Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Master PC Part 2
by El Diablo, Jason Barnnett, Baka Mazoku, Bobby Fett & Annon

The Troika tracked Buffy to the woods to see how she was getting on with her
new condition. Since she hadn't encountered any demons since the first set of
mental alterations were made she must have been getting fairly desperate by
now. They were being careful to maintain a safe distance from Buffy while she
was patrolling. The last thing they needed was a good kicking.

Buffy was getting bored. She had been in the woods for over an hour and
nothing. If she didn't fight something to kill soon she was going to have to
go and take her frustrations out on Spike. Luckily for her a large demon
emerged from the shadows ready for attack. Buffy recognised it as a Kotra
Demon. The blue skinned demons had shown up in Sunnydale recently and hadn’t
been keeping a low profile.

Both Buffy and the Kotra move quickly lunging at each other. The Kotra was
quicker delivering a powerful kick to Buffy’s stomach sending her flying
against a tree. Buffy picked herself up and tried to for an attack strategy
but her mind was suddenly filled with images of her sucking of the demon.
Disturbed by what she was thinking Buffy launched herself at the demon
pinning it to a tree when her craving for the demon's cock took over. She
dropped to her knees ripping the Kotra's tunic off exposing its large blue
prick. Disgusted with herself but unable to resist Buffy took the thick blue
cock in her mouth and began to suck.

The trio watched her from a safe distance laugh inside at what she was doing.
Again warren pulled out the palm top and loaded in Buffy's profile. They
quietly discussed the changes that Buffy was going to experience in the
coming hours and Warren began to type them in.

- Her slayer strength was to fall 10% each hour until it reached that of a
normal girl

- Her IQ was to drop 10% each hour until it fell to 69

- Her Breast size was to increase 10% each hour until they decided otherwise

- Her pussy and nipples were to become another 30% more sensitive

As Warren finished entering all of Buffy's new programming they heard the
Kotra release a powerful moan as he shot his load down Buffy's throat.

The demons cum tasted vile but Buffy felt she had to swallow it. Realising
what she had just done Buffy got up in disgust and backed away from the Kotra
as he recovered from his orgasm and ran.

Panic filled her head.

"Tara must be wrong. I must have come back wrong why else would I be
sleeping with Spike and sucking off demons." she thought trying to put as
much distance between her and the Kotra unaware of the changes she was going
to be experiencing.

As usual Jonathan was the only one of the Troika thinking of consequences.
"Guys, we don't want her dead."

"You're right. We'll let her keep her strength, but not her brains until she
finishes this patrol. And she'll get more and more of it back as she goes
through withdrawal."

"Why do that," Andrew piped up. "She's gonna be a moron soon, it'll be fun
watching her try to think of ways to get her fix without getting herself
killed. And if she almost does we can always help her."

"You know he has point. If she become to weak to fight before she becomes to
stupid to know she's the slayer we can always change things in her favour."
said Warren.

"I guess so," said Jonathan, "But doesn't that mean we'll have to keep an eye
on her."

"Nah at only 10% reduction every hour she should be ok for at least 4 or 5
before most of the demons around here become a threat." said Andrew.

"That settles that then." said Warren "Onto our next slave to be."


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