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SPOILERS: Angel Season 3, Buffy Season 6 (just before `Tabula Rasa')

Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Infestation Part 4
by ValleyBoy69 ([email protected])

The Mahqua were slowly making their way through Sunnydale. The slugs had got
through the water supply and were coming out of taps all over the town. In
one home, a possessed father was brutally fucking his teenage daughters while
his wife was giving head to every man in the street. The Bronze had become a
veritable orgy as everyone inside had been quickly taken over by the
creatures that had come up from the sewers. The problem hadn't made the late
local news broadcast because the readers were screwing each other on the

Buffy sat in Giles' house while he looked over all of the books he could find
on the Mahqua. She wanted to get out and rescue her friends but she was left
sipping at a mug of the herbal concoction that her Watcher had put together
to hold back the control of the creature that was inside her, flowing through
her veins like a living poison. "Have you even got anything yet?" she asked
after cringing at the foul taste that she was having to drink.

"I have something, yes," Giles muttered. "But I was hoping we wouldn't have
to resort to this."

"What? What is it? We have to do something... anything!"

"Well," Giles said as he looked up from the book at the top of the massive
pile that had built up in front of him. "It appears that the Sliclind queen
is the key to the whole thing."

"The queen?" Buffy asked. "That's the... the thing that's inside..." She
couldn't even bear to say it.

"...Dawn, yes," the Watcher said. "It seems that during previous infestations
of Mahqua that the only way to dispose of the whole population is to kill the
particular queen that created them. We have to kill the one that's inside

"That better not involve hurting Dawn..." Buffy said sternly.

"Well," Giles replied sadly. "That's the problem..."

* * *

Back at Buffy's home, Dawn was lying on the sofa with her legs spread as wide
as she could get them, revealing her pink slit, still glistening with Tara's
saliva and her own juices. She had very little hair down there and her
breasts were still small. All of the men in the room had raging hard-ons just
looking at her. But she was their queen. They needed her order. Dawn looked
over towards Angel and nodded. He stepped forward and positioned his cock at
the entrance to her pussy. "Fuck me!" she called out as she quickly grasped
his thick shaft in her small hand and jammed the head between her cunt lips.
Angel began to shift until his cock sliding into Dawn's hole, then began
thrusting into her forcefully until hewas all the way in right up to the
hilt. He began hammering into at a rapidly increasing speed as she gasped and
threw her head back at the sensational feeling of having a man inside her for
the first time. He continued thrusting into her wet hole until I was
screaming and begging for more.

"Oh god yesss!" she moaned. "Fuck my tight hole! Fuck it like you've never
fucked anything before! I can feel you moving inside me! It's... aahh... Oh
god... Fuck me!" She suddenly lost all control and began squealing
unrecognisable sounds as she continued to enjoy feeling Angel's cock pound
into her pussy. Her hands moved down to her exposed clit and began to play
with it until her pussy began twitch and gush juices all over his cock, her
hips bucking against each and every entry. She called out even louder than
before as as he hammered into her cunt harder and harder until she finally
climaxed. Her pussy gripped his cock tightly. She looked up at him and knew
that he was about to cum. "Pull out! Shoot your load over me!!" she screamed
out. Angel quickly pulled out of her tight hole and began to fire shot after
shot of sticky cum over her slim stomach. She began to rub it over herself
and purred quietly until every last drop was over her young, naked skin.

Angel stepped back and joined everyone else who just watched in awe as she
pulled her legs a little further apart and ten more Mahqua slugs slithered
out of her pussy. She began breathing heavily until she had forced every last
one had come out. They were quickly gathered up by Willow and Tara who took
them to a nearby drain to spread throughout Sunnydale. They looked up towards
Dawn who was exhausted but satisfied with her work.

* * *

"What is it Giles?" Buffy demanded, her voice getting angrier by the minute.
"What are you going to do to Dawn?"

"I'm afraid that my research on the Mahqua have pointed towards one major
flaw in their make-up. They were essentially created from a male demon's
spawn. Quite the typical male really."

"You mean it'll sleep with anything that moves?" Buffy asked.

