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SPOILERS: Angel Season 3, Buffy Season 6

Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Infestation Part 2
by Valleyboy69 ([email protected])

The air was cold in the cemetery. The weather had been getting progressively
worse as the winter started to come about in Sunnydale. In California, even
the slightest drop in temperature was noticeable. Buffy walked between the
stone grave markers with a stake held tightly in her hand. Giles had said
something about a whole lot of vampires being out tonight on some kind of
vigil. She had managed to take out four of them but another three had run off
into the darkness once their ceremony was disrupted.

Buffy heard something nearby. A twig snapped. She span around quickly,
bringing the stake up ready to strike with it. A silhouette could be seen
emerging from behind a mausoleum. She counted to herself. One. Two. Three.
Then with a quick burst of strength she flew forward, launching herself
across several gravestones before coming down on top of her foe. "Gotcha!"
she grinned as she prepared to lunge the stake through its heart. She
stopped suddenly, just inches from the target.

"Angel?!?" she exclaimed. "Angel?!"

The vampire smiled. "Missed me?"

He jumped off him and gave her former lover time to get onto his feet. Within
seconds she pushed him back playfully. "What're you doing sneaking up on me
like that, huh? I could've killed you."

"Maybe... but then you won't have been able to get my warning," he said, more
serious now.

"Warning? Something's wrong?" Buffy asked. "Is it a demon? Another

Angel put his arm around Buffy. She seemed a little nervous. They had always
decided that they couldn't let themselves end up together again. There was
always that temptation ever since he left Sunnydale over two years previously
but they had managed to control it, Angel being even more insistent than
Buffy about what could happen if they ended up together again. Yet here he
was, quite casually putting his arm around her as he led her away. "Angel,"
she asked. "What is it? Is something wrong with you?"

He looked at her, his eyes filled with sincerity. "Yes. I'm not sure what
exactly but... There is something up. I can't explain it..." Buffy seemed
horrified. "It's okay... We can deal with it. My people are at your place
right now. Willow let them in. I'll explain when I get there." He pushed
Buffy towards the way out of the cemetery. "Now hurry!"

"But I came here hunting some vampires..." Buffy started. "There's still
three of them here!"

"Oh yeah," Angel said as he looked around to see the vamps heading straight
toward them. He held his hand out and Buffy dropped a stake into his hand.
She pulled out another for herself and jumped at them.

The three vampires spread out as the Slayer and her old boyfriend started
punching and kicking in all directions. One was dusted within seconds letting
Buffy focus on one herself as Angel took on the last one.

"Feeling lucky?" Buffy said as she jabbed the vampire in the stomach,
following it up with a right hook, knocking him to the ground. She thrust the
stake into its heart and watched as it exploded to dust that disappeared into
the air. "Didn't think so." She span around to see Angel beating the other
senseless before killing it swiftly.

"Now, we get to your place," Angel said as he took Buffy's hand in his.
"Before it's too late."

* * *

The door of Buffy's house opened quickly. The Slayer ran in and looked around
to see Willow and Tara sat together on a sofa while Xander was comfortably
perched on the edge of an armchair. Wesley and Cordelia were with them too
but the other two, a tall black man and a slim, dark haired woman with bright
brown eyes. Angel quickly introduced them. "Buffy, this is Charles Gunn and
Winifred... uh, Fred." They both nodded at her.

"So what's happening?" Buffy asked. "Angel said something was wrong."

"Indeed," Wesley began as he pulled out a large metal container with several
air holes at the top. "We seem to have discovered something rather disturbing
and felt you should see." He pressed a few keys on a combination lock it a
click could be heard. He pulled open the top. Buffy leaned forward and looked
in the box to see a small slug inside.

"Ew. What is that?" she asked. "That's just... disgusting!"

"I think they find that offensive," Tara said almost vacantly.

"Uh, yeah," Buffy replied. "I bet this one's actually kind of a looker by
slimy little critter standards." She poked it lightly with the stake in her
hand and it seemed to move away. Everyone else in the room seemed to flinch
as she did it. Something was wrong. "What's going on?" she asked urgently.
No one replied. The slug was crawling up the stake and onto her arm. She
grabbed it and tried to pull it off but the small pincers broke her skin and
she felt something enter her, almost like an injection. She grabbed her arm
in pain and fell back into Wesley's arms.

