hell dimension, and by
reading this letter you have proved my feelings of you to
be correct and have found your way home. I know the desire
to take revenge on Angel burns deep within, but before you
set out to kill him I ask that you help the woman who help
me to save you. Once your desires have been filled please
do not attempt to come back to this dreadful place. By now
old age has gotten the better of me and I shall be waiting
for Angel in hell.

Your loving father,

"Is this really from my father?"

"Look at the signature. If it isn't may God strike me down now."

"So you're the woman he mentions I assume?"


"What do you want from me?"

"I want you to impregnate someone for me."

"Why doesn't Warren do it?"

"Because I need you to. He's not the one in the prophecy."

"Fine, who's the target?"

"Dawn Summers, a vampire currently in Angel's possession."

"I kill vampires, I don't befriend them."

"Who said anything about becoming friends with Dawn? I just want you to
impregnate her."

"You can't impregnate vampires."

"Dawn you can."

"Assuming I believe any of this how am I supposed to get close to Dawn? She's
with Angel you said?"

"Irritating bastard or not, Angel's your real father and wants to be no
matter how much you hate him. Play nice and get into his good graces and get
close to Dawn. Sweet talk her like you did Tara."

"I don't care what this letter says I still don't trust you."

"I don't want you to trust me. I want you to impregnate Dawn. Do that and
you're free to do what you want."

* * *

Tarabot fell to the floor of the warehouse Warren had been using as his
workshop as he literally kicked her ass through the door.

"Warren please! I'm so sorry!" Tara begged as she started to get up, but
Warren kicked her to the ground again.

"Tara what am I going to do with you?" Warren sighted melodramatically as he
stood over her. He grabbed a handful of her hair again and dragged her to her
feet. Tarabot screamed as handfuls of it's hair ended up in Warren's hand.

"I said I'm sorry! Please, it won't ever happen again!" Tarabot cried.

"What are your two major functions Tara?"

"To serve you and the death of Willow Rosenberg."

"And what did you do?"

"I served Connor and got him Lilah's book," Tarabot sniffled as it's
artificial tears streamed down it's face.

"Did I give you permission to do that?"


"Did Lilah give you permission to do that?"



"Because he was nice to me and he served me."

"Stupid bitch!" Warren shouted backhanding her. Tarabot cried out at the
sting of flesh on flesh and rubbed her face.

"Warren, please forgive me! Connor tricked me! He made me think I liked being
with him!"

"I knew it was risky putting a soul into you, but I wanted a robot that had
some life in it. Willow wouldn't hurt as much if she couldn't get emotional
with you. One lousy day and you're already creating problems."

"But... But...."

"But what?"

"But I'm not a robot! I'm your girlfriend!"

"Where the hell did you get these ideas from? Connor? He fed you some Grade
A bullshit Tara."

"But I bleed!" She shouted biting the tip of her finger so blood started
trickling out.

"And if you keep biting you'll see you have no skeletal system."

"But what am I here for then?"

"I built and programmed you to be my servant, to do as I say. I only built
you to get back at Rosenberg! Truth is once she's dead, you're being
reprogrammed to be my body guard."

"What about our babies?" Tara started to cry.

"You're a robot, you can't have any."

"Then what am I good for?"

"For doing as I say," Warren said walking to a multi-buttoned panel and
taking a remote off of it. "Now to do a little reprogramming," Warren said
pointing it at her.

Then something happened that surprised both Warren and Tarabot. The bot shot
a fireball at him. Warren dodged it, but it hit the console damaging it. He
incredulously looked at the console then at Tara. They stared at each other
for a few moments then Warren bent over and picked the remote from where he
had dropped it on the floor. Tara raised her hand to shoot another fireball
at Warren, but suddenly found herself unable to cast any spells after Warren
pushed a single button.

"You know Tara, in some ways I should consider you a success," Warren said
as he approached her, "A robot that can think and feel on it's own, that can
act out against it's master despite it's programming. I guess there's more
going on with the human soul than I gave it credit for. Congratulations
Tarabot you've overridden all of my programming in the matter of a single

"Who am I?" Tara growled. "I want my real memories back."