"Indeed, and they have nothing against taking over female bodies and make
them go with each other. Ironically, they don't like..."

"Let me guess," Buffy said. "Male on male action?" Giles nodded. Buffy
continued, "wow. They're even more typical alpha male than you'd think. But
how does that help us?"

"You have to understand the control that the Sliclind queen has great control
over the other hosts. They'll only do anything to her if she demands it. You
see, to give birth to further Mahqua she must first have... well, she must
climax." Giles pointed towards a book. "See here. After giving birth, the
queen becomes tired and must regain her strength. During this time, the other
hosts will be quite happy to chose other partners and..."

"Get to the point, Giles!"

"Well, if you trapped several males together with no females, nothing will
happen. Perhaps the slugs would die but so would the host... but trap various
males with the queen and no other females, then her control over them will
rapidly disappear. Their urges will take over and they won't stop even though
she will need to recover after each time... this exhaustion will kill the
queen slug and in turn all the others that she gave birth to. The hosts will

Buffy took several steps away from Giles. The colour drained from her face.
"Oh God, Giles. Don't say what I think you're going to say..."

"Buffy, it's the only way to kill the Mahqua and allow the hosts to survive.
If we don't do this soon then they could continue to grow... another queen
could be born and from that point the infection may become uncontrollable."

"But you're suggesting we lock Dawn up with our closest friends and let them
gang rape her! I can't do that! I don't even want to imagine it! Oh God... I
feel sick..." Buffy staggered forward but manage to hold herself up on the
table. She looked at one of the books that depicted an ancient illustration
of the killing of a Sliclind queen. It showed a young woman with around ten
men around her, doing all kinds of disgusting things to her. Buffy shuddered
to think about her little sister being in the same position. Giles moved
forward to comfort her but she pulled away. "Do you know what the worst part
is? When I was taken over by that thing, I was the one who suggested that
Dawn should be host to the queen..."

Giles put his arm around her. He refused to let her pull away again. "Buffy,
whatever happens... if we don't do this... even worse things could happen to
Dawn... and the others. I know you don't want that. Neither do I. We have to
make a decision now."

Buffy turned to him with tears in her eyes. "How can I make that kind of
decision! This is my sister we're talking about! I..." She looked down
sorrowfully. "But I have to. Don't I?"

* * *

In Buffy's living room, Willow was pulling Cordelia's body closer to her own,
their breasts rubbing against each other, their nipples getting erect as skin
touched skin. Willow moved forward and kissed Cordelia, crushing her lips
against the other woman's. Their tongues began to explore each other's mouths
until Willow began broke away and began to kiss Cordy's chin, throat and
lower until she was cupping each breast, teasing the nipples until they were
even more erection. Willow's tongue slid over the sensitive tits and quickly
moved in even closer and began sucking on them. Cordelia positioned her thigh
between Willow's legs and began to move her leg up and down, rubbing her

Willow moved her hand down in between Cordy's legs and opened up her wet,
glistening cunt. She toyed with her clit, rubbing the sensitive bud to
hardness. "Oh god," Cordelia moaned. "Just stick them in me..." Willow
quickly plunged two fingers deep into her old kind-of-friend's hole forcing
her to out a loud gasp. Willow was sliding her fingers in and out and while
tapping Cordy's clit with her thumb, driving her even wilder. The brunette
threw her head back and began breathing loudly, her whole body shuddering
with uncontrollable bliss. Willow lowly pulled her fingers out and tasted
the sweetness. "Maybe you oughta taste me now," she smiled at Cordelia.

Cordy knew exactly what to do and moved down Willow's body, nibbling at her
breasts before leaving a trail of light kisses down her belly until she
reached her ultimate goal. Spreading the redhead's legs apart, Cordelia could
smell the aroma of sex. She moved in closer and opened her mouth as wide as
she could over Willow's pussy and began to suck. She worked her tongue into
her eager pussy and let it flicker over her hard clit before letting her
finger slide into the wet hole. "Lick my cunt," Willow screamed. "Make me cum
in your mouth, bitch!" Cordelia licked her pussy lips up and down, sliding
her tongue in and out of her pussy. Willow grabbed the back of her head and
started thrusting her groin forward into Cordy's mouth.

