Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Master PC Part 7 (MF)
by El Diablo ([email protected]), Jason Barnnett, Baka Mazoku,
Bobby Fett & Annon

It had been just over an hour since Buffy's left Willie's in tears and
disgrace but what she had done didn't repulse her so much now, in fact she
kind of liked what she had done. She felt giggly and happy thinking about
fucking a hoard of demons, kind of like how she felt when she had been
drinking the cursed beer a couple of years earlier. Her bra was also starting
to feel rather tight and her nipples and clit were tingling.

"Wonder where the big scary demons are tonight." she thought walking through
the graveyard massaging her nipples through her top and giggling while doing

Then she saw a familiar sight walking towards a crypt.

"Spikey!" she shouted running towards him and throwing her arms round him.

"Bloody hell. What do you want," said Spike.

"What's Spikey up to tonight." said the giggly slayer.

"What's it to you." replied Spike.

"Well I'm feeling all tingly and your good with your cock so maybe you can
help me out." Buffy said flashing a sexy smile at Spike.

"Let me think. Find a demon to kill or shag you. Hmm. Crypts that way." said
Spike walking away.

"Yay." said Buffy jumping up and skipping off
after Spike.

The pair entered Spike's crypt Buffy closing the door behind her and before
Spike could turn round she had her top and bra off and was walking towards
Spike slowly.

"Didn't those use to be smaller?" asked Spike pointing to Buffy's seeming
larger breasts.

"Don't remember," said Buffy looking down at her chest, "but they do look
good. Wanna play with them."

Not caring about the way Buffy was behaving Spike pulled Buffy towards him
and began to violently fondle her breasts while Buffy worked her jeans and
panties off. Spike's treatment of her breast was causing Buffy great pleasure
she then slowly fell to her knees and unzipped Spike's jeans then took his
cock in her mouth. She performed like a pro, teasing Spike for several
minutes before taking the full length of his cock and started sucking like a
vacuum cleaner and swallowing his entire load when he came.

"Spike's cum tasty." said Buffy.

"You feeling alright." said Spike not really caring.

"Uh Huh. I'm happy. Happy and horney." she replied charging at Spike trying
to force him to the floor but not realizing her strength had been reduced.

"Funny, I used to be strong," said Buffy pouting with disappointment, "Why
can't I throw you on the floor?"

"Maybe you're having an off day." said Spike grabbing Buffy then throwing her
to the floor.

He then leapt on top of her his cock entering her wet pussy while his hands
again went for her breasts. Spike worked his cock in and out of Buffy's pussy
while kissing, sucking and fondling her nipples. Within moment Buffy had
forgotten about her reduced strength, as she was lost in sexual ecstasy.
Buffy continued fucking Spike for quite sometime not that she was truly aware
of the passage time anymore. By the time they were finished and Buffy was
ready to leave her IQ had fallen below 100.

"Buffy aren't you forgetting something?" said Spike sitting on a stone coffin
watching Buffy as she was about to leave.

"Don't know, don't think so." replied Buffy looking confused.

"It's customary to dress before going outside." said Spike admiring her naked

"Oh yeah. I'm so silly." said Buffy putting her clothes back on.

"Why do I wear a bra that doesn't fit?" asked Buffy not realizing that her
bra had fitted when she entered the crypt.

Deciding to go without her bra Buffy put her top back on, but even that
seemed tight around her breasts, and headed off back on her patrol although
she quickly forgot that was what she was meant to be doing.


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