"You're nobody," Warren replied coldly. "You're a thing. You're nothing more
than wires, alloy, and science. YOU ARE NOT REAL!"


"You have none. All that you think you remember I put inside your head.
You're nothing more than a mere copy of a girl I killed months ago."

"You lie!"

"You're the one who refuses to accept the truth, but know this. The hatred I
have for Willow and the death I wish upon her is real. Now you shall feel my

Warren picked up a two by four from a dusty corner of the warehouse. He stood
next to Tara and made like he was playing baseball and took several practice
swings. Warren slammed the piece of lumber in Tarabot's gut knocking the wind
out of her and sending her flying across the warehouse. She landed on the
floor with a thud and began wheezing violently.

"Now the optimist in me would consider you a success, but the pessimist
can't. What good is a robot if it can think on it's own and act on it's own
regardless of what it's master tells it to do? If we have robots with free
will than what good are humans?"

Tarabot started to get to her feet, struggling and acting very wobbly. She
didn't stay up for long. Warren slammed the two by four into Tara's face and
she immediately crumpled to the ground. He then kicked her onto her back
with his foot. Tarabot had a deep laceration on her left cheek and the area
around her eye was already starting to darken.

"My spells... What happened to them..." Tarabot mumbled spitting up blood as
she tried to cast one with no luck.

"You're acting stupid just like a human. Listen you dumb fucking machine I
turned your spells off! You can't do that with humans!" Warren bashed
Tarabot's face three more times with the lumber. He laughed as her face
became a bloody and beaten mess. "I know the pain is tremendous right now,
but trust me you'll never die; not unless I mangle your body or turn you
off. Now what was it we were here for? Ah yes, that's right. You served
Connor and were going to help him escape. Now while he is important to
Lilah's plans, it's still a big fucking no-no!"

Warren ripped the dress from Tarabot's body and threw it to the floor where
it was joined by her bra and panties. He grabbed Tara by the hair and bent
her over to the very table she had bent over and posed for him earlier. For
good measure he reached back and slammed Tara's face hard into the tabletop.

"Ah yes, the good sound of what would be a nose breaking if you were a
fucking human!" Warren smiled. "I'll be sure to include this beatdown in
your memory when I program you later." He took the remote he used to turn
off Tara's spells and pushed a number of buttons in a certain sequence. "Now
I don't have to listen to you bitch when the real pain hits. And if you will
imagine this being ten times worse. That's what it's going to feel like to

Warren took the two by four and poked at Tarabot's pussy with the clean end
pushing the top edge of it inside. Tara screamed out as a mute as Warren
began to push and prod the block of wood into her snatch. Splinters began to
peel off and stick into her sensitive area. There was even small amounts of
blood that began to cover the clean end of the board as well as Warren forced
her cunt to stretch around and accommodate it. He couldn't help but laugh as
a look of absolute agony covered Tara's beaten face and her mouth screamed
out in silence as Warren thrust the wood in and out of her snatch with
forceful rough strokes

Warren roughly yanked the two by four from Tarabot's snatch intentionally
trying to make it hurt as much as possible. He grinned wickedly as a single
trail of blood started oozing from her pussy. Warren licked up the crimson
river all the way back to it's source where he continued by tongue Tara's
slit up and down sliding his tongue inside tasting her artificial blood as
it bled out. Warren pulled his head back and pushed his index and middle
finger into Tara's opening. Stretched and wide open from the two by four he
found that his two fingers had plenty of room to move around. He then
inserted a third and fourth still finding plenty of room to move about.

Tarabot grimaced and shouted out silently as she felt Warren's fist break
inside of her cunt. She began to cry as her one and only master violently
violated her. With deep long plunges Warren worked his hand further and
further into Tara's opening. She screamed and thrashed with agony as he
managed to work himself in all the way down to his elbow. Tarabot's
synthetic blood was more free flowing now turning Warren's arm red and the
amount that did escape began pooling on the flood beneath her legs.

Tara nearly punched a hole in the table when she slammed her hand down on it
when Warren forced his other hand inside her snatch. Tarabot's pussy lips
and the whole area between her legs screamed for relief as Warren worked both
fists in and out of her body. She bit her lip so hard as the pain progressed
through her that it started to bleed. Tara felt some temporary relief when
Warren removed both hands from her cunt, before wiping his hands clean of her
blood by streaking them down her back. He then pulled her off the table and
threw her to the floor.