The witch began to hump and twist so much that it quickly became impossible
for Cordelia to give the oral treatment so she started to focus just on her
hand work. She rubbed Willow's clit with one hand while placing the fingers
of the other into her cunt and working them in and out rapidly. Cordelia was
surprised how wet and lubricated she really was."Fuck me with your whole
hand," the redhead cried loudly. "Stretch my pussy, fill me up."

Cordelia placed three fingers into Willow's pussy, getting them wet with the
juices. The faster she worked, the more cum gushed down, getting her whole
hand even wetter so that she could fit another finger into her slit. Willow
started screaming loudly as she bucked against Cordelia's hand. "Oh baby,"
she cried, her head thrashing from side to side. "Fuck me with your hand!
Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me with your fist! Stretch my cunt!" Willow kept
urging her on, as Cordelia pushed her hand inside her stretched pussy,
humping forcefully to get the fist in and out. She cried out loudly. "I'm
cumming!" she screamed. "Oh god! I'm cumming!"

Cordelia pressed slowly pulled her hand out and pressed her face against
Willow's pussy again, sucking on her clit. Willow came loudly, her entire
body slamming to Cordy's face while her cum gushed into Cordelia's open
mouth, coating her tongue in the hot, sticky juices. The cum didn't seem to
stop flowing and Cordy kept licking to make sure that she got all of it,
moaning into Willow's aching pussy as she did it.

Across the room, Dawn was lying back while Fred and Tara worked her over.
Their hands moved over her small breasts, cupping the tiny mounds in their
hands until Tara finally let her head drift down, and flicked her tongue
over the end of one of Dawn's nipple who arched her back, pressing her
entire breast into her friend's mouth. Fred meanwhile had her head right
next to the fifteen-year-old's aroused, swollen cunt. She slowly slid one
of her fingers up Dawn's ass while she moved her mouth closer towards her
enflamed clit and began to suck lightly on it. Dawn moaned mewed quietly
but suddenly gasped when Fred sucked harder on the little bud. This was all
it too for her to cum loudly, rocking her hips back and forth wildly. Fred
began to move her finger around even more in Dawn's tight ass as the girl
had another orgasm. Her ass muscles clamped around Fred's finger, making the
treatment she was receiving even better. She started screaming the house
down. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" she gasped as she used one hand to push Fred closer
to her pussy and Tara into her breast.

* * *

Buffy sat in Giles' car on the way back to her house. He had explained the
plan to her several times already but it seemed to get more and more painful
to hear. She took a gulp from a flask just to keep the Mahqua at bay for a
little longer. She looked back at her Watcher. "Go over it again," she said

"Okay," he nodded. "We get in there... we distract the girls - we make sure
that... that Dawn is alone with the rest... and we let nature take its
course. It's okay, Buffy. Things won't get out of hand."

"Won't get out of hand?!?" Buffy exclaimed. "You're locking Dawn up with...
with Angel and Xander and Wesley... and that black guy who I don't even know
and you're saying it won't get out of hand?"

"They won't hurt her, Buffy," Giles said softly. "They wouldn't do that."

"But they're going to fuck her!!!"

"I'm sorry, Buffy. It's the only way."

The car pulled up on Buffy's street and opened the door. He looked back at
Buffy but said nothing. "It'll all be over soon," he offered. "I promise." He
stepped out of the car and looked around. He hated the thought of this just
as much as Buffy but he knew he had to project an air of authority. It was
the only way he could make sure that she did what she had to. He took a few
steps forward and sighed.

He felt something slippery crawl up his shoes and into his pants. He looked
down suddenly and saw a Mahqua gripping onto the back of his leg. The trail
it had left behind came from a sewer grating on the side of the road. Giles
made a move to call out to Buffy but it was too late. The pincers dug into
his leg and he fell forward. "Giles!" the Slayer called out when she saw him
hit the ground. "Are you okay?"