"That's better," he said as his hand began to snake down her top, letting
his arm massage her round breasts. They were warm, firm. He smiled as Buffy
responded with a sigh and moved her hands around to grab his ass. "Cheeky
girl," he smiled. "Let's see what else you can do with those hands of yours."

Buffy moved down onto her knees as she worked to unzip Wesley's pants,
pulling out his cock. She began to jerk him off and felt it grow harder in
her hands. She wrapped another hand around it and began working him faster
and faster until suddenly she moved her head forward and took him into her
mouth. She lubricated his shaft with her saliva before letting it slip
further and further between her lips, licking all the way up the length. Wes
groaned as her tongue flicked the tip of his cock before letting it sink
right down to her throat.

The Slayer's head started to bob up and down the former Watcher's cock. She
slurped noisily on his member, her mouth clamped around his thick erection
while her hand jerked him off. Everyone seemed to sit transfixed at the sight
of Wesley's cock bulging from Buffy's mouth which was spreading her lips
open. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked wetly on his shaft, he blonde hair in
disarray as she let it slip in and out of her mouth. "That's right, Slayer,"
he groaned. "Maybe this should be your real calling... You're damn good at
sucking cock, you whore."

Wes started thrusting into Buffy's accepting mouth, his hands gripping her
head tightly as he hammered his cock down to her throat. She could have
fought him off with her super human strength but didn't want to. Wes held
Buffy up so that each time he forced his way between her lips, his cock would
rub against the roof of her mouth, causing her to gag. She started to run her
tongue along his shaft again and let it come out of her mouth, glistening in
her drool. She started to lick the tip again, tickling his pisshole and
listening to him grunt with excitement. "I'm going to cum and you'll swallow
it all," he told her as his hands got around her head again and his cock
plunged at her throat.

Buffy started jerking Wes off as quickly as she could in order to get him to
cum as quickly as possible otherwise he would have been likely to choke her
on his meat until he did it without her help. It wasn't long before she could
feel it throbbing against her throat muscles. The Slayer closed her eyes when
a torrent of salty cum seemed to dribble down her throat and towards her
stomach. She retched as the sticky cream didn't seem to stop and didn't even
enter her mouth properly. It just slid straight down until Wes had finished
off. He pulled out and slapped her across the face a few time with his cock,
leaving a few small splashes of cum on her cheeks.

Angel looked over at Willow and Tara who were fingering each other while
they watched Buffy giving Wesley head. Their hands were dripping with the
cum from their pussies. Angel could feel his cock bulging at this sight as
well as what he could do to both of them. Tara seemed to catch his eye. She
was new to him and the thought of violating her brought a sense of pleasure
he had never felt since he had his soul. He moved over towards the two
lesbian witches who were kissing each other deeply. Willow's hand was moving
in and out of Tara's soaking wet hole when Angel grabbed the blonde and
pulled her away. "Hey!" Willow called out but it didn't seem to make much
difference. Tara already had her arms around Angel as he pulled their bodies
close together, feeling her ample breasts heaving under the sweater she wore.
The vampire quickly got rid of that to reveal her large tits that were almost
falling out of the red lace bra that she wore. He reached behind and
unclasped it, watching as it fell it to the floor.

Pushing on Tara's shoulders, Angel guided the young witch down onto her knees
in front of him. She knew exactly what to do and released his bulging cock
from his pants and let her mouth wrap around it. She sucked his cock wantonly
for a few minutes, her tongue swirling around the bulbous head of his penis,
lapping at the oozing precum that was seeping out of it, then flickered down
his meaty shaft. Tara pressed her mouth to the underside of Angel's erection
and sucked even more. Her lips then flitted further down his elongated member
to his balls. "Yeah," the vampire sighed. "You know what to do don't you? You
go around with Willow, acting like you've never had a cock in your mouth
before but you're good at this you slut!"

Tara pulled away from his erection, leaving a small line of precum between
the end of his cock and her bottom lip. "I'd love to gulp down your cum," he
smiled. "But I need your big cock inside me." She quickly kneeled down on all
fours and pulled up her long skirt to expose her pink pussy lips to Angel.
They were already shimmering with the juices that had been formed when Willow
had been working her clit. Angel didn't need any more encouragement. He let
his engorged cock slip between her labia and right into her pussy. "Hmmm..."
he said. "Not tight at all. I bet you've had loads of cocks, haven't you?"