"You like to serve people? Fine, then serve me bitch! On our knees and suck
my dick!" Warren ordered pulling his pants down and smiling as Tara's swollen
and bloody face found it's way to this cock.

He didn't mind as blood from her busted lips mixed with her saliva in
lubricating his fleshy member. Tara's lips hurt with every bit of pressure
that was applied to them as they slid back and forth over his hardening cock.
Her tongue slithered around the shaft with each pass until he pulled from her
mouth and ordered her to tongue his balls which she did obediently. Warren's
cock twitched and throbbed as Tarabot's tongue meandered down the middle of
his scrotum. He grinned as the beaten girl gingerly sucked on each testicle,
precum dripping from his peehole.

"On the table and spread them bitch!" Warren growled

He shoved Tara before she even had a chance to bend over the table. Her head
bumped into the top and she cried out in silence. Tarabot began to scream as
Warren's cockhead burst into her asshole and buried itself deep inside her
rectum. He laughed and smiled indiscriminately thrusting his penis into her
ass with long hard strokes. Warren grabbed a handful of Tara's hair and
pulled back on it like the reins of a horse. Tara's mouth opened but no sound
escaped. Tears flowed freely down her battered face, and Warren pumped his
cock harshly into her tight ass with no signs of slowing.

He could have fucked her rectum for hours more, but his morbid side caught
sight of the blood on his dick and he couldn't help but come. Tarabot
collapsed on the table hurting as Warren's cum spurted deep into her bowels.
When he pulled out a mixture of white and red covered his dick.

"Clean my cock you ungrateful whore!" Warren demanded pulling Tara from the

She reluctantly licked the blood and cum from his shaft and fell to the floor
in a state of hurt. Warren pulled his pants back up and picked up the remote.
With this thumb on a button he pointed it at Tarabot and spoke.

"Any last words? Just be glad you're not Willow." Tara slowly brought her
head up to look at Warren and raised her right hand. "You dumb little cunt!
I've turned off your spells!"

A single fireball leapt from Tara's hand striking Warren in the chest
destroying the remote at the same time.

"Looks like it doesn't matter anymore," Tara said dragging herself to her
feet. She picked up the remnants of her clothing and put them back on.
Tarabot then launched a series of fireballs at various points in the
warehouse including the console setting it ablaze. "Looks like they're are
some things you're programming can't account for. Give me my memories back
and I'll let you live."

"I already told you, you're not real! They're memories of a dead girl that I

"Fine. Stay here and die," Tara said turning towards the door as everything
burned around her.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"To find someone who can help get them back."

* * *

With the sun barely rising Lilah rose from bed wakened by a loud noise in
her living room. There she found Connor rolling around on the floor fighting
with a badly burned and charred man.

"What's going on?" She asked.

"He was trying to break in!" Connor replied.

"Lilah get him off of me!" the man said.

"What the hell happened to you Warren?"

"Well," Warren responded getting up, "Tara turned on me and set my warehouse
on fire."

"We've got one more skin suit for you at the firm that we can get later.
Where's Tara? Killed in the fire I hope?"

"No, she's kind of disappeared."

"See what happens Connor when you don't keep things simple? You take
unnecessary risks that complicate things for no good reason. So do you have
any idea where she might have gone?"

"Yeah..." A look of I kind of fucked up and know it crossed Warren's face.

"Please tell me it's not where I think it is."

"It's not where you think it is."

"God damn it Warren! I told you not to let this thing with Willow get out of

"Things were fine until this little bastard starting talking to Tara!"
Warren grimaced, his body still hurting from the burns, as he turned towads

"Fuck you Warren! Maybe if you had treated her better she'd still be here!"
Connor replied.

"Hey! I need the both of you to shut up! Right now there's no need to panic
just yet. We'll go by the firm now and get the last suit. Make it last or
your shit out of luck. Get to Sunnydale and stop Tara before she tells the
Scoobies what's going on. I'll make a few phone calls and get you some help.
I swear to god Warren if any of them show up I will kill you and personally
see you go back to hell."


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