His voice came from behind the car. "I'm fine," he said slowly as one of his
hands appearedon the roof before his whole body emerged. "I'm not sure what
happened there."

Buffy helped him to his feet and settled him against the side of the car.
"You gave me a fright there," she smiled, trying to forget the sickening
feeling at the bottom of her stomach at the thought of what she was about to
do to Dawn. "Are you sure you're..." She saw his eyes. They were silver, the
sign of infection. Giles grabbed her slim body and pushed her against the
car. "Giles! No!" she cried as he forced his mouth against hers, pushing
his tongue between her lips. She struggled against him.

"Don't fight," he ordered. "Don't fight and everything will be..."

Buffy kicked him back. He hit the ground hard. The Slayer ran towards her
house. Giles grabbed her leg and she lost her balance, falling onto the hard
pavement and hitting her head. Everything suddenly blacked out. Giles was
quickly on top of her, pulling his cock out and lifting up her skirt. She
moaned vaguely, still a little conscious of what was happening but too dazed
to do anything. She felt the cock head rub along her slit and tried to
struggle but found herself held down and with not enough strength to fight
back. Giles guided his cock into Buffy's cunt and with one, strong push, was
all the way inside her. He put his hands under her knees and pulled her legs
up so that he could fit more of his hard dick inside her before starting to
pound into her. He reached up her body until he got to her breasts which he
began to fondle under the material of her shirt while he pounded his cock
into her. Buffy responded with only a few moans of protest but Giles just
started fucking faster until I was ramming in and out of her at a rapidly
increasing speed. He knew he was about to climax and slammed into her one
last time, burying his cock deep inside her, grunting as I released his seed
into her pussy. He squeezed her tits tightly as I came even tighter as he

Giles pulled out of Buffy slowly, revelling in the feeling of having her
tight cunt wrap around his cock. He got to his feet and looked down on her.
"You can be one of us again. Just let the control flow over you. All we want
is satisfaction... the kind of satisfaction that can be received in a human
body." He held his hand out to Buffy. "We're not evil, Slayer. We just want
physical pleasure. We have seen your mind. You are unhappy with this world -
you know that the physical is all that there is to life. Join us and the
world will never let you down again."

Buffy couldn't believe what she was hearing from her Watcher. She knew it
wasn't him, it was the Mahqua in his body that was talking but it had some
kind of truth to it. No. She couldn't listen to this. She had to end the
infestation. She put out her hand and took Giles'. He helped her up onto her
feet but didn't expect what happened next. With amazing speed, she swung her
shoulder and punched him in the face. He fell back, giving Buffy time to run
towards her house. She had been violated by her own Watcher... it was
terrible. But she had to put it behind her - the only thing that could be
done was to save the town. Sacrificing herself, that was all she'd ever done.
It was too much but she had to do it this one last time!

* * *

The door to the Summers' house burst open and Buffy ran in. "Okay! We're
dealing with this now!" she called out, grabbing the first person who came
near her - Willow - and throwing her into the wall. "Sorry, Will," she
whispered under her breath. "But I have to do this!"

The Slayer launched herself over Angel and Spike. She landed in front of
Cordelia and Fred. She knocked Fred out with one punch and threw Cordy into
the floor.

"Stop her!" Dawn screamed. "Take her down!"

Buffy grabbed the unconscious Fred into her arms and made a run for it with
the others in close pursuit. Within seconds she was out of the back door,
grabbing the only key as she went and in the garden. She laid Fred down on
the grass and turned around. Cordelia was running out. Buffy smiled.
Everything was going as planned. The Slayer threw Cordy across the garden
and focused on the everyone crowding out of the door again. She pushed
Angel back in. Tara was coming out for her so Buffy made the most of this
opportunity. She grabbed her out and punched Xander, making sure he didn't
get out into the open.

The crowd was becoming to much for Buffy but she had the determination to
keep them inside. The plan had to work! Willow was the last out. Buffy pushed
the door shut, struggling against the sheer strength of everyone on the
inside. It wouldn't budge for a few moments but she got it on the latch. She
inserted the key into the lock as quickly as possible and turned it until she
heard the familiar click. "Let us back in!" Willow said. Buffy turned to
see Fred, Tara, Willow and Cordy coming towards her. Her last action before
they crowded her was snapping the key inside the lock. Taking a deep breath,
she prepared for action.

