Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Master PC Part 3 (F-gang,demon,mc)
by El Diablo, Jason Barnnett, Baka Mazoku, Bobby Fett & Annon

Buffy continued to run through the woods trying to spit out the vile taste of
the Kotra’s cum.

Regaining her focus Buffy decided she wanted some answers to explain her
behaviour but she couldn't ask her friends. She decided to go to the best
place in town for answers, Willie's and at least Willie could be beaten into
keeping his mouth shut.

It was nearly an hour before Buffy made it over to the other side of town
where Willie's was located and she was starting to feel a bit funny like her
mind was in someway clouded.

As she entered the patrons began to look towards the door.

"Hey everybody it's the Slayer. What brings the Slayer to these parts." said
Willie letting those who wanted to know it was time to leave.

All the vampires made a break for the door, as did a couple of the demons
leaving six demons and Willie behind. "How you doing Willie?" said Buffy
taking a seat at the bar not really caring about his well-being.

"Oh, I'm keeping clean these days, turning over a new leaf," said Willie

"I've heard that one before," said Buffy, "I need some information."

"Yeah. Well, I'm not doing that anymore." said Willie ducking out of the way
as Buffy's fist came at his face.

"I want to know if there are any new demons in town with the power to make
people perform sexual acts on them." said Buffy.

"Well, I don't know nothing." replied Willie.


Buffy's fist impacted with Willie's nose prompting a loud scream of pain from
the annoying little snitch. As Buffy drew her fist back for another punch
Willie raised his hands in surrender.

"Alright. Alright. I'll talk. The only new players in town are those Kotra's
but it sounds like your dealing with some kind of dark mojo here and Kotra's
don't have the power for that kinda stuff," said Willie.

"Thanks," said Buffy sarcastically finding herself turning and looking down
at the crotch of the demon seated next to her starting to feel that urge she
had felt with the Kotra return.

"What you looking at?" the demon snapped, it's snake like tongue flick out of
it's mouth.

Buffy couldn't control herself. She wanted to run but her urges got the
better of her.

"I..I need your cock" she begged the demon.

"What?" snaked the demon.

"Please I must have your cum." she begged.

"Well, well the slayer likes a bit of demon cock. Gather round boys." said
the snake demon rising to his feet.

Feeling utterly humiliated inside Buffy fell to her knees before the demon
and took his large prick into her mouth and began sucking. Bring her up onto
all fours another demon pulled off her pants and rammed his huge, thick and
ribbed cock deep into her ass and began thrusting in and out. The ribs caused
her a great deal of pain and she tried to scream out but the cock in her
mouth prevented her from doing so. The attempts to scream only stimulated the
snake demon further it wasn't long before he shot his load down Buffy's
throat. While the demon with the ribbed cock lifted Buffy up so she was now
seated on his cock being bounced up and down a third demon entered her hot
wet cunt and began fucking her. One of the other demons pulled her top and
bra off freeing her breasts. Working between the demons brutalising her front
and back he began to fondle her left breast while the snake demon began to
flicker his tongue across her sensitive nipples causing Buffy to moan in

The demon working her ass blow his load but continued to bounce Buffy on his
cock until his friend shot his load in her cunt. The demon who had been
fondling her left breast got down on his back as Buffy was forced down onto
his cock while the demon that had been fucking her cunt had now moved to her

"Clean it bitch." he commanded thrusting his cock at Buffy's face.

"It's too big," she pleaded but the demon took no pity forcing his cock deep
into her throat nearly choking her.

One of the other demons that had yet to get a piece of the slayer forced his
thick cock into her tight ass.

Once all three of the demons had blown their loads and had Buffy clean off
their cocks the final demon approached her. Buffy was horrified to find this
demon had two huge thick cocks. He forced her over a table then pushed his
pricks into her cunt and anus. Buffy screamed in agony as she was double
penetrated as the demon with the large ribbed cock forced her head down onto
it and blew his load deep into her throat.

The demons fucked Buffy's mouth; ass and pussy for over an hour every time
having her clean her own juices off their pricks. In the end she was left on
the floor naked in a pool of demon cum.

"I hope your gonna clean up your mess." said Willie as the demons left.

Once again giving into her urges Buffy began to lap up the cum off the floor
tears of humiliation rolling down her face. She didn't want to believe what
she had done but in the back of her mind she heard a voice telling her how
much she craved demon cock and she began to cry harder.


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