Tara panted each time Angel rammed his cock deep into her. "Yes!" she shouted
out. "I've had so many I can't count! I love cock! Fill me up with your hard
meat." Her body moved up and down Angel's long pole, coating it in her warm
cunt juices as a thunderous orgasm overcame her. She called out with sheer
carnal lust as her cunt was filled with rock hard pleasure. "Oh God! Fuck me
like a whore! I'm your fucktoy! Fill me with your vampire cock!" she
exclaimed as she pushed back onto Angel's dick faster and faster. She could
feel his balls slapping against her ass as she threw her head back and
climaxed with a loud, deafening scream.

Angel was loving the feeling of his cock inside Tara's snug, wet pussy, as
the blonde witch seemed delirious with excitement from being impaled on his
erection. Her breath came in gasps and she purred as Angel kept pounding
into her, cramming her full again and again with hard rod. Tara bucked back
mindlessly against him, desperate to have his organ buried deep inside her.
Angel knew he was going to cum soon. He grunted and Tara moaned as torrents
of hot jism splattered against her pussy walls. "Oh, I can feel it!" Tara
shouted out. "Shoot your cum up my cunt!" She bucked against the vampire
until every last drop was inside her and she fell forward, utterly exhausted.

* * *

Xander had found himself being dragged upstairs to Buffy's bedroom by
Cordelia and Fred. Their hands began to touch him all over as he remained
still on the bed, letting them do all the work. Cordelia quickly pulled his
pants open and unleashed his erection, jerking it off while Fred removed her
clothes until she was in front of Xander, her slim body exposed to him. "So
what're you gonna do now, huh?" he asked with a lopsided smile on his face.
Fred turned around and pointed her ass just above his cock so that he could
see her pink labia. Cordy quickly moved Xander's cock up and down Fred's
juicy slit prying her cunt lips apart. She let Xander continue working slowly
into Fred's hole.

"Shove your big cock up my pussy!" the young woman called out. "Oh god yes.
I can feel you going in me. Go deeper. Deeper!" Cordelia quickly fumbled with
her shorts and pushed them down with her panties until she was able to free
one leg then the other until the lower half of her body was naked. She began
fingering herself as she watched Xander push his cock all the way into Fred's
cunt. Her hand began moving faster and faster while she saw the thick shaft
work in and out of her friend's hole, becoming coated in Fred's juices as she
became even more excited.

Fred leaned forward and pulled off Cordy's top, letting her large breasts
fall out just in front of her face. Fred leaned a little further as her body
rocked in rhythm with Xander's thrusts and took one of Cordy's tits into her
mouth and started sucking. The thought of letting her tongue work over
another woman's nipples added to the pleasure Fred was feeling. "Yes! Fill my
pussy up with your thick cock! Fuck me! Oh yes, fuck me!"

"That's exactly what I'm doing," Xander grinned as he pushed his groin up,
impaling Fred even deeper onto his throbbing erection. "You're liking this,
huh? Like having this inside you!" Fred nodded as she went back to Cordelia's
other breast, sucking on the round flesh and flicking her pink tongue along
the sensitive nipples. Cordy pulled Fred closer to her chest and moaned
loudly. She leaned over and whispered into Fred's ear. They both looked at
Xander with smiles on their faces. "What've you bitches got planned?" Xander

It didn't take long for him to find out. Cordy quickly positioned herself
above his face and moved down onto his mouth. He instinctively let his long
longue lick the sweet juices from her slit. She started to feel a tingling
sensation deep in her pussy which quickly intensified, and soon she was
moaning out loud. "Lick my pussy," she groaned. "Lick it right there...
aaaahh..." She could feel her juices dripping faster and faster as Xander
continued to lick her hot pussy up and down, an electric sensation passing
through her body each time his moist, hot tongue flickered over her clit.