* * *

Inside the house, Dawn was shouting orders at the men. They obeyed as best
they could, trying to get through the windows, but suddenly their natural
instincts kicked in. Xander was the first to turn to Dawn with lust in his
eyes. "I think maybe we should see what it's worth. I mean, it seems like a
lot of hard work when we've got a perfectly good female body in here."

"I'm your queen!"

"Yeah, I'm noticing that..." Xander mused. "But still... so young, tight,
nubile... I think we can have a little fun... let the girls do what they want
outside... What d`you think?"

Angel, Spike, Wesley and Gunn said nothing. They just smiled as they advanced
on Dawn. "Just get through a window!" she called out. "You don't have to

Xander advanced on Dawn and pulled her onto back onto the sofa so that her
legs were straddling his waist and her exposed pussy was positioned right
above his throbbing penis. He grabbed her slim waist and pulled her closer to
his cock, guiding it towards her pussy which was still wet from all of the
treatment she had received up until this point. She gasped as he pulled her
young body down onto his meat, filling her young cunt up completely. She
didn't struggle, but rather got into it. Despite the queen wanting out, the
creature had taken over her natural urges and she was quickly enjoying the
situation. Her head fell against Xander's chest and sighed heavily.

Dawn began to move with the slow thrusts into, moving her hands around
Xander's back as she felt the cock moving deep into her tight young hole. He
kept fucking like this for several minutes while the others were beating off
until they could get into her themselves. Dawn felt a tingle between her legs
and she knew that she was about to climax. "Fuck me harder!" she exclaimed
against the controlling instincts of the Sliclind queen. "Fuck me faster!
Pound your big cock into my pussy!" He realised that he couldn't pick up any
pace in this position and moved her so that she was on all fours on the

Making the most of this opportunity, Gunn offered his cock to the fifteen
year old girl, pushing it between her lips as Xander fucked her. She took the
first few inches into her mouth but he took control and started to face fuck
her with his huge cock. His balls slapped against her chin as he attempted to
force his cock as far down her throat as he could get it. Dawn's eyes were
wide open in shock and awe. She had given a guy a blowjob in the bathroom of
her school once but he wasn't this big and didn't try to get it this deep
into her mouth. After a few minutes, Gunn pulled out to let Dawn get her
breath back but before she could even exhale fully he had it jammed it in
again, developing a rhythm. Within a few seconds his cock began to throb and
shot his load into the girl's waiting mouth, sending blast after blast of
sticky cum down her throat.

Just watching her take it all was enough to drive Xander wild. He began
fucking her even harder before, his balls making loud slapping noises as they
connected with her ass. Dawn groaned loudly but still had Gunn's cock in her
mouth as she tried to lick the dark meat clean. Xander grabbed Dawn's hips
even tighter and drove his erection into her one last time and depositing his
load deep inside her young pussy. He pulled her back onto him sharply,
impaling her as deeply as he could until every last drop was either in her
wet hole or dripping down her thighs.

Within seconds of Xander pulling out of Dawn's cunt with a loud slurp, Wesley
was behind her in the same position. "Yes," she purred. "Fuck my sweet little
hole! Fill me up with your meat!" Her face twitched a little as the Mahqua's
queen that was inside her tried to regain control but it was getting weaker.
"No, wait..." she told Wesley. "Get onto your back." The former Watcher and
rogue demon hunter quickly obeyed and Dawn straddled him, grabbing his hard
cock in her small hand and guiding towards her opening. It slid inside easily
and she began to ride him, revelling in the feeling of having her third cock
of the evening inside her pussy. She eased her wet cunt down on his shaft
until he was all the way in then began to slowly fuck him until Spike shoved
his cock into her face. "Suck it, bitch!" he ordered. She obeyed instantly
and was soon licking the head before taking it slowly into her warm mouth.
Spike groaned as he felt his cock get buried in Dawn's mouth inch after inch.
It seemed to take forever but for someone who was immortal, it was the most
fantastic forever he'd experienced. "That's right you little slut," he
hissed. "You know exactly what to do, don't you? God, your mouth feels so
good... I wonder what it feels like to cum into."

