Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Master PC Part 6 (exhib)
by El Diablo ([email protected]), Jason Barnnett, Baka Mazoku,
Bobby Fett & Annon

While the Trio were returning to their lair to stop Tara from rescuing
Willow, poor Harmoney was carrying out the instructions Jonathan had given

After making her human and messing with her mind Jonathan had sent Harmoney
off to apply for a job at The Red Light Strip Club in the bad part of town
and that she was going to take it and any other work they offered her. The
club had earned it's name because most of the strippers made extra money by
sleeping with the patrons. She was to act like she was a professional
stripper and as if taking her clothes off in front of men pleased her.

Then he had changed her outfit to a pair of pink hot pants that were too
small a pair of pink 6-inch stiletto heels and a tiny white T-shirt which was
almost transparent with the word "Whore" written across it.

She had now arrived and was inside the club. She approached the bar and asked
for a job.

"Let's see what you've got." said the barman.

Unable to resist his request Harmoney whipped off her top and stood letting
the barman get a good look at her chest while drawing the attention of
several of the clubs patrons.

"Jiggle those tittie's baby," came a male voice.

Turning around to face the crowd Harmoney began shaking her tits inside
desperately trying to stop herself.

"You got yourself a job Blondie." said the barman, "You start tonight. You
then have to give half of your tips from dancing into a kitty that gets split
up between the bartenders, bouncers and DJ. You can make some of it back if
you want to fuck any of them. Go in back and the girls will get you kitted

Harmoney went round back and put on the outfit one of the other strippers
gave her and was then led onto the stage.

As the music started Harmoney stepped out on the stage. She strutted back and
forth on the stage, her hips doing an exaggerated bump and grind. She teased
her audience with peeks at her pantiless ass and crotch. The audience shouted
up commands for her to shake her booty, play with her tits, finger herself
and Harmoney had to do them all. Many of the men were holding up dollar bills
to stick into her garter. She was virtually swinging over to the bar to
collect one, then back to stage moving down a man or two and having to swing
out to the bar again, to collect her next tip. Each time that she swung over
to the bar, she'd land on her knees, with them spread wide apart, to give the
man tipping her, a real good close-up look at her hairless open pussy. She'd
say some nice things to the man, then, after he had put his tip into her
garter, she'd bend forward, kiss him right on the lips, while pressing her
naked tits against him, much to her horror. As the song ended, she left
standing there in just her stockings and high heels while the crowd admired
her body.

As Harmoney got off the stage the barman handed her a tray and informed her
that once the dancers had finished their routine they were to remain as they
were and serve the customers drinks and any private services they may desire.
Again not having any choice in resisting her orders Harmoney set to work.


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