He continued to buck his hips up to fuck Fred who was riding his cock faster
and faster, her hands snaking over his chest. "Oh, baby," she purred. "You
feel so good inside me." Xander couldn't see her, his eyes were preoccupied
by Cordelia's bush as he continued to lick her over and over. Fred was
wriggling on Xander's cock so that each time he entered her it rubbed against
her clit. She shivered with excitement each time it slide passed it and went
all the way inside her. Her pussy seemed to be gushing juices now, coating
Xander's rod in them, as they seeped down onto his crotch. She knew she'd
have to lick it all off eventually and the thought of that excited her even

It took Xander just one final long, firm lick of Cordelia's clit to send her
spiralling into orgasm and she was soon pressing her pussy against his face.
"Lick my pussy, Xander!" sbe sighed. "Lick it like you always used to." Her
body convulsed as her pussy spasmed and started to release even more of her
juices into Xander's open mouth. He opened it wide and sucked at Cordy's
tingling cunt, licking up as much as he could while the rest just covered his
lips. "Mmmm... drink my juices, baby," she purred. "Drink all you can... but
don`t stop screwing Fred... you can see how much the little whore likes it."
As the convulsions began to wear down, Cordy moved up a little with her legs
still spread while Xander licked the rest of the juices that she released
from her enflamed cunt lips.

At the same time, he was still fucking Fred relentlessly. She moaned words of
encouragement each time she directed his bulging erection passed her clit.
"Oh yeah," she mewed, her accent driving Xander wild. "Fill my pussy up! I
can feel your hard cock inside me. Oh yes! That's so good..." He grabbed her
waist tightly as he started entering her even more brutally. He was about to
cum and he wanted to make sure it would be an experience she wouldn't forget
for a long time. Fred bounced up and down on his hard cock, her hair in
complete disarray. The first shot of hot cum hit the back of her pussy with
great force, sending her over the edge. She climaxed loudly. "Oh God! Cum
into me! Fill my hole with your seed! I can feel it inside me..." She rocked
on his erection, her cunt gripping it as he let every last drop of semen
shoot into Fred's eager cunt.

Fred pulled off him and looked towards Cordelia who was still on Xander's
face. She gave Fred a wink and dismounted. Xander looked a little
disappointed until Cordy put a finger over his lips. "Sshh. We're gonna give
you a show." She moved towards Fred, rubbing her large breasts eagerly.
Leaning down, Fred took one into her mouth and suckled hungrily on it, her
hand caressing the other, rubbing it. Slowly kissing a trail down her toned
body, Fred came upon Cordy's belly button. Slowly sticking her tongue in,
she sucked before moving lower and lower. Fred inserted a finger gently and
wasn't surprised to find Cordy dripping wet with her juices and Xander's
saliva. Fred ran two fingers along Cordy's slit, feeling them become slick
with her wetness until she found her clit and began massaging it. Cordelia
thrust her hips and moaned as Fred slowly slid one finger into her, followed
by two and then three. "Mmmm. I've been waiting so long for you to do that,"
Cordy smiled as she bucked up and down on Fred's skilled hand.

Fred leaned down and kissed Cordelia's inner thigh before letting her tongue
move slowly up until reaching Cordy's pink slit. Slowly inserting her tongue,
she teased Cordelia, her tongue flickering inside and out. "Just stick it in
me!" Cordy moaned. "Lick my pussy out!" Fred soon worked her tongue in deeper
and started to suck on Cordy's clit, her tongue moving around tasting her
sweet juices. Cody moaned and bucked her hips to match Fred's rhythm. Fred
could feel Cordelia climax as a shudder ran through her body. Fred eagerly
swallowed every drop until she moved back up and kissed her workmate deeply
so they could spread the taste.

They turned to Xander who had a lopsided smile covering his lips. "Yeah,
that's more like it," he grinned. "How about we get some rest and pop
downstairs and join the fun there?"

"Sure," Cordy replied. "But first we... rest."

She leaned in towards Xander again, along with Fred. They both began to plant
kisses over his chest until they were down between his legs. The two women
started to spread their tongues all over his cock and soon it was springing
to life again. Fred took it into her mouth and started to massage it all over
with her tongue. Cordelia moved down and started to lick his balls. Xander
groaned loudly and started thrusting his erection deep into Fred's mouth as
she tried to keep from gagging. she tried to keep from gagging. "Yeah!" he
called out. "Suck my cock, bitch! Take it all!"

Cordelia quickly pushed Fred away and smiled down at Xander. "Now you're
gonna fuck me," she purred. "And I know how much you wanted to do that when
we were together." She positioned herself above his hard cock and moved
slowly down on him, the fold of her labia being pushed slowly apart until
he was able to slide easily inside her. "Fuck me!" she called out. "Just
fuck me like you never have before!" He started pumping into her even faster.
"Harder!" she shouted. "Harder! Fuck me harder!" Xander quickly moved Cordy
around so that he was fucking her doggy style. She was clearly impressed that
he managed it without even pulling out of her as his relentless pounding of
her wet fuckhole continued.