While she was riding Wesley and sucking on Spike's pole, Dawn felt another
strong body move up against her back. Feeling a cock head press against her
ass she knew it could only be one person, the only one she hadn't serviced
in this session yet. Angel began to slide his cock deep into Dawn's ass a
little at a time. The head popped between the two pert cheeks first and the
fifteen year old moaned loudly into Spike's erection which was lodged between
her lips. She could now feel a rock hard cock moving deeper and deeper into
her ass while another was fucking her dripping pussy like there was tomorrow.

Dawn reached out towards Xander and began to wrap her hand around his cock
which was beginning to get softer. `Can't be having that,' she thought to
herself as she began to jerk him back to hardness. He moved in a little
closer until he was right next to Spike and fed another cock into Dawn's
mouth. Her lips were stretched to their limits as two thick shafts were
writhing inside. She began to run her tongue over them both as she tried to
suck on it.

She was now grinded back against the two cocks that were penetrating her.
She could feel Wesley and Angel's erection move in and out of her, separated
only by a thin membrane. She couldn't believe what she was doing. She was
fucking two men while another two filled her mouth with cock. Her realisation
of this was the first sign that the creature inside her was getting weaker.
She began to feel dirty yet this was so good. The feeling of being so utterly
full was fantastic. Wesley started grunting loudly and Dawn could feel his
dick pulsating in her pussy. He closed her eyes and felt the cum shoot deep
inside her, coating her pussy walls with the white cream. Dawn climaxed
suddenly, her ass muscles clenching around Angel's shaft, milking it until
he too shot his load into her virgin asshole. Her cunt started to gush its
juices over Wesley's cock but the more she came the more that squirted out,
covering her legs and ass with the glistening liquid.

Wesley and Angel pulled out of Dawn's orifices and waited in line as she
finished sucking off Spike and Xander. They exploded into her mouth at the
same time, filling it with more jizz than she thought was possible. It
quickly began flowing out over her lips and dripped down her chin. She
swallowed quickly, getting even more turned on at feeling the sticky cream
slide down her throat. Her pussy was tingling badly. She reached down and
started fingering her clit, letting even more of her juices flow out. Spike
and Xander took their cocks from her mouth but they were quickly replaced
first by Angel's which had just been in her ass. She licked it clean and
then moved onto Wesley's. It was covered in his cum and her own juices and
she lapped them up quickly while riding her hand to a thunderous orgasm. She
threw her head back and screamed out loudly, bucking against her fingers as
she inserted two, three and then four into her dripping hole. She bit her
lower lip as two more orgasms shot through her body and she collapsed onto
the floor utterly exhausted.

* * *

While this was happening, Buffy continued trying to pull the girls away from
the doors and windows as they tried to get back inside. They struggled
against her, pushing her back each time she tried to get to them and very
quickly their sheer number was making Buffy constantly weaker. She knew that
eventually they would wear her down, that they would get in and distract the
men from Dawn and everything would fail. They'd never get a chance to do this
again. The Mahqua would succeed and no one would stop them. The Slayer took a
deep breath. She had to do something. Something drastic. She had to sacrifice

"Hey," she smiled seductively, trying to sound as convincing as possible.
"Maybe you want to stop with all that and come over here. I want to learn
your ways. Show me." She began to unbutton her blouse, running her finger
down between her chest. "Don't you want to give up all that struggling and
come get me. Come on. I've been one of you... I know how you think."

Cordelia was the first to react, moving away from the door and getting closer
to Buffy, just inches away so that she could sense the heat on her body. "Do
you really?" she asked. "We've never made love to someone not inhabited by
our kind."

