Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Master PC Part 4 (MMMF, magic,trans,mc)
by El Diablo, Jason Barnnett, Baka Mazoku, Bobby Fett & Annon

The Troika took off in their van and headed back towards town and the Magic
Box where they were sure to find Anya.

They parked the van at the side and headed to the front. Peering in the
window they saw Anya at the cash register counting the money, the only thing
she liked as much as sex.

"Now what should we do with her?" said Warren.

"I know," said Andrew taking the Palm top from Warren, "She loves money and
sex so much I have the perfect plan for her."

Andrew loaded up Anya's profile into the display and began inputting the
changes so that they would slowly take place after they entered the Magic Box
and Anya had seen them.

- Anya was to become a complete sex addict, oral, anal, lesbian, kinky she
would want it all

- Sex would dominate her thoughts at all times

- She was to be horny at all times

- Anya is now a cheap slutty hooker, providing sex to anyone or anything for

- Warren, Andrew and Jonathan are her pimps and masters

- Her lips are to become fuller, better suited for cock sucking

- Her breasts are to increase to a large very fake set of triple D's

- Her clothes, jewellery and make-up were to change to suit her new cheap
sluttly image

He made sure the mental changes would occur after her clothes and body had
changed, he wanted her to see what see was becoming and know she couldn't do
anything about it.

Anya blinked as her body changed. "Eeep!"

Lips became fuller poutier, while her breasts slowly inflated like a pair of
air balloons.

Growing and growing until they were a pair of hard and solid ball-like pair
of fake tits.

Meanwhile, her slacks slowly 'shrunk' and became Lycra like, almost like a
pair of bicycle riding shorts, only looking like they were painted on, as it
cupped Anya's pussy and ass.

Her blouse, on the other hand, shifted and became a short sleeveless vest
that had only one button and showed off her new cleavage and belly button.

Her tasteful bracelets became thick and obviously fake gold, while her
earrings became large 'gold' hoops.

"You!" Anya could only get off that outburst at the Troika before the mental
changes kicked.

"... Men... want _anything_?" Anya's hand went down to her sensitive pussy
and stroked it thru her 'shorts', while the other hand motioned to them,
enticing them... "Anya can give you... anything... show you some... magic..."

The Troika for their part simply smiled at the changes that Anya underwent,
before Andrew started to change the 'Magic' Box. All the books merchandise
and assorted magical artefacts disappeared and reappeared in the Troika's

What replaced them was garish and tacky bordello art and furniture, which was
appropriate as the 'Magic' Box was now a 'cathouse'...

The Troika approached their new whore to check her out.

"Now this is perfect. We have our very own money making whore." said Andrew

"Anya want men’s cocks" said Anya stumbling towards them, not quite able
to walk in her 6-inch stiletto heels with her triple D's putting her off

"We're not just men we're your masters and you will address as such slut."
snapped Warren, "Now lets see those tits and ass."

Anya slid down the shorts exposing her wet pussy and then unbuttoned her vest
throwing it down on the floor to show off the full size and fakeness of her
breasts, which she was now busy fondling with both hands.

"Right lets have some fun," said Andrew ordering Anya to lie down on her
back. Andrew removed his pants and positioned his cock between Anya's huge
breasts and began to squeeze and fondle them, rubbing them against his cock.
He then told Warren and Jonathan to position themselves on either side of
Anya's head and then ordered her to give them both hand jobs. Doing as she
was told Anya removed her hands from her pussy and took Warren's cock in the
left and Jonathan's in the right and began working them hard. Every so often
she would pull one of them in close to her face and lick the tip of his cock.
The trio all shot their loads at the same time all over Anya's face. She
relished the taste of their cum as she licked it off.

"Good cocks give Anya a lot of cum," she said once again fingering her pussy.

The Troika decided to fully tests out Anya's skills before moving on with
their plans. The each fucked her mouth, ass, tits and cunt covering her with
cum and causing her numerous mind-blowing orgasms, the whole time she moaned
in pleasure and begged for more.

Once she had cleaned her masters cocks Anya cleaned herself up, reapplied her
slutty make-up and got dressed again.

"Did you enjoy that slut?" asked Warren.

"Anya enjoyed the big cocks, master," she replied.

"Well you'll get plenty more before the night is over. We need money so
you're going to go out on the town and sell your slutty body." said Warren
handing her a piece of paper, "Once you've made us $2000 go to that address,
if we're not there feel free to fuck the maid. Oh and don't make it all in
one go. Remember you're a cheap whore."

Anya headed out of the "New Magic Box" her hips swaying in a slutty way her
heels clicking with each step, a sign to all of her new found profession.

"Hay, do you hear me bitching about turning a bunch of independent women into
total sluts? I'm just saying we're going to have sex with her to do you want
to catch some STD?"

"I can just type it away."

"Yeah, and you wouldn't even have to do that if you make her immune. And you
can't have sex with her if she's dead, unless you're a necrophiliac."

"Geez, we're super villains," Andrew supplied, "we can have any woman we

"Well why waste out time on them if we're not even going to do it? I signed
up as a super villain to improve my life not to randomly ruining others. If
we're not interested in them lets go find Britney Spears or something."

"Okay, okay you made your point. I'll make her immune to all STDs and give
her a pheromone that makes demons leave her alone unless she wants them to,"
said Warren.

"And my dick." said Jonathan.

"Fine I'll change it back." said Warren, "Now can we get on with our plans?"
The Troika were just heading back to their van when Jonathan spotted
something across the street.

"Give me that." said Jonathan taking the PC and started loading in the
profile of a blonde he was walking towards.

"Harmony. Harmony Kendall." he called to her.

"Huh" she said looking around, "what do you want?"

"It's me Jonathan. We went to high school together."

"So" snapped Harmony flicking back her blonde hair.

"So what happened to you after that snake."

"Oh, I'll show you," said Harmony changing to her vamp face.

"Ahh," screamed Jonathan jumping back frantically typing in the palm top. He
hit enter as Harmony was about to sink into his neck. In an instant her face
reverted back to it's human form.

"What just happened?" said Harmony trying to change back to a vamp.

"Oh, I made you human again," said Jonathan, "And I'm not finished yet."

Jonathan again started inputting changes to Harmony’s profile remembering how
much she had pissed him off in high school and the number of times she had
said no to a date with him.

- Harmony was no longer to feed on blood but on cum.

- Harmony would never be able to say no to any guy ever again no matter what
they asked and would never be able to refuse sex with man or woman.

- She was always to be horney, but she would only be able to orgasm once a
day no matter how much sex she had.

- If Harmony wanted sex with someone who hadn't ordered her to have sex she
has to beg on her knees for it, remembering that begging for sex was the one
thing Harmony wouldn't do.

"You better go and find someone to feed you, Harm." said Jonathan laughing

"So what happened to not ruining lives?” asked Warren.

"She was a bitch and made my life hell for years. She deserved it." said
Jonathan suddenly realising the sensational rush that came from screwing up
someone’s life for his own amusement.

"So you not gonna fuck her." asked Andrew

"Ride the old school bike? Nah I want someone who isn't as easy." replied
Jonathan with an evil grin.


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