Cordelia's breasts bounced with each thrust, hanging tantalisingly above
Fred's head, until the slim woman could no longer resist and lifted up her
head to catch on a nipple and suck on it greedily. Leaning forward, her
tongue traced a line down Cordy's body for a second time, until it reached
it's ultimate goal. With Xander still pumping rhythmically into Cordelia,
Fred put her hands on her friend's thighs and began to lick her juices as
they dripped out of her violated cunt. Cordy could no longer stand this
onslaught and came violently, her inner walls convulsing tightly around
Xander's cock. He grunted as he shot his load into her. Cordelia bucked
against his erection and Fred's tongue until she came loudly, her head
dizzy with the amazing sensations.

* * *

Willow watched almost jealously as Tara was now being relentlessly fucked by
Wesley and Angel, their cocks pistoning in and out of her soaking pussy over
and over again. She called out words of encouragement as their treatment of
her continued. She was on all fours and sucked on Angel's hard tool while
Wes fucked her cunt until she was close to screaming the house down as she
received what must have been her tenth orgasm of the night.

Looking elsewhere, Willow noticed Buffy kneeling in front of Gunn, jerking
him off while she sucked lightly on the tip of his cock. The redhead knew
what she had to do to get his attention. She quickly stripped off, her blue
denim skirt falling to the floor, followed quickly by her multi-coloured
top which left her entirely naked. Waving her body in Gunn's direction, she
caught his eye almost straight away. With a few quick winks he pushed Buffy
away from his bulging cock and grabbed Willow, ramming her against the wall
and letting his hands run all over her. He massaged her breasts slowly,
taking each into his hands and tweaking her nipples. She moaned a little then
suddenly felt one of his hands between her legs, pushing one finger into her
pussy. He started to work it around her clit, rubbing it until Willow was
forcing her naked body up against his to give him further encouragement. He
massaged the sensitive bundle of nerves as she started to moan his name. He
could feel her muscles contracting around his fingers. It wouldn't be long
before she would go over the edge. She was soon bucking against his hand, and
was now calling out his name again and again. She suddenly pulled his head up
and crushed her lips against his, driving her tongue into his mouth. She
broke away from the kiss and screamed, she clamped down on his finger as she
arched in him. Her orgasm seemed to last almost forever as wave after wave of
intense pleasure shot through her. As soon as she felt it subsiding she
whispered into his ear. "Stick your hard cock inside me!"

He didn't need much encouragement and quickly pushed his cock close to her
cunt and began to rub it up and down her pink slit where his fingers had only
just been and started working it all the way inside in one slow movement.
Willow's pussy was so tight, so hot but at the same time smooth and slick
with her juices that were now dripping down her legs as Gunn fucked her
standing up. He was riding her roughly now as grunted and moaned in pleasure.
Willow was amazed at the size of the black cock that penetrated her hole and
was soon calling out loudly. "Unnnghh... ohhhhh... ohhh... ohhhhhh fuck! Yes!
Fuck me! Fuck me!!" Gunn didn't need much encouragement and continued to
screw her hole even more vigorously than before. Willow quickly wrapped her
legs around him while she let the large erection penetrate her over and over.

She began to scratch her fingernails down his back as the sex became even
more intense. It only took him another thrust before he knew he was about to
explode. "Cum in me, Gunn! Fill me with that hot gooey cum! Shoot it in me!"
She closed her eyes and her pussy tightened around his cock and soon she felt
the first shot hit the inside of her wet cunt. It dripped down her pussy
walls as even more was fired into her. She rode Gunn's erection over and over
until she had milked every last drop and then waited as he pulled out of her
with a loud slurp and looked over her red haired witch with a smile on his
face, impressed at the gorgeous lesbian he had managed to fuck.

In the minutes that followed, a sense of partial satisfaction came around
the small group as they relaxed following the waves of invisible pleasure
that seemed to spark around the room like electrical impulses. Xander
rejoined the others, quickly followed by Fred and Cordelia. As they settled
down there was an feeling of apprehension among them all.

"So when do we do it?" Xander asked, the influence of the creatures quickly
taking over him once more. "When does the queen get her host?"

He looked straight at Angel who looked wary. "We need to find the right
person," he said. "Someone who... embodies everything we all want."

"I've already thought of someone," grinned Buffy.

To be continued...


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