"You want it so badly don't you... to feel a body next to yours that isn't
possessed." Buffy took a deep breath. She leaned in closer to Cordy and
kissed her hard on the lips. Cordelia responded, moving her tongue between
Buffy's lips and letting it explore her mouth. Buffy closed her eyes and
soon felt a new pair of hands snaking around her body from behind, massaging
her breasts under the blouse. Buffy moaned involuntarily and quickly realised
she may not have to put on much of an act. The nimble fingers began to finish
unbuttoning it while her mouth continued to be crushed against Cordelia's.

Buffy's top fell down to the ground. She pulled away from Cordy long enough
to look back and see Willow quickly undoing her bra with expertise. Her
breasts were quickly exposed. Willow's hands began working them again,
pinching the nipples lightly, forcing Buffy to let out a quiet groan.
Cordelia broke away from the kiss and started to nipple on the Slayer's neck
then moving down to her chest, planting a few kisses on her pink nipples
then letting one of them into her warm mouth. She began to suck on it while
Buffy closed her eyes and started to enjoy the sensations that having another
woman's mouth touching her skin was bringing.

Willow began focusing on Buffy's pants, pulling them down between her ankles
and running her hands down the front of her panties. Buffy began breathing
heavily and humping her hips into the air as Willow's hand ran down slowly
to her crotch and over her mound. The Slayer gasped as she felt her best
friend's finger stroking her fine hairs with the palm of my hand until she
reached her clit, rubbing around it with two fingers. "Oh God, Will," Buffy
moaned. "I want more..." She wasn't even sure herself whether this was part
of the act or whether she really wanted it. Willow slid her panties off down
over Buffy's legs and slipped my fingers up and down her increasingly wet
slit exposing her hard clit. "Ooooh..." Buffy groaned as Willow's fingers
continued to do their work.

Cordelia pulled away from Buffy's chest and very quickly Tara had taken her
place, kissing down from her breasts, down her well toned stomach until she
reached her pussy. Willow's hand was still working the dripping wet slit.
"Open her up for me, baby," Tara purred. Willow quickly obeyed, spreading
the Slayer's labia apart, giving her girlfriend access to the warm, moist
hole. "Lick it, yes. Lick it," Willow grinned evilly. "Go on, make her cum!"
Tara pushed Buffy's legs a little further apart and began to flick her tongue
at her hard clit, stopping briefly to take it into her mouth and suck on it.
Buffy's juices covered the blonde witch's face before sinking her tongue deep
into the Slayer's pussy.

"Ohhhhh... Fuck me," Buffy cried. "Fuck me with your tongue!" She could feel
her own juices running down her inner thighs. She was meant to be distracting
the girls but she was actually enjoying this. It took her mind off what she
knew was happening to her city. She knew she was about to climax and it was
going to be loud.

Tara guided Buffy down onto the floor, lying her down on the grass and
spreading her legs even further apart. She moved her head in even closer to
Buffy and started licking her juices from her thighs until she reached her
pussy again. Buffy's body shivered all the from top to bottom as Tara's
tongue flicked across her clit. Her hips began to spasm wildly, giving the
witch a time to keep Control of the situation, holding Buffy's down by force
and driving her tongue deep into her pussy. Buffy screamed out loudly as an
orgasm overtook her. "Ah! Agh! That feels so good! Your tongue feels so good
inside me!"

Buffy's mouth was suddenly quietened when she saw Fred come down on her face,
the young Texan woman's shaved pussy just inches from her mouth. "Lick me!"
she demanded. "Lick me like Tara's licking you!" Buffy closed her eyes. It
shouldn't be that difficult. She could feel the way her best friend's
girlfriend was bringing her to orgasm. She knew that she could do it herself
if she tried. Buffy let her tongue come out of her mouth towards its target.
She let it run over Fred's slit, slowly at first then plucked up the courage
to push it right inside the moist hole, getting a pleasant reply from the
thin woman's mouth. She groaned as she began moving her body up and down so
that Buffy's tongue could get in further. "I want your tongue in my ass,"
she demanded. "Please... Lick my asshole!"

Buffy was more than a little nervous about this but all it took was another
flicker over her clit from Tara to motivate her. She spread Fred's ass cheeks
and let her tongue slide into her ass. She reached up and moved her fingers
into Fred's dripping wet pussy while her tongue continued to fuck her ass,
getting it in as deep as she could. Fred's eyes closed as the amazing
sensations took over her body. She let out a long, deep moan and called out
in ecstasy. "Oh, yeah!" she cried. "Lick my ass! Finger my pussy!" As soon
as one orgasm passed, she could feel another building up deep inside her.
Buffy's tongue and fingers kept working her and wouldn't let up until her
hands and face covered with Fred's fluids. She never realised it would taste
like this.

There were loud moans all around. Fred fell back and Tara pulled away from
between Buffy's legs. The Slayer looked up. It was happening. The queen was
dying along with all of her `children'. Buffy ran to the door. It was locked
shut but she couldn't just stand around. She pulled her leg back and kicked
the door off its hinges and ran into the living room. Angel, Xander and all
the other men were in the same state, on their knees and clutching their
stomachs in pain.

Dawn had eyes open wide with her legs spread apart. Her hips bucked wildly
and she called out in pain. "It's not coming out!" she cried. "Help! It won't
come out! Buffy... help!" She looked pleadingly at her sister. "Please...
help me..."

"What do you want?" Buffy asked nervously.

"Get it out of me... I need it out... Now!" Dawn spread her legs further
apart, holding her pussy open. Buffy got down in front of her little sister.
"Take it out! Take it out!" Dawn's cunt was still glistening with her own
juices and cum from all of the men she'd been with in the past hour. Buffy
cringed. She couldn't believe she was looking at her sister in this way. Her
stomach fluctuated a little as the Sliclind queen slug writhed and tried to
get out. Buffy took a deep breath and moved her hand towards Dawn's pussy,
pushing her first few fingers into the dripping hole. It felt so good... But
this was her sister! She had to forget that! She had to do this. Now she had
four fingers inside Dawn while she worked her clit with her thumb to get her
a little wetter.

The fifteen year old began to buck her hips as she was turned on
involuntarily by this. "Oh God! Buffy... That's so good... But please... get
this out of me." Buffy pushed her hand all the way inside the tight hole,
eliciting a groan from between Dawn's lips. The Slayer could feel the end of
the creature inside her sister, wriggling uncontrollably as it reached the
end of its existence. Buffy began to tug at it, pulling it inch by inch out
of the young girl. She was going to die if it wasn't out of her and was
determined. Her hand was covered in Dawn's juices as it came out with the
slug. It took several minutes for the whole of the thick, twenty inch beast
to be squeezed out of her tight cunt but when it finally escaped, Dawn let
out a relieved sigh. The creature could only manage to struggle against
Buffy's grasp before all life drained from it. Buffy stood back and watched
as the five men regained control of their bodies and the horror of what they
had been forced to do came back to them.


Giles handed Buffy a steaming cup of coffee. He couldn't look her in the
eye, but then the rest of the group were unable to face up to the events of
the past few days. It had become an unsaid rule that they were not to talk
about it. Any of it. Buffy still felt guilty about leaving Dawn at the mercy
of five oversexed and mind controlled men and even though she knew it had to
be done, still felt guilty about it. That was the way she worked.

Angel was feeling terrible about bringing the Mahqua to Sunnydale in the
first place. He, Gunn, Fred, Cordelia and Wesley left not long after Giles
explained everything to them. Learning the truth made things a lot clearer
but they remained painful.

Dawn's mind was reeling with the experience that she had been put through.
Out of them all, she was the only one who had regained any kind of control
during the sex as the queen slug's powers diminished. She couldn't believe
that, despite knowing what was happening to her, she didn't let it stop. The
young girl realised that right at the end she was enjoying the feeling of
being violated from all angles. She tried to shake these thoughts away but
was already making plans of seducing several of the boys when she got back
to school. She was almost excited at the prospect of becoming the Sunnydale
High slut.

As for the Mahqua, somewhere there were more of them, created by a different
queen, that were ready to emerge again when the time was right. They would
get what they wanted one day. They would give real, carnal pleasure to the
whole of humanity. And when that happened, no one would want